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Shady Swalwell -- that's the subject of tonight's Watters' Words. Shadiness, narcissism, and hypocrisy. What else would you expect from a politician? Meet Congressman Eric Swalwell. He is the guy on the House Intel Committee that got worked by a Chinese spy and had meetings with a group tied to terrorists.

He preaches humility, yet spends thousands of donor dollars on his lavish lifestyle. Instead of writing legislation, he is swallowing $100.00 sushi rolls, and expensive Chiante.

Politicians are not for the people, they are using the people. They want the finer things in life, but never on their own dime. And that's the way they think everybody else should live.

Swalwell prides himself on coming from the humblest of beginnings. His dad was a Police Chief, and his mom was just an administrative assistant. But he grew up in Dublin, California, which was ranked the seventh best place to live in the entire country in 2018 by "Money" Mag. Now, he wants you to think he is a man of the poor, and being a Democrat, if you vote for him, you'll get free stuff.

But he is the one getting the free stuff. You get nothing, but the bill.

So, we obtained his campaign's 2021 second quarter F.E.C. records, and boy, does this guy like to live high on the hop. Thousands and thousands of dollars spent on fine dining, limos, luxury hotels, not a single dollar came from his pocket. It all came from donors and corporate lobbyists.

And the next day, he goes on TV and screams corruption and Big Money needs to get out of politics.


REP. ERIC SWALWELL (D-CA): We need a popular Voting Rights Act signed into law. It would also get rid of dirty money and dirty politics. I'm sorry, dirty money and dirty maps that are gerrymandered. It's wildly popular because it's seen as anti-corruption and you know, pro-transparency.

Just because Donald Trump is gone does not mean that corruption and racism and misogyny and bigotry are gone.

Corruption manifests itself and others in government right now; and next time, they may not, you know be so patient to wait for an investigation.


WATTERS: Back to his mega spending. Now, just in the last three months, his campaign spent more than $26,000.00 on luxury hotels. Now, 20 grand of that went to a hotel his wife was involved with, the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay. It's around $1,000.00 a night. Much better than sleeping in your own home. And of course, you've got to wake up and play 18 overlooking the Pacific.

And since April, he spent more than $10,000.00 on limousine rides and luxurious car services. Ever heard of Uber? Why does he need a limo anyway? He doesn't need the leg room, not a tall guy.

He's also spent thousands on alcohol with his campaign funds, 500 bucks from alcohol delivery service, Drizly; $1,200.00 from Capitol Hill Wine and Spirits, and $4,400.00 to just two California wineries just in one day. Campaign related? He won't answer.

He spent $1,000.00 on flowers. How romantic.

Swalwell starving, apparently. He spent more than $7,000.00 at steak houses and other luxury restaurants. He spent over two grand in one night and Oku Sushi in D.C. Now, he must have gotten a bunch of the $90.00 Emperor rolls. They come with caviar, truffle soy, and gold flakes. He likes STK Steakhouse. They've got that $150.00 dry aged tomahawk. Must have been amazing. Medium rare, obviously

They spent thousands at Charlie Palmer's, there you can get $130.00 steak. That doesn't include sides. Everything is ala-carte, obviously. He spent 900 bucks in one night at El Cielo Restaurant in D.C. He must have loved that $230.00 experience which includes the duck and gnocchi. Haps Original in California, he spent over a thousand. The $90.00 steak and prawn sounds delicious there. We've seen the menu. Man of the people.

Now keep in mind, this was the guy that let a Chinese spy, Fang Fang, infiltrate his office and send Intel back to Beijing. And now, we find out he is having meetings with a group with terrorist ties. Recklessly dangerous.

Now, in just the past nine months, he has allegedly met two times with the Qatar Foundation, which is tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, both terrorist organizations.

And the worst part about all of this is that the Qatar Foundation is infiltrating our schools in the U.S., and he met with the Qatar Foundation officials to talk about business opportunities apparently, for his district. San Francisco values were on that menu.

