Will Americans Rise Up Against the Corrupt Justice System?

On August 4, three young college students were murdered in New Jersey by a gang of thugs, which included two criminal illegal immigrants. Now, the young woman was nearly killed, her face slashed in that attack.

Reports say Peruvian Jose Carranza, who was out on bail after being charged with child molestation and assault was the shooter. The judge who allowed Carranza out on the street is Thomas Vena who actually cut Carranza's bail in half, allowing the man to walk out of jail and into the murder zone. Well, the State of New Jersey investigated Vena and has released this report.

Quote, "Judge Vena's bail determination was made with knowledge of Carranza's criminal history and the nature of the charges. And an awareness that the prosecutor had previously consented to bail of $150,000 with knowledge that the victim's allegations, included a history of sexual abuse extending over time and occurring in two municipalities."

Nevertheless, the State of New Jersey has concluded that Judge Vena's bail cut for Carranza wasn't wrong. But, of course, it was wrong, and so is New Jersey. Number one, the state ordered the investigating officer in the case not to take Carranza's illegal status into account. That is insane.

Number two, Vena should have known Carranza was here illegally and was a chronic criminal. We're sure the judge did know that. Why would any judge, then, take the chance of putting a guy like that back on the street? Doesn't make any sense.

Vena wouldn't comment, even though he owes the families of the victims and every other American a detailed explanation. Vena should be immediately transferred out of criminal court. Sadly, this case isn't unusual. Many places in America have ordered their police and court officers not to take the immigration status of violent criminal offenders into account. How insane is that policy? By that logic, not only do we have Americans -- that we Americans, I should say, have to deal with our own violent criminals, we've got to deal with all the other violent criminals in foreign countries who come here.

Cities like New York, New Haven, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco aren't informing ICE when aliens are arrested. And what do the Feds do? Nothing. This entire mess is one of the failings of the Bush administration. The primary job of the federal government, as we all know, is to protect Americans from harm. The president has tried hard to do that with the Islamic terrorists. But has not engaged illegal alien criminals in any meaningful way.

Now all Americans must demand that Congress pass a law mandating that any arrest of a foreign national, legal or illegal, be reported to ICE within 48 hours. Failure to do so would be a criminal offense. In that way mayors and police chiefs of cities that defy the law could be charged. If that sounds drastic, consider one thing -- what if your kid was murdered by Jose Carranza? How would you feel about it? That's "The Memo."

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