Watters' Words: A tale of two presidents

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JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Welcome to. "Watters' World." I'm Jesse Watters. Call it a tale of two President, Donald Trump and Barack Obama with nearly back-to-back speeches this week. Each rallying their party hoping to garner support for the 2018 midterms.

But their points of view couldn't be more different. Here is President Trump on jobs.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We've added 400,000 new manufacturing jobs that the Democrats say are gone and that number is going to very shortly with what's happening in certain areas, be well over 600,000 manufacturing jobs. African-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest - think of it - the lowest ever recorded in the history of our country.


WATTERS: Now, President Obama had a little bit of a different perspective with the economy. Instead, he took credit for it. Listen.


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: When you hear how great the economy is doing right now, let's just remember when this recovery started, when the job numbers come out - monthly job numbers - suddenly Republicans are saying it's a miracle. I have to kind of remind them actually those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016.


WATTERS: Here with reaction, former White House strategist, Dr. Sebastian Gorka and author of the new book, "Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy," Dr. Gina Loudon. So, Dr. Gorka, I know that you have been glued to the television watching President Obama over and over because you missed him so much. Am I wrong?

SEBASTIAN GORKA, FORMER WHITE HOUSE STRATEGIST: That's not even funny, Jesse, okay. I like not to be a subject of Dr. Gina's books, okay, so my mental health is important to me. So I love the Trump rallies. I watch my old boss every chance I get, but you know what? The community organizer pass - hard pass.

WATTERS: It's amazing he's now trying to take credit for the economy after having the weakest recovery since the great depression. But Dr. Gina, it's funny that once you have the torch passed from President Obama to President Trump. The economy exploded. There was a stock market explosion, wages have gone up significantly. There has been a manufacturing explosion on almost every level, it hasn't been a continuation, it's been an explosion.

GINA LOUDON, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR: It's an explosion. We are talking about four million jobs. We are talking about all-time record growth, we are talking about an economy we have never seen before, and Obama can't take credit for that. Let's remember one thing, we have a businessman in the White House who has made all of this happen. I can't remember if Obama ever actually held a job in the private sector, but I don't believe he did.
I certainly know he never ran a company, he never did a hard core negotiation. We're seeing the fruit of that sort of a President right now and Obama cannot take credit for that.

WATTERS: I would tell President Obama, you didn't build that.

LOUDON: Right, exactly.

WATTERS: And so it's also interesting that he's now lecturing America and saying that we are now in a place of deep hatred and darkness and division. Here was with the former President's assessment of the current state of affairs. Let's hear it.


OBAMA: Appealing to tribe, appealing to fear, pitting one group against another, telling people that order and security will be restored if it weren't for those who don't look like us or don't sounds like us or don't pray like we do. That's an old playbook. It's as old as time.

WATTERS: Now, Dr. Gorka, it wasn't too long ago when Barack Obama was disparaging the bitter clingers and telling Christians they needed to get off their high horses. And he's one of the most of divisive Presidents in the last hundred years and the polls reflect that.

GORKA: Who said at the Thanksgiving table, you need to get in the face of family members who disagree with you, that's what he said. Jesse, you have an incredibly popular show, you have a light touch, it's funny. But I need to be serious for a second, okay. What he just, that clip you showed, is an affront and a lie. Nobody, nobody in the mainstream conservative world, nobody is saying we need to stop the people who look different from us.

WATTERS: A straw man argument.

GORKA: I mean, it's reprehensible. Nobody is saying the people who are a threat to us or the people who look different from us. If I ever met this man, I don't know if I ever will, but if I ever met Barack Obama who is lying in that clip, and ask him one question, just one question, in the last year, the approval rating for Donald J. Trump from the black American population has doubled, Jesse - doubled. How does Barack Obama explain that?

WATTERS: Well, maybe he says it's Kanye's fault because Kanye maybe told everybody to listen, but you know what, I am making a joke, but you are right, to insult half of America as bigots is so reprehensible coming from a former President and let's remember, this was the first black President of America.

I mean, the majority of America - red, white and blue, black, white, everything - voted for this man twice to occupy the Oval Office. So this country is not a bigoted country. It's a very, very beautiful country that respects everybody and listens to what they have to say, isn't that right?