And the U.S.-Qatar Business Council footed the bill for a luxury junket to Qatar where Swalwell, his wife, and other Democrats, they met with government leaders in Qatar's Emir as well. Swalwell claims to be a champion of women's rights. Did he ask the Muslim rulers why it's legal to beat your wife in that country?

He seemed to be having a blast riding around the desert on a camel, probably in between meetings. This picture was even posted on Instagram. Did the pro-worker Democrat confront the Emir over his reported use of slave labor to build the World Cup Soccer Stadium there? Did the global warming alarmists feel conflicted over being fitted by an oil Kingdom? Probably rude to raise these issues to your rich host's face. Better way to get back stateside, where you can pretend to care on cable news.

So, was Swalwell spied on in Qatar? Did he meet with foreign Intelligence officials? Is he the subject of blackmail again? What kind of promises were made?

Don't we have the right to know the answer to these questions?

Money corrupts, Congressman. Those are your words. And you seem to be swimming in it.

Swalwell is a walking security risk, a greasy pawn for wealthy Arab oil men and an easy mark for seductive Chinese spies.

Nothing some Napa Valley cab won't wash away though. Swalwell is a little guy who claims he is fighting for the little guy. That's probably the biggest lie he has ever told, and he has told a lot.

Joining me now to react, Glenn Greenwald, journalist and author of "Securing Democracy: My Fight for Press Freedom and Justice in Bolsonaro's Brazil."

All right, Glenn, you have covered Washington politicians for a very long time. When you see these F.E.C. reports come out -- luxury dinners, limousines and international junkets, does this strike you as unusual, or is this par for the course?

GLENN GREENWALD, JOURNALIST: Yes, it's absolutely par for the course. I think one of the more interesting aspects of Trump's successful 2016 campaign both in the primary season, as well as the general election was when he talked about draining the swamp. He was talking about both political parties because both function exactly on the kind of legalized corruption and sleaze that you just detailed at length that Congressman Swalwell uses and the close connection between the Washington elite on the one hand, and Arab despots on the other like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are things that both parties have been feasting on for many years.

And then they come back to United States and proclaim to care so much about human rights when it comes time to do regime change.

So yes, I think that's part of it. And I also think that one of the reasons why people don't trust the government is because they see behavior like this. And, you know, the irony is that Congressman Swalwell was one of the most fanatical Russia-gaters, raising every insinuation about any meeting with Russia that he could possibly think of. And yet he has all these connections to the Middle East that make it reasonable using his standards to ask those same kinds of questions and cast that same kind of innuendo.

WATTERS: And you use the word feasting and figuratively and literally, you expect politicians to go to Washington, some of them get small apartments, and some of them actually work really hard writing legislation, but it seems like others, the only reason they go into politics is for the free meals and to live a lifestyle they'd never ever be able to afford doing anything else, because they really don't have the work ethic or the talent to pull it off.

So you get international all-expense paid for junkets and you know, you get to stay at Ritz Carltons and play golf and eat $90.00 sushi rolls, and everything is paid for by donors or lobbyists, everything and everything that's not paid for is paid for by us, the taxpayer.

It's clear, there's something going on. And you're right. If we had held him to the same standards as he'd held Trump to, there would be a lot of investigators looking into these overseas travels.

I want to transition to some other corruption right now because new details are emerging about the F.B.I.'s his involvement in this plot, remember last year to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. So, the group accused of the plot claims the F.B.I. orchestrated every aspect of the plan, and BuzzFeed has this article out, at least 12 confidential F.B.I. informants - - 12 -- assisted in this investigation into this extremist group and some acting under the direction of the F.B.I. They took leading roles in the scheme.

This Iraq war veteran, he was an informant, and he became so deeply enmeshed in this Michigan militant group that he became second in command there. And this longtime government informant from Wisconsin actually paid for the hotel rooms and for dinners, just to get people to join this alleged plot.

