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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Thousands of people from all around the nation are converging here in Denver, some of whom you might not expect. Here is the best example you can think of. Joining us live are the WWE superstars, Batista and Candice Michelle and I must brag she is a chooser (ph), right?


VAN SUSTEREN: No one has ever said that, all right, so let's me start with you Batista, what brings you here?

BATISTA, WWE SUPERSTAR: Well, really here just to encourage people to come on out and vote. We have this program called "Smack down your vote" and that's what encourages people to come out and register to vote, participate in democracy and be heard, you know so vote.

VAN SUSTEREN: And is this is your first convention?

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MICHELLE: It is my first one and it's been truly amazing.

VAN SUSTEREN: Likewise, tell me, what is it that's so surprising?

MICHELLE: I think for me, because I am not politically involved. It really opened my eyes and we are doing "Smack down your vote," which is to get that young demographic that 18 to 30 year-old to come out and vote. And so it's an opportunity for both David and I, we actually went to Rock your Vote today, and we both registered.

VAN SUSTEREN: And will you be in St. Paul next week?

BATISTA: I will not be, but we will have representatives from WWE.

MICHELLE: WWE will be there but we won't be.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know it is interesting how many celebrities do come out to serve to draw out the vote.

BATISTA: We think it's really important you know, especially nowadays you know, times are just crazy. We really need especially our youth to come out and just be heard. Speak up, don't let other people speak for you. Come out and register you vote and vote.

VAN SUSTEREN: I'm not going to ask you how are you going to vote. This is the beginning of the vote and is now in person but tell me. Do you, Candice Michelle, do you know people who have not yet decided how to vote?

MICHELLE: You know I think a lot of people have and sometimes I think people get may be scared or like they think it's hard or you know they don't know the views of the different candidates. And so that's why if you actually go to smackdownyourvote.com we'll make it really clear and really easy for young people to get excited about it.

And we lay out it's actually a match-up between both senators so they can see their different views.

VAN SUSTEREN: Batista, do you have friends who say, "Gee, I just can't decide right now. I mean he doesn't mean the big question." We know right now the polls have it even and so what's really going to make a difference are the undecided. I'm curious to know like, do you have friends who are undecided?

BATISTA: I have a lot of friends and --

VAN SUSTEREN: Undecided?

BATISTA: Absolutely.

VAN SUSTEREN: Really? Like what percentage of your friends do you think are undecided at this point?

BATISTA: I don't know about percentage but I definitely have few friends at least, I had at least 10 friends or close friends that are undecided.

VAN SUSTEREN: How about you, do you still have friends undecided?

MICHELLE: You know I have never actually talked to my friends about it and their political views. This is really my first year where I feel that I personally I am getting more involved, and kind of doing my duty as an American citizen. So this way, I can actually go back and try to get them involved as well.

VAN SUSTEREN: This is also an interesting year because, there's no incumbent and it's sort of like the insurgent candidate. Nobody expected that Senator Obama to be the nominee, or Senator McCain to be the nominee. So this is a little bit more exciting this time around, isn't it?

BATISTA: Yes, it is.

MICHELLE: I think it's history too you know with the Hillary Clinton, making a good run for candidacy and then to have our first African-American that might actually be president. And I think you know just being here as part of history in itself.

BATISTA: I think that's the big reason why there are so many undecideds -- I don't think or anybody or well, I will not -- I don't want to say anybody but I think a lot of people didn't expect these two candidates to be here. A lot of people still want to hear what they have to say and it's just going to come down to wire.

VAN SUSTEREN: And I can tell you're from Washington, D.C. so you've seen a lot of people coming and go in this business.

BATISTA: I have.

VAN SUSTEREN: But you do not brag about being from there now it all right I mean --

BATISTA: No I am very proud of being from Washington, D.C.

VAN SUSTEREN: But you are on the road so much.

BATISTA: I am on the road and I am living actually in Tampa, Florida now but I've seen a lot of politicians; some good, some bad.

VAN SUSTEREN: And you like wrestling?

MICHELLE: I love wrestling.

VAN SUSTEREN: You both love it?

MICHELLE: Absolutely.

BATISTA: I love wrestling.

VAN SUSTEREN: That was fun?

MICHELLE: Awesome.

BATISTA: Oh yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, I can say everyone is very excited that you're here and get out to vote. What's the Web site again?

MICHELLE: Smackdownyourvote.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ok, smackdownyourvote that's it. Thank you both and we'll see the other representatives in St. Paul, thank you both.

MICHELLE: Thank you.

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