LOUDON: Yes, and another correction of our dear former President, we live in a Republic, not a democracy and maybe he needs a little history lesson there, but he is the king of identity politics, Jesse.

WATTERS: You're right.

LOUDON: He is the guy that divided us over and over again for eight solid years. The division you see on television today, this was not created by this President who has made everyone equal by making record unemployment across the board as the President mentioned for blacks, for Hispanics, for Asians, for high school dropouts for crying out loud, for summer jobs for youth.

The unemployment is at records low. Our economy is at record high. Everybody benefits from that. That is true equality, the likes of which Barack Obama wouldn't know no matter what.

WATTERS: I mean, these things we used to debate all the time on Fox News. If you were against Islamic terror, he would call an Islamophobic. If you wanted people to have to show ID when they voted because you didn't want voter fraud, you were considered a racist. If you wanted a country that had borders, you were considered xenophobic under Barack Obama. And it's just the same old talking points that he used for the last eight years.

GORKA: Yes, it's tired old snowflake talking points. But let me just be very clear about who the President is because we have this anonymous opinion piece that was published clearly by nobody who has never spent any amount of serious time in the Oval Office and has never worked closely with the President, and this is what the left will never understand.

Donald J. Trump does what he does in terms of securing America, in terms of unleashing the economy for all Americans. He doesn't care less of your skin color, your accent, where you were born. In fact, the stunning thing about this man, Jesse, he doesn't care if you voted for him or not.

If you voted for Hillary, if you wanted Bernie to win, he doesn't care. If you are an American here legally, he wants you to be safe and he wants you and your family to prosper. End of story. And the left will never cognitively - this is Dr. Gina's specialty - cognitively, they will never be able to absorb that truth.

WATTERS: Well, it's the Trump Derangement Syndrome, and you mentioned the- I am going to call this person a mole in the White House and they wrote this ridiculous anonymous New York Times op-ed where they said, they're part of the resistance. They claim they are conservative, I guess, and they are protecting the country against Donald Trump.

So when the President gives orders that should be executed by staff, they prevent some of those orders from being undertaken, and the President addressed this conspirator within the administration the other day, let's hear what he had to say.


TRUMP: The latest act of resistance is the op-ed published in the failing "New York Times" by an anonymous - really anonymous, gutless, coward, unelected deep state operatives who divide the voters to push their own secret agendas are truly a threat to democracy itself, and I was so heartened when I looked. I think it has backfired seriously.

Angry mobs, deep state radicals and their fake news allies. Those people are the best. They are the best allies.

I mean, you look at The Washington Post or the New York Times, I can never get a good story. I mean, you look at this horrible thing that took place today. It is really - is this subversion? Is it treason?


WATTERS: Is it treason?

LOUDON: Unequivocally, it's treason. And if you look at the motivation, which is what I always look at. In psychology, it's an easy thing. Instead of looking at what happens, look at why the person would do what they would do. Why would this anonymous coward go to the failing "New York Times," if their goal was really hold this fragile administration together. There's absolutely - it's nonsensical. It doesn't make logical sense to the rational person.

WATTERS: Yes, because this is going to destroy any sort of conspiracy that they believe they are undertaking. Now, they are going to sniff out this rat and they are going to boot him out and it's obviously going to inflame everybody at the White House, but it's deeper than that, Dr. Gorka. This person and his fellow conspirators, they weren't elected by the American people. Donald Trump was elected by the American people, so this person and their little gang, they are subverting democracy.

They are unelected. They are like Strzok who appointed himself above it all and he is the one that is the great patriot and needs to protect the country against the President. He's the adult in the room. It's the same kind of mentality and it's deranged and delusional and dangerous.

GORKA: This person who I don't think actually works in the White House, if you read the letter very carefully, it's obvious that they haven't spent significant amounts of time in the White House or working with the president.

WATTERS: So you think it's a small ball player?