And this undercover Facebook agent known as "Red," he advised this militia group where to place the explosives, which they said were fake. And then there's this -- the lead F.B.I. Special Agent, this Richard Trask figure, he was the public face of this Whitmer case.

Now, he was just arrested after being accused of jumping on his wife in bed and smashing her head against the wall, and this was over a dispute stemming from a swingers party -- quality people.

So Glenn, the people that are accused of this kidnap plot are claiming they were entrapped. Obviously, that's what they're going to claim. Anybody would claim that in a situation like this, but BuzzFeed is reporting that there's like twice as many F.B.I. agents involved in this plot than there were plotters. Does this raise any suspicions with you?

GREENWALD: It raises a lot, and I'll tell you why. I regard what the Biden administration is currently doing as the second war on terror. But this one is focused domestically at American citizens instead of at foreign organizations, but the tactics being used are very similar to the ones used in the first war in terror.

And I reported Jesse, I know, on a dozen cases are so, very similar as part of the first war in terror, where the F.B.I. would boast in this flamboyant way that they had broken up some dangerous plot being formulated and about to be implemented by American Muslims. And every time you look, every time, it turned out that the people who designed the plot, who came up with the idea of where to attack, who funded the operation were F.B.I. informants or F.B.I. agents. They were embedded all the time in these plots not just in a way that they learned about them and then infiltrated, but that they actually manufactured and orchestrated them.

And the question for me was always, if it's really such a grave threat, this threat of domestic Muslim terrorism, why does the F.B.I. keep having to create its own plots? Why aren't they finding ones that they themselves aren't orchestrating? And that's the same question that I have here, if it's true as they are now saying that anti-government right-wing groups or domestic extremist groups are the greatest threat to national security, which is what Biden and the Intelligence Community there are saying, greater than ISIS, or al-Qaeda or anyone else or China or Russia, why do they need to go and manufacture a plot and put in people's heads the idea, let's go kidnap Governor Whitmer?

There should be tons of plots that they should be detecting. And that's what leads then the question that people on your network, Darren Beattie at "Revolver News" and others have asked to the horror of the liberal sector of the corporate media, which is, well, what did the F.B.I. know about the planning of the January 6 attack? How imbedded were they in these groups?

Because what happens is when these kinds of attacks happen, the F.B.I. and the Security State seizes on them to say, do you see? There's these grave dangers. We need more money, we need more power, we need some more surveillance authorities in order to keep you safe. And so, if they're the ones driving it, it leads to the question of what those motives are.

WATTERS: Right. It about the headlines? Are they actually disrupting real and imminent plots? Now real quick, I just want to play the confrontation between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci over funding for the Wuhan lab. Run it.


SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th, where you claimed at the N.I.H. never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?




FAUCI: Senator Paul, I have never lied before the Congress, and I do not retract that statement. This paper that you're referring to was judged by qualified staff up and down the chain as not being gain-of-function.

Let me finish --

PAUL: You take an animal virus and you increase the transmissibility to humans.

FAUCI: Right.

PAUL: You're saying that's not gain-of-function?

FAUCI: Yes. That is correct. And Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly.


WATTERS: Well, he does and Fauci is playing word games to obfuscate the funding that did go into this gain-of-function research.

So, let's just take the politics out of it. You've got 30 seconds left, Glenn. The only reason we're talking about this is because you have to find out what started this pandemic to prevent future pandemics. Am I wrong?

GREENWALD: Yes, and the problem is, is that people like Fauci and those authorities spent a year basically prohibiting that question from being asked. You got kicked off social media if you wondered whether the COVID might have been released from a lab funded in part by the U.S. government. And now suddenly, even the Biden administration says it's at least plausible.

And that's why these questions are so imperative to ask and why there is so much anger when they do get asked.

WATTERS: Right. Well, Fauci has thrown up a ton of roadblocks and that does not inspire any confidence.

All right, Glenn Greenwald, thank you so much. Everybody, go check out his book.

Biden's border crisis is getting worse by the day. We've never seen anything like what we're seeing right now. Drugs pouring in, Border Patrol saw the most action they've seen in 21 years last month.

