And now some fresh pickings from the wartime grapevine:

Intelligence Investigation

On the same day that President Bush announced that commission to investigate prewar intelligence on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, a new FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll reveals Americans are of more than one mind about why we haven't found any of those weapons. When asked about different possibilities, respondents offered conflicting views. With 65 percent agreeing it is likely Iraq moved its weapons to another country before the war.

Where Are the Weapons?

In response to another question, 55 percent said they believed there were no weapons at all in Iraq. And 51 percent think it's likely they're still there, but well hidden. And our poll shows good and bad news for the intelligence agencies. A total of 71 percent of those polled are confident that U.S. intelligence agencies can uncover future threats against America. But 64 percent said they're confident enough in those abilities, they don't think it is necessary to spend anymore taxpayer money to improve intelligence gathering.

Delivering for Donors?

Democratic frontrunner John Kerry is campaigning against special interests, but the Associated Press raises some questions about the senator's own actions. During his tenure as senator from Massachusetts, AP reports he recommended campaign donors for federal appointments. AP says that in at least three instances, Kerry lobbied to appoint individuals to positions at the Federal Home Loan Bank board, just before or after that very nominee contributed to Kerry's campaign. Kerry's spokeswoman, Stephanie Cutter, says that each individual was extremely well qualified for the appointment and the timing of their donations was "completely circumstantial."

Peach State Proposal

Last week, we told you about Georgia's state school superintendent Kathy Cox's plan to change the state's curriculum to replace the word "evolution" with the phrase "biological changes over time." Well, this week, Cox reversed her decision and will recommend that "evolution" be reinserted in the lesson plans. She says she first proposed the change to avoid controversy surrounding the word, but found that the change itself provoked an even greater controversy.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report