GORKA: Yes, I think it's a small ball player somewhere in the administration. I think it's an Obama snowflake holdover, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter where they work. It's not treason because you have to actually give tangible socket to our enemies. This is sedition. So sedition, you can look it up in the Merriam Webster, is the active or covert attempt to undermine a legal authority or constitutional order, and guess what? Donald Trump is the legal authority of the United States.

WATTERS: Well, I wonder what sedition is punishable by?

GORKA: Oh, it's a very, very serious crime. But the point here is, what do you said? Whoever this person is, they weren't elected. They have no right - they have no right to say "I represent the real America, and therefore I get to sabotage the person that more than 60 million Americans chose to run the country."

If you have a problem with that president, resign, start a political party and run against the next candidate in the next election. This is why Donald Trump won, Jesse, because of these people who think they are above Americans.

WATTERS: No, it reinforces the whole swamp narrative and President Barack Obama actually weighed in on the whole mole deal. Let's listen.


OBAMA: By the way, the claim that everything will turn out okay because there are people inside the White House who secretly aren't following the President's orders, that is not a check - I'm being serious here. That's not how our democracy is supposed to work. These people aren't elected. They are not accountable. They are not doing us a service by actively promoting 90% of the crazy stuff that's coming out of this White House, and then saying, "Don't worry, we are preventing the other 10%."


WATTERS: I think there were a few Obama-era people kind of doing that, remember Sally Yates, she did that ...

GORKA: Oh yes.

WATTERS: Strzok, Comey, and McCabe - all of these people are kind of doing the same thing. Dr. Gina, I've got to give you the last word.

LOUDON: Yes, note to President Obama, he's not elected now either, and maybe he should do the classy thing, Jesse and get the heck out of the way like all the other Presidents before him have done. This is a classless act, and if people want to listen to somebody's book, maybe they listen to books like my book and Dr. Gorka's book because we actually know the president, unlike Mr. Woodward and some of the rest of them.

WATTERS: Very smooth plug and it was, really an abrogation of decorum for Presidents to do what he did this week and speak out, but you know what? It wouldn't be the first time President Obama has broken decorum. Dr. Gina, Sebastian, thank you, guys ...

LOUDON: Jesse, thank you.

WATTERS: All right, coming up, the White House is here to hand out some awards, but not for fake news. We have a brand-new awards show coming up next.

WATTERS: Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearings kicked off Tuesday morning with a bang. There was so much political drama you think the Democrats were up for an Oscar. So we wanted to honor them with their own awards. To help hand them out is White House Communication Senior Adviser for Strategic Communications, Mercedes Schlapp.

All right, Mercedes, we took a look at some of the best performances from the week. And we decided Kamala Harris, senator from California was going to be given the rudest senator award. Here's just a sampling of why. Roll it.


CHUCK GRASSLEY, US SENASTOR, IOWA, REPUBLICAN: On the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh ...


GRASSLEY: ... to serve as associate justice to the Supreme Court of the United States ...

K. HARRIS: Mr. Chairman, I'd to be recognized for a question before we proceed.

GRASSLEY: You are out of order, I'll proceed.

K. HARRIS: We cannot possibly move forward, Mr. Chairman ...

GRASSLEY: I extend a very warm welcome to Judge Kavanaugh ...

K. HARRIS: I have not been give even an opportunity ..

GRASSLEY: ... to his wife, Ashley, and their two daughters.

K. HARRIS: ... to have a meaningful (inaudible) on this nominee ...

Have you discussed Mueller or his investigation with anyone at Kasowitz, Benson & Torres, the law firm founded by Mark Kasowitz, President Trump's personal lawyer. Be sure about your answer, sir, it's a really specific question.

BRETT KAVANAUGH, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE NOMINEE: I would like to know the person you are thinking of ...

K. HARRIS: I think you are thinking of someone and you don't want to tell us.


WATTERS: I don't know, Mercedes, she interrupts right away before the hearing even begins, and then gets and then gets snarky with someone who is probably a lot smarter and a lot more savvy, what's with the attitude?

MERCEDES SCHLAPP, WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATION SENIOR ADVISER FOR STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS: Well, I think we are confusing Senator Kamala Harris with one of the protesters, one of the many protesters that were there ...

