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One of the weirdest features in modern life has got to be how we've all been trained to ignore the things that really matter. You might have wondered, just to pick one among so many examples why hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans seem to be living in squalor on the sidewalk? How'd that happen?

These are the so-called homeless. Drugs have destroyed their lives. So where did those drugs come from exactly? And why is no one asking?

And speaking of chemicals, men in America seem very different from what they used to be. Anyone over 40 knows this, the changes are dramatic. You can't help but notice. Could those changes have something to do with the unprecedented drop in testosterone levels that scientists have measured repeatedly?

And by the way, if that's happening, why is it happening? And so on. There are so many questions like this, but we rarely talk about any of them.

Instead, we're told repeatedly to avert our gaze from the obvious and turn instead to CNN's latest fixation, whether it's a Chinese flu virus, or George Floyd, or some forgettable border dispute in Eastern Ukraine. These are the issues they tell us we must care about.

But they're wrong. These are not the most important issues. They're just news stories.

The only remarkable thing about them is our willingness to believe they are more important than say Americans living outdoors on the sidewalk, or whether or not our own children get married. There is something a little scary about watching this happen. It's like an entire population transfixed by issues that ultimately don't really matter.

How is it going to work out?

Well, over time, probably not very well. Reality always reasserts itself.

Twitter can ban all the thought criminals it wants, but in the end, Twitter is not in charge of the future. Nature is in charge of the future. If you want your country to continue, you have to answer nature's imperatives which are the basics.

Do you have enough water? Do you have a reliable food supply? Can you defend yourself from invaders? What are you using for energy? How are you producing things and keeping warm? Those are the essential questions that any civilization must ask. Those and one other -- how many people do you want living in your country?

The size of your population matters very much. The size determines the nation's character. It often determines its fate. Yet, we don't talk much about the size of our population, we probably should.

The United States is growing faster than most Americans understand. If you were born in 1969, and some of us were, you arrived in a country with a little over 200 million people in it. There now 334 million people in it. That's an awful lot of new people in an awfully short time.

How many people is that exactly? Well, it's nearly twice the population of the entire Western United States. That's 13 states, including California. That is massive and incredibly rapid demographic growth -- and it is accelerating. Immigration is now at the highest level ever recorded in American history, so is the number of foreign born already living here.

Over just the last year, roughly two million people from the third world came across our borders illegally. All of them arrived with the blessing of the White House. It makes you wonder what sort of economy Joe Biden imagines we're going to have going forward.

Domestic manufacturing is in steep decline. Automation is replacing many of the low skilled jobs that still remain. So, what are these millions of new people going to be doing for work 20 years from now? They can't all be Nancy Pelosi's housekeepers. They can't all bus tables at the French Laundry in Napa. And not all of them will, thank God.

In spite of the Democratic Party's best efforts to import a permanent serf class to serve its donors, some of these immigrants will rise higher than Nancy Pelosi expects they will. Some will fight their way to the top of our society with the usual combination of inborn talent and grit. And honestly bless them for that.

No one invited them here. We didn't want them to come, but we will be sincerely glad when they succeed. And yet, a country is more than the success of a handful of people inspiring is that always is to watch. Sheer numbers matter, too.

Even if every single person snuck across our southern border this year goes on to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, it would still be worth worrying about the effects that mass immigration have on our total population numbers.

So the question is, how many people is too many?

In Washington, you will never hear that question. More bodies in a country mean more power for the people who run it. Big nations need big governments. Politicians always want more people to rule, so the incentive for unrestrained population growth is baked right into the system. That's bad news for the rest of us.

First, and most obviously, Big Governments don't treat their citizens very well. Yes, that's a Reagan-era talking point. It's also true. The larger a bureaucracy becomes, the more impersonal it gets.

Past a certain size, organizations of any kind lose their regard for people. As they get bigger, they get blunter, more soulless, and cruel. The people in charge no longer care what you think, they don't have to worry about how their policies will affect you or your family, and that's the inevitable product of population growth.

If you had five children, you would bathe them all in love and attention. If you had 5,000 children, you wouldn't know their names.

So in case you're wondering why our leaders no longer seem especially interested in your health or happiness or prosperity, that's the reason. They don't have to be interested, our population is too big.