FOX News's Bill Melugin is at the Mexican border where he has seen migrants crossing from all over the world -- Bill.

BILL MELUGIN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Jesse. I'll tell you what, it has been absolutely nonstop down here. You might be able to see over my left shoulder right now, we have another group of Haitians who have just arrived here at the Del Rio border. This has been happening pretty much all week long.

Just this morning, we had a group of 250. On Monday, we had a group of between 300 and 400. And as you said, this is no longer just those northern triangle countries that Kamala Harris said she wants to focus on as the border czar. It's not just El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

I've been talking to these migrants pretty much all week long. It's mostly Haitians now. There have been some guys from Africa, Senegal, a guy from Ghana. Just today, we had a guy from India. So, they are coming in from all over the place, that's on top of Cubans, Venezuelans. It's all over the world. The word is out now, that apparently now is the time to come to the border because we're getting groups of hundreds showing up right here every single day.

And keep in mind, this is just one spot here in Del Rio. This isn't even the busiest part of the border. That's five hours south of us down in the Rio Grande Valley. So, this activity is not slowing down in the summer heat like some thought it would.

The administration had said, well, maybe it's seasonal migration. That's not the case either.

We heard Kamala Harris say during her tour to the border last month that quote-unquote, "extreme progress" was being made. But Border Patrol's numbers don't even reflect that, new 20-year record high last month. So, it's unclear what the administration is talking about when they say there is progress being made because from what we've seen down here on the ground and what the numbers show, that's just not based in reality.

WATTERS: Bill, thank you. The only one that's actually reporting on this, you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

A former Chicago gang banger on deck to a WATTERS' WORLD exclusive.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It all started from the way they just took all the gang leaders out the hoods, you know what I'm saying? It changed everything.

In Chicago, you've got to be ready, man. I don't know how to reiterate that like, there ain't no second chances, man.

When we turn these alleys right here, you already see the shorties on top of the car. They know the cars. You've got to come through his slow. You can't speeding up through our block. They'll shoot [bleep] up.

We are all here, for real. No plan out --


WATTERS: Chicago is now the deadliest city in America with over 400 murders this year. It's more deadly than Afghanistan. Over the last two decades, more Americans were shot dead in Chicago than in Afghanistan, thousands more.

Violence is spreading there and in big cities across the country. Watch.


WATTERS: In just the last six months alone, there were almost 2,000 shootings, carjacking, sexual assaults -- all up. And what's worse, police officers are being outnumbered by gang members almost 10 to one.

Now, as the department sees the most retirements in history, what do you expect?

Joining WATTERS' WORLD for an exclusive interview, a former gang member from the Cabrini-Green Housing Projects, the world's worst projects before they were demolished. He had several stints in prison and still has a bullet lodged in his head from his drug dealing days. He currently runs a mentor program in Chicago called United Legion One Nation that helps people turn their lives around like he did.

Peter Keller joins me now. So Peter, the gang activity in Chicago really exploded in the 80s. Was that all about drugs in that decade?

PETER KELLER, FORMER CHICAGO GANG MEMBER: Yes, you've got to think in the 80s, Jesse, you know, there was so much going on with the Reaganomics, as we know it. You know, C.I.A. brought in a lot of drugs to dismantle the family. And so what happened was, if the father has gone out of the house, which we call it Chasing Jason, meaning after the drugs, the mother has the fence now. It has to go out and get the job now. Where does that leave the kids? The kids drift off to the street, join the gangs and the false sense of love administered between the two.

So now, if I give you a whole bunch of what we call jab sacks, which is a bunch of crack or heroin, and I tell you, hey, look, now you can go get your Jordans. Now, you can go, you know, get the things that you need. Now, you have an allowance.

And so now, my false sense of love hits in, but I don't tell you about you're going to catch a record, you're going to have to run from the police. You know, I'm not going to come visit you while you're locked up.

So, now this starts the whole escalation of a whole record, criminal record, and this is what we're faced with here in Chicago.

