What are 'The Five' giving up for Lent?

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BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: The Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent started today.

Eric, you're a good Catholic. What are you going to give up? Because Catholics give up things for 40 days and 40 nights. What are you going to give up?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Like I don't give up enough already, I fast every Tuesday.


BECKEL: Really?

BOLLING: Here's what my plan is and if I do this, if I fall this off, I will be sainthooded.

I won't fight with our executive producer Porter Berry. We have this tumultuous relationship and every day for two or so.


BOLLING: I won't -- Porter, I won't fight with you, for 40 days.


BECKEL: That ain't going to make it.

You are not Catholic, right?


BECKEL: Are you giving up anything?

TANTAROS: I was thinking about maybe giving up fighting with you, but then I thought, no.

BECKEL: That wouldn't be fun.

Brian, you are Catholic, right?

BRIAN KILMEADE, GUEST CO-HOST: Yes. I know the word "sacrifice." I have decided, now letting everyone know. This is an exclusive who wants to claim it.

GUILFOYLE: Fox News alert.

KILMEADE: I am going to not appear on the "O'Reilly Factor" for 40 days and 40 nights.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, like you have been asked.


GUILFOYLE: You were on one time, on the Culture Warrior thing.

KILMEADE: It was the highlight of my life.

BECKEL: What are you going to give up?


BECKEL: Sorry, what are you going to give up?

GUILFOYLE: I am going to give up, no, I was going to say salami but I love it too much. My favorite thing to eat.

BECKEL: What are you going to give up?

GUILFOYLE: Dark chocolate.

BECKEL: OK, dark chocolate.

Let me ask you, Catholics, can I ask you a question. Why do you have no meat on Friday? When I grew up the reason I don't like fish today I had to eat fish sticks in public school every Friday. Now, what is that?

BOLLING: Do you know fasting is one of the most holy things you can do in the Catholic religion?

BECKEL: Why Fridays only?

BOLLING: Representation of --

GUILFOYLE: But you don't meat anyway. You are slightly anorexic.

TANTAROS: I know you don't give anything up, but what do you think you could give up?

GUILFOYLE: Not much.

KILMEADE: That would really be a sacrifice.

BECKEL: That would be a sacrifice? You know me.

GUILFOYLE: No, women, and betting. It's impossible. He'd be so cranky.

BECKEL: Women and bed wetting?

GUILFOYLE: No, women and betting.


BECKEL: I've got to say, women, what --

BOLLING: What about the cigars?

BECKEL: I can't do that. Look, I'm not one of you Catholics. I'm a Protestant. We were once who upon these rocks we're going to build our church. Not upon this big rock we're going to build our church.

BOLLING: Shouldn't you have solidarity with the fellow Catholics on the --

BECKEL: Once you guys give up on that big rock, you wouldn't get to where Jesus really said.


GUILFOYLE: See Bob wants to argue about --

TANTAROS: I will say this. Robert, you have given up enough in your life.

BECKEL: That is right. Given up booze and drugs.

BOLLING: Sanity, logic.

BECKEL: That was because of the drugs and alcohol did that to me.

GUILFOYLE: The poor man, God bless him. If he didn't, he could be in jail or he could be dead.

BECKEL: Well, I was in jail. But I'm out of it now.

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