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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, in this job you never know who you`ll meet and the political season brings out activists on all sides like WWE stars, Mickie James and Josh Mathews. These two are here at St. Paul and trying to convince young people to vote. Mickie and Josh, welcome to both of you.

All right, Mickie, first to you, you`re a wrestler?


VAN SUSTEREN: And you`re here -- why are you here?

JAMES: Well, I`m here to encourage the young Americans to get out and vote and if they aren`t registered to vote, to go ahead and vote because we have at WWE we do a program and it`s called "Smackdown Your Vote".

So we do it every time there`s a big election coming around and it`s just important to encourage people to get out there because their voice is really important in America.

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VAN SUSTEREN: Josh, what do you do at WWE?

JOSH MATHEWS, WWE ANNOUNCER: I'm an announcer for World Wrestling Entertainment and so I`m here this week and we were in Denver last week covering the conventions. And I do a lot of our mobile stuff and a lot of our Web stuff.

VAN SUSTEREN: So you`re sort of the voice of WWE in some ways?

MATHEWS: Well, we could say that here tonight, and sure, if you want to. Yes, that`s fine with me.

VAN SUSTEREN: How do you learn to be the announcer?

MATHEWS: I think you`ll learn through practice and being on the road. I`ve been with the company for seven years now and so at this point it`s like an old hat. That`s just nothing but fun.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right Mickie, how do you learn to be a wrestler?

JAMES: I went to a school for it. I trained for it, I started in a small school outside of D.C. and then I started to go into a school outside of Baltimore. Then I would drive from Richmond to D.C. and then Richmond to Baltimore it's more like two or three days out of the week.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is it like wrestling school?

JAMES: Yes, actually.



VAN SUSTEREN: And have you wrestled Candice [Michelle} because she was on the show?

JAMES: Yes, I have.

VAN SUSTEREN: Candice was on, of course, last week in Denver, who wins with you and Candice?

JAMES: I think that I`ve won every time I`ve wrestled Candice.


JAMES: Yes, but I haven`t and she`s my friend now and this is when we were enemies on TV and this was a few years ago. And she`s my friend now and so I wouldn`t wrestle her right now.

VAN SUSTEREN: And I should have learned that friend-enemy thing and because it`s actually quite intriguing the whole story. WWE is actually quite fascinating and it`s unbelievable the stories.


VAN SUSTEREN: So you`re out here to get people to vote and this is nonpartisan and some representatives were in Denver at Democratic and here at the Republican. How are you actually getting people I mean how do you present it to get out there?

MATHEWS: Well, that`s sort of our deal. And we -- every week we reach over 15 million viewers between our shows "Monday Night Raw," ECW on Tuesday night on Sci-Fi and Friday Night "Smackdown" and so over 15 million people are watching our shows and most of those people are over the age of 30.

So our deal is smackdownyourvote.com, and you can go there and could see a VIP. Debate between Obama and McCain on all the important issues for people who are under the age of 30 who we are trying to not get only to register but actually vote on November 4th.

VAN SUSTEREN: Any idea on how successful you are getting the movement towards the registration?

MATHEWS: As far as numbers are concerned, no, but I know that we are extremely successful with our fan base because of how many people actually go to smackdownyourvote.com.

JAMES: And I know that last year we had over four million people sign up to vote.

VAN SUSTEREN: Really, over 4 million.

JAMES: Over 4 million yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you also promote "On the Record" and "GretaWire" on the --

MATHEWS: GretaWire, I`m going to write about that on my blog, actually in Dam-nation and we`re going to talk all about "Greta Wire."

VAN SUSTEREN: I knew it`s a big top when you hit on WWE and you`re actually going to be in Washington, December?

JAMES: Yes, absolutely. It`s not too far from my home.

VAN SUSTEREN: I know, well actually, I`m dying to come to some come and watch and it's a great pleasure.

MATHEWS: Are you going to wrestle, are you going to get in the ring and actually compete, is that what's going to happen?

JAMES: We could wrestle together.

VAN SUSTEREN: I'd like to teach Mickie something. You better be nervous, girl.

Anyway, great to see you guys and you`re out promoting the vote because it`s obviously very important. And nice to see to both of you, thank you both. And I probably will see you in December in Washington, so look out.

JAMES: Wonderful.

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