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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Welcome back to "Hannity & Colmes." Earlier Sean and I spoke with Anne Graham Lotz about her new book, "Billy Graham's daughter.

LOTZ: No. You know, I'm a human being. We're all sinners.

HANNITY: Trust me. You're a saint.

COLMES: You don't know half my sins, come on.

LOTZ: And I don't need to. It's not between you and me. It's between you and the Lord.

The interesting thing, Alan, it was the year that King Isaiah died. A disaster came into his life. He had a 9/11, a tsunami, a Hurricane Katrina, when he had disaster in his life, that's when he looked up and saw the Lord. And my point is that there are times when bad things happen, instead of focusing on the bad thing, if we would look up, we'd see a fresh vision of God. We'd have a blessing. There'd be a treasure.

COLMES: You talk about that vision of God in the book, and you don't say the vision is like a 26-foot Jesus, you know. So what is that vision, when you have — when you think of a vision of Jesus or God, what does that represent to you?

LOTZ: I see it in the eyes of the heart, and God has revealed himself in the pages of the Bible. He's revealed himself through Jesus. And then I go through life's experiences, and it's like the dots are connected. And I know what the Bible says. I know who Jesus is. And then my experience makes it come alive. And all of a sudden, it's real. It's like a light that comes on.

COLMES: Why should anybody listening to you or any other evangelist, believe? You're talking about faith here. You can't prove it scientifically. You can't touch it. You can't feel it. I mean, physically, why should anyone believe?

LOTZ: Well, I think they believe it for their own good. It's true. I believe it's true according to scripture. And I think that's why God lets us have bad things.

I was here right after 9/11. I met with the pastors down in Ground Zero, and they will tell you one after the other the miracles that took place, the blessings God gave, things they would never have happened except they had 9/11.

COLMES: We always ask, you know, why God would allow a 9/11. And you say it was a wake-up call from God in this book?

LOTZ: I believe you can use it as a wake-up call. So I don't believe he sent 9/11. I don't believe he sent...

COLMES: Couldn't he have stopped it?

LOTZ: He could have stopped it.

COLMES: But he chose not to?

LOTZ: And he chose not to.

COLMES: Some would say that would be a cruel God who wouldn't stop something if he had the power to do it.

LOTZ: Well, no, because he set things in motion and he allows them to have their natural course many times. But then what I want to ask is, God, why did you allow it? And then I want to look up and say God, what is the lesson? What is the lesson? What are you trying to teach me? Are you trying to get my attention about something?


COLMES: Very interesting, Anne Graham Lotz.

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