Why the Greek Bailout Is Like Kim Kardashian

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

If the world whoops up a deal on paper that has a lot of holes on paper, that's not a deal. And if a wedding couple gets 18 million bucks up front sponsoring everything but their underwear for the big day, that's not a wedding, that's a sham.

And Kim isn't the only one "Kar-dashian-for-the-cash." So is that nitwit Nets star hubby -- or former hubby -- of hers. Because 72 days in and they're done. And not even five days out and it looks like this Greek rescue is done.

Why should any of us be surprised?

Maybe the first clue was when lenders insisted the Greeks would be fine with this... this time. They weren't -- just like all these other times.

The Greeks, because they want to be a tragedy. And Kim, because she just is a tragedy.

Here's a clue for next time. If a star says this is real love -- even after she's made millions selling on the internet a certain tape of herself making love -- maybe that's not love.

Conversely, if bankers abroad insist they're all onboard when they're not on board, maybe don't get on board.

Me? I'm just bored by hapless European leaders who insist they're finally together, but they're not. And a money-grubbing couple who promise they'll always be together, but they won't.

Better to clock both commitments with an egg timer. Either case -- they're cracked. And if we believe them, we're the ones fried and scrambled.