Would Ivanka Trump ever run for public office?

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Would Ivanka Trump ever run for public office? And what does Ivanka think about many of the news stories constantly swirling around her father's run for office? Here is more with Ivanka Trump.


VAN SUSTEREN: Ok. Let them hit you with some issues, the Khan issue. I'm sure you know about it what's your thought on the Khan issue?

IVANKA TRUMP, DONALD TRUMP'S DAUGHTER: Well, you know, I think my father shared his thoughts. Captain Khan was an American hero. There is no argument on that fact. And everyone respects his sacrifice for this country enormously.

VAN SUSTEREN: Sexual harassment? He was just asked about it, so sexual harassment?

I. TRUMP: I think its sexual harassment is inexcusable in any setting. I think harassment in general regardless sexual or otherwise is totally inexcusable. And if it transpires, it needs to be reported and it needs to be dealt with on a company level. We have a very strong HR team at the Trump organization who is equipped to deal with these issues, if they arise and you hope they never arise. You hope you have a culture in which they don't arise. But, when they do, it needs to be dealt with, swiftly.

VAN SUSTEREN: What do you make of the outsider, insider discussion in politics right now that the popular to your father, people largely think and also Senator Bernie Sanders that they're outsiders, now the insiders are having a tougher time, what do you think?

I. TRUMP: So I think the American people want change. They are dissatisfied with the direction that this country is headed. And that is clear in terms of the poll. And I think they, I think they see that an outsider can bring that fresh perspective and new solutions to the table, to bring the country in the direction it needs to go.

So, you know, I look at my father's experience in creating jobs and building infrastructure. And every time he builds a 92 story building. Every time he has in the course of his career built a massive skyscraper that is unbelievable experience for repairing the dilapidated infrastructure of this country.

When you think about our roads and you think about our bridges. When you think about, you know, the obligations and responsibilities he has had as an employer of so many, that is incredible training for thinking about what needs to be done to spur the economy and create jobs for others. So, you know, I think his outside perspective is very well tailored for the challenges that this country faces.

VAN SUSTEREN: How does your father or even Secretary Clinton who have both very wealthy people, how do they convince someone, for instance, in Midwestern town that they -- that in any way your father, I would ask this of Chelsea but your father could remotely understand the issues that confront them?

I. TRUMP: Yeah. Well, I think the people of America see that he does. And they look into his eyes. They meet him at these rallies and they know that their experiences are understood by him and that he is going to fight for them. And I think that is a very important message. He is -- he is the champion of so many people who haven't previously had a voice.

And he takes that responsibility very seriously. I have seen it my whole life. I talked about it at the convention. I used to grow up walking around construction jobs by my father's side. And he wouldn't just walk through construction jobs. He would walk through construction jobs and stop and talk to the builders. He would talk to the people doing the work. And he would get their feedback and their perspective. And his ability to communicate and relate and the mutual respect that I saw was really formative for me in understanding him as a person and how he received feedback and how he formulates opinions.

So he is -- I think that is also maybe a miss perception. He is unbelievable listener. If he has a question on something, he will pepper people who he believes are smart and informed about with questions just about that topic. And he takes everything in. He processes it. He processes it and ultimately he arrives at his own conclusion. But, it's very interesting to see how he begins to formulate opinions and it's because he is so interested in the experiences and the feedback of those he appreciates and respects.

VAN SUSTEREN: Stepping outside. Focus on you. In a million years would you ever want to run for office now that you see what it's like?

I. TRUMP: Oh, gosh. I don't think so. It is, whoop, it's tough. You know, I think -- I appreciate very much the platform and the ability to impact and create change at the highest level. Now there are certain issues that I am as deeply passionate about as a woman in the workforce, you know.


VAN SUSTEREN: But no politics for you.

I. TRUMP: That is so important, but, no. But running for office is not something I want to be doing. No. No my father always taught me to never say never, but the last time I said no but never say never the headline was Ivanka wants to run for office. I'm just going to give you a no, but, you know, it's been inspiring to see what he has been able to do.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, thank you for talking to us. And it's going to be an interesting next 90 days or however many days it is.

I. TRUMP: It will be.

VAN SUSTEREN: Thank you, Ivanka.

I. TRUMP: Thanks, Greta.