WATTERS: So they flood the streets with drugs, gets the father's hooked or gets them selling it and then locked up. So, the kids have no parents; only the mothers around, no father figure, and then they get preyed on by the gangs to enter the gang life, and it's just a vicious cycle.

You told our producers, there used to be a gang code, but there's no gang code anymore. What did you mean by that?

KELLER: Well, what they had is they had a thing where they started well on the top, which is called Operation Snakehead, when they took all the gang leaders from different various gangs here in Chicago, and basically locked them up under the RICO Act.

And so what that means is basically, because you're associated -- by being associated, you have a case now. And so when they took these gangs, which were the leaders of the gangs, they took each gang through the city, the leaders, and the bodies started falling.

So when -- there's this -- it's like, the famous cliche when a cat is a way the kids will play. So, now that the leaders that has structure are gone, what happens? The gang members, which already were kind of antsy, you know, to kind of break loose and be renegade; now become strictly that, completely renegade, which means that there are no rules --

WATTERS: So, there's no discipline anymore because they cut the head off the snake.

KELLER: Exactly. No structure, no discipline. There used to be where we had a go-to guy, and what that meant is if your mom got her purse snatched, you used to be able to go to somebody and say, hey, look, my mom's got her purse snatched, what can we do? Within that hour, you get the purse back. The money might not be there, but you get the purse back.

Now, there's no go to guy.


KELLER: Because nobody cares.

WATTERS: So, how much do guns play? Because you hear from the administration? Oh, you've just got to get these illegal guns out of there and go after the illegal gun traffickers. In your opinion, is that the key to solving the gang violence?

KELLER: No, not at all. You know, as we know, that too, within itself as a cycle because the guns are mostly brought here on freight trains, which come, you know, from New York, from the East Coast to the West Coast to LA. And what happens is these kids hit the train yards, and it just ironic how the one with the guns on, it doesn't have any locks on it.

So, a lot of kids are getting these guns off the trains ready to go and are semi-automatic stuff that you'd never see in the hood. And then they're out there using them.

Secondly, the gangs are now against each other since there is no structure. Now, it is black against black, all for the drugs. So remember, it has to be funded by something. So our goal at ULON is try to cast the kids to redirect their mind before they get into the gangs or once you're in a gang, we do the power to get you up out of the game.

WATTERS: Yes, and you're doing a great job. And you're right, you've got to get in with the kids early. The earlier the better because once they get preyed on in their teens, it's over. And there's nothing you can do almost to save them.

KELLER: Yes, definitely.

WATTERS: All right. Thank you so much, Pete. We really appreciate you coming on WATTERS' WORLD. We'll have you back for some more insights.

KELLER: Man, no problem man and God bless us.

WATTERS: So, is your son's Nerf gun racist? Maybe Mr. Potato Head is racist. A whistleblower explains how critical race theory is actually coming for your toys.


JON SCOTT, FOX NEWS CHANNEL ANCHOR: This is "FOX News Live," I'm Jon Scott. Growing outrage at St. Louis Chief Prosecutor Kim Gardner, who is now facing accusations of dereliction of duty. This, after multiple errors by her office led to the dismissals of three murder cases in just one week.

The Dixie fire in California is Butte and Plumas Counties has grown to more than 167,000 acres and is only 18 percent contained. California's largest wildfire broke out 10 days ago. The cause is still under investigation.

And Russia's Defense Ministry says it has sent 88 tons of humanitarian aid to Cuba. This follows the U.S. tightening sanctions on some Cuban officials for using violence to put down street protests this month. Thousands of Cubans rallied in Havana and other cities across the country to protest worsening economic conditions.

I'm Jon Scott. Now back to WATTERS' WORLD.

WATTERS: As if schools indoctrinating our kids isn't bad enough, toy companies are getting in on the action. Hasbro, one of the biggest toy makers in America is accused of pushing critical race theory on customers.

