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If you've been living in America over the past few years, you've definitely had this experience. You wake up one morning and you realize that some institution you grew up with, a group you once loved and trusted has somehow changed completely.

It's not what you remember, it is unrecognizable. In fact, it's now insane.

Chances are that's happened at the school you went to, maybe to the Church you grew up in or charity you've long supported. They're very different. If you're Episcopalian, you know exactly what we're talking about. If you ever given money to Sierra Club, hoping they -- I don't know -- protect the Sierras, you'd get it, too.

So everywhere in this country, formerly respectable organizations seem to have gone off the deep end. Have you listened to National Public Radio recently? Now, mentally, NPR was always a little nutty, but in a familiar non-threatening kind of way. Your average public radio station ran niche cultural programming most of the time the Celtic Music Hour or a Bluegrass Show.

In fact, for decades public radio's most popular feature was something called "Car Talk." Remember that? It was a show where two Italian mechanics from Boston -- hilarious -- both them argued about the relative merits of carburetors versus fuel injection, so they give you free advice on how to fix your Honda.

And then in the morning, and again at night, as always in drive time, all NPR stations aired the news from Washington. There was "Morning Edition" in the morning, there was "All Things Considered" on the trip home. NPR anchors were left of center, obviously, but more than anything, they were self-consciously upmarket.

They spoke in comically stilted voices designed to suggest deep area edition. You can imagine them reading a lot of Rilke in their spare time and having complicated opinions about wine.

"This is NPR," they'd say, National Public Radio.

It was all pretty amusing, easy to mock, but it's basically harmless. NPR didn't call for violent revolution or denounced white people as demons. That did happen on some radical stations like Pacifica, but not on NPR. On NPR, they were just dopey self-important 70-style liberals, the kind with dangly earrings and composting bins in their yards.

Not anymore. You ought to listen to NPR now. Actually don't listen, we pulled the clips for you. Keep in mind that what you're about to hear is entirely real. All of it aired on NPR over just the last few weeks.

First up is a segment about dieting and that seems like a sensible topic. Obviously, the country could use some help dropping weight, particularly with COVID in the air. But NPR doesn't run straightforward segments anymore on anything. So it never occurred to them to air a feature about how to rid yourself of extra Christmas pounds. No. A segment like that would be racist. It has nothing to do with equity or marginalized communities.

So instead, here is how NPR approached dieting. Listen.


SAND CHANG: I am a Chinese-American non-binary therapists and psychologists and DEI consultant

ANDEE TAGLE: Chang specializes in research and treatment of eating disorders within marginalized communities in the Bay Area. They say decoupling from diet culture is often eye opening, and also uncomfortable.


CARLSON: Decoupling from diet culture. Are you following this?

By the way, you can't even have a conversation without certain prerequisites. If you're going to talk about dieting on NPR, you're going to need a Chinese-American, non-binary therapist and psychologist and DEI consultant do it. A mere nutritionist won't cut the mustard.

Those are the new rules at NPR, but actually come to think of it, don't talk about dieting at all. Dieting is racist. It's part of white supremacy culture. Here is NPR's explanation.


ANDEE TAGLE: Sabrina Strings is a Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Irvine, and author of the book "Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia."

Her extensive research shows that the fat phobia is so prevalent in today's society was largely a product of two elements working together to anoint Europeans as superior to all others.

The thing is, the BMI was never meant to measure individual health. And again, was based purely on studies of white men.


CARLSON: Do they believe any of this? So here's NPR - National Public Radio, telling you that your weight has nothing to do with your health. It is decoupled as they might say from your health. And if you think otherwise, you're engaging in fat phobia, and that means you, Mr. America, must ignore the COVID numbers, the numbers that suggest being overweight is in fact a major risk factor for death, in fact the biggest risk factor for death among the young. But keep in mind, those statistics compiled by white men.

The real problem with being fat says NPR is that you're constantly being oppressed by racist diet culture.


ANDEE TAGLE: And a lot of their personal writing focuses on navigating the world as fat. Take airplanes, restaurants, movie theaters, entry is limited to an assumed body size.

We might consider basic accommodations like doorways or seatbelts as value neutral, but that only shows us how much diet culture has influenced the design of our world.


