Where's the Good News?

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how good the economy is, the media seems dead set to prove it is not.

First, there was the housing bubble talk: the great real estate crash to come. It hasn't. Home sales are still strong.

Or three-dollar gasoline. We're told it will kill the economy. Just like two-dollar gas would and two-fifty gas after that. They didn't.

Or rocketing interest rates: They'd stop consumers in their tracks. Well, they didn't in March. Retail sales up a much better than expected six-tenths of a percent.

I could go on and on. About unemployment in this country being half what it is in some of the most productive European countries. Or about how small stocks are booming and larger stocks are humming.

Yet, to read the press, we're bumming.

Newsflash: We're not.

Look, I'm not here to say it's "all" good news. Just that it's "mostly" good news.

Thousands getting laid off at General Motors is big news, I know. But an average of 225,000 new jobs added to the economy each month is not?

That doesn't get reported, of course. Awful stuff does.

I know it's in the nature of the media to report the bad. But that doesn't mean it should be in their nature, to ignore the good.

I know, it's their nature. But I know this too: it's not my nature. Or from the looks of things, anything close to reflecting something else: my country.

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