Why should your opinion matter? You're one of many.

Previous generations of Americans didn't live in a country like this and they would be stunned by the attitudes that are so common now, attitudes we take for granted. Arresting people for walking through the U.S. Capitol Building? How is that a crime? Nineteenth Century Americans would wonder.

For most of our history, Americans believed they owned the Capitol. They thought it was theirs because they assumed this was their country. Political leaders told them that it was.

After the 1904 presidential election, Teddy Roosevelt greeted voters in person on the lawn of the White House. It was his home. He lived there, but it belonged to them.

Attitudes like that are long gone. They are the victim of population growth. The Athenians invented democratic government. But at its peak, Athens only had about 8,000 voters.

So past a certain scale, democracy can't function very well. The concept of the citizen becomes too abstract. You see it in the way our leaders talk. Politicians barely mention individuals anymore, instead, they yammer on about voting blocs, which are now called communities -- the immigrant community, the trans community, the Latino community, the black community.

You hear these terms constantly, but they are nonsensical. They don't mean anything. For example, there are about 47 million black people in the United States. That's a community? No, it's not. By definition, 47 million people cannot be a community, no matter what color the people within it are.

How could it be a community, they don't even know each other? What you're looking at is not a community, but 47 million individuals each created by God as unique, each with opinions and interests and preferences and goals. They aren't quite the same as anybody else's. In other words, they're human beings.

People who run big countries tend to forget that. When you're in charge of hundreds of millions of people, you cannot help but to dehumanize them. Not that our leaders have ever had a problem with dehumanizing people. In fact, they're strongly for it.

A year and a half ago, some idiot kid from Harvard wrote a book demanding that the United States open its borders to an additional 700 million new immigrants from around the world. If we did that, he argued in the book, we'd have a population of a billion people, and that might raise our GDP, Wall Street would be thrilled.

Also, of course, we would be more diverse with more interesting restaurants. Want Sierra Leonean goat barbecue delivered to your pod at 3:00 AM? With a billion people living here, you could get that done.

As noted, the kid is a moron.

But in Washington, here is the interesting part. No one laughed at him. Quite a few ostensibly smart people agreed with his thesis including some prominent Republicans who turned out to be as dumb and reckless as he is. Apparently, none of them has ever spent time in a crowded country.

Anyone who has, knows how deranged it is to want a billion people here in the United States. Mass population growth makes life worse for pretty much everybody. That's the main problem with crowded countries. They're hard to live in. They're loud and dirty and chaotic. There is no privacy, there is no open space. There are never enough resources to go around, so the culture tends to become hyper competitive and clannish.

Crowding is bad for people. It's anti-human.

In a famous series of experiments in the late 1940s, a researcher called John Calhoun forced a group of Norway rats to live in highly overcrowded pens. And almost immediately, the rats changed. They became aggressive, then they became psychotic. Ultimately, they died.

People aren't so different from that, they need room. That's why our ancestors came to America in the first place, because there was room here. You know who still understands this? Rich people understand this.

Ask anyone who has been around the world who knows what the options are asked if you left the United States, where would you move? And no one is going to tell you Lagos or Mexico City or even Singapore. If they're being honest, they will tell you, New Zealand or Alpine Switzerland. Those are low density places. They don't have a lot of other people in them.

Why do billionaires buy huge boats? Same reason. The ocean isn't crowded. There is no one else there. Uncrowded is good.

Yellowstone is beautiful because it is empty.

You don't have to be rich to understand this, it is all pretty obvious. Really only in a moment like this one, when the people with the loudest megaphone speak exclusively in lies would we need to be reminded of it.

Bigger is not always better. In fact, most of the time, it is worse.

Have you driven around your country recently? You may have noticed there are fewer and fewer beautiful things in America. You're not imagining that. It is real. Dollar stores are everywhere.

The question is, why is this happening? Well, the people in charge have no taste. That's part of it. They acquire, but they can't discern. For some reason we put private equity firms in charge of the nation's aesthetics. Accountants are doing our exterior design. That's a terrible idea, obviously.