CARLSON: We'd love to get Andee Tagle on tonight to explain why the size of doorways is racist. Now, you're probably thinking at this point well, they just pulled the looniest examples off in PR. Nope, that's a representative sample.

What you're hearing there is NPR's approach to every story. So you could do actual reporting on actual trends or stories that are of interest to your audience and have some inherent meaning. No, NPR has decided only to complain about frivolous questions.

Listen to this segment in which NPR's news division informs us that our long national nightmare is finally over and thank God. "Sesame Street" has finally hired an Asian-American puppet. Watch.


ADRIAN FLORIDA: This year, the show welcomed a new character, electric guitar playing Ji-Young, the first Asian-American Muppet in its history.

KATHLEEN KIM: I think, you know, the sort of genesis of Ji-Young was accelerated with the rise in hate crimes against Asians this year.


CARLSON: Yes, the rise in hate crimes against Asians committed by all those Trump supporters that spurred "Sesame Street" to get an Asian Muppet and it spurred NPR to celebrate it.

Now, this is a big change. If you remember "Sesame Street," there was Big Bird and Cookie Monster. They didn't seem to have ethnicities. In fact, that was the point. There was no tribalism on "Sesame Street." That's why they used animals, not people. Not anymore.

According to NPR, the ethnicity of the "Sesame Street" Muppets is the most important thing. And not just on "Sesame Street," in all entertainment and art and culture. No one in NPR reads books anymore. Obviously, they've thrown down the Wilke, which they probably never read in the first place.

But they do stream a ton of garbage off the internet. And when they watch it, they're most interested in what the people look like, the shades of their skin. Here's an NPR producer explaining what he's been watching recently.


DOUALY XAYKAOTHAO: Well, Kumari, what TV show were you bingeing this year?

KUMARI DEVARAJAN: I was watching, "We Are Lady Parts." It's a musical comedy about a punk band in London that is made up of all Muslim women.


CARLSON: It is a musical comedy about a punk band in London that's made up of all Muslim women. I mean, okay, I guess there is nothing wrong with that, but every story is a story about a musical comedy in London about a punk band of all Muslim women.

I mean, really, the programming is like AI generated. That's all of NPR right now. Listen to the question this NPR personality asks about the new "Matrix" film.


A. MARTINEZ: Emily, have you seen the latest "Matrix" film?

EMILY VANDERWERFF: I have, indeed. It's wonderful.

A. MARTINEZ: Now, any additional trends allegories teased in the film? Or is it something that maybe is being left for the first three?


CARLSON: So if you're running a news organization, obviously one of the critical questions you're going to have to answer right up front is how many trans allegories are there in the "Matrix"? NPR is doing that, and we could go on and on. In fact, we could play you NPR's coverage about decolonizing hair salons and a lot more, but we'll stop because it's tiresome, and this isn't NPR.

But it is still not enough for NPR's own hyper-woke employees. National Public Radio has been so thoroughly radicalized, it is on the verge of destroying itself from within.

Crystal Fleming, a sociologist, presumably studying marginalized communities just released this assessment of NPR's toxic white supremacy, quote" "The problem at NPR is white supremacy. That so few are saying this explicitly is telling, indeed."

By the way, notice the passive construction of the sentence and the word "indeed." Signifiers of low IQ. Just so you know.

In any case, a former NPR cohost called Sheern Meraji agreed with this, quote: "One thing I want to point out is the small percentage of Latino/Latina/Latinx employees who work at NPR. What are we now? 18.5 percent of the U.S. population, but only seven percent at NPR. Not a good look."

How upset about this can you be? The revolution always eats itself and in NPR's case, it's kind of hard to weep about that. But here is the deepest irony of all, this is what you will enjoy the very most.

So NPR spends all of its time attacking privilege, white privilege, white people, white supremacy. But privileged white people are NPR's core audience. In fact, they are the only people who listen and we checked the audience numbers. Here is what they are.

NPR's audience is 84 percent white. Now, we have no problem with that. We don't hate white people. We're not racist, unlike NPR. But for comparison, that's higher than the numbers at FOX News.

Now NPR is always claiming that FOX News is some kind of white supremacist organization. By the way, FOX News has a significantly larger black and a much larger Hispanic audience than NPR has, both overall and as a percentage of viewers.

