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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: There is a dramatic new twist in the O.J. Simpson alleged armed robbery at a Las Vegas hotel room.

Christy Lutkemeier was not in the room that day, but Christy heard the entire heist go down.

How is that possible? Christy is here to explain. She is joined by her attorney, Ken Miller. Christy and Ken, nice to see both of you.

Christy, let me start with you. Let's go back to September 13. How is it that you know what happened in that room?

CHRISTY LUTKEMEIER, OVERHEARD ALLEGED ROBBERY: I had made a phone call to Bruce, and, not knowing where Bruce was at the time, he had just said that he was in a meeting. And I said I really would like to talk to him.

So he had spoke to somebody that was in the room, said he need to step out and take the phone call. And that's how I ended up being there at that time.

VAN SUSTEREN: What did you actually hear? March me right through the different things you heard being said.

LUTKEMEIER: Well, I had had a lengthy conversation with Bruce, and then somebody had come out to Bruce and said they're on their way up, it's time to hang up.

So Bruce stepped back into wherever he was, into the room, or into—at that time I guess it was a casino. And all of a sudden I heard just all kinds of noise, just lots of people that I had not heard before. I had only heard a couple of people.

And then the next thing I heard was "I'll shoot your ass." And then another voice said "Put the gun down."

VAN SUSTEREN: And did you make a note of that? How do you remember those precise words?

LUTKEMEIER: Because I wrote those words down as I heard them.

VAN SUSTEREN: And did you actually bring the paper, just out of curiosity?


VAN SUSTEREN: Can you show it to us? Just hold it up, I guess.


VAN SUSTEREN: And while you're doing that, Christy, were you able to determine who the voice was? Do you know O.J. Simpson's voice?

LUTKEMEIER: I did not hear his voice.

VAN SUSTEREN: The two things that you heard, which are so important, was that by the same person, or is that two different people talking in the room?

LUTKEMEIER: Two different voices.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ken, can you fill in the blanks for us? How is it that Christy was having this conversation with Bruce Fromong in that room to begin with?

MILLER: Christy had a relationship with Mr. Fromong. She had met him through Mr. Michael Gilbert, and they were friends. And in this particular instance, I've been advised that Christy wanted to talk to him, and so she called Mr. Fromong on his cell phone,

And she had no idea where he was at or what he was doing at the time, and she just engaged him in conversation. She hadn't spoken to him in a while.

VAN SUSTEREN: Were you aware, Christy, that there was sports memorabilia likely in that room?

LUTKEMEIER: No, I had no idea.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why did you even happen to call Bruce that night?

LUTKEMEIER: I just needed to call him about some personal issues that I had with him.

VAN SUSTEREN: In terms of what? Business or real personal stuff?

LUTKEMEIER: Personal stuff.

VAN SUSTEREN: How do you know Bruce?

LUTKEMEIER: Through Mike Gilbert.

VAN SUSTEREN: And is it boyfriend-girlfriend? Is it just friends? How would you describe your relationship with Bruce, at least that night?

LUTKEMEIER: My relationship with Bruce?


LUTKEMEIER: Is that what you asked? I'm sorry.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you business colleagues? How do you describe it?

LUTKEMEIER: Just friends, associates.

VAN SUSTEREN: And so when you called him about—I guess I'm trying to figure out why you called him that night. I am still stuck on that. I don't get that.

LUTKEMEIER: Would you like to answer that?

KEN MILLER, ATTORNEY FOR CHRISTY LUTKEMEIER: Basically, the way it was explained to me, is that Christy hadn't heard from Bruce in a number of days. And she has always maintained contact with him, as well as Michael Gilbert. And so she called him, and she wanted to discuss a few personal matters with him. And so she called him on his cell phone.

She had no idea as to where he was at, what he was doing. And she was just calling, as friends do, to touch bases with each other and see what was going on.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ken, I guess—of course you know that the content of what Christy has to say is rather explosive in terms of whether there's a robbery or not a robbery or armed robbery, at least, with guns. Have the police spoken to Christy and gotten this information?

LUTKEMEIER: They haven't spoken to her as of yet. I have been in contact with the detective that is—I guess he's the lead detective in this particular case, and they are working right now with the district attorney's office at a time and place when they can speak with Christy either by telephone, or in person, or however they decide to do it.

But until such time as they make that decision, that hasn't occurred yet. But Christy is willing to speak with them in the system in any way she can.

VAN SUSTEREN: Christy, I was always shocked that the Vegas police didn't call you right away, because you heard the conversation.

LUTKEMEIER: What is that? I'm sorry.

VAN SUSTEREN: I was always shocked that they didn't get a hold of you right away, the Vegas police, right away, or the D.A.

LUTKEMEIER: I was as well.

VAN SUSTEREN: Have you spoken to Bruce since the night of September 13, Christy?

LUTKEMEIER: Yes, I have.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know O.J. Simpson by the way?

LUTKEMEIER: I don't know him. I have spoken to him on the phone, but I do not know him.

VAN SUSTEREN: And can you say for certain whether his voice was not one of those two voices, or are you uncertain?

LUTKEMEIER: I am for certain that was not one of his voices—or his voice.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Christy, Ken, thank you both very much.

MILLER: Thank you.

LUTKEMEIER: Thank you, Greta.

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