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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Earlier tonight I spoke to comedian, actress and soon-to-be morning radio talk show host Whoopi Goldberg.


HANNITY: How are you?

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, COMEDIAN: I'm pretty good, Sean. How are you doing?

HANNITY: Are you out of your mind? You want to get up at, what, 4 o'clock, 3 o'clock in the morning and to do a morning — four-hour morning show every day?

GOLDBERG: Here's the crazy part. I'm up anyway. And usually I'm up going, "What should I be doing right now?" Now I have someplace to go and something to do.

HANNITY: Well, it's — look, I started my radio career in 1987. It's a tough industry. I think you'll like it. It's different, probably, than anything you've done before.

GOLDBERG: Absolutely. It's something I have always wanted to do, because I think I have one of those voices. And when I was a kid, you know, we all had transistor radios. And so I was listening to people here, like Murray the K and Frankie Crocker. And so for me, the radio is like a family member. So I kind of like to be part of that, you know.

HANNITY: What's amazing to me is you're a grandmother.


HANNITY: You don't look like a grandmother. You're young.

GOLDBERG: Thank you.

HANNITY: Let me ask this. And I want to — because there's going to be some things we disagree on, and then we'll find something of agreement. Because you and I had an interesting discussion before.

You — when you make statements, do you believe politically, when you're on stage, when you are doing comedy, do you have a political view?


HANNITY: And it is left of center? Right of center? You don't like George W. Bush.

GOLDBERG: No, I don't like Mr. Bush. I don't like Mr. Bush because I've had a lot of thought to put into this and I'm still — I still do not believe it was right for us to do. I was thinking, the five-year anniversary is coming up of 9/11. And Usama is still out there. And it's bumming me out.

HANNITY: We just got Zarqawi. We just found out tonight — this very night — that we have WMDs.

GOLDBERG: It's not enough. I want the guy that put this gig together.

HANNITY: I want him, too. But you admit that's a hard job to find him.

GOLDBERG: It is a hard job to find him, but we should have started five years ago.

HANNITY: We did. We were all the way in the mountains of Tora Bora. We were all over there.

GOLDBERG: So why are — I know we're supposedly in there because Saddam is a bad guy. But when you look at all of the horrible dictators and all of the horrible leaders in the world, he's one of a dozen. And the guy that I want...

HANNITY: I'm with you.

GOLDBERG: You know, so for me...

HANNITY: But so is the president. You don't think the president wants him? You don't think he would feel vindicated now that we have got WMD?

GOLDBERG: He may. He may feel vindicated. But, you know, he's going to face a lot of questions of how convenient it is that the WMD just showed up. I'm just saying it.

HANNITY: Well, first of all, it didn't just show up. Apparently, some of it has been there for awhile.

GOLDBERG: Well, how come nobody has — now, Sean, you're the in guy.

HANNITY: I'm the in guy.

GOLDBERG: You're the guy who should know all of this stuff. But you see where the questions would pop up.

HANNITY: You know something? Only by those that I think — what's bothered me more than anything is they didn't attack Republicans and Democrats. They didn't — they attacked America and Americans.


HANNITY: And what bothers me though...

GOLDBERG: But Saddam didn't do it. Saddam didn't do it. The guy who did it is still out there.

HANNITY: I got that. But Saddam, the War on Terror, we are fighting Islamic fascists. They were in Iraq. He did use weapons of mass destruction. He wouldn't abide by the ceasefire agreement.

GOLDBERG: But we had...

HANNITY: We had to decide this. Wait a minute. Hear my point.

GOLDBERG: All right.

HANNITY: We had to decide would he align with those that now are committed to killing us with the weapons we knew he used, or wouldn't he? And we had to make a choice. You agree we have to fight Islamic fascists, right?

GOLDBERG: I agree with you, and I'm not going to call them fascists. There's a better word for it.

HANNITY: What is it?

GOLDBERG: I have to think of it.

HANNITY: OK. Well, those that killed us on 9/11. Those that killed our neighbors.

GOLDBERG: Anyone who is of the belief that killing people is the way to go to God, to me is wrong. Those are the people...

HANNITY: Wrong? Evil? Does evil fit?

GOLDBERG: Evil, wrong, all kinds of words, but it doesn't change the point that the cat that we know — now you got to give that to me, because...

HANNITY: I know.

GOLDBERG: All right. All right.

HANNITY: The bad intelligence on WMDs: "You should have looked in the mirror if you want bad intelligence."

GOLDBERG: That's right. Absolutely. Absolutely.

HANNITY: You say that about Bush. You say, "Anybody who could wave to Stevie Wonder isn't fully there."

GOLDBERG: Well, yes, I did. It's true, Sean. Come on, you know Stevie is blind.

HANNITY: You can be — you can be...

GOLDBERG: You know Stevie is blind. Come on, the guy went like this. Even you have got to say that.

HANNITY: But it gets personal: "You could be dumb as dirt and still be president, which is good news for me."

GOLDBERG: Yes. And now, Sean, what was the last line of that? "Which is good news for me."

HANNITY: You're thinking of running? You're not dumb. But then you used a double — then you used...

GOLDBERG: Absolutely. Listen, you can not avoid the double entendre. The man's name just screams for it. There's nothing you can do about that.

HANNITY: So that's out of the park, easy.

GOLDBERG: It is. But you know what? The same — but what you are not reading is all the stuff I did on Clinton, also.


GOLDBERG: So now make sure that you, who remind people that in all of that...

HANNITY: See, one of the things that drives me nuts — because I — but you're very honest, and I appreciate your honesty. One of the things I find, is that there's a cliche that Hollywood liberals out there, they all hate Bush. Where are the conservatives in Hollywood?

GOLDBERG: They're there, absolutely.

HANNITY: Who? Arnold.

GOLDBERG: Arnold and Bruce.

HANNITY: Mel Gibson.

GOLDBERG: Mel Gibson, Dina Merrill, wonderful Republican woman, a woman I adore. She and I don't agree on many things, but there are some things that we do agree on that we have to work on together.

Listen, I believe it is important for me to know people with whom I do not agree, because it keeps your mind working. Because if there is a point that you can make to me that makes sense, I think, OK, let me think about this.

HANNITY: See, I am beginning to make a little sense to you, too. It's what we call Hannitizing.

GOLDBERG: Oh no, I suppose that I'm beginning to make a little sense to you, too.

HANNITY: You do?

GOLDBERG: Oh, yes.

HANNITY: I'm getting "Whoopied" then. All right.

GOLDBERG: No, no. What we are doing is we are engaging in what we grew up knowing.

HANNITY: And you are going to do this on your radio show?


HANNITY: All right.

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