WATTERS: It's hard to distinguish ...

SCHLAPP: ... during the hearing. And it was amazing to watch how disrespectful she was to Senator Grassley as he was even trying to get a very basic introduction, but there's one thing, Jesse, that you are missing, which is that Senator Harris basically referred to the Constitution to quote, "that book that you are carrying" as she said that.

WATTERS: Oh, it's just that little book ...

SCHLAPP: To Judge Kavanaugh - no kidding. That book, our Constitution.

WATTERS: And she should know better. I mean, wasn't she a big shot litigator over in San Francisco? And you know what, I don't want to disparage her too much, she is very talented, she comes across as very charismatic. She is obviously a darling of the left, but you know what, she is turning into a little bit of a villain if you ask me.

All right, next up, this is the, I guess, best male performance in a drama. I am going to give this to Cory Booker. Would you agree? Listen to this.


CORY BOOKER, US SENATOR, NEW JERSEY, DEMOCRAT: I appreciate that I'm a bit of a trailblazer, sir, I am push it just two or three more minutes. I sincerely believe the public deserves to know this nominee's record, in this particular case, his record on issues of race and the law and I could not understand and I violated this rule knowingly, why these issues should be withheld from the public.

That's about the closest I will probably ever have in my life to an "I am Spartacus" moment.


WATTERS: "Spartacus," Mercedes.

SCHLAPP: Could you - Jesse, that looks like a political ad. Are you just going to hand that over to Cory? Come on.

WATTERS: Hey, we'll just run that 30-second, slap it on the screen.

SCHLAPP: I mean, obviously, he emboldened himself, comparing himself to the gladiator. But quite frankly, we know that those documents were already cleared for release.

WATTERS: Exactly.

SCHLAPP: The rest of America might not have known that.

WATTERS: And the big document that he released, I guess, he tried to make Kavanaugh look racist. It turns out it made Kavanaugh look not racist. So it blew up in his face. All right, the next award, and I think you'd agree with me on this selection since we poured over the video together for many, many hours, Mercedes. This goes to Senator Hirono from Hawaii as the most unprepared. And I have to say, I am forced to watch this because this is my job. We have seen many hearings with Senator Hirono and she is constantly reading from her notes. It's like she has no original thought in her head and always seems confused. Let's just look at some tape.


MAZIE HIRONO, US SENATOR, HAWAII, DEMOCRAT: Mr. Chairman, it is also - it is also not regular order for the majority to require the minority to pre- clear our questions, our documents and the videos we would like to use at this hearing. That is unprecedented. That is not regular order. Since when?


WATTERS: I mean, I love her, I mean, I think she means well, but she just doesn't come across as someone that's there all the time, if you know what I mean.

SCHLAPP: I don't know if it was because of the over 12 hours of hearing a day that she lost track of the documents she was reviewing, but I think one of the things that she tried to do was accuse Judge Kavanaugh of being biased and quite frankly when you look at the documents, it was more about mainstream legal thinking and obviously, Kavanaugh addressed that issue very eloquently.

WATTERS: All right lastly, we're going to play some sound from Blumenthal who tried to humiliate Kavanaugh. He is a hypocrite. He lied about going war in Vietnam. Let's just watch this.


KAVANAUGH: Of course I know Mr. Mueller personally from my prior experience in the - I mean, I hadn't seen him in a long time, but I knew him when we worked together in the Bush administration, so - but I have had no discussions of the kind that I think you are asking about.

RICHARD BLUMENTHAL, US SENATOR, CONNECTICUT, DEMOCRAT: Well, I'm asking about the kind you are thinking about, not myself.

KAVANAUGH: Well, I haven't had any discussions of the kind I'm thinking about either.


WATTERS: So you know, he lies about going to war and then tries to accuse Kavanaugh of not having integrity. Got it. Mercedes, thank you so much. It was a great awards and I will see you at the after party.

SCHLAPP: Thank you.

WATTERS: Up next. Radio shock jock Alex Jones permanently banned from Twitter. We'll show you what he did on Capitol Hill.