Now, they make Mr. Potato Head, Nerf guns, Play-Doh, Monopoly, the list goes on and on. So a whistleblower insider at Hasbro has exposed the toy giant's motives, and he claims the company forced employees to go to these training seminars that declared babies as young as three months old can be racist.


KATIE ISHIZUKA-STEPHENS, CO-FOUNDER, THE CONSCIOUS KID: Children as young as two are already using race to reason about people's behaviors. By three to six months, babies are beginning to notice and already express preference by race.

By age three children are already starting to apply stereotypes. They also may use racist language intentionally at this age.

Regarding product content and anti-blackness, a large portion of media or products are centered around or perpetuates anti-blackness and research shows that negative or deficient depictions of blackness in media and products perpetuates this anti-blackness as well aversive racial attitudes toward black people.


WATTERS: So Hasbro tells WATTERS' WORLD that training was not mandatory. Joining me now for reaction, the man you just saw in the video, Hasbro packing engineer, David Johnson. Did you understand what they meant when they said a baby could be racist?

DAVID JOHNSON, HASBRO WHISTLEBLOWER: I just think it was absurd. Like, there's no -- a child isn't going to be racist unless they're taught or coached into it by the adults around them. Children that young are still just trying to figure out how the world works. They're not going to run around screaming at children of different races because they're different. It's just not how that works.

WATTERS: Right. So, it's preposterous, but they're actually mainstreaming that into these seminars. Do you have a gut instinct? Because if I actually believe this garbage, I would be subliminally making these toys, a Nerf gun, Mr. Potato Head, send out this reverse racism messaging. Have you picked up on any of that at the company?

JOHNSON: I haven't. I wasn't at Hasbro for very long when I was pulled into that critical race theory meeting and saw it on my schedule. I don't think that at the moment, it is very widespread within Hasbro, though Hasbro has worked with that company, The Conscious Kid before to produce some small playsets. It seems like it's still in its infancy stage as they try to push CRT through their products and marketing.

WATTERS: So, we've already heard about, I guess, Mrs. Potato Head or de- genderfying the Potato Head and Nerf guns, you know, that's militaristic. You've got to be careful.

They have also changed the Monopoly board game, haven't they? Didn't they make that woke or something?

JOHNSON: Yes. They did make, I believe it was Ms. Monopoly to try to address the -- maybe, I think it was the gender wage gap argument or something of that nature. So Hasbro definitely has some woke ideology into their products already. So this isn't something completely new, but critical race theory, they are definitely trying to push it through their products and marketing and I just -- I didn't want to have any part of it.

WATTERS: All right. Well, you're brave to be a whistleblower, and we'll see what happens. Thanks for speaking out and coming on WATTERS' WORLD, David. We really appreciate it.

JOHNSON: Thank you for having me.

WATTERS: All right. Just don't mess with Mr. Potato Head.

Prostitution running rampant in New York City. A former prostitute joins WATTERS' WORLD.


WATTERS: We just told you that crime is on the rise across the country, so is prostitution.

In New York City, it is running rampant. Out in the open, police are just turning a blind eye. Take a drive or a stroll through Brooklyn at night and you might be shocked by what you see. Five-inch heels, bare bottom, street walkers, just going car to car trying to sell sex, and this is all under the watchful eye of their pimps just a couple feet away just reminding these girls who is in charge.

And what you don't see, police. District Attorneys have made it clear over the last few years that they're just going to step back on prosecuting prostitution cases. Brooklyn's DA, Eric Gonzalez has moved to vacate hundreds of warrants this year, and Queens and Manhattan DAs have done the same, essentially legalizing prostitution.

Joining me now former prostitute, Ashley Clark. All right, Ashley, how did you get in the game initially, so to speak?

ASHLEY CLARK, FORMER PROSTITUTE: It was voluntarily then. My first ever experience was when I was 12, and then became a more constant thing when I was 14. It was right after -- immediately right after my rape when I was 14. So, I guess I was just trying to seek validation through, you know, other people and I wasn't getting that validation at home.

