Vanderbilt U. Panel Becomes Bush-Bashing Bonanza!

This is a partial transcript from "Hannity & Colmes," September 26, 2006, that has been edited for clarity.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Five years after the worst attack on American soil, Vanderbilt University organized a panel titled "After 9/11: A Time for Reflection," which instead of reflecting on that tragic day, it railed against America, Christianity, white people, and the War on Terror.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The attack upon Islam seems to me is misplaced. The most violent religion in the world for the last 500 years at least has been Christianity. We, the baptized people in the name of Jesus, have done more violence — system and personal and social and warlike — than any other religious group. How is it that this mostly Christian nation cannot see itself?


HANNITY: Joining us now is a Vanderbilt student who attended the panel. Christopher Donnelly is with us.

Chris, this is shocking. You were there. Tell us what happened.

CHRIS DONNELLY, VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY STUDENT: Well, Sean, I came to the panel looking for, you know, a good dialogue between different viewpoints about what's happened after 9/11. That's what you expect at a university.

But really instead when I got there, it was basically just, as you said, bashing America, bashing this current administration and it was liberal opinion after liberal opinion. That was one professor.

There were nine professors basically espousing the same far-left leftist viewpoint, and I found it uninformative and unhelpful for anybody who wanted an actual dialogue.

HANNITY: I count what you said nine people there. So all right. Was there any conservative voice or opinion brought to this discussion or what it was just one sided and what were the students' reactions?

DONNELLY: No. There was no conservative voice. Not even a moderate voice, I would say. They were all far left. And the students, actually some of them there were pretty bad, too.

But I tried to call out one of the professors and say, you know, aren't we fighting against Islamic fascism? But they said that was just a Heritage Foundation term that didn't actually exist.

HANNITY: I find this amazing, because on college campuses you'd hope you have the free and open exchange of ideas. I'm hearing this from students all across the country. They're writing. They call my radio show. This type of indoctrination, this one-sided view, is happening in classrooms all across the country.

What happened when you spoke up?

DONNELLY: Oh, the professor actually, basically shot me down. I mean, one of them answered my question, saying that it's interesting if we put ourselves in Al Qaeda's shoes the way that we were in World War II, that the tactics we used in World War II were actually quite similar to the ones that Al Qaeda uses now.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Chris, it's Alan Colmes.

I wish there were more conservative voices there. And if it was supposed to be a fair and balanced panel, if that was the intent, there should have been.

And I know you're upset because you feel that people on the panel were blaming America. Let me ask you this: when Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell say that the gays and the ACLU and the abortionists are responsible for having God lift his protection from our country, is that not blaming America for what happened on 9/11?

DONNELLY: I don't think those views are correct either. I wouldn't like to hear those. But I mean, they weren't at the panel. This was nine liberal professors espousing these anti-American views. And this isn't about...

COLMES: But were they anti-American views? In other words, to say, "You know what? I have some questions about some policies. I think we have to look at our foreign policy to determine what might have happened," is that anti-American because you ask those questions?

DONNELLY: Well, that's not so much anti-American as it is to say outlandish things like, for example, Professor James Lawson saying racism, slavery, Navajo genocide contributed to 9/11. I mean, these are things that were far beyond questioning current policies. It was just sort of kooky.

HANNITY: Christopher, I wish that more people will tape these professors and we could expose them. And I think it would have at least some effect on exposing how extreme these colleges have come.

Appreciate your time. Thanks for being with us.

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