But it's not the core problem. The core problem is that bigness is inherently ugly. There has never been a beautiful skyscraper, every single one of them is an atrocity. The fact that people still pretend otherwise tell you how conditioned we have become to disregard our own nature and our own natural longings.

Would you rather wake up at a $30 million condo on the top floor of an office tower or in a log cabin in a pine forest? Woodstove glowing as the snow falls? That's a rhetorical question, obviously, no sane person would choose the condo.

And yet we're told that condo is better. That's why it costs more because the building is bigger. But how exactly is it scale in advantage? How is that appealing? Well, it is not, in fact, its scale is the problem.

Massive size is a threat, no matter what it is -- always.

In our bones, we understand this. Anything huge is inherently terrifying to us. Children run from big things.

If there is an upside to the last two years of the COVID insanity, and there may be, it's that many Americans seem to be remembering what they long for. Look where they're moving.

Almost always, it's to some place smaller, LA to Austin, New York to Burlington, Seattle to Boise, Chicago to Naples. So it's the reverse of any other internal migration we've ever seen. Americans are moving from the cities to the farms, or at least to the outer suburbs.

They want more nature, more human contact, more trees, more quiet. And it's hard to believe they'll ever stop wanting these things, because they're natural. They're the things we all want.

At some point down the road, you can imagine young people setting out for the all but abandoned interior of our continent. Some of them may figure out that a depopulated finished settler town on the banks of Lake Superior may be a better place to live and raise children than some sterile commuter parking lot 20 miles from a crumbling metroplex.

They could figure that out, people aren't that stupid. They've just been misled.

Economic forces are going to drive this by the way as they always do. For decades, our leaders have ignored the essentials -- our food, our energy, our water in favor of boutique nonsense that improves nobody's life.

Pregnant flight suits, ladies and gentlemen. These people are ridiculous, and we're about to see the results of their long-standing negligence. Energy prices, for example, probably aren't going down. How high are they going to go? Nobody knows. But at some point, it will become very obvious that it makes more sense to buy your staples maybe nearby, more sense than it does to order them online from a warehouse across the continent.

So the rising cost of transportation is likely to be permanent. The world we live in, in other words cannot last, and that is not necessarily a tragedy. There is nothing wrong with setting down roots somewhere that is smaller. It's not a bad thing to know the man at the grocery store or the ladies at the Post Office is pretty nice actually. It might even be an improvement over Midtown Manhattan, believe it or not.

Healthy societies are not at all like the one we're living in now. They are not impersonal. They don't exist to maintain empires. They exist to serve the human beings who live within them. They elevate their citizens, they don't degrade them.

Now, obviously, that's the opposite of the system we currently have. The good news is the system we currently have cannot last. It's too perverse. It's too disconnected from the natural world. So, it will end.

And as it does end, as we think about how we want to live going forward, it is worth remembering that other people in the end are all that matters. Your relationships are the sum of your life. Those relationships start with your family, they move outward in concentric circles. They include your friends, your neighbors and the people you work beside.

This is your actual community. The human beings you know, personally, the ones you love, the ones you take responsibility for and that can never be a very big group.

Well, in case it looks like the tech companies are actually political parties, they really are all part of the same political party trying to control American politics and its outcome, we have confirmation for you tonight. A sitting Member of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been de- platformed, has been censored by the social media companies for telling the truth.

She joins us straight ahead to explain what she is doing next.


CARLSON: So here is something you already know if you live in this country, millions of Americans who dutifully got the vaccine -- good for them -- are now finding that they have the coronavirus -- millions.

In New York State alone, there have been half a million verified, just in New York. So what does this tell us? Probably lots of interesting things, it's not what we expected, it's not what we were promised, it's brand new. Maybe it's not even bad, but it's definitely not what we thought was going to happen.

So, how is the President United States, our COVIDian-in-chief responding to this? Well, he was out on the stage today, tottered out, and instead of responding to the new reality right in front of his face, he repeated the same lie. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, he said.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We have in hand all the vaccines we need to get every American fully vaccinated, including the booster shot. So, there is no excuse. No excuse for anyone being unvaccinated.

This continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated.


CARLSON: So there he is haranguing you again, this creepy old guy, scolding you. Virtually everyone in the country has already have the vaccine, and they've all got COVID.

