And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine.

Gay Old Time

President Obama was heckled during a New York fundraiser Wednesday night by protestors pushing for more funding for AIDS program and an end to the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. They yelled and held signs reading, "Obama broken policies kill."

President Obama went off script several times to address them and defend his administration's AIDS work, saying, "We increased AIDS funding. The people who will take over if we don't focus on the election, I promise you, will cut AIDS funding."

A check of the facts show that in 2003 then President George W. Bush and a Republican controlled Congress roughly tripled previous funding to $15 billion over five years to combat AIDS in Africa.

Guest Appearance

NBC is touting an interview next week with the president as part of its Education Nation Summit. A media website reports it will be broadcast across various NBC Universal networks, including USA, SyFy, Bravo, and even Oxygen.

We looked back at President Obama's TV interviews since taking office, and the unofficial breakdown goes this way -- NBC, including CNBC and MSNBC, has had 24 interviews not counting next week's. ABC is next with 16, CBS follows with 15, CNN and CNN Espanola trail with eight. Fox News Channel has had four interviews with the president.

Under Armor

The latest in disaster safety gear is the emergency bra? If you ever need a gas mask and you happen to be a woman, simply unsnap the bright red bra, celebrate the cups, slip one over your face and give the other to the friend.

The award-winning, yes, award-winning invention sells online for $29.95. A tech news site says there are plans for counterpart device for men, though the precise shape it will take has yet to be revealed.