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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: From the outset, some Democrats and left wingers have tried to brand members of the Tea Party movement as racist, un-American, mobsters. They haven't been able to produce any actual evidence. But that doesn't stop the media.

And now it appears that some are trying to manufacture it themselves. A new Web site called "Crash the Tea Party" has emerged, and its author says right on the home page that he's organizing nationwide to infiltrate the Tea Parties with fake signs, all in an effort to discredit the movement and separate them from the American people.

Joining me now with analysis are the hosts of the ever-so-popular "Rick and Bubba Show." They are the self-proclaimed two sexiest fat men alive, Rick Burgess and Bill "Bubba" Bussey.

RICK BURGESS, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: How about it, Sean. How about it, Sean. Hello, Atlanta.

HANNITY: Hello, Atlanta.

Alright. So I actually think in the end this is going to be a good thing. People criticized me when I first found this out Friday, "Crash the Tea Parties", I told my radio audience, told the TV audience, put it up on my Web site. And I said, I want you to see what they're trying to do. They're going to show up with ignorant signs. They're going to try and get on the media. They're going to try and say horrible things.

Because right now the country has a favorable view of the Tea Party movement. What do you think of this movement?

BURGESS: Well, to me the Tea Party movement, liberals are always taken aback when the people actually object to what they're doing. They only love free speech if it agrees with what they want you to say.

And they could be the only people that would think Woodstock, where naked people rolling around the mud, was a beautiful expression of freedom. But the Tea Parties are evil and got to be stopped.

HANNITY: Yes. Well, wait a minute. But now it's...

BURGESS: By the way, do not take the brown pills, but go ahead.

HANNITY: The green ones are OK.

BURGESS: Green ones are fine.

HANNITY: OK. But now, what is one of the worst things you could say about somebody? That they're racist. We have a congressman in Tennessee claiming that, you know, the robes and hoods. Charlie Rangel calling them segregationists, mobsters, un-American, comparing them to Tim McVeigh for crying out loud, some liberals are.

BILL "BUBBA" BUSSEY, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Sean, it's crazy. I mean, you were there. You were there. We saw the crowd. We saw what they to say. It's not about that. We want limited government. We're tired of being pushed around by an overbearing government that is trampling the Constitution.

The Tea Party folks are real people. And it's a real movement. We don't need talking points. We don't have to have Web sites to tell us what to do. We know because we're a group that feels the same way.

HANNITY: Should they be concerned that this effort could be effective in terms of — like, all throughout my career, I was telling the audience earlier, I spent four years locally on the radio here in Atlanta. When I left Huntsville, Alabama, they had a headline, "Good-bye from the Talk Show Host from Hell." When I left Atlanta in 1996 to come to the Fox Channel, the end- of-the-year edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Nineteen sixty- sixty was great year; the Olympics came and Hannity left."

There's always been an effort to demonize talk radio, demonize Rush, demonize Mark Levin. Demonize you guys, demonize every personality on Fox and the Fox News Channel. But I've never seen them go after people — the American people.

BURGESS: Well, Sean, they want to portray this like it's a bunch of yahoos having a hootenanny. I mean, they don't understand Sean doesn't know what a hootenanny is, but I'm going to tell him.

What this is, they just can't stomach that these are American people saying, "You know why? We're not as stupid as you must think we are." I mean, I'm a C student from Calvin County, Alabama, halfway between here and Birmingham. And I know that you can't spend money you don't have. I know — I know.

It's not complicated. I know what the Founding Fathers intended. And what they don't like is when the American people tell them, "Here's the true debate we're having in this country."

We have a group of people, and they're currently in charge, that want to take us — you guys talked about it on the show — soft tyranny, European socialist direction.

The other group says, "We want to go back to the original intent of the Founding Fathers, which by the way, made us the greatest country and a living miracle. And we're trying to get away from that!

It's like, let's let a plan that doesn't work. Socialism has never worked! It's never worked!

HANNITY: You — he has summed this up as good as anybody I've ever heard. That's what it's come down to. Do you want to run — would you vote for them for president?

BUSSEY: He's had eighth-grade civics, and you understand the three branches of government, and you had consumer math. It ought to be pretty clear to you.

HANNITY: This is not calculus. If you don't have money — you know, this is what's so sad to me. Because I think of how hard my parents and grandparents worked for me, and I stand on their shoulders. The thought of them taking a sledgehammer and robbing my piggy bank, they would never do it. But that's what we're doing now to the kids now.

We've got 30 seconds.

BURGESS: Well, just think. Just keep in mind, when they — when these liberals say these horrible things, they're talking about my mama. And I would say in this part of the country you talk about my mama, hey, you're talking about my mama.

BUSSEY: Sean, we're going to win back big. We're going to win huge. It's bigger. It's bigger than he thinks.

HANNITY: I agree.

BURGESS: Do you realize how easy it is to take a McCain-Palin bumper sticker, take McCain off of it and...

HANNITY: Rick and Bubba, ladies and gentlemen.

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