So this is the point where he is just lying, or he is so out of it that he has no idea, but we looked at the science today and every available piece of it contradicts flatly what you just heard.

So a recent study in The Netherlands, for example, found that so-called secondary attack rate, that means the spread of COVID within a household is higher in double vaccinated individuals than in the unvaccinated. That would be pandemic of the vaccinated, just for the record -- not attacking anyone, that's the science.

Meanwhile, in Canada, researchers just concluded quote, "We also observed negative vaccine effectiveness against omicron among those who had received two doses compared to unvaccinated individuals."

Oh, wait a second. So, if you didn't get the vax, you're less likely to get the new variant of COVID? That's what the data are telling us.

But Joe Biden doesn't want to deal with reality because it wouldn't give him power over you. He couldn't fire people. So instead, he kept on spreading lies, what we call misinformation.

At one point, he told us that unvaccinated children are at risk of getting seriously ill maybe of dying from COVID. Watch.


BIDEN: We have all the tools to keep kids safe. Unvaccinated kids are at risk, yet the vaccinated are going to have a way to protect them -- get vaccinated. If you're vaccinated, get boosted.


CARLSON: Yes, we're definitely going to hand our kids over to that guy who is either completely lying. I mean, everything he said is in complete and utter stark opposition to the data out today. Or he just has no idea in which case, shh, time to retire.

The fact is, and it is a fact, kids are not at risk from COVID.

According to the C.D.C., 814,000 people died with the coronavirus by the end of this last year, 2021. Of that number, 209 were between the ages of five and 14. Joe Biden doesn't know that. We've decided maybe he's not lying, maybe he is just so out of it. Why do we think that? Because today, he indicated he has no idea what year it is. Watch him wish you a very happy 2020.


BIDEN: There is a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020. But for God's sake, please take advantage of what's available. Please.


CARLSON: So we weren't getting to play that because it's just too depressing and making fun of people who are mentally degrading is cruel, and we'd never want to be cruel. Sometimes we are, we don't want to be.

But here's a guy who has no control over his own faculties, who has no idea what the facts are haranguing you, judging you, hurting you, and then trying to take control of your children, not his children. You're going to take fatherhood lessons from Joe Biden. I mean, let's stop lying about it.

Really Joe Biden? How do I raise kids? Tell me. It's ridiculous.

And by the way, everything he said was misinformation, but he's still on Twitter. And that's not the rule we understand.

Twitter just banned Georgia Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene for so- called COVID misinformation. Everything she said was supported by Federal numbers. So what does this mean?

It means that a sitting Member of Congress has been silenced by a tech company. What is the Republican leadership doing about this? As one of their members, if you want to watch democracy being thwarted in real time, this is what it is, when an adjunct to one political party censors an elected member of another, and yet the Republican Party has done nothing to get Marjorie Taylor back on Twitter.

It turns out, she's still here, though not on that particular platform.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, great to see you.

REP. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE (R-GA): Thank you. Good to see you, too.

CARLSON: So, I'm sorry. I don't want to pull you into any kind of innerness and feud in the House with your colleagues or the leaders of the Republican Party, but I've got to say, if they can take down a sitting President, silence him and now a sitting -- one of the most popular judging by the polls -- Members of Congress, like they can just take down any Republican who strays outside the lines that they've drawn.

GREENE: Well, that's exactly what the American people know and this is what leadership should take serious in our Republican conference.

You see, Americans are sick and tired of investigations that produce nothing.

CARLSON: Well, yes.

GREENE: No one ever gets held accountable. No one ever goes to jail.

We don't have control right now. So Congress and the Republicans in Congress can do nothing for the American people who have been silenced. But when a private company that is not elected by anyone in this country declares war on a sitting Member of Congress and a sitting President, who happened to be both from the Republican Party, it's up to our leadership, and it's up to our conference to do something about it.

CARLSON: So here is what I don't understand. You know, this is just -- I'm trying to channel the frustration of -- I think of a lot of people -- but Kevin McCarthy of California, super nice guy, he expects to be Speaker, he will because Republicans are going to take control, not because of what he did, because of Biden screws ups, okay.