ROBERT GRAY, CORRESPONDENT, FOX NEWS: Live from "America's News Headquarters," I'm Robert Gray. President Trump praising house lawmakers for passing a bill Friday that makes it easier for the Federal government to deport immigrants accused of violent crimes. The legislation next goes to the Senate for a vote. Now, this comes as the President seems to be backing off his threats to shut down the government if he doesn't get funding for the border wall, which he has long insisted Mexico will pay for.

The Syrian government in conjunction with Russian warplanes striking the last stronghold of Syria's rebels today. The more than 760 airstrikes on the Idlib province killing at least four people, including two children. The attack comes a day after the leaders of Iran, and Russia and Turkey met in Tehran to find a diplomatic solution. I'm Robert Gray. Now back to "Watters' World."

WATTERS: A lot of fake news making the rounds this week and it all begins with Bob Woodward's new book, "Fear," which President Trump calls a work of fiction telling Bob in a phone call earlier ...


BOB WOODWARD, AMERICAN AUTHOR: I'm sorry we missed the opportunity to talk through the book.

TRUMP: Well, I just spoke with Kellyanne and she asked me if I got a call. I never got a call. I never got a message. Who did you ask about speaking to me?

WOODWARD: Well, about six people. You know ...

TRUMP: Well, they didn't tell me. Did you speak to Madeleine?

WOODWARD: No, I didn't but ...

TRUMP: Madeleine is the key. She is the secret because she is the person ...

WOODWARD: Well, I talked to Raj and then I talked to Kellyanne.

TRUMP: Well, a lot of them are afraid to come and talk or they are busy - I am busy, but I don't mind talking to you. I would have spoken to you ...

WOODWARD: I've got to go talk to people and see them outside of the White House and outside of their offices and gained a lot of insight and documentation and it's a tough look at the world and your administration and you.

TRUMP: Right, well, I assume that means it's going to be a negative book, but you know, I'm sort of 50% used to that. That's all right. Some are good and some are bad, it sounds like it's going to be a bad one.


WATTERS: Here to help wade through that book and other questionable stories of the week, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. So Congressman, I think the big take away from that phone call is Madeleine is the key.


WATTERS: Madeleine is a crucial player and everybody should respect Madeleine, and that's all we need to know, but in all seriousness, it looks like this book is going to be heavily negative, and it's sad, because there are so many positive things going on within the administration that both Republican and Democratic administrations have tried to fix for years -- ISIS, NAFTA, North Korea. And Bob Woodward seems focused on a lot of negative stuff and it's too bad because he is a very good reporter, but it seems like in this case, it's 100% negative. How do you assess it?

GAETZ: I think Bob Woodward's best days are probably behind him and it should be his biggest fear that his book will be catalogued in the fiction section of every library in America. Jim Mattis, General Kelly - they've all come out and denied the elements that are in the book, but as you've said, Jesse, the one thing you can't deny is that the Trump economy is roaring. Just getting news of over 200,000 jobs created last month and we continue to see people across the country doing better and I think that's going to matter a lot more than these fictitious palace intrigue looks inside the Trump White House.

WATTERS: It's amazing, factory activities - highest it's been in almost 30 years. Jobs, wages are up - biggest in about 10 or 11 years, and all you hear about is gossip. It really is a shame.

Now, let's turn to the Kavanaugh hearings because there is a major conspiracy theory that was circulating all over the internet. Look at this woman behind Kavanaugh. If you notice her fingers, she is making some sort of hand gesture, and the left on the internet said this is a white supremacist signal she was showcasing for the entire world to see. And it turns out, ironically she is of Mexican descent and her parents escaped the holocaust.

GAETZ: Well, Jesse, you know, I mean, imagine how embarrassed I was, I saw her thumb and index finger together and I thought she was expressing Kavanaugh's support for marijuana reform, and I so I was totally ...

WATTERS: Matt, don't do that. Don't make that hand gesture, they're going to freeze frame it and it's going to look really bad. It's looked bad for me, too.

GAETZ: Well, hey, listen, I mean, it just shows you the extent to which people want to focus on the absurd rather than the substance. I think that Brett Kavanaugh has done a phenomenal job equipping himself to answer questions and prepare himself to answer questions and prepare himself for service in the highest court in the land and the fact that this is what the left has to try to draw attention, so it shows that Brett Kavanaugh must be doing a pretty good job answering actual questions.