So who does listen to NPR? Well, you know exactly who listens to NPR. She just honked at you at an intersection for no reason. She was wearing a mask alone in her Subaru. We have pictures on the screen right now. The question is, do people like her really need more than $100 million in Federal subsidies every year? Which is what public radio still gets for some reason.

Probably not, but then again, maybe so. Who are we to judge? Maybe angry barren Subaru drivers with as many graduate degrees as they have bumper stickers deserve welfare, too. Maybe they are a marginalized community. We're not sure.

So we've asked Matt Walsh to join us tonight to sort this out. He is the host of "The Matt Walsh Show," and we're happy to have him.

Matt Walsh, it is great to see you. So I mean, I guess everybody is kind of getting welfare now. So why shouldn't angry personally dissatisfied wine moms with upper incomes also get a Federal subsidy?

MATT WALSH, HOST, "THE MATT WALSH SHOW": Yes, I think you can make that argument. In fact, I have to say as someone who gained like 10 pounds over Christmas break, I'm happy that now I have this framing, I can say that.

No, I wasn't gorging on ham and eggnog, I was decoupling from diet culture. That's what I was doing. Because dieting is racist.

CARLSON: I am using that.

WALSH: Well, it proves that I am not racist. Yes.

Look, I think that -- we know that leftism is like a black hole where no light or sanity can escape and if you orbit around it, you're going to get sucked into it into just full on insanity.

So everything that leans left will eventually descend into full on his insanity like NPR has, and we also know that the ruling class is aware of how insane all of this is, which is why they're getting more and more desperate to shut down any criticism of it.

So I just want -- I have to mention because I just found out five minutes ago right before we went on the air that I just got suspended on Twitter, because I pointed out that biological males are men, and this to me, you know, is all part of the game here that this is what leftism is, and if you criticize it, then they're going to shut you down because they realize that it's not like they can engage intellectually.

It's not like they can defend intellectually anything that you -- any of the examples that you just played, so this is the only option they have.

CARLSON: So I have to ask since -- I mean, you know, I wanted you to come on and make fun of NPR, but you raise a really deep point, and you're smart. So let me just ask you a broader question. Like, what's the end game here?

I mean, are they satisfied when every single -- 340 million Americans just nod and say, yes, women or men, men or women, or I'll take my 11th mandatory vax. Like, is there a point at which they say we've won?

WALSH: The ultimate end game, I think, is to overturn civilization. It is to overturn the moral order. I mean, this is -- leftism is waging a campaign against truth on a fundamental level in a way that we've -- that I think human civilization has never seen before.

So these are -- a lot of it is pretty funny, but at the same time, at bottom, at roots, there is something much more sinister going on. And then also, considering the fact that we have to fund this. This also raises another question for me, which is, you know, Republicans have been ostensibly in charge of the government at various points of the last few decades, and yet, they continue to shovel tax money welfare payments to the wine moms, as you point out, just like they shuffle welfare payments to Planned Parenthood when they're killing babies.

So you know, that's another question I have is why haven't the Republicans done anything about this when they had the ability to do it?

CARLSON: I was going to bring that up, but it makes me too, man. So I did want to, but I'm glad that you did. Matt Walsh, good to see you tonight. Thank you.

WALSH: Appreciate it.

CARLSON: So Kamala Harris or Kamala -- whatever she's calling herself -- her office is very much like the state she used to represent California. Everyone is leaving. So now, she is on a hiring spree to replace the staffers who left in trauma. She's got a new Communications Director. He doesn't appear to be a big fan of Joe Biden.

FOX's Kevin Corke has this true story. Hey, Kevin.

KEVIN CORKE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Good evening, Tucker. Jamal Simmons is his name. He is actually set to be named the new Comms Director for the Vice President, but he's already, I'd say about waist deep in hot water.

You see he previously hosted a show for "The Hill" called "Why You Should Care" in which he aired a segment back in August of 2019 titled "Dazed and Confused," poking fun at Joe Biden for the many conflated and exaggerated stories he's told the public over the years.


JAMAL SIMMONS, POLITICAL ADVISER: Joe Biden is back in the hot seat over something he said. It seems like we do the story about once a week. This isn't the first time Joe Biden has said something that turned out to be wrong or in politic. It's what you get with Uncle Joe.