He is about to be really powerful. He issued a statement saying, when we get in power, we're going to do something about Section 230. I'm confused, why wouldn't a guy who thinks he should be Speaker of the House be defending members of his own conference by calling up Twitter and say, you get her back on the right now or else we're going to punish you.

This is censorship, and we're not going to put up with it. Like, how can you lead a political party? If you can't even do that?

GREENE: Well, that's what a lot of people are asking, but here is the situation, Tucker, I'm encouraging my entire conference. As a matter of fact, I'm asking all of them to leave Twitter because Twitter has declared war on our party. And what are we going to do? Just sit there and go, oh, we're going to wait until we get the majority back, and then we're going to have investigations.

And then when we get full control are we're going to pass laws to stop this? Nothing was done in the past and nothing has been done now. So, what everyone needs to do is do what I did. I went to Gettr, I went to Gab, and I went to Telegram.

I think everyone should leave, and I'm asking my entire conference to do it because you know what, you don't keep eating bad food at a restaurant that keeps serving it to you. You get up and leave and you go somewhere else where you're treated well, and for right now, that is what everyone needs to do while we have the freedom to do it.

CARLSON: Well, that's -- that's a great analogy, but you're one member. I mean, where is the leadership of your party? Why don't they just say no Republican in the House of Representative is going to be using Twitter anymore and we are all migrating to companies that don't hate us and aren't trying to censor us on the eve of a national election, which is coming up this year?

GREENE: Well, that's what should be happening. But Tucker, I've had a different experience. I'm not used to people defending me. I'm used to having to defend myself, and the reason why I'm going about it on my own and leaving and going Gettr and being perfectly happy with it is because I care about the American people, and I think they should do the same thing.

We can make Twitter powerless when we all decide to leave, and that is how Republican leadership should be handling this situation.

CARLSON: Yes. I mean, you know the truth, which is if Republican leadership -- of Kevin McCarthy can't even defend you, he is not going to defend the country. Okay, that's just true.

You defend your people. That's what leadership is, and if you're unwilling to defend your people, you're not worthy of leadership. It's really simple, in my view.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, great to see you.

GREENE: Thanks.

CARLSON: Thank you.

We'll tell you tomorrow, we have got some kind of amazing numbers for you. Two-thirds of people hospitalized with coronavirus in Los Angeles were actually admitted to the hospital with something else.

So are they really there because of corona? So maybe the most basic numbers we've been making the most basic decisions on aren't real. That would be distressing.

But first, there's a massive winter storm in the Commonwealth of Virginia. A lot of people were stranded on the highway because the highways are terrible, but you'll never guess who Democrats and their friends in the media are blaming for that.

We will tell you next.


CARLSON: So the Mid-Atlantic got a big snowstorm yesterday. Everyone knew it was coming, but officials in Virginia decided we are not going to pretreat the roads before the storm because what does that have to do with equity or vaccines? So they didn't. And what happened next?

Well, more than a thousand vehicles crashed and countless drivers were stranded on the highway for dozens of hours -- dozens of hours, and that included Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

So plenty of social media users blamed that crisis on Glenn Youngkin. He just got elected. The problem is, he is not actually the Governor yet. He has not been sworn in. A former FOX contributor did the same. He tweeted this quote, "If I was Glenn Youngkin, I'd be flooding the zone to get this I-95 crap fixed."

But he can't, because he's still a private citizen.

Vince Coglianese knows this because he is one of the biggest radio hosts in Washington, D.C. He lives in Northern Virginia. He has got his finger on the pulse of the traffic crisis in the Mid Atlantic. He joins us tonight.

Vince, great to see you.

So why did Glenn Youngkin screw this up so badly, do you think?

VINCE COGLIANESE, RADIO SHOW HOST: You know, it's funny is that my understanding is that Glenn Youngkin who is not even in office yet, as you pointed out until January 15th, his transition team was receiving briefings on this.

He was updating the media on this subject today. He seemed very active in a way that Governor Ralph Northam did not. Governor Northam who is still at this moment the Governor of Virginia despite what people who reflexively hate Republicans might think, he didn't tweet about this or express anything about it until 8:17 AM this morning, that meant many hours of people sitting in their cars freezing on one of America's busiest highways, trying to figure out when to shut the engine off in order to keep the heat, when to get out of the car to use the bathroom, how to locate food, how to keep their kids warm.