WATTERS: It's true. He's running circles around these senators and making them look very unprepared, and it's pretty easy to do that because most of them are unprepared. Another incident that the left is glommed on to at the Kavanaugh hearing to distract from their inability to nail him with real questions, so, I believe a father of a slain young student at Parkland, I believe his name was Fred Gutenberg, went up to Kavanaugh after the hearing finished and tried to shake his hand.

Now, this picture circulated again all over the internet and everybody said "Kavanaugh refuses to shake the hand of grieving Parkland father." But if you watch the video, and if you see it in real-time, the father comes and rushes over to Kavanaugh and Kavanaugh is confused, and he doesn't really know who this guy is and this is after a hearing where a bunch of maniacs have been shrieking and causing mayhem and disturbing the entire decorum, so it's understandable why Kavanaugh wouldn't obviously embrace some strange person confronting him. How do you see this?

GAETZ: Well, the media would have you believe this is the worst time someone has been left hanging at a Supreme Court confirmation process since Merrick Garland., but the reality is, of course, you know, there are circumstances where you don't know precisely who is approaching you. And again, like if this is what they have to focus on, Jesse, the answers must be pretty good. But I'm glad Lindsey Graham gave Brett Kavanaugh the chance to address this publicly and to say that of course, he is a person who hasn't lived in a bubble. He has seen the pain, the pain in my state of Florida and across the country have been through as a consequence of violence and we all want to live in a society where that is less frequent.

WATTERS: That's true and you know what I do to avoid this kind of situations? I shake everybody's hands that comes to me.

GAETZ: There you go, or a fist bump, if the case calls for it.

WATTERS: Either one. I agree. So, lastly, I want to get into this because this is a hot topic on Capitol Hill. It looks like a shock jock Alex Jones who has been banned from pretty much anywhere went over to Capitol Hill during a bunch of these hearings and confronted Marco Rubio about social media banning and what not, and it got a little testy. Let's watch this exchange.


MARCO RUBIO, US SENATOR, FLORIDA, REPUBLICAN: Who are you? I'm sure - I swear to God, I don't know who are you?

ALEX JONES, AMERICAN RADIO SHOW HOST: ... these platform and intended plans of use ...



JONES: ... playing this joke over here, and in the platform, it didn't work.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But here's the question ...

RUBIO: Don't touch me. I'm asking you not to touch me.

JONES: Well, sure, I asked you nicely.

RUBIO: I know, but I don't want to be touched ...

JONES: You want me to get arrested.

RUBIO: I don't know who you are.

JONES: It's not just going to come ...


JONES: ... my First Amendment. Oh, you will beat me up?

RUBIO: didn't say that.

JONES: Why are you so mad? You're not going to silence me. You're not going to silence America.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But you are asking ...

JONES: You are like - you are literally like a little gangster thug ...


WATTERS: Wow, so that got a little nasty. And then Twitter has now permanently banned Alex Jones from its platform and that's it. I guess he's done, he's kicked off of everywhere. I mean, it's just crazy what's going on these days. What do you think?

GAETZ: Well, Alex Jones has been thrown off Twitter. He's been thrown off Facebook and if Marco Rubio had his way, he would have been thrown off the Capitol balcony and is kind of nutty as Alex Jones can be sometimes, I do believe that the marketplace of ideas should be able to accommodate his views, and it's pretty serious, Jesse, when you've got Silicon Valley trying to reorient the marketplace of ideas.

I mean, I don't want Washington running my life, but I sure is heck don't want Silicon Valley running my life. And I think that in the coming weeks, you will see conservatives more vocal about trying to make sure that we are not being silenced or in my case, shadow-banned on social media.

WATTERS: All right, Congressman, thank you very much.

GAETZ: Thank you, Jesse.

WATTERS: Coming up, Diamond and Silk and the Party Bros.

Massive outrage after Nike chose former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick as the new face of its 30th anniversary "Just do it" campaign. The controversial quarterback known for kneeling during our national anthem is featured in their newest ad with a message, "Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything." Watch.


