And now the most telling two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

You Don't Say?

John Edwards and John Kerry have apparently been campaigning so hard, they haven't had much time to read the newspapers.

When a reporter yesterday asked Kerry for his position on the gay marriages in San Francisco over the past two weeks, Kerry said he had no position because -- "I haven't really kept up with exactly what [San Francisco] is doing." Today, however, Kerry said he thinks San Francisco is making a mistake.

As for Edwards, when a reporter asked him if he supports current tax credits for U.S. corporations exporting goods -- goods that European countries threaten to tax if the corporate credits are not repealed -- the senator said -- "I'm not sure I even know what you're talking about." But Edwards's campaign dismissed it as -- "a relatively obscure" issue.

Head-ed Toward Trouble?

Speaking of Edwards, the Center for Disability Rights is condemning him for -- "lack[ing] disability etiquette." At a campaign event in Rochester, New York, Edwards patted the heads of people in wheelchairs.

Debbie Bonomo, a center official who has cerebral palsy, says -- "Just because I am a woman who uses a wheelchair does not mean anyone should be patting me on the head. That is so 1950s."

But an Edwards campaign spokesman says -- "I'm sure his interaction with them was intended to be respectful."

Heading to Haiti?

Democratic Presidential Candidate Al Sharpton says he's going to Haiti, insisting he has -- "credibility with the people that need to be talked to" about the uprising there.

Sharpton plans to meet with Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide and rebel leaders to help quell the deadly violence. But Sharpton assures supporters his presidential campaign will be affected -- "only if I'm held hostage."

Al-imony Again

Speaking of his campaign, one month after we told you he paid himself $31,000 from its coffers, Sharpton has now paid himself another $30,000 in travel expenses. This even though, according to the New York Daily News, he still owes his staffers hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and the campaign is more than $485,000 in debt.

Internet Intentions

The Internet is not only a tool for terrorism, it's now also a target. A professor at the International Islamic University in Malaysia is urging Muslims around the world to hack into and disable -- "evil" American and Israeli Web sites, saying -- "There is no harm ... to hack any site meant to destroy Muslims or occupy our lands."

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report