And so big leadership deficits here, not Glen Youngkin's fault. That guy is not even in office yet.

CARLSON: I've got to ask a broader question about the highways around Washington. So, for years, it was the fastest growing metro area in the country as people flooded in to grab a hold of the Federal nipple. But the infrastructure has kind of remained the same. Nobody deals with it ever. It's basically what it was in the Second World War.

Does nobody noticed this? Or because it's not about equity, they don't care. Like what is that?

COGLIANESE: It is amazing. I mean, every time it rains, like things shut down in the D.C. area. And when it snows, forget it, everything collapses and the answer is always like, well, we just don't have the same infrastructure as everybody up north.

Well, shouldn't you get that infrastructure in Virginia? They're dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars, billions of dollars in surplus right now from the Federal government sending COVID cash to Virginia, use some of that money and actually take care of your citizens.

I mean, look, you had Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, who was one of the people who was stuck in this for nearly 20 hours over the last day, and the only silver lining I'm praying for is that he has some sense of what normal people have to suffer at the hands of an incompetent government.

But my fear is, he derived no lessons from it whatsoever, and instead was upset that he was inconvenienced.

CARLSON: But if you can't even maintain your roads, should you really be running the world?

COGLIANESE: Not even close. Where's Pete Buttigieg by the way? I haven't seen --


COGLIANESE: Buttigieg is like the Department of Transportation guy. This is Interstate 95. It is probably one of -- if not the busiest, like right there next to I-5, the two busiest highways in the country. He is not going to relieve this pressure. He's not going to get out there and put his face out.

CARLSON: Come on.

COGLIANESE: I guarantee you, if Glenn Youngkin was Governor of Virginia that Pete Buttigieg would be out there attacking him right now and saying the Federal government needs to rescue these people, but it's a Democrat, and this is all politics.

CARLSON: Exactly. Damn that Glenn Youngkin.

Vince Coglianese, great to see it tonight. Congrats on the show.

COGLIANESE: Nice to see you.

CARLSON: So, as we showed you in our clips from our sitting President of the United States, there is an awful lot of COVID misinformation out there, but one small country south of us just put out a COVID PSA that actually you should watch. It is really smart. Wish we were that smart.

We'll show it to you straight ahead.


CARLSON: So for years, people talked about Universal Health Care. Our healthcare system is obviously very inefficient. That's very true. So, why not just the government run healthcare? And even some conservatives think well, maybe that would be a better way to do it. But what would that look like?

It will give an awful lot of power to people with bad intentions. New York City is proving that. New York City has just announced it is going to allocate life-saving medical care according to skin color. They withhold from some colors and give it to other colors.

The city's guidance for the distribution of monoclonal antibodies to treat COVID reads this way, quote: "Consider race and ethnicity when assessing individual risk," end quote. That's completely immoral, it is disgusting, actually, but it is also illegal.

Is the Biden Department of Justice doing anything about it? Paging the Civil Rights Division. No, come on, they are for it.

What are they spending their time doing? Well, threatening to fire hundreds of thousands of Federal employees who haven't gotten the COVID shot. Meanwhile, it seems like COVID makes it more likely that you're going to get the shot. It makes it more likely you're going to get COVID. Whatever. It's crazy.

Former White House adviser, Stephen Miller is leading the fight against that. His group is America First Legal, he joins us tonight.

Stephen Miller, thanks so much for coming on.


CARLSON: And for being one of the few people to mount a legal challenge to all of this. So, what exactly are you fighting against and why?

MILLER: Well, let's take New York first. So, we've all heard the term equity thrown around a lot in recent years. What does it mean? Equity means using raw societal power to punish people based on skin color. That's what equity is.

In the context of New York, we are seeing decisions about life and death, medical care, being made according to race and skin color. If this is allowed to survive, if this policy is allowed to endure, then, in a very real sense, our Constitution ceases to be the supreme law of the land, and instead becomes the relic of a fallen civilization. That's how big the stakes are in this fight.