COLIN KAEPERNICK,FORMER NFL QUARTERBACK: Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything. So don't ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they are crazy enough.


WATTERS: Many are calling for a company boycott and have begun burning Nike products. Joining me with reaction, Diamond and Silk. Ladies, you look like you wear Adidas first of all. Do I have that right?

SILK, VIDEO BLOGGER: We wear high heeled shoes.

DIAMOND, VIDEO BLOGGER: Yes, but Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, I don't think Nike thought this all the way out and thought this true.

SILK: That's what's true.

DIAMOND: To make someone the face of your brand that is controversial, that is anti-America, that don't believe in standing up for the flag, I think that Nike has become the creator of their own demise. Patriotic Americans are not going to buy this brand as long as he is the face of this brand, a person that wants to disrespect, wants to dismiss, wants to destroy the orthodox of America, and disrespect our American flag. That's not going to happen. We are not going to buy that. Listen, we are not going to sacrifice America for no shoes. Oh no.

SILK: And there are so many other people that Nike could have used that sacrificed it all for the cause like our veterans, and even look at our President, President Donald J. Trump who sacrificed his billionaire status life just for the cause of America and they didn't even look at Diamond and Silk. We sacrificed it all just for America. They could have used somebody else besides Colin.

WATTERS: I don't know if Colin Kapernick or Donald Trump is the face of Nike. I don't know which one would have been more controversial, but that's neither here nor there. Elizabeth Warren, another controversial figure, Donald Trump calls letter "Pocahontas," she said that, I think, she believes the President is mentally ill enough for other people in the administration to remove him from office. Listen.


ELIZABETH WARREN, US SENATOR, MASSACHUSETTS, DEMOCRAT: If senior administration officials think that the president of the United States is not able to do his job, then they should invoke the 25th Amendment.


WATTERS: So what do you think of Elizabeth Warren?

DIAMOND: Shame on Elizabeth Warren. The person that advocates for illegal aliens and really acts like she ignores Americans. Let me tell you something, the president is doing a wonderful job. At least, he is putting Americans first to take a salacious op-ed that was written salaciously and to take that and tie that to the president and say we need to invoke the 25th Amendment, how about we invoke voting Elizabeth Warren out. How about we do that? No, yes, let's do that.

Listen, we want people that's working for the American people. I'm not interested in what somebody wrote in an op-ed and all of these other stuff, and let me tell you, Jesse why they want to get him out because they know they can't beat him in 2020. That's why they are running around here, we have to impeach him, let's invoke the 25th Amendment. No, let him stay and let somebody (inaudible) ...

SILK: And is there any amendment that we can invoke on her to vote her out?

WATTERS: I think that's up to the people of Massachusetts who haven't been doing a very good job recently when it comes to voting, if you know what I mean. Elon Musk, this guy, he has got this big company, he is a futurist, he's designing all of these great technologies. He's kind of crashing and burning. Watch him drink whiskey and smoke dope on a podcast. So there he is and the stock is crashing because this guy is doing a total meltdown job. Is Elon Musk okay, ladies? Do we need at this stage an intervention?

DIAMOND: Yes, I think we need to stage an intervention. He needs to know that he is the CEO. He's a billionaire and so he is going to be under public scrutiny. He can't be sitting on a podcast getting high and drinking whiskey.

SILK: That's right.

DIAMOND: That doesn't look good.

WATTERS: Yes, don't do it on a podcast. Just do it at home by yourself. I don't care what you do, just keep making nice cars. Guys, I've got to run and Diamond, I noticed the new hairstyle. Are you trying to - are you copying me? I don't know. I think I started a trend here. All right, ladies, I'll see you next week. Up next, the Party Bros are back. Stay tuned.

President Trump furious over a White House mole working against him.


TRUMP: Anonymous, gutless coward. Nobody knows who the hell he is or she, but for the sake of our national security, the New York Times should publish his name at once. I think their reporters should go and investigate who it is. That would actually be a good start.


WATTERS: So who is the White House mole? Party Bros are here to find out. Guys, first before we get started, what happened to your hair?

