Using Iraq as a Political Tool…

With almost 200,000 American military people in combat zones right now, it is wrong, wrong for politicians to use war as a vote getter. That is opposing or supporting the war in Iraq because you think it'll get you votes. That is immoral and cowardly.

But that is what's happening in Washington. On the Democratic side you have politicians condemning General Petraeus even before he said a word. On the Republican side, you have politicians saying the Iraqi government is doing OK. Blah, blah, blah.

Both of those positions are harming the country. Because Iraq has become the central issue in the upcoming presidential election, the American people and the military are being manipulated by callous, dishonest politicians seeking power. It is almost impossible for the folks to get the truth about Iraq or the war on terror in general. Because there is so much misinformation and propaganda being spit out there by the media and Internet partisans.

Do you really think for a moment that any improvement in Iraq would be acknowledged by the far left, which believes the war on terror is largely America's fault? Those people will declare defeat no matter what happens. Moveon and the others are actually hoping for defeat.

On the other side, we have Americans who simply will not admit the Iraqi government couldn't care less about democracy. For most of them, it's about power and revenge.

Sadly, our brave men and women in the theater are protecting a crew that embraces corruption and murder with a vengeance. However, the USA right now is really fighting for itself and Iraq. And that is the key issue here.

Cutting and running will lead to another terrorist sanctuary dominated by the most dangerous country in the entire world -- Iran. The far left doesn't even think Iran's dangerous. And some on the right are in denial as well. I believe my interview with Congressman Ron Paul on Monday demonstrated that. And we have a link to the interview on if you want to see it.

Finally, Iraq is the most important issue in America today by far. And you deserve the truth about it, not dishonesty to further political agendas. Americans are dying over there. And in 14 months, a new commander in chief will be elected. It is vital we all pay attention and call out the people who are trying to deceive us wherever they may be. And that's “The Memo.”

Patriots and Pinheads

Time now for the "Patriots and Pinheads" segment. I had to think long and hard about designating Stephen Colbert a patriot. I really did. But he recently did a very nice thing for wounded service people.

Colbert himself broke his wrist, and then he got a bunch of famous people to sign his cast, including me.




COLBERT: Would you be willing to sign my cast?

O'REILLY: Tell me what happened here first. You have a cast for what? What happened?

COLBERT: I give all, Bill.

O'REILLY: You do?

COLBERT: I go out there, and I give and I give and I give. And I thought they deserve a little more. And I take -- I was taking a victory lap for America around my desk.

O'REILLY: Right.

COLBERT: And new leather shoes, and I went ass over teakettle and came down on my wrist.

O'REILLY: Is that right?

COLBERT: Did you ever break a bone?

O'REILLY: I have not. I'm strong. You want me to sign it?

COLBERT: I've already got Katie Couric's signature and Brian Williams.


COLBERT: And I need your signature to make it fair and balanced.

O'REILLY: Can I sign over them?

COLBERT: Why don't you sign near Nancy Pelosi and she'll feel your icy fingers around her heart.

O'REILLY: All right. I sign this cast, and where is this cast going after I sign it?

COLBERT: We are going to sell this cast on eBay after it gets cut off my arm and we are going to give all the money to charity.


And that charity is the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which helps injured service members and their families. The cast sold for more than $17,000, so Colbert is a patriot, at least for today.

On the pinhead front, our pal Dennis Kucinich said this on Syrian TV.


REP. DENNIS KUCINICH (D-OH), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The truth is, the war was wrong. The truth is that great damage and harm has been done to the Iraqi people. The truth is we have to find a way to heal that.


Now we have no problem with the congressman saying that in America but not in a country that promotes terror activities like Syria does. Also, Kucinich was the only congressmen, the only one to vote against yesterday's 9/11 commemoration resolution.

Now, we like you personally, Congressman, but you are a pinhead.