What Can We Expect This Week in Modesto?

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Scott Peterson's hearing continues on Monday. Who will be called to testify, and what we can expect to hear? Joining us again from Modesto is Laura Ingle of KFI Radio in Los Angeles and, in Phoenix, is Fox News Legal Analyst Stan Goldman.

Laura, I know we're going to hear a little bit more from DNA experts, but, as soon as we get through the DNA experts, is Amber Frey expected to be a witness? If so, what are they going to do with her. They're not going to play the audiotapes that they -- the taped conversations.

LAURA INGLE, KFI RADIO: Right. Boy, it's been a big tease. I mean the first thing that came out of the box the first day of this preliminary hearing was that they weren't going to use those wiretaps. So that's why everybody has been kind of chomping at the bit.

Is Amber herself going to show up then, if they're not going to play those tapes, and, of course nobody's letting us know, and we don't know what -- who was on the witness list. And, as you heard, Gloria Allred, her attorney, is -- she will not commit either way whether or not Amber is going to be here.

But there is a lot of speculation that she is going to be here. So we're all waiting for that. The detective that was on the stand today is expected to continue on Monday.

And Mark Geragos is also expected to bring in his own DNA expert to kind of counteract some of the stuff we heard on the first two days from the FBI DNA expert that the prosecution brought in.

VAN SUSTEREN: Stan, let's -- I mean today in the courtroom -- I mean, usually, courtrooms are so full of emotions, especially in murder. You've got two mothers sitting there. You've got two fathers sitting there. You've got -- you have relatives, brothers, and sister. Was it an emotional day today?

STAN GOLDMAN, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: It was a very subtle day in many ways. I don't think I'm ever going to forget it.

You know, when Sharon Rocha was on the stand, I -- there was a comment made earlier about tears in the courtroom. There were no tears. There was wistful laughter. She and Mark Geragos actually -- you know, he'd ask a question, and she'd respond about how Laci loved chocolate and how she was a woman who didn't necessarily take advice and -- and was very...

You know, if I was casting Sharon Rocha as she testified today, it would be Frances McDormand. She was exactly like [her]. I could have closed my eyes and thought I was listening to her. It was that kind of testimony.

And when she left the stand, immediately, Mr. Peterson, Scott's father, was called, and they passed each other. They were -- they were, you know, an inch from each other. They had to move apart not to hit, and they smiled at each other. And Peterson said something to her, and she smiled back.

It was the first pleasant interchange I have seen in the courtroom literally since I've been going, and I've been at just about every hearing except the very, very first one. So I thought it was a very, very interesting atmosphere, you know, this wistful kind of memory of a daughter lost as opposed to the tears that we sometimes hear described.

VAN SUSTEREN: And, of course, you know, it's going to continue like this, the two of them sitting across the aisle from each other almost -- I mean it's sad, but they were very good friends, many moons ago, at the wedding of those two, and, of course, now very tough on both families.

Laura, Stan, thank you both very much. Appreciate it.

And before I say good night tonight, I have to show you this video. It's a party thrown by Tyco's former CEO Dennis Kozlowski for his wife. The shocking videotape reveals not just scantily-dressed models and Roman-themed attired parading around, but also reveals the world of corporate excess live and in color.

And we know there is nothing illegal about CEOs having fun, but it's a different story when that party, which cost, incidentally, $2 million, was paid for by Tyco. Kozlowski's attorneys say it's because some of the guests were Tyco employees.

The whole tape, four hours long, includes ice sculptures resembling Michelangelo's David dispensing vodka. And two men dressed as ancient Romans carrying Kozlowski's wife over their heads. In the middle of it all was Kozlowski smiling and dancing. I wonder what he thinks about that party now.

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I'll see you again Monday live from Modesto. I'm going to be back in Modesto next week and back in the courtroom.

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