CORKE: "What you get with Uncle Joe," says Simmons. He also cast doubt on COVID-19 vaccines while the Trump administration was rushing to get one approved for emergency use back in 2020. He tweeted this in September of 2020. "Trump's fatally ill managed coronavirus response seems to have turned voters off to him the way Katrina destroyed Bush's political reputation, but pushing a janky science vaccine into the public for political purposes would turn incompetent culpability into intentional harm."

And you wonder why some people will not want to take the vaccine.

Now Simmons, also warned that Joe Biden shouldn't get too comfortable with the black vote, urging him to remember that he was a plus-one invitee to the black cookout meeting, plus one alongside Barack Obama.

Now as you can imagine, he has been much of the day, Tucker, tweeting apologies for his past comments and tweets pledging to rep the Biden administration with humility, sincerity, and respect -- Tucker.

CARLSON: The Great Kevin Corke. Thanks for that story.

CORKE: You bet.

CARLSON: Good to see you.

CORKE: You, too.

CARLSON: Really, Jamal Simmons also criticized immigration in a pretty sensible way. He is eating those words, too. Of course, he is.

Well, what you saw yesterday at the commemoration of the insurrection was in some ways beyond belief.

Nancy Pelosi had the cast of "Hamilton" sing on a Zoom call in commemoration of it. We're just going to relive those moments for just a little bit, roll around in them, because we can't control ourselves. That's straight ahead.


CARLSON: So the anniversary of January 6 was yesterday, Insurrection Day. Today is the day after, as we say. How do you feel? Well, we feel sated and tired, a little out of it. I mean, festivities like that just wear you out. You just want to sit on the couch and remember the highlights. In case you don't remember them. We've got a few.

Nancy Pelosi, the 81-year-old Speaker of the House told us that she was nearly killed on January 6th.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): They almost overturned an election.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: There were rioters running through here trying to get to the House just right over there.

PELOSI: That's right.

COOPER: To get into the House chamber, which they weren't able to get into.

PELOSI: Yes, they were in my office which is right there.

COOPER: What if they had found you? What would have happened?

PELOSI: They said they were going to shoot me in the brain. But -- and then -- in the brain.


CARLSON: Yes, except they had no guns or knives or any way to do that. But whatever, only a liar but kind of demented, actually at this point. But that doesn't lessen the trauma of the moment, particularly a year later, as well as events that has become more traumatic as time goes on.

On CNN today, the channel's eunuch insisted that January 6 was indeed a terror attack, not because there was terrorism or a terrorist leader or a terrorist plan, but because everything scary is now terrorism.


VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: Senator Cruz asked to come on to apologize, and he wanted to come on to Tucker's show to say, I'm so sorry that I called terrorists, terrorists.

BRIAN STELTER, CNN CHIEF MEDIA CORRESPONDENT: Exactly. And that speaks to the level of denialism within the G.O.P. when you cross this apparent line of talking about the terror of that day, by the way, you know, we know hundreds of people inside the Capitol experienced terror, whether you label people terrorists, that is complicated, absolutely.

But it was an act of terror that was forced upon these Capitol Hill staffers, lawmakers, et cetera.


CARLSON: So imagine if you're a guy who won't acknowledge biological sex, calling other people quote, "denialists" or whatever. They really feel that way. For them, it was traumatic. That's their lived experience. That's their truth.

It wasn't just Nancy Pelosi and the peace of mind of everybody in the Washington Press Corps that died that day. You know what else almost died that day, according to MSNBC, democracy itself.


JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: One year after insurrectionists stormed our Nation's Capitol, in an unprecedented attack on our democracy.

A full year later, the images aren't any easier to watch, but they are an important reminder of how close we came to losing our democracy and how fragile that democracy remains.


CARLSON: Imagine being in charge of reading MSNBC scripts, it would be super easy, you would just like look over the bin, and there are all of these chunks of language pre-assembled, and you just kind of throw them together and that would be tonight's script.

The insurrection is the unprecedented attack on our democracy. You just like put all the cliches in there, they don't have to be in the right order, because they never change. So what is this really about? Well, it's about lying and nonstop propaganda. But what is it really about? Well, obviously, it's about preserving the power of the Uni Party.

And if there was any doubt about that whatsoever, and you may have missed this, Dick Cheney showed up on Capitol Hill yesterday, and Democrats who had spent a decade denouncing him as a war criminal applauded him. Watch.


WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: We saw Liz Cheney, the Congresswoman and her dad, the former Vice President Dick Cheney on the floor of the U.S. Congress earlier in the day. What does that suggest to you that Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney, they're both Republicans, very conservative, they are there and remembering this day in history?

REP. PRAMILA JAYAPAL (D-WA): Well, I think they're trying to save the Republican Party. They're actually trying to bring the Republican Party back.


CARLSON: What does it suggest to you when the Cheney's show up on the floor? Well, it suggest someone is about to get droned? That was not the answer.

Ned Ryun is the CEO of American Majority. He joins us now. Ned Ryun, great to see you. What does it suggest to you?

NED RYUN, FOUNDER AND CEO, AMERICAN MAJORITY: Well, first of all, the desperation that surrounded January 6th, all the hype and the cringe, it really feels like the last stages of a regime and the corporate propagandists as they realize they might be having power slip out of their hands.

I think you make a great point, though. I mean, this is definitely about a ruling class administrative state governing approach that senses their power might be waning. But there is more to it than that, Tucker. I mean, they're using January 6th, really, as a way to not talk about the 2020 elections. If you dare to bring up, hey, we might have questions about it. No January 6th, shut up.

It's also used a distraction for the absolute disaster of the first year of the Biden administration. I mean, COVID policy is and was a disaster. Inflation, everything is much higher than it was a year ago. So let's use this as a distraction, January 6. Don't pay attention, Americans, to the real things that affect your lives, you're going to be made to pay attention to January 6th.

But most importantly, Tucker, January 6th is a way for the left to basically paint and portray everybody that is to the right of them, and that's why I was really surprised with Ted Cruz's comments about domestic terrorism. Don't you realize that the left wants you to be considered a domestic terrorist?

All Republicans, all independents, who are to the right of them, to get them to shut up and sit down so they can force through their election reform to have one party rule, and I think the thing that people need to understand, Tucker, whenever the left talks about democracy, it is not democracy in a sense that most normal people would think about. It is whatever we can get in which we have all the power we can do whatever we want to, and anybody that resists that is an insurrectionist, is a terrorist, if you dare to actually question their authoritarian administrative state governing approach.

CARLSON: That sounds like oligarchy to me. Super quick, in 10 seconds, and I don't want to attack Ted Cruz again, but you see this with a lot of Republican leaders, not just on politics, but also on China.

Could it possibly be that they've assessed the future? They decided which side is going to win, and they're just welcoming their -- you know, their new leaders?

RYUN: Well, if they have, Tucker, that would be a real shame because there are a lot of us out here that have sent people like that to actually fight for a constitutional and inherent rights. And if they can't, we'll find somebody new to do that.

CARLSON: Yes, our new insect overlords. Ned Ryun, great to see you. Thank you.

RYUN: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: So over the Supreme Court today, where they still won't allow cameras. Maybe this is why, three more Justices talked about coronavirus, and it turns out, they have no idea, even the basic facts of what's going on with corona. This was during the oral arguments to justify Joe Biden is insane. Totally authoritarian vax mandate.

We've got two tails next. They will shock you.


CARLSON: There are oral arguments in the Supreme Court today. The question is whether the Biden administration can force millions of American citizens to take medicine they don't want or need.

Now, Justice Sotomayor, who by all accounts is not a super genius to put it mildly, showed up with no facts at all. Sotomayor proceeded to claim that COVID deaths are at an all-time high. That's untrue. That omicron is deadlier than delta. That's just insane. And that 100,000 American children are currently hospitalized with the virus like that's -- where did that come from?

What is she reading? Get off Twitter, Sotomayor.

Eric Schmitt is the Attorney General of the State of Missouri. His office has argued against the mandate at the Court today along with the State of Louisiana. Eric Schmitt joins us tonight. Thank you so much for coming on.

So, you know, I'm not going to put you in a position to criticize a sitting Supreme Court Justice. But I have to ask, do you think that your attempt to invalidate these unconstitutional mandates will be successful?

ERIC SCHMITT, ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI: I do. I mean, look and I think this is one of the most consequential cases the Supreme Court has ever heard. I mean, this was a showdown today, especially if you care about individual liberty and personal freedom, because it comes down to the central question, Tucker, can unelected bureaucrats without any constitutional statutory authority force some medical procedure on a hundred million Americans. The answer to that should be no.

