'When Your Kid Is Hurting: Helping Your Child through the Tough Days' by Dr. Kevin Leman

From the publisher: Children today live in an unpredictable, disruptive, and often violent world. Many of them live in two different homes with different sets of expectations. They face bullying at school and online. They hear news of school shootings, and racially or religiously motivated violence. They may have lost a friend or a loved one.


As parents, the impulse to protect our children is strong, but that very protection can end up handicapping them for life. Rather than seek to save them from the hard things, parents must teach their kids how to cope with and rise above their problems. In one of his most important books to date, internationally known psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman shows parents how to be good listeners; tell the truth, even when it's difficult; find balance between being protective and being overprotective; approach hurt and injustice as a learning experience rather than fostering a victim mentality and much more.