Washington Lets Its Hair Down

Karl Rove: master strategist, Svengali adviser to the president. To some, secretive. To others, sinister. To most, probably "not" funny.

That was, until Wednesday night, when the man critics say is trying to bring down the government, instead, brought down the house.

He was hilarious. A raucous break-dancing routine that had even his most jaded attackers guffawing… or at least pretending to guffaw!

Rove was, by far, the funniest thing going in the huge collection of oversized egos we call the Washington Radio and Television Correspondents dinner.

Let's just say it was another side of Rove you usually do not see.

Pity, because he was very funny and very much in good company.

His boss, the president, made fun of himself, his lousy poll ratings, even the egos in that room.

And I've always heard NBC's Brian Williams has a phenomenal sense of humor. Wednesday night he proved he also has deft comedic timing as well -- unscripted, unrehearsed, unrelenting. He was fantastic.

So too was David Gregory. That's right, Bush tormenter David Gregory as a backup dancer.

Thursday they were all back at their day jobs: serious, earnest and professional. Politicians back to bashing. Pundits back to pontificating.

But behind each serious face, each skeptical scowl, I swear I saw a smirk, even a smile.

Today, guarded. Oh for last night, when they were giddy and funny and real and human.

I remember an incredibly funny anchor friend of mine from years back who had a reputation for being super serious on the air. I asked him why he never showed that side.

"I'd lose my gravitas," he said.

Pity, I said. "Because you're losing something more right now."

"What?" he asked.

"Your soul."

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