And by the way, the scary thing here is, if they are successful, if Biden is successful, there is no limiting principle here. There is no limiting principle for these agencies. For example, with climate change, why wouldn't you just you know -- it is an existential threat. We're at a tipping point.

The Department of Transportation and E.P.A. weaponized them to go tell you what you can drive, when you can drive, and for how long. And mark by words, Tucker, we are probably a couple months away from the midterm variant, where it is not safe to vote in person, and we've got masks, you know, mail-in balloting, and political operatives have got to collect grandma's ballot.

I mean, the pathway to tyranny is paved with these kinds of emergency executive orders, which is why this case is so important.

CARLSON: Especially when the boosters are working. I mean, there is evidence that people who get the booster are more likely to get the latest variant. So I mean, this is truly scary behavior, and I'm wondering if I'm reading it correctly, it's just you and the A.G. from Louisiana. There are a lot of Republican Attorneys General, why aren't they joining you in this?

SCHMITT: Well, there are a lot -- no, to be clear, a lot of -- these were separated into different Circuits and then consolidated. So, there is a number of Republican A.G.'s.

Missouri led the charge, the Louisiana helped lead the charge, too. And so we just had the opportunity to present on the OSHA and the CMS mandate.

But again, you think about this, Tucker, and Justice Kagan mentioned this, that she didn't know a lot about rural America. The reality here is, rural hospitals are going to close, rural nursing homes will close.

That patient with dementia is going to end up in a place he's not familiar with. Somebody is going to have to go a couple hundred miles for a heart procedure, all because the bureaucrats in D.C. at their cocktail parties don't ever consider the consequences for real America and that's what this is about, in addition to the fact that this is a broad expanse of authority for administrative agencies.

I don't think we want to have a country where the administrative state is that powerful, which is again, why I think this case is so important.

CARLSON: Right. I agree with you completely. And I'm grateful that you're doing it.

Eric Schmitt, the Attorney General of the State of Missouri, thank you.

SCHMITT: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: I noticed no one has ever answered the question. I've never heard it asked why our healthcare workers, people who presumably know a lot more about healthcare than say, Joe Biden, turning down the shot. You can't say they are ignorant. They're healthcare workers. They're nurses. Why don't they want it?

Why do they want to lose their jobs over it? That's a fair question. What's the answer?

Well, China appears to be taking over farmland in this country. We're in the middle of a food supply crisis, by the way, what exactly is going on? And why is no one talking about that? We will, next.


CARLSON: In the spring, we started a new interview show on FOX Nation, "Tucker Carlson Today." Hour long. We just hit our 100th episode we're proud to say and who better to talk to for our 100th episode than free speech advocate and truly hilarious comedian, Andrew Doyle.

He is defending history, weirdly for a comedian, but he is more than that. He is actually a scholar, too, and a truly, truly funny guy.

Here he is explaining why it's worth preventing them from taking us to year zero. Watch.


ANDREW DOYLE, COMEDIAN: But that was the thing I really wanted to capture is that whenever I engage with these activists online, it's the sheer certainty that it never crosses their mind that they might be wrong. It never crosses their mind that their opponents might just have a different worldview. They have -- they just assume everyone else is evil. We're right, everything must change.

And that to me is dangerous and scary, but also funny. I mean, the sheer arrogance of that is quite funny, you know --

CARLSON: And the lack of self-awareness.

DOYLE: No self-awareness at all. I mean, you go -- their view of humanity is something like this because, I mean, you've noticed the way they're trying to destroy history, so they will want to topple statues, rename streets, do everything that Orwell wrote about, in fact, and their ideas that up until now, human beings have got it wrong, that we've always been evil and just wrong on every issue.

And now, they've come along and they are morally pure and they've got all the answers and they will never be judged in the future by future generations, but of course they will.

But they think they've got it all right, so they are going to just sort of dismantle society as it is start, from scratch. Let's call it year zero -- and that is where they're coming from and I find that level of arrogance is always funny.

And satirists and comedians have always gone after Puritans, always got them by Puritans and Pharisees, and, you know, these kinds of figures. And actually, at least the Puritans had a sense of self-awareness. They believed that they were unworthy before God.

CARLSON: Exactly.