WATTERS: Did you have a pimp who was running you?

CLARK: I did not.

WATTERS: Okay. Because it looks like in Brooklyn, all of these women are being overseen by their pimps who just hang out by their vehicles just a couple of feet away. We're seeing a lot of basic legalization just because they're not really going to enforce it in New York City and across the country.

Do you think legalizing prostitution would help the women or not?

CLARK: I do not. I think that it will do more harm than good.

WATTERS: Now, why is that? Because some argue, listen, this is capitalism. You're not locking up the women or anything like that, it would give them more credibility. You disagree with that? Why?

CLARK: Well, I disagree because nine times out of 10, these girls are forced into prostitution. You know, we have girls that are coming up missing, they are raped on a day to day basis. And you know, they are even dying, because of being forced into this lifestyle.

And if this was legalized, then I truly believe the criminal activity of, you know, the rapes and girls coming out missing and the killings would just increase.

WATTERS: So, that's interesting. So, you probably would believe that, and I would agree, too, that once you remove law enforcement from the situation, the pimps are just going to be more emboldened. And they're going to run it more effectively, and probably use more and more intimidation and violence, because the profits are going to go up.

How much profit do you see pimps taking from each score?

CLARK: Well, from my day, a hundred percent. They would take every last dime and then they would give them a place to stay, you know, some food on the table, clothes on their back, but they absolutely would take 100 percent of their earnings.

WATTERS: Wow. So, it's like slavery, basically. And most of these women you would say are not doing this of their own volition. Is that your opinion?

CLARK: Correct. Yes.

WATTERS: All right, so the people that think if they just legalize it or like we're doing here in New York City, not enforce it, not lock anybody up, you think that's just extremely harmful to women, and it is ironic because a lot of these politicians claim to be on the side of women, but they are actually not on their side. Is that right?

CLARK: Absolutely.

WATTERS: All right. Any advice for anybody in the business right now?

CLARK: Yes. Try to find a new pathway to life. This isn't the life for anybody.

WATTERS: All right. And I think you're right. It's extremely dangerous, and caters to a lot of criminality and girls do wind up more than just injured -- missing, and that's a total tragedy.

All right, Ashley, thank you so much for coming on WATTERS' WORLD and we are glad you are doing better.

CLARK: Thank you.

WATTERS: All right. Ugly babies taking over the internet. It's a game now. Who has the ugliest one? Well, we might have found him.



WATTERS: It's time for Triple Play. Up first, the White House in damage control mode trying to clean up a mess they created after the Department of Education recommended public schools work with a hate group. The radical outfit called the Abolitionist Teaching Network is a so-called nonprofit. They push critical race theory in schools, and here is a little taste of just who they are.


BETTINA LOVE, CO-FOUNDER, ABOLITIONIST TEACHING NETWORK: If you don't realize white supremacy isn't everything we do, then we've got a problem.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And trying to help other white teachers trouble their internalized white supremacy and anti-blackness.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Say loudly and clearly, reform is not enough.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Education cannot save us. We must save education.

LOVE: I want us to be feared.


WATTERS: Well, it works, I'm scared. Joining me now to discuss is "FOX and Friends" Weekend co-host, Pete Hegseth. So Pete, they said this was an accident. They didn't mean to put that in there, but they got caught cold, didn't they?

PETE HEGSETH, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Of course, they did. The link was right there. It directly brings you to this page. This is racism laid bare in the classroom. And you're not just an educator, you're an activist or an agitator, if you go to their site.

This is -- and that's the pipeline. It's not an education pipeline, it's an activist pipeline for social justice. And the only thing they lead with in every portion of their website, in their curriculum is what do you look like on the outside and who do you sleep with? That's it. That's what defines ...

WATTERS: Under your business.

HEGSETH: ... the categories.

WATTERS: But you weren't asking that.

HEGSETH: I wasn't asking you, although you're -- you know, you're free to offer up whatever you want. They offer it up right there. They do define people.