CHAD KROEGER, PARTY BROS: What up, Jesse, good to see you. Actually, it's come to our attention that the coral in the ocean is bleaching itself because it's so stressed because the ocean is so hot and it's actually not cool when it bleaches itself. It make it super susceptible to mortality. So, in other words, it's dying. So JT and I bleached our hair to stand in solidarity with the coral.

JT PARR, PARTY BROS: Yes, because like, for a lot of people they don't know because it's like out of sight, out of dome. But we are bringing awareness because now, it's on our domes.

KROEGER: And we just want to say, "What up coral?" And with you, dog, we are bleached with you.

WATTERS: Chad, you've got some nice little flow going, but JT, you look like a Chia pet.

KROEGER: Thank you.

PARR: Jesse, dude, that was a savage burn, dude, and on TV, dog? Yes, some of the dudes in the squad have been kind of hating on the look, and I love it. I do appreciate ...

KROEGER: I love it.

PARR: Chad's been more optimistic about how we look, but yes, for sure. It took - it was an adjustment period, but it's for a good cause, and we wanted to be like the ice berg challenge or ice bucket challenge, so like people out there, like, if you want to help coral, bleach your hair like Chad and I and like, what up.

KROEGER: And you guys challenge people, so I challenge Warren Buffet.

PARR: Yes, he challenges Warren Buffet and I challenge Jeff Bezos because we want our dads to do it, too. So we've got to nominate dudes that they think are legit.

WATTERS: All right, well, I didn't mean to burn you that hard. I just - you know, I do that because I love you, JT. I wouldn't do that if I didn't have love for you. But let's get on to something a little more serious, not that that's not serious, but I want to get your take on this mole in the White House that's kind of sabotaging the President. How would you guys smoke out this mole?

KROEGER: How we smoke it out ...

PARR: Like with weed, you mean?

WATTERS: Figuratively, or with weed.

PARR: For sure, copy. I don't know. You've got to make people feel comfortable if you want them to reveal stuff.

KROEGER: Yes, I would get vulnerable and have a heart to heart, you know, I'm sorry for whatever caused you to be so mole-like, but let's talk it out and I am sure we can come to a compromise.

PARR: Yes, like put the onus on yourself. Be like, "Yo, I was probably doing stuff that made you feel like you had to be a mole and write articles about your moleness, so like maybe I'm sorry for that." And then, so you are coming from a place where both are making concessions.

WATTERS: That's a very elevated approach. I think that could work. I will talk to Kellyanne about it next week. Speaking of Washington, DC, a lot of action on Capitol Hill. Kavanaugh is now probably going to be confirmed to be the next Supreme Court Justice. What do the Party Bros think about Kavanaugh?

KROEGER: Well, dude, like I thought they have been having a lot of formalities. I am not big on formalities. I like to kick it with him one- on-one, you know, and sort of like ...

WATTERS: To get to know ...

KROEGER: You know, I think that's the best way to - yes, because when you are confronted by microphones and questions, you know, it's hard to let your true self come out. So I would like to have a powwow for sure.

PARR: And I feel like in terms of the committee papers, if it's not national security or super personal, like if it's not his like STD tests, then like, release that stuff. But you've got to make sure he has the papers, too because everyone has got to be boned up on like what's relevant.

WATTERS: All right, well, the guys that I know are boned up about the coral situation. JT and Chad with the fresh locks looking smooth as ever. Guys, great to have you back on "Watters' World."

KROEGER: Thank you, Jesse. Good to see you.

PARR: Thank you.

WATTERS: All right, up next, "Last Call."

Time now for "Last Call." Just when you think life on Capitol Hill couldn't get any crazier, this happens.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Kill the election.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Officer, will you escort this young lady out, please.

LONG: I yield back.


WATTERS: Sold. That's Missouri Congressman Billy Long who also happens to be an auctioneer drowning out a protester at Wednesday's social media hearing. He was named Ozark's bests auctioneer seven times. What a run.

That's all for us tonight. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. "Justice with Judge Jeanine" is next and remember, I'm Watters and this is my world.


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