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The fall of Fauci: that's the subject of tonight's Watters' Words.

We expect politicians to lie to us, but we don't expect scientists to, but that's exactly what happened. Anthony Fauci hasn't been telling the truth and he's been caught.

The Fauci era is officially over. The cover ups crashing down, and for the Democrats, he is too big to fail and the media is doing everything it can to preserve the Fauci legacy.

But there's no turning back now. Hundreds of pages of his e-mails throughout the pandemic have been revealed. The e-mails don't look good for Fauci, the scientific community and the U.S. government.

Stay with us here because it gets messy.

On January 31st, 2020, top scientist, Kristian Andersen warned Fauci that the virus, quote, "potentially looked engineered and had unusual features." The very next day, Fauci replied and said they'd talk later. He started to get worried. Fauci sent an important e-mail to Hugh Auchincloss, his underling and wrote, quote: "It is essential that we speak this morning. Read this paper. You will have tasks that must be done."

With this e-mail, he attached a PDF called "Baric-Shi Nature Medicine SARS gain-of-function." Ralph Baric, a COVID researcher at the University of North Carolina trained bat lady, Shi Zhengli. She was the top researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. They work together to manipulate viruses to attack other species, including humans.

Baric and bat lady were both funded by Anthony Fauci.

The 2015 paper written by bat lady and Ralph Baric show they were creating coronaviruses with the highest possible infectivity rate for human cells. In the paper, they even wrote how risky it was, adding that this research was funded by the National Institutes of Health, aka Fauci.

Fauci funneled the money through a nonprofit called EcoHealth Alliance. We've told you about it, and we'll get into it later.

Now, Fauci denied to the Congress that Ralph Baric had done gain-of- function research when asked by Rand Paul. Fauci lied.

Hugh Auchincloss replied to Fauci's e-mail, quote: "The paper you sent me says the experiments were performed before the gain-of-function pause, but have since been reviewed and approved by N.I.H." Not sure what that means. She, a woman named "Emily" will try to determine if we have any distant ties to this work abroad. Smoking gun.

Fauci sent taxpayer money to Wuhan labs that juiced viruses to attack humans. The U.S. government signed off on this for years. Fauci here scrambling just to see if his fingerprints are on it, and they are.

Fauci then had a call with Kristian Andersen after that meeting. Anderson later in March 2020, wrote an article saying the lab leak theory was not true. E-mails show Fauci advised on that paper, then Fauci publicly denied the lab leak theory using the very same article as a source, withholding his involvement in it.


QUESTION: You addressed these suggestions or concerns that this virus was somehow man-made.

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: A group of highly qualified evolutionary virologists looked at the sequences there and the sequences in bats as they evolved and the mutations that it took to get to the point where it is now is totally consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human.


WATTERS: No, it's not, and that is the beginning of the cover up.

"Vanity Fair" reports State Department officials were told not to look into gain-of-function research in order to protect the U.S. since we funded the Wuhan lab, more specifically, Fauci funded it.

When the State Department group found that three Wuhan lab researchers doing gain-of-function research became sick with COVID-like symptoms in 2019, some officials in our government told them not to say anything publicly that could implicate us.

One of the officials who said not to speak of it, Christopher Park, the Director in the State Department's biological policy staff. This is the same guy who in 2017 played a part in lifting the pause on gain-of- function. Funding that Fauci's underling had mentioned that we talked about earlier.

This research was so risky America had to pause it, but we didn't. It kept going.

In another memo "Vanity Fair" got access to, State Department officials were told not to look further into COVID origins because it would, quote, "open a can of worms." Four former State Department officials were reportedly told not to, quote, "open Pandora's box."

It was a cover up. Fauci was implicated, and therefore the U.S. would be implicated. America pays for products made in China, except this time, we paid for a pandemic.

And Fauci was worried. On February 1st, Fauci spoke with top virologists. The call was in reference to a document called "Coronavirus Sequence Comparison." Now, we don't know exactly what happened on that call, but we do know that it was a highly secret call.

Jeremy Farrar, a British physician told everyone information and discussion is shared in total confidence and not to be shared until agreement on next steps.

The evidence that this was made in the lab is piling up.

