USA Dominating at the Olympics

The USA dominating at the Olympics, but why?

By airtime this evening, the USA (search) had won 71 Olympic medals, followed by China (search) with 51, and Russia (search) with 48. America is dominating the games. And I think I know the reason why.

Increasingly, the USA is becoming a nation of achievers and non-achievers. Those who are motivated and disciplined can succeed in a huge way.

We are the most powerful nation in the history of the world. And individual Americans are the reason why. Unlike China, which has five times as many people as America, all our Olympic training is privately funded. Our athletes are subjected to intense competition from a very young age, but that competition is voluntary. Nobody here is forced to do anything.

Totalitarian regimes are able to motivate athletes as we saw in the old Soviet Union. As long as you perform well, you live well. Fail, and it's back to the harsh life.

But here in the USA, our athletes have to motivate themselves. And that's why this country has been successful. Many Americans will suffer the pain of hard work to achieve their potential. And hard work always wins.

In other countries, the emphasis on self-reliance has been beaten down by nanny states and entitlement cultures. Just take a look at Australia and Canada, for example. The Aussies have 20 million people to draw from. Canada has 30 million. Yet the Aussies have 35 Olympic medals, Canada just five.

"Talking Points" believes this is reflective of the systems in those countries. Australia is a place where self-reliance is emphasized and competition is celebrated. Canada has become increasingly socialistic, as big government programs ensure everyone is marginally taken care of. I may be wrong here, but I see the entitlement culture as a force against self-discipline and motivation.

Americans should be very proud of our Olympic people, and we largely are. Politicians could learn a lot from the competitive forces that have resulted in our success. We are a great nation because individual Americans have worked insanely hard to develop their God-given abilities. I'm one of them, and you probably are as well.

Together, we the people have demonstrated to the world that freedom and achievement are a matched set. The USA dominates in technology, science, higher education, the arts, and in protecting the oppressed of the world. We are a strong country because of individual achievement.

We need to keep emphasizing personal responsibility and discipline. If we do, we'll get even stronger. If we don't, the specter of a decadent Western Europe beckons. Congratulations to our Olympic athletes. And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Writing in The New York Times today, the very biased Alessandra Stanley says, "FNC has relished the controversy, seizing hungrily on the charges against Kerry." That's, of course, about the Swift Boat deal. Now, Ms. Stanley neglects to tell her readers that Chris Wallace and I spent six minutes getting the record straight last night, and we could not -- I repeat -- could not have been more fair to Senator Kerry (search).

Now, here's a personal message from me to you, Ms. Stanley: Knock it off.

Evaluate what we do here fairly, all right, Madame? Get a transcript of last night's Factor and publish it so your readers will know the truth. Your blatant bias against Fox News is ridiculous and belongs on one of those bomb throwing Web sites, not in a national newspaper.