You know what's really galling about this whole tax cut debate? The argument in Washington over justifying it.

Maybe I'm being too black and white here, but it's pretty simple to me: It's our money -- not yours -- end of story.

But no, any tax cut is framed this way, will it stimulate the economy? Pardon my French, but stimulate this.

Who are you, Washington, and opponents of tax cuts in general, to offer a litmus test for getting back our money.

Hear me out on this: It's not your money -- it's ours. Why should we go through hoops to justify getting some of it back? I'll tell you why. Because Washington wants it. Washington needs it. And Washington's whole sorry, pathetic, socialist lives revolve around it.

Most Americans have a lot of common sense. They also have a lot of heart. They're generous to a fault. They want their country protected and their poorest cared for. And they have and will pay for it.

What they won't pay for is abuse and waste and lies and mismanagement and condescending crap.

What they won't tolerate is some bureaucrat telling them he knows what to do with their money than they do.

What they won't stomach is some life-long, pond-sucking, boondoggle-pushing pimp forcing them to go through hoops to get back their money.

Something has gone horribly wrong here, my friends. For so long, we have given so much, to so many that they are taking so advantage of us!

Remember this, Washington: We don't and won't go through hoops to justify what we do with a tax cut.

Whether we spend it, save it, or burn it, it's our call -- not yours.

I've said it before, I'll say it again.

If I want to go out and buy a thousand velvet Elvis paintings with that cut, that's my business, not yours.

At least with Elvis, I'm betting on the king. With Washington, all I'm getting is a clown.

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