Alina Chan, a molecular biologist at M.I.T. and Harvard found that the earliest sequences of COVID-19 had barely any evidence of mutation. Now, if it was natural, there should have been a lot more mutations like in the 2002 SARS outbreak. Chan wrote that it already seemed quote, "pre-adapted to human transmission."

In e-mails back and forth in April, 2020 between Fauci and Francis Collins, the Director of the N.I.H., the subject line was "Conspiracy gains momentum." Fauci was clearly worried about the possibility this came from a lab, but has repeatedly denied it.

Now remember, Peter Daszak, the President of EcoHealth Alliance, we told you about him. He is the one who admitted he was working with bat lady from the Wuhan Institute of Virology to Frankenstein viruses, and the one who gave millions to Wuhan from Fauci to study these bat viruses.


PETER DASZAK, PRESIDENT ECOHEALTH ALLIANCE: You can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily. It's just -- the spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus, zoonotic risk.

So you can get the sequence, you can build the protein and we work with Ralph Baric at UNC to do this -- insert into backbone of another virus and do some work in the lab.


WATTERS: Now, when Fauci debunked the lab theory, Daszak wrote him an e- mail, personally thanking him and telling him his comments were brave. Daszak was on the W.H.O. commission trip that determined the virus didn't come from a lab. So Fauci's comments directly benefited Daszak.

Facebook then put Daszak on its fact check team. Daszak's job at Facebook was to kill any posts about the Wuhan lab leaks. Zuckerberg also killed the Hunter Biden laptop story. Why does it seem everything the media does benefits China?

But there's more. A physicist, Erik Nielsen wrote Fauci an e-mail in March 2020, saying how China was lying about their COVID deaths. He wrote, quote: "I need to clear my conscience because it's possible, albeit unlikely that some of what I tell you is new and possibly useful in at least saving lives in the U.S.A."

Fauci just sent the e-mail to someone from the N.I.H. and wrote, quote: "Too long for me to read."

But Fauci had plenty of time to sit down for magazine cover stories, appear on countless TV shows, and even throw out the first pitch at the National's game. Fauci's e-mails with Dr. George Gao, the Director of the Chinese C.D.C. were also revealed. Did Dr. Fauci ever ask his Chinese colleague about the lab? No. Not one single question about where the virus came from.

These e-mails prove Fauci was warned that China was lying. They had created COVID in a lab. He was worried about it, worried he had funded it because he did, but did nothing about it, except deceive the American people.

Fauci is the highest paid Federal employee, making over 400 grand a year. All of that money coming out of your pockets and you're being lied to. Fauci even wrote a book during the pandemic. Reminds you of Andrew Cuomo, maybe, another deceitful narcissist who profited from the pandemic and bears some responsibility for the death toll.

Cuomo and Fauci, both media myths drunk off their own egos.


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO (D-NY): We're like the modern day, De Niro and Pacino, you can be whichever you want, you can be the De Niro or Pacino.

Fauci and Cuomo.


WATTERS: Two mobsters, like Cuomo, Fauci will cruise through softball interviews until the truth finally catches up to him. The media doing everything they can to put that day off.


NICOLLE WALLACE, MSNBC HOST: The true mark of someone is if they look good, even when their personal e-mails come out, so you pass the test that very few of us would pass.


WATTERS: She thinks these e-mails look good. There you have it. The media is complicit in covering up Fauci-gate. The media wants to investigate January 6th, but not a pandemic that costs millions of lives, jobs and an election.

Remember, Fauci got Biden elected. This virus kicked Trump out of office. Fauci locked the whole country down instead of just isolating the elderly, giving the Democrats an excuse to scare everybody into staying home so they could loosen election laws and mass mail ballots.

Fauci shifted the blame from China to Trump. Members of our own government colluded with the Chinese communists to blame random animals instead of telling us the truth. And scientists exposed themselves just as greedy liars, instead of truth seekers worried their funding from Fauci would dry up, they shut their traps and signed on to a fake consensus, a forced consensus.

The real consensus was they all just wanted to get paid. The science was never settled. They played the fake consensus game with global warming. They just want the grant money and they'll spit out whatever the partisan bureaucrats tell them to.