If you get to the point in this country where healthcare for your loved ones, for your family, for your children, your grandparents can be decided based on what country their ancestors come from, what they look like, what their skin tone is, the American experiment is dead.

So we're asking all New Yorkers, all New York doctors who have concerns about this policy to go to our website aflegal.org. Get in touch with us, help us fight back legally, and we're going to see what we can do here.

CARLSON: Yes, I mean, this is so grotesque that I have to believe, if it were covered, if news organizations reported this was happening, the average person, even the average Biden voter would say, well, you can't kill people because that's what they're proposing, withholding life-saving medical care from people because of their skin color. That's like everything we're against, isn't it, I thought?

MILLER: It means unlimited government power. The power of life and death over innocent people because of how they look. You are talking about fascism. There is no other word to describe this. This is fascism.

American liberalism, small --

CARLSON: It's also racism. I mean, just to note the obvious, right? I mean, like, yes.

MILLER: It is racist fascism. It's using totalitarian power to advance a racist agenda. American liberalism, small L, the idea of the individual having innate dignity, innate worth and innate rights. That's dead, that's gone if this is allowed to persist and ultimately spread across our whole healthcare system. So, that's what's at stake.

So again, if you're living in New York tonight, and you're concerned about how this policy affects your health, affects your family's health, health, go to aflegal.org, where we are going to help you fight back.

CARLSON: No one else is doing it, so I'm glad that you are. Stephen Miller, thanks so much.

MILLER: Thank you.

CARLSON: So what no one ever says out loud, the data show very clearly that one of the biggest factors that decides whether or not you die from COVID is not your race, actually, it's your weight and your physical health. Are you in good shape?

But particularly how much you weigh. If you're really, really heavy, you're much more likely to die. Nobody says that here. You're not allowed to say that for some reason, instead, give your eight-year-old a shot. Right.

But at least one head of state is saying that. President Bukele El Salvador, we interviewed him a couple of years ago, just released this public service announcement aimed at reducing deaths from COVID. Here is what it says.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (voice over): A healthy lifestyle also helps to reduce the complications from COVID-19. Older adults and people with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, or chronic illness are the groups at the most risk of mortality.

Try following these recommendations. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Try to hit your ideal weight. Practice outdoor activities to get fresh air and sunlight.


CARLSON: Well, of course. Get fresh air, get some exercise, worry about your overall physical health. These are the determining factors on whether you survive COVID much of the time.

Why is no one saying that? Maybe they don't really care about us.

Well, Eric Swalwell is very concerned. In fact, he has got a dire prediction. He says the midterms in November are going to be the last election in the history of America.

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri joins us next to respond.


CARLSON: Congressman Eric Swalwell of California doesn't know a lot about the rest of the world. He couldn't find Italy on a map. Test him sometime, but he did have sexual relations with a Chinese spy and in the Democratic Party, that qualifies you to be on the Intelligence Committee.

Eric Swalwell knows that he is a fraud, a complete fraud, an idiot serving on the Intel Committee just because he had sex with a Chinese spy even he knows that's not a real qualification. And so internally, he is very agitated. He is always upset.

Recently, he has been more upset than ever. Last night, Eric Swalwell made one of the most dire predictions we have ever heard. Listen to this.


REP. ERIC SWALWELL (D-CA): I'm worried that if Republicans win in the midterm elections, that voting as we know it in this country will be gone.

This is not only the most important election. If we don't get it right, it could be the last election, because they're also putting in place what I believe is a way to make sure that Donald Trump wins.


CARLSON: Senator Josh Hawley is one of those diabolical people trying to end democracy. He is just a senator from Missouri, an unusually smart one. We're happy to have him on tonight.

Senator, great to see you. So assess if you would this concern, this fever dream of the boyfriend of the Chinese spy that Republicans are trying to end all elections. Are you trying to do that?

SEN. JOSH HAWLEY (R-MO): You know, no, but I'll tell you, I don't think I'll be taking any advice or counsel from somebody whose single achievement in office is to be the consort of a Chinese spy. But let me put it to this way, Tucker.

CARLSON: Good point.

