Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Fooled by the Times?

Former "Today" show host Jane Pauley is suing The New York Times — saying she was duped into giving an interview for a mental health news article — when she was actually being featured in an advertising supplement.

Pauley went public two years ago with details about her fight against bipolar disorder, which she says caused dramatic mood swings. She says The Times used intimate details of her condition to help advertisers sell drugs.

The lawsuit says Pauley has tried to protect her reputation by refusing commercial endorsements. A spokeswoman for The Times says Pauley's assistant was told the article would appear in an advertising supplement and that Pauley agreed to participate.

Prince of a Guy

Georgetown University — the nation's oldest Catholic and Jesuit college — which has Bill Clinton among its distinguished graduates — has accepted a $20 million donation from a Saudi prince in order to put on workshops regarding Islam, address U.S. policy toward the Muslim world and encourage other Islamic studies. The prince's name is now on the school's center for Muslim-Christian understanding.

But Georgetown apparently doesn't understand or approve of some Christian groups — including InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and Crossroads Campus Christian Fellowship. Georgetown has revoked their affiliations, removed them from the school's Web site and —according to World Net Daily — told them to leave campus.

Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore ridiculed the environmental views of Seattle-area Republican Congressman Dave Reichert this week during a campaign stop with Reichert's Democratic opponent. After Seattle's mayor said Reichert does not believe humans cause climate change — Gore equated global warming skeptics with people who believe the earth is flat and think the moon landing was a fake.

But Gore apparently was misinformed about Reichet. The congressman's Web site says he makes decisions based on the assumption that global warming is man-made. Reichert has in fact voted against drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge — and opposed a measure to amend the Endangered Species Act.

Match Game

And in South Carolina, Republican Karen Floyd is a mother of twins who is running an outsider's campaign against college professor and administrator William Kanes for the job of State Superintendent of Education.

So imagine her surprise when she learned that her opponent had received a $100 campaign contribution — from Floyd's own stepmother. It turns out the Democrat Kanes worked with Floyd's father for many years and is a family friend.

Floyd's stepmother says her belief that an educator should be superintendent led her to make the contribution. But she adds she never would have done it if she had known it would be made public.

Since that happened, Floyd's father has written a matching contribution to his daughter's campaign.

—FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.