All the so-called experts were wrong and you were right.

Joining me now to react, author of "Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns," Alex Berenson. So, Alex, what do you make of these Fauci e- mails?

ALEX BERENSON, AUTHOR: Oh, so Jesse, you know, there's a lot I agree with in your intro. There's a couple things, you know, I would push back on.

I think what we know from these e-mails is that Fauci was very concerned about the possibility of a lab leak and of gain-of-function research. And I think it's really important to define a couple of terms here. It's not that anybody thinks the virus is manufactured in a lab from the ground up, what people think I would say what, you know, what people who are skeptical of the natural origins theory think is that this virus was found in bats, probably in 2012, in China, and that in this lab, it was engineered.


BERENSON: So there was experimentation going on to make it more dangerous.


BERENSON: And it probably leaked accidentally. Now, we don't have proof of that, I want to be clear about that. But here's what we know.

Anthony Fauci was secretly very concerned about this in January and February of 2020 and the other thing I keep coming back to is, you have to remember what the state of play was for all of us back then. We were terrified of this virus.

This wasn't, you know, a bad flu year. This was something that could kill hundreds of millions of people worldwide if the Chinese didn't contain it. They were talking about a three or four percent fatality rate, not 0.2 percent, but three or four percent. That could mean 10 million Americans dead, hundreds of millions of people dead.

So Fauci -- and Fauci knew this as well as anybody, right? He is getting information before other people, so he knows that even if he didn't actually fund any of this research, just the fact that he supported gain- of-function research and just the fact that he has this connection with this lab through Peter Daszak looks terrible for him.

So what does he do? Within days of getting that e-mail from Kristian Andersen, within days of this conference call where we don't know what was said, but it was kept -- you know, it was kept in the strictest confidence, people on that call, like Kristian Andersen start pushing this theory that this can't possibly have come out of a lab and Fauci knew what they were doing, and he helped them with it. That's also clear from the e-mails.


BERENSON: And Peter Daszak writes a paper that "New England Journal Medicine" puts online in late February and actually asked Fauci: do you want to be -- or someone who wrote that paper asked Fauci, do you want to be a co-author on it? That's how closely tied Fauci was to all of this, but he is doing it in secret.

He is doing everything he can to make the lab leak theory look like a loony conspiracy theory instead of what it was, something that really needed to be pursued and pursued hard from the beginning.

WATTERS: Exactly and the main reason we're pursuing this, it's not for partisan purposes. It's not to get back at China, although they should be held accountable.

BERENSON: That's right.

WATTERS: It is so you know where it came from, so you can prevent the next one from happening and we should not be doing any gain-of-function research. We should not be doing any engineering of viruses to make them more deadly to humans. It's just too risky. And the proof is in the pudding, sadly,

Alex, I've got to run. Thank you very much for your analysis. We appreciate you coming on WATTERS' WORLD.

BERENSON: Thanks for having me.

WATTERS: And even after we've seen the proof in black and white, Fauci is still sticking with his story. So where do we go from here?

Republicans want to investigate his blatant lies and see where the cover- ups happened, but some Democrats like Jim Clyburn are trying to bury a congressional probe into the origin of COVID-19. Unbelievable.

Joining us now to discuss member of the House Select Intel committee, Congressman Devin Nunes.

I'm shocked that one of your colleagues, a Member of Congress, representing a country that lost 600,000 Americans is going to block an investigation into the origins of COVID-19 and China. Is that sustainable, Congressman?

REP. DEVIN NUNES (R-CA): Well, thanks for having me, as always, Jesse. This is something that the House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee have actually been investigating. The news has largely covered that.

But you know, we broke this free three weeks ago, so a lot of the stories you've seen written were actually in a report that we put out that we spent a lot of time, so we have a lot of informants. We believe that Intelligence was buried, and our investigation will continue.

The Democrats, of course, are going to try to cover this up because they have corrupted every institution in this country, including now something that I thought could never be corrupted, which is the C.D.C.-Center for Disease Control, who is against finding cures for cancer.

Only the socialist left in this country and Fauci could manage to destroy the American people's confidence, specifically, conservatives, who as you said, in your opening, it appears like all of this was politicized, when the fact of the matter is, is that the Chinese the Chi-Coms are directly responsible for this madness that we've been seeing all over the globe for this super contagious virus that's running rampant all over the globe.

