Who's Not Protecting the Kids?

In just a few moments, we'll show you some outrageous tape of two toddlers, toddlers being given marijuana. It's unbelievable, but stuff like this happens all the time.

In Miami right now, the accused killer of Jessica Lunsford is on trial. So we thought this was a good time to update you on Jessica's Law. — That is tough mandatory prison terms for child predators.

At this point, 24 states have a full version of Jessica's Law — 15 years and up for predators. No parole, no nonsense. — Those states are in purple, Jessica's favorite color.

The green states have partial punishment, but not nearly enough. And the gray states are working on the full Jessica's Law.

The 11 states you see in yellow, well, they refuse to pass anything in this vein. So let's run them down:

In Connecticut, State Rep. Michael Lawlor, a Democrat, and state's attorney Kevin Kane are blocking Jessica's Law. Governor Jodi Rell says she will sign it, but those two villains, and they are, are standing in the way of the vote.

In Idaho, Governor Butch Otter, a Republican, has done little. There are no mandatory minimums for child predators in Idaho.

In Illinois, the laws are also very lenient. And Governor Blagojevich, a Democrat, is doing nothing.

In Wyoming, Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal continues to be disinterested. Wyoming has very lenient laws for child predators.

In Colorado, six Democrats, Terrance Carroll, Mike Cerbo, Andy Kerr, Rosemary Marshall, Claire Levy, and Morgan Carroll have blocked all efforts to harshly punish child predators.

In New Jersey, the mandatory minimum is 8.5 years. Governor Jon Corzine seems happy with that.

In Massachusetts, no minimums whatsoever. And this man, Speaker of the House Democrat Sal DiMasi, has killed every piece of tough sex offender legislation in the Bay state. DiMasi is a true villain.

In Vermont, it's chaos. They have a five year mandatory minimum for aggravated sexual abuse of a child. And they think that's tough. Republican Governor Jim Douglas could not care less.

In Utah, it's more of the same. Minimum six years for child rape. Child rape, six years. And Republican Governor John Huntsman seems satisfied.

In Maryland, there's a struggle. But Democrat Joe Vallario has so far succeeded in blocking mandatory minimums. Vallario is a big time villain.

And finally in Hawaii, it's absolute chaos as liberal judges block serious mandatories there.

So that's it. The 11 states that will not protect children. If you want to download our research, you can go to www.foxnews.com/oreilly. And we will keep the pressure on, but you have to do so as well in your state. If you're in one of those 11 states, and you live there, you have got to besiege the governor.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

After issuing a proclamation proclaiming a special day for gay porn production company Cult Studios, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom now says all proclamations from now on will be reviewed before being issued.

That might be a good idea, but not everybody is down with that.California Assemblyman Mark Leno, a big gay porn fan, issued this statement, "The owners of the studio are taxpaying, law-abiding San Francisco employers who promote safe sex. Clearly, with O'Reilly's viewership currently plummeting, he thinks denigrating gay male entertainment will be his lifeline."

As you know, the truth has eluded Mr. Leno, who might turn off his VCR for a moment and listen up. “The Factor's" ratings continue to rise in every category, and we dominate the cable news industry.

And the fact that an elected official, Mr. Leno, thinks it's appropriate for a city to honor a hard core porn outfit is very interesting. And it might even be ridiculous. — I love these guys.