Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

What's Up Doc?

If health care reform passes you could have a hard time finding a doctor — at least according to one poll.

A new survey for Investors Business Daily indicates 45 percent of physicians questioned would consider shutting down their practices or retiring early if Congress approves the type of overhaul that the Democratic majority and the administration have in mind.

It also reveals that 65 percent of doctors do not support the plan. That contradicts not only the White House, but the American Medical Association.

Also, 71 percent of doctors surveyed say they do not believe the government can cover 47 million more people at a lower cost while providing better health care.

Need for Speed

Tuesday, Majority Leader Harry Reid criticized his colleagues for moving too slowly on spending bills. But The Washington Times reports the Nevada Democrat then announced there would be no voting in the afternoon to accommodate Pennsylvania Democratic Senator Arlen Specter, who was returning home to attend a pair of fundraisers.

Specter was joined by President Obama and took in about $2.5 million. Reid spokesman Jim Manley says there is nothing unusual about accommodating a lawmaker: "It's a basic courtesy that we extend to Republicans all the time."

But The Times says some Republicans accused Reid of "doublespeak" and former Pennsylvania Republican Senator Rick Santorum said, "I had many a fundraiser where I had to break away and was not covered by my leadership."

Specter's opponent in next year's Democratic primary Joe Sestak also criticized the move, saying the Washington establishment "favors the powerful and well-connected who are also too often rewarded at the cost of those who are at the bottom."

Working Wonders

Those who criticize immigration raids often argue that illegals only do jobs in this country that Americans will not. But the Center for Immigration Studies says those raids often create jobs for Americans.

In December 2006, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents swooped in on meatpacking plants across six Western states, rounding up nearly 1,300 illegal immigrants. The center says within five months the plants were running at full staff, and the lost workers were replaced with white Americans and U.S.-born Hispanics.

Then in January 2007, federal agents raided the Smithfield Pork Plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina. Dozens of illegals were arrested, which led to the voluntary departure of hundreds more. Those jobs have now been filled by African-Americans and other native-born Americans.

— FOX News Channel's Zachary Kenworthy contributed to this report.