And thank God, we did have Operation Warp Speed with the vaccines so that it is at least saving a lot of older people in this country who we know are most vulnerable.

WATTERS: How long left is Anthony Fauci have working for the Federal government?

NUNES: Well, I have -- I think we should all take odds on whether or not how much of a political liability going into 2022 is Fauci? My guess is, I will put my money on that he is going to have some family emergency or something and he won't be there come election time, 2022.

These e-mails are just too big of a problem for him, as is the N.I.H. Director, who is largely escaping some scrutiny, too, his e-mails are also problematic. My guess is we're going to see a wholesale change and turnover there because the Democrat socialists in this country can't go into 2022 with this crazy liability, with these cats that have been essentially misleading the American public for the last year.

WATTERS: Yes, they'll have to dump Fauci because he is not useful to them anymore. And he's got to be brought back in front of Congress and they have to swear him in. He's got to be under oath, and probably eventually when he retires, Biden will give him the Congressional Medal of Honor. Wouldn't that be perfect?

All right, Congressman Nunes, thanks so much, and thanks for all the investigations that your team has been doing in Congress. You're right. You were ahead on this and we do appreciate that.

Thank you.

NUNES: Thank you.

WATTERS: Up next, a hacker enters WATTERS' WORLD.


WATTERS: Joe Biden is losing America's first cyber war and he doesn't even know it. First, the Colonial Pipeline attack left Americans reeling; now, our food supply is being targeted.

The world's largest meat processing company, which supplies 20 percent of all beef and pork in the United States was hacked. All nine JBS beef factories in the U.S. were forced to shut down. A plus, I guess for climate crazies who want us going vegan, but it sent meat prices skyrocketing, right on the cusp of grilling season. To me, that's an act of war.

The F.B.I. said the hack came from Russia, again. So what's the White House doing about it?


QUESTION: Mr. President, will you retaliate against Russia for this latest ransomware attack?

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We are looking closely at that issue.

QUESTION: Do you think Putin is testing you?



WATTERS: Joe is caving to Russia again and again. We remember what happened with the pipeline. I mean, come on. It's ridiculous.

So what are we going to do now? Another Russia cyberattack last week, Microsoft accounts got targeted and New York City subways got hit last month, we just learned.

So here with some inside information, former N.S.A., hacker, David Kennedy, who worked as a White Hat hacker. All right, David, explain a little bit about what kind of hacker you were.

DAVID KENNEDY, WHITE HAT HACKER: Yes, a white hat hacker is somebody that is hacking for good. We're experts that both work for the government to go after other countries that are adversarial to us, as well as we help out all the large corporations all across the world secure their systems so that hackers can't break into it. So we're real hackers. We just do it for good, not for bad.

WATTERS: So what's the strategy here? Because Joe Biden doesn't seem to have won the White House. Basically, he said, that is a private sector matter. What could the White House be doing to Russia because the Russians are just going to keep doing this unless we make them feel consequences?

KENNEDY: You know, listen, there's no question that private sector needs to do more when it comes to defending against these types of attacks. But the problem is, it is that we've clearly delineated between what constitutes, you know, a nation state attack, attacks that come from, you know, direct countries versus the countries that actually harbor these ransomware groups.

Russia has the top five ransomware groups sitting in their own country, making hundreds of millions of dollars for targeting private sector corporations here in the United States and its allies. Now, obviously, with Colonial and JBS, targeting our critical infrastructure now, which we haven't seen before.

And so the biggest issue that we face is that there is no delineation between, you know, Russia as a country, which allows these organized crime groups to, you know, essentially operate with impunity, without any type of retaliation whatsoever and breaking the law. We can't extradite them, until that delineation is removed, and we hold those countries accountable that are harboring these organizations, it's going to be a lost cause.

WATTERS: It is like the Taliban hosting al-Qaeda. You've got to hold the Taliban accountable. It's the Bush Doctrine. You've got to make sure the Kremlin knows, if you're not going to take them out, we'll take them out. And that's what this is all about.