WATTERS: So basically, they said if you are a white person, you are a white supremacist meaning they basically just called Joe Biden a white supremacist.

HEGSETH: Sure, well, look at his record.

WATTERS: He did like to lunch with segregationists. All right, now, we have -- speaking of Joe Biden, he did a Town Hall no one watched on CNN -- no one watched literally. It was very low rated and no one showed up. He was trying to answer a question about young children being vaccinated. And here is what he was trying to say. Run it.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The question is whether or not we should be in a position where you -- or why can't the experts say -- we know that this virus is in fact -- is going to be -- or excuse me, we know why all the drugs approved, they are not, temporarily approved, but permanently approved.


WATTERS: Am I being mean by playing this? Because one day, I'm going to be that age and I'm going to sound like that, too. But this is probably the worst I've ever heard him at this Town Hall.

HEGSETH: It is. Really, really bad. By the way, the guy who supposedly got 82 million votes couldn't fill up an auditorium not even halfway. I mean, it wasn't even close.

WATTERS: No. No one cares what he says.

HEGSETH: No one cares what he says.

WATTERS: Because he doesn't solve problems.

HEGSETH: Not at all.


HEGSETH: And you don't even know what he is saying inside a sentence.

WATTERS: He doesn't know what he is saying.

HEGSETH: No, he doesn't. And ultimately, I give the White House like a little bit of credit for actually putting them on stage. How much time would they have prepared for that?

WATTERS: Well, they put them on with Don Lemon.

HEGSETH: Of course.

WATTERS: So, that's different ...

HEGSETH: They put him up with their buddy.

WATTERS: ... with most people.

HEGSETH: That's how it works completely. But this guy doesn't know what day of the week it is and that's a scary reality for anybody. But ---

WATTERS: It is very scary. And speaking of scary, there's a new TikTok challenge. You know, this is the show that updates people on TikTok challenges. It's called the ugly baby challenge. So people now share pictures of -- we found one. There is the ugliest baby in the country.

It kind of looks like you, Pete.

HEGSETH: Wow. That's really scary on a lot of level.

WATTERS: But in all seriousness, mothers are actually posting pictures of their ugly babies, let's say, not Pete. Not Pete. We don't need to see Pete anymore.

Why are they all of Pete?

HEGSETH: This is -- because that's the segment.

WATTERS: He still looks the same, just looks like a baby. Yes. That's so mean. Why are you laughing, Pete?

HEGSETH: I watched a lot of these videos because I study for these segments, and they are really ugly babies. And it's nice to just be open and out about it, that you know some -- you've had this feeling, you meet someone's baby. I think there was a whole "Seinfeld" episode about this.

WATTERS: Yes, "Seinfeld."

HEGSETH: Where you look at the baby and you go, that's mortifying.

WATTERS: You have to lie though. You have to say what a beautiful kid.

HEGSETH: Automatic lie, but at least it shows the parents are self-aware.

WATTERS: That's right.

HEGSETH: What was your first thought when you saw Jesse, Jr.?

WATTERS: What a handsome young man.

HEGSETH: What a good looking guy.

WATTERS: All right, Pete Hegseth, a good looking guy. He grew up a lot from that picture.

Up next, Last Call, my biggest fear.



WATTERS: If you knew anything about me from watching this show, you know how I feel about birds.


WATTERS: Is he going to bite me?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He is not -- well, not really. Don't move. Don't move.

WATTERS: Do you say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?


WATTERS: So, here is my biggest fear come true. This poor 13-year-old girl smacked in the face by a seagull in a ride in Wildwood, New Jersey. The teen wasn't injured, but the seagull appeared to be uninjured also and just flapped away just leaving a few feathers behind. My God.

And then a few people at FOX want me to experience something like that. I won't name them, but they know who they are.

And don't forget "How I Saved the World." It's flying off the shelves. Amazon has like been out of stock all week, we should be stocked up. You guys just broke the printers at Harper Collins.

Order the book, "How I Saved the World." You'll love it.

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