HAWLEY: What he is -- yes, indeed -- what he is voicing is the politics of fear that the Democratic Party has been pushing on this country for a whole year now. It's the only thing they have to offer the country, it is fear, and what they're trying to do with it is to consolidate their power.

This is the party that has weaponized the F.B.I. against parents. This is the party that calls demonstrators insurrectionists. This is the party that wants to control this country and wants to make sure that they remain in control, and the only thing they have is this politics of fear, and it started really last January 6th, and they have used that event to try and consolidate their power and push this fear politics, and that's what you see this guy doing and all the rest.

And this is going to be the year, Tucker, I think where Americans reject fear.

CARLSON: Yes, I mean, it is tiresome after a while. It makes everyone crazy. But I have to wonder like, what the hell is he talking about? I mean, Republicans are going to end all elections and Trump is going to magically reappear and become Mussolini or something -- like what is the argument? Do you even understand it?

HAWLEY: No, it's totally crazy, and it has no connection to reality. But then Democrat politics don't have any connection to reality anymore. It's all of this hysteria.

I will just say this, it is ironic from the Democratic Party that even right now, is trying to change the voting rules in all 50 states from Washington, so that they can set the rules of every election in this country so that they never lose power.

I mean, they are literally trying to do this in the United States Senate. So it is an agenda that is deeply unpopular, they're deeply unpopular, all they've got going for them is fear. And I'm telling you, Tucker, the American people are going to say no to it, and this is going to be the year.

CARLSON: So really quick. We only have 45 seconds, but you're talking about the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, I think, that is their number one priority. Is that -- and we're going to do a segment or two on it, but does that have a chance of becoming a law do you think?

HAWLEY: Well, only if they break the filibuster to do it, but it's a scary piece of legislation. And this is -- what they want to do is, they want to control the elections, the election rules of all 50 states from Washington, D.C. and they want to change it in a way that will benefit the Democratic Party so that they don't ever lose another election.

It is crazy stuff, Tucker, and I don't think it has a chance unless they can get Manchin and Sinema to change their minds and break the filibuster. I don't think that's going to happen.

But again, we've got a lot of work to do between now and November, and this is the year for Americans to say we're not going to live with this kind of fear any longer.

CARLSON: Yes. Well, they always accuse you of exactly what they're doing themselves. It's really -- paging Dr. Freud.

Senator, it's great to see you tonight. Thank you so much.

HAWLEY: Thank you.

CARLSON: You may remember, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller. He spent 17 years in the Marine Corps, five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, combat tours. He is the only person, the only person who has been punished for the debacle in Afghanistan.

They sent him to jail for criticizing it. Remember that?

We wanted to sit down and talk to him ever since, and we have.

He was fired. Anyway, he is officially out the Marine Corps. We had a long conversation with him. That whole thing will be on "Tucker Carlson Today" out tomorrow.

Here's a short part of it.


STUART SCHELLER, FORMER U.S. MARINE: You know, I feel like what I did was the right thing and I'm going to stand by that and my life is going to be dedicated to making sure that there are some changes that take place.

A lot of people don't think it's possible. I've been amazed at the amount of feedback I've got of "you can't change it." People truly believe that.

I think the majority of people think this is the way it is, Stu, and you can't change it. I don't believe that. I fundamentally don't believe that.

I think if enough of us believe in one thing. We can change anything.


CARLSON: Really an amazing man. We're thrilled to sit down with Stu Scheller. We'll have a lot more of that conversation tomorrow.

A quick programming note. This Thursday, our show will be entirely dedicated to the insurrection. No, to rebutting some of the lies we've been told for a full year about January 6th, an entire -- there are still protesters that are being held without bail and no scheduled trial dates. Really?

When was the last time that ever happened in American history? And you wouldn't know it because they lie about everything and by they, we mean the axis of the media and the Democratic Party.

We're going to really try and sort out the facts of that day. Some of them are ugly, by the way, they don't reflect well of the Republican Party. That's not the point. The point is telling the truth and we plan to this January 6th, Thursday.

That's it for us tonight. We will be back every night at 8:00 PM, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.

Have a great night. We're going to go to Sean Hannity about 11 seconds early because we think he is worth it.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sean Hannity.

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