What Do Mary Cheney and Illegal Immigrants Have in Common?

Last week, we did a segment on Ms. Cheney's pregnancy and her desire to raise a child in a lesbian household. The segment was respectful, even mild. We discussed the role that fathers play in the lives of children and what the lack of a dad might mean.

Well, there was immediate outrage on the far left. The loony Web sites cranked up their propaganda, accusing me of demeaning Ms. Cheney and gay parents in general.

Well, that nonsense was picked up by two far-left columnists at the very liberal — very liberal — Seattle Post Intelligencer. The secular progressive pipeline strikes again.

Now the strategy here is to intimidate any discussion about gay parenting, no matter how benign. If you question anything, you're homophobic, a bad person.

The SPs believe there's no difference between gays raising kids and a mom and dad situation. The SPs also believe there's no difference between gay marriage and straight marriage. And if you disagree, the SP press will try to hurt you.

Same thing is happening on the illegal immigration front. Today, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney signed a deal with Homeland Security, allowing 30 state troopers to detain illegal aliens in Massachusetts if they come upon them at traffic stops.

Well, the SPs who want open borders are appalled. The Boston Globe, a far-left bastion, knew Governor Romney was going to make the deal, so two weeks ago, The Globe ran a story saying that Romney used illegal aliens to landscape his property. The Globe even sent a reporter to Guatemala to talk with one of the gardeners.

Turns out Romney had hired a legitimate landscaping company and had no idea who was cutting his grass. I employ a landscaping company. They checked out fine. The owner told me all his workers are legal. But how do I know if that's true? I have no power to question these people. I have to take his word.

Now, "The Factor" analyzed The Boston Globe's coverage of illegal immigration in the month of November. The paper ran 12 different stories, using the term "illegal immigrant" a total of 19 times. The Globe prefers to write "immigrant," not illegal immigrant. They don't like to use the term "illegal immigrants."

But in the Romney story, The Globe used the term "illegal immigrant" 11 times. Clearly, the story was a hit piece on Romney.

Take a look at this picture in The New York Times today. That paper owns The Boston Globe and comes from the same secular progressive point of view. The grief shown in this picture is in response to a federal raid on meat packing plants that have hired hundreds of suspected illegal workers.

So summing up, you're a bad person if you want immigration laws enforced, or if you question alternative families and other SP causes. And because you're a bad person, these media fanatics will try to hurt you. That's where we are in America today — no spin.

And that's the Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

An update on "The Factor" franchise regarding the Christmas season. Broadway Books has sent more than 8,000 copies of my book, "Culture Warrior," to our forces overseas. And that's all thanks to you.

Bill O'Reilly.com has enabled me to donate thousands of dollars to various charities, including the Wounded Warrior Foundation. We're having a record breaking season on the Web site, selling gear, which is all made in the USA, and "Culture Warrior", which remains No. 3 on the New York Times Best-Seller List after three months in the marketplace.

So again, thank you all. I hope we put together an "everybody wins" situation for Christmas and Hanukkah. By the way, I am wearing one of our "Culture Warrior" wind shirts on the Web site. Check it out. I think it may be ridiculous. No, I don't think it is ridiculous. But check it out. You'll have a good laugh.