What the Senate Wants You to Accept on Immigration...

What the Senate wants you to accept on immigration. Number one, 14,000 new border patrol agents by 2011, a long time. And 2,500 new port of entry inspectors. OK, fine but it's not enough. Unless you put additional National Guard on the border. But let's be honest. The Senate doesn't really want to secure the border and I have no idea why.

Number two, Senate wants to build a triple-layered fence on 370 miles out of the almost 2,000 miles of water between the USA and Mexico. Also, the Senate proposes 500 miles of vehicle barriers along the border.

Three, Senate wants a phase-in program for employers to check Social Security numbers of new hires. Ten thousand agents would be hired to make sure businesses comply with that. So why the phase-in part? Obeying the law shouldn't have to be phased in, or am I wrong?

Number four, 200,000 guest workers would be allowed into the USA. They could stay up to six years, and after four years if they behave, they could apply for permanent residence. I don't have a problem with that.

Number five, and here come the big problems, an estimated seven million illegal aliens who have been in the USA five years or more would be ability to stay and earn citizenship if they did a number of things like pay fines, learn English and pass background checks. This is amnesty, no matter what anybody says.

An estimated three million aliens here less than five years but more than two years would be given three years to apply from a work visa. But they'd have to go abroad to pick up that visa.

That's just dumb. Flat-out stupid. Why give any illegal alien three years to comply with federal law?

Number six, illegal aliens here less than two years would have to leave the country altogether. Of course, most of them will not unless they face criminal penalties, which, of course, the Senate didn't put in the bill. Are you getting the picture?

So the Senate bill is too soft, no question. And now the House will have to toughen it up. Hopefully, a compromise could be reached. There needs to be tough penalties for aliens and employers who continue to break the law. And the National Guard must stay on the border in much greater numbers.

That's the "Memo."

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