And now the most interesting two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Bush Push?

A new poll says that, in a head-to-head challenge, John Kerry now holds his biggest lead yet over President Bush. The gallup poll -- taken yesterday and the day before -- shows likely voters would choose Kerry over Bush 55 to 43 percent.

What's more Kerry's Democratic rival, John Edwards, also would beat Bush, by 54 to 44 percent.

However, another poll -- taken through last night -- produced a different result. The Rassmussenreports.com tracking poll, which had also shown Kerry ahead of Bush now puts Bush ahead 48 to 43 per cent.

TV Crew Turned Away

While Democrats were making the most of charges that President Bush didn't show up for duty as a National Guardsman, a TV crew showed up to a Senate Small Business Committee hearing on the president's budget.

But the TV crew was blocked from getting in ... by aides to the absent John Kerry -- the ranking Democrat on the committee who was away on the campaign trail. Still, a Kerry aide, quoted in the Washington Post, insists -- "it was a mistake" not to let the crew in, and it had nothing to do with any fear of TV pictures of the campaigning Kerry's empty seat.

'You'll Hear From Us'

Speaking of TV crews being blocked, when reporting his story earlier from in front of John Edwards's Georgetown home, Brian Wilson was approached by a woman who insisted -- "I can't let you continue unless you get this cleared with the campaign folks in Raleigh."

Brian and his camera crew were on a public street, so he told her he didn't need clearance. The woman responded -- "You'll hear from us." Though she followed Brian in her car for a while, we haven't heard anything since.

Hamas Has a Suggestion

The terrorist group Hamas says Israeli properties left behind under Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to evacuate Israeli settlements should be given to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. A Hamas official, quoted in the Haaretz newspaper, says these would become -- "special neighborhoods." But first, he says, there needs to be more suicide murders -- "in order to speed the withdrawal."

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report