What about the financial incentives? I mean, it seems like once Biden got elected, all of these ransomware attacks picked up. What can Congress do? Congress can't do anything, but they could do something.

KENNEDY: Well, here the thing, you know, ransomware has been around for years, but we've never seen them target these large organizations, especially critical infrastructure before in our past. It's definitely peculiar that it is happening right now as soon as the Biden administration comes in, all these Russian based actors are going after critical infrastructure and shutting down large percentages of that.

And they are a lot of money, and you're talking give, ten, up to $40 million for ransom and they are basically funding these groups to invest even more into research and become more sophisticated to target even larger organizations.

So it's a systemic problem of just these groups getting more and more advanced, targeting larger and larger companies, it's not going to stop until we can actually shut down payments to these groups.

So if you make it illegal to make payments to these different types of groups, you cut all of their funding, thus shutting down the entire ransomware organization, but it does come with a cost, you know, you're going to have these companies that are getting targeted by ransomware groups that may not be able to recover and may not be able to recover at all from a business perspective, so it's a delicate balance.

WATTERS: Right. Well, that could happen quickly, but long term, they'll stop. So Congress needs to get off their keisters and pass a law that says we're not going to pay ransom, no company can pay ransom to these guys.

And this has to stop because I can't get hacked. You should see my text messages. I'd be fired on the spot and we don't want that. Everybody loves WATTERS' WORLD.

All right, David, thank you so much, White Hat hacker.

KENNEDY: Thanks, Jesse. Appreciate it.

WATTERS: There he is.

Next, why do black Americans support Joe Biden when he keeps insulting them? Right back with that.


JON SCOTT, FOX NEWS CHANNEL ANCHOR: Welcome to "FOX News Live." I'm Jon Scott.

Former President Trump speaking at the North Carolina Republican Party State Convention. It's his first address outside his Mar-a-Lago resort in more than three months. North Carolina is a key battleground state that President Trump won in both 2016 and 2020.

Experts are looking into a possible cyberattack on two Florida hospitals. Both locations shut down multiple systems after noticing unusual activity, forcing them to switch to pen and paper documents to document patient visits.

A spokesman for the University of Florida's Health Center says no personal records appear to have been compromised.

The winner of the 153rd Belmont Stakes is Essential Quality, but the finish was close with Essential Quality passing early leader, Hot Rod Charlie in the final turn.

I'm Jon Scott. Now, back to WATTERS' WORLD.

WATTERS: President Biden using the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre to tell black Americans they are capable of being adults.


BIDEN: Young black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding given the chance as white entrepreneurs are, but they don't have lawyers. They don't have -- they don't have accountants, but they have great ideas.


WATTERS: Black Americans can't find a lawyer or an accountant? What year does Biden think this is? But this isn't the first time we've heard this narrative. Remember when Biden didn't think black Americans were capable of getting an ID to vote or showing up to the polls on time, calling Georgia's election law, Jim Crow of the 21st Century?

Joining me now for more on this, co-chair of Project 21 National Advisory Board, Horace Cooper. Horace, are black Americans having a hard time finding a lawyer or an accountant.

HORACE COOPER, CO-CHAIR, PROJECT 21 NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD: I'm black, I'm a lawyer. I've got a cousin that's an accountant. I actually don't understand where the President is going other than denigrating people.

His idea appears to be what they refer to often as the bigotry of low expectations. You say to people instead of inspiring them, you talk down to them, and you excuse them, and you take away a lot of the incentive and initiative.

I think the President could have used this speech to stand up and say to America, this is a land, a place of possibility. Black, white and brown and we're going to learn the lessons of bad incidents that have happened in our past and come together to do better.

Instead of that, he talked down to us, he divides us, and then he lied about America claiming that white supremacy is one of the biggest problems facing the homeland today? Outrageous.

WATTERS: What about just the PR hit that black Americans take when the President of the United States says black entrepreneurs can't find a lawyer? Or they can't find an accountant? Or they can't even get an ID?

Black Americans have ID, any black American -- you can't find a lawyer? There's too many lawyers. Lawyers are everywhere. There's -- you can't -- they are like on every single block and any black American that owns a business probably has an accountant, or one that pays any sort of taxes has an accountant. They are not hard to find.

