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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And this is a Fox News alert. Police are investigating if Democratic New York Congressman Anthony Weiner had inappropriate online communications with a 17-year-old high school junior. However, according to the congressman, his communications with this person were neither explicit nor indecent. A FoxNews.com reporter was outside the girl's home when the police arrived to question her. Now, the police were inside for over 30 minutes. Now, sources tell Fox News that the girl began following Weiner on Twitter after listening to him speaks during a school trip to Washington, D.C., back in April. Again, he denies that there was inappropriate communication.

Now, the issue of communicating with minors actually came up at Weiner's press conference this past Monday, here's how Weiner responded.


REP. ANTHONY WEINER, D-N.Y.: You know, of course no one ever knows that. But I know that I never had any intention of having any interaction with underage women. And no information that I have now shows that I did. But yes, whenever you engage with anyone and that is true, that's always true in social media, that you are relying upon their characterizations. And I took them at those characterizations.


HANNITY: Now, the latest development comes as the disgraced congressman is set to return to Capitol Hill on Monday.

Joining me with reaction, Fox News contributor Pat Caddell. And Fox News Business Network and anchor Lori Rothman is here. Guys, thanks for being here. Good to see you. Thank you.


HANNITY: Look, I got to tell you. When he says, nobody ever knows, I had no intention. He doesn't have a clue.

LORI ROTHMAN, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Absolutely. I think it just goes to show how desperate they are to get rid of him. I mean, he won't resign. He's holding out, holding out, holding out. And finally, they are looking for anything that's going to cause.

HANNITY: Who do you mean by they?

ROTHMAN: The Democrats. I mean, obviously, the House is Republican controlled. I don't think that Anthony Weiner ever had a shot right in solving the budget crisis. But I think it is such a distraction when Congress returning, on Monday, they just want to get rid of him. And if this is illegal, if he did have anything, they're just searching, he probably should have resigned days ago.

HANNITY: I said Monday, I didn't think he would make it this far.

CADDELL: Excuse me. When he said that at press conference, I knew right away that there were going to be minors. I'm telling you. The guy has been lying the whole way.


CADDELL: There's more lying. And there's the way he said it, you knew he was lying. And so, you know, they are going to nail him.

ROTHMAN: This whole week reading The Post, it has been horrifying day after day...


CADDELL: I told you before with Sanford, all these people, they are all nuts.

HANNITY: No, I agree. But he is really -- now he's saying, there is nothing indecent. How does he know?

CADDELL: He knew who she is, I'm telling you, he's full of crap.

HANNITY: He's full of crap, that's what you're saying.


HANNITY: All right. Former Speaker Pelosi said -- well, we had Mark Foley on last night. She excoriated Mark Foley, you know, for the inappropriate contact with pages. Now with Weiner, oh, this is up to the people, the individual member and the people of his district. Boy the tone has changed with her.

ROTHMAN: It is unbelievable. I mean, I think the only person standing up for Weiner right today is Charlie Rangel. That goes to show. I mean, he has no friends in Congress.

CADDELL: There you are.

HANNITY: I disagree. I actually think Charlie Rangel had more friends in Congress.

CADDELL: That's why he survived.

HANNITY: That's why he survived.

ROTHMAN: That's what I meant.


CADDELL: This thing with his wife is so bizarre. I'm just telling you right now, this thing with him is amazing because, Pelosi, the hypocrisy here, you could cut with a knife to try to get through it. And not only that, remember the press how they went out for Foley? I was thinking about that. Remember for days and days, said in the election. Most of the mainstream media's could barely touch this.

HANNITY: I got this with him last night. And Rahm Emanuel knew a year before.

CADDELL: And they waited. They dropped it. This is -- you guys, you Republicans are such, you know, wimps, they don't know how to play.

HANNITY: Not me. I'm not a registered Republican. I'm a conservative Republican.

CADDELL: I meant the Republicans. Let me get this straight. The way they wimp out on everything. They set themselves up, the Democrats keep doing this thing just like they did on Medicare.

HANNITY: Listen, if I'm going to say for pure political reasons, let him stay, let him stay there and be the face of the Democratic Party.

ROTHMAN: Exactly. That doesn't bother me.

CADDELL: That's why they want him out.

ROTHMAN: I don't know. I mean, I just, you said you knew instantly that underage people -- what do you think the next shoe to be will drop?

CADDELL: The minute I watched him say that, the way he said it, what you saw there, I knew he was lying.

ROTHMAN: So, what's next?

CADDELL: Because he's out of control. He was doing all that stuff.

HANNITY: It's impulsive. This is a sickness here.

CADDELL: This is a sickness. He needs to be out of there.

HANNITY: All right. But now, the next question is, why if that's the case and it is going to hurt the Democratic Party so much, why aren't the Democrats coming out publicly and saying, resign? Why would it take communications? He said, I don't know if it was young. I had no intention of this being with young people. But he never knew because of his reckless and impulsive behavior. Where are the Democrats saying no, we are going to have standards here?

ROTHMAN: You know, it is a great question. And I think that some of them actually have come out.

HANNITY: Ten, 12.

ROTHMAN: But I think it is almost like -- here's kind of what I've been thinking about. The fact is we are going from one scandal to the next, right? We had DSK, we've had Arnold, all of these guys are just, I mean, it's just, it is outrageous. But I think the facts are that we've got unemployment, an economy that's struggling. The deficit reduction battle waging.

HANNITY: But it also takes the Democrats off their message of scaring --


CADDELL: The problem is, I hate to say this about my party on this. You know, and the Republicans are just as bad with Vitter. But I want to tell you. The fact is, what they are saying is, we need to calculate it is not politically helpful. But they don't want to say it is morally wrong. How do you start there and then you don't go through a number of Barney Franks and all the rest of them.


CADDELL: The problem is, this is epidemic. And it is what Ann Coulter said, you know.

HANNITY: Here's your question. Why do Republicans resign, with the exception, you mentioned Vitter and one or two others. But mostly, the history is they go away right away.

CADDELL: But first of all. Because the press comes after them and the senior leadership says you have to go, because you can't do it in a constituency. The problem here is people saying, anything goes. This is a problem with our society, but Lori said something else is very important. Last week this country basically woke up and discovered oh my God, it is really not going to get better. We had a major movement in this country.

HANNITY: We did.

CADDELL: Snapped. The country snapped and this is -- but this is -- the country snapped and I'm telling you, we are headed down a road now where we don't know politically, but this is going to hurt Obama --

ROTHMAN: Well, it's true. I mean, I think that these issues are serious, they're scary, the economy is just in shambles. Unemployment is not making any serious strides toward improvement. And we are just sitting here wondering about, you know, these politicians, these are the people we are looking towards for guidance. And the fact that they can't -- using that very loosely. Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, I mean, they're just a poor example. It's really upsetting.

CADDELL: There's something wrong there.

HANNITY: Egos out of control --

ROTHMAN: And just look at the markets this week, too. I mean, that's what I stand.

HANNITY: That was the only metric that's still remained decent. Everything else is in the tubes.

ROTHMAN: By just in this last week, I mean, we're six straight weeks down.

CADDELL: These guys are about themselves, not the country. And I'm tired of it.

HANNITY: Good point, I am too. I agree with you.

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