Don't you think that just makes black Americans look bad? And why would he do that?

COOPER: It appears that it is useful to talk down to black America and to the rest of the country. Again, one of the things the President can do that is most remarkable that almost no one else can do is to inspire us.

One of my chief criticisms of former President Obama was that he didn't go to many inner city communities and say, people often complain that America is not a place of possibility, that you can't achieve, that you can't strive, that people will hold you back.

Well, look at me, I wanted him to say. Any person in America can achieve. I am an example of that.

President Biden should have been doing the same thing. He could have brought some entrepreneurs, he could have brought some successful people, and he could have said, these are examples of what's possible in America. Instead, he denigrates our country. Instead, he says, black Americans, white Americans, it's actually a real divergence between who can achieve and who can't achieve.


COOPER: That's not true about America, and it is really disappointing that he doesn't see his role as inspirer in chief, instead of denigrator in chief.

WATTERS: Yes, he doesn't get it. I think he takes the black vote for granted and that's a shame, because if someone insulted me like that, I wouldn't vote for him, and you need my vote.

COOPER: Absolutely. In fact that's --

WATTERS: I have a lot of leverage. So you've got to be nice to me if you want my vote. I mean, tell me the truth, but don't -- you know, don't make me look like an idiot.

All right, Horace, I've got run.

COOPER: That's called --

WATTERS: Go ahead.

COOPER: But Jesse that's called treating people like they're adults. This President doesn't want to do that.

WATTERS: Right. He infantilizes the black community and it's sick. Thank you.

Joe Biden says the Klan is a bigger threat than China, Russia, drug cartels and ISIS. We analyze next.


WATTERS: China has been eating Joe Biden's lunch since he was VP and even now, they are still hiding information about one of the worst pandemics the world has ever seen, and Biden won't confront the communists about it.

And it's not just China, Russian hackers are attacking our gas, our food, and our transportation. But Sleepy Joe doesn't seem to get it. He says Putin is not responsible. Even worse, he doesn't see radical Islam or drug cartels as a top tier threat. Listen.


BIDEN: Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. Not ISIS, not al-Qaeda, white supremacists.


WATTERS: White supremacist? Really? And the media, they've totally checked out.


QUESTION: ... on the White House cat?

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I don't have any update on the cat.


WATTERS: Yes, they're asking about the White House cat.

Joining me now is Hoover Institution's Senior Fellow, Victor Davis Hanson. So Victor, what is the strategy behind elevating something as miniscule as the threat of white supremacists-- is it to just kind of distract Americans so they don't pay attention to the major threats that he is bungling?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION: I think that's it. I think the old strategy that Donald Trump was the source and the fountain of all evil and unhappiness in America is now inert because he's out of the picture, he can't even communicate with us through social media.

And the other font was, we're in a pandemic, everything is in crisis and we've got to do all of these extraordinary things. We've got to borrow up to $30 trillion.

We're getting out of the crisis now, and so attention is turning to the border, to inflation, to gas prices, to the Middle East, to critical race theory, and those don't poll well, Jesse. But maybe if you say there's a white supremacist under everybody's bed, that will scare you now.

I'm kind of curious because we had 120 days of $2 billion worth of damage, 25 dead in the summer of 2020 and that apparently isn't BLM or Antifa terrorist actions. We had James Hodgkinson killing -- trying to take out, I should say, attempting to kill the Republican hierarchy playing baseball and that was death by suicide or Major Hasan was, I suppose workplace violence as it was characterized so it's very selective about what violent act is a threat in an existential sense and what isn't.

WATTERS: And it only works because the media just echoes the threat from white supremacists. They don't talk about anything else. They ask questions about the White House cat.

All right, we'll keep you guys posted on the cat situation next week on WATTERS' WORLD, but we have to run.

Victor Davis Hanson, thank you so much.

HANSON: Thank you.

WATTERS: Is "Live PD" coming back to TV? Hope so. Dan Abrams steps into WATTERS' WORLD to answer that question.


WATTERS: If you haven't watched "Court Cam" on A&E, you're missing some major courtroom drama.


WATTERS: Oh my gosh. And if you like "Court Cam," then you're going to love "Court Cam Presents Under Oath." It's a true crime show told from the perspective of the accused, and joining me now, the host, Dan Abrams, who's also author of the new book, "Kennedy's Avenger: Assassination Conspiracy, and the Forgotten Trial of Jack Ruby."

All right, Dan, so this country right now is fascinated with the criminal justice system. You know, you've got George Floyd, you've got the witch hunt in Washington. Everyone is really zeroed in on justice in America and what's fair and unfair? Why are going to people going to watch this new show, in your opinion?

DAN ABRAMS, TV HOST AND AUTHOR: So the new show really shows you the stakes when a criminal defendant takes the witness stand. I mean, you know, in most cases, murder, defendants don't take the stand. Why? Because they're guilty, and they can't explain exactly what happened, right?

But in a lot of cases, it may be worth it, particularly, for example, in a self-defense case, or in many cases, guys, you'll see on "Court Cam Under Oath," the defendant decides, I want to present my side of the story as to why I didn't do it at all.

And then the whole case ends up coming down to that person's testimony, meaning every other expert witness, piece of testimony all becomes secondary to whether the jurors believe this person's testimony.

And so you know, as someone who has covered trials my whole career, every time a defendant takes the witness stand in a murder trial, everything else stops around the newsroom. Everyone is focused on it, because it's so compelling. And so we have taken 20 stories where defendants take the witness stand and brought those stories to life in this new series "Under Oath."

WATTERS: Those surely are high stakes because that testimony, that'll make or break the whole case right there. And I think if I was ever accused, and if I was guilty, I'd probably take the stand, because I think I'd be slick and persuasive enough to talk my way out of it.

ABRAMS: Yes, it depends how much evidence they have against you, Jesse.

WATTERS: That's true. That's true. I wouldn't leave any evidence, Dan. I'd keep it real clean.

Now, I have to ask you a question. When are your liberal friends in the mainstream media going to start reporting on this crime wave fairly? You have people getting knocked out cold in the street, pushed in the subway tracks. You have homicide rates rising everywhere, and they don't want to talk about it and it's because of bail reform.

You know, we have a lot of lunatics out on the street, they should be getting treatment. You have drug problems. You have gang warfare. What are we going to do to stop it? I think the media, they're culpable in a lot of respects.

ABRAMS: I don't know that the media is culpable, but I agree with you that it's under reported. I agree that the media ought to be covering more crime waves in certain cities.

Now, some people tell you, oh, there's no crime wave. It's actually, you know, you have to look at the numbers this way or that way. Yes, the bottom line is that there is a serious crime problem in big cities around America and I do think that the media is reluctant to cover that kind of story because --

WATTERS: Now, why is that? Why do you think that is?

ABRAMS: Look, I've said this publicly, I think the mainstream media is left of center. All right, you would say they're far left, I would say left of center. I think the problem is they don't admit it. Right?


ABRAMS: And they don't -- because if they would just say, here's where we are politically, and this is how we're going to cover stories. Maybe a little more honesty in the process. Right?

WATTERS: I agree.

ABRAMS I think the problem is -- I think the problem is that for a lot of these entities, you know, they don't even notice that they're doing it, right? They don't even notice that they're focusing all on, you know, so often, in my view, too often, claiming the police are always the bad guys.


ABRAMS: As opposed to the good guys. I mean, I want to see more police heroism stories.

WATTERS: Well, speaking of that --

ABRAMS: Because you know what --

WATTERS: You've got to answer this question for me, when are we getting "Live PD" back?

ABRAMS: I hope soon.


ABRAMS: I can tell you -- I am -- I am -- I have been advocating it from the moment they decided to cancel it. As you know, I was not happy about the decision. I have been advocating for its return and I think --


ABRAMS: I think it's soon.

WATTERS: Oh my God,

ABRAMS: There are --

WATTERS: Best news I heard all day.

ABRAMS: I think it's coming back.

WATTERS: All right. That's great news. I can't wait, I'll be watching even though it competes against WATTERS' WORLD. I still tell people to watch, just DVR my show or "Live PD," whatever you want.

All right, Dan Abrams has got the book out and the new show, "Court Cam Under Oath" on A&E. Thanks.

Up next, "Last Call."


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