DOYLE: They had a sense of their own fallibility which were actually quite fundamental to their belief system. So when I use the word Puritans to describe these people, I'm actually not really comparing it to those people, I'm talking about this idea of a new purity culture, and it is a purity culture.

They believe that unless you are a hundred percent on board with all of their ideas, you are, you know, damned effectively, you are on the outside.

And that's why you see the activists of today, always going on about, you know, how language is dangerous, how words are violence, how jokes normalize hate, because they believe that everything is language, but of course, there is a reality beyond language.

But that was all very much part of my studies and my interest. So, I read a lot of people like Judith Butler of the world, you know, who has a background in literature as well, I read those sorts of people who are kind of the precursors to what we're seeing now.

You know, if you look at a lot of what the activists are saying now, it is derived from -- it's not the same as, but it is derived from that sort of postmodern thought of the 60s and 70s.

So I think I'd read a lot of the background stuff about this. But then also, I am fascinated by culture, and by the way -- by people's ideas, I like to try and take people on good faith and listen to what they've got to say, and I read a lot of these people's books, a lot of these activist books out of interest more than anything.

You know, I think it's important to read things you don't agree with.


DOYLE: And you know, even in the worst, you know, even like someone like Robin DiAngelo, "White Fragility," which is, you know, a terrible book, but every now and then, there is a kernel of truth, every now and then there's something you think, okay, there is something to that.

CARLSON: Well, sure. Yes.

DOYLE: You know, and so it's just useful.


CARLSON: Andrew Doyle, the brilliant creator of the "Fake Titania McGrath," the woke lunatic on Twitter who might as well be real. Full conversation on FOX Nation. It is on tuckercarlson.com if you want to see it.

Well, amazingly, there appear to be growing connections between Viagra and treatment for the coronavirus. A nurse in the U.K. just woke up from a 28- day coma after she got a big dose of Viagra, probably her first.

One healthcare company is providing coronavirus tests along with their ED medication. Who thought Viagra would save us from the pandemic?

Dr. Marc Siegel might have predicted it. He's our FOX News medical contributor, a man we go to. He joins us tonight to explain -- Doctor.

DR. MARC SIEGEL, FOX NEWS CHANNEL MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR: Tucker, we've been talking about Viagra. We talked about it last week about Alzheimer's and we're doing further investigations on it now. As you said, Monica Almeida, 37 years old, she was 72 hours away from having her respirator turned off, they gave her a massive dose of Viagra and she woke up.

Now what might the connection be there? Well, I started looking into that. A study just published out of Chile in a journal called "Critical Care" found that this patient study did not go on the respirator who got Viagra and they actually went out of the hospital sooner.

Now why would that be? Viagra is not just used for what you think it's used for. It also treats lung problems, it improves blood flow to the lungs, it improves oxygen in the lungs. It treats pulmonary hypertension, it treats altitude sickness, it makes something called nitric oxide.

Now, nitric oxide is something that the COVID virus decreases and Viagra increases. And not only was the study out of Chile, Tucker, but there were several studies around the world that if you inhale that nitric oxide, your lungs did a lot better with COVID.

Japan, China, Scandinavia -- all had studies like this showing a big improvement with nitric oxide, just what Viagra does. So I think this is the beginning of something and further studies are going on, and I think this is a potential treatment. And then you mentioned along comes a company called Roman and "The New York Times" of all wrote this up the other day and said Roman, which is a company that actually you can prescribe Viagra over telemedicine is now giving home COVID tests -- home COVID tests.

You can't get them anywhere, but you can get them via telemedicine via this company, Roman, and guess what you can get with the home test? You can get Viagra. So I have only one question and I'm going to call Roman to find out. Tucker, which do you take first, the Viagra or do you do the home test? I don't know.

CARLSON: I think I know. Well, as you said if you take it, I'm quoting, a massive dose of Viagra you wake up. So, I think it's pretty obvious. Is there anything it can't cure?

Dr. Marc Siegel, great to see you. Thank you.

SIEGEL: Thank you. I'm getting ready to try it out. Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Report back.

We have a problem with our food supply. It is obvious if you go shopping, we are going to spend the year getting to the bottom of that, we hope. But in the meantime it's worth knowing that Chinese companies are buying massive amounts of farmland in the United States. Why is that legal? We're not sure, but it's happening. Details straight ahead.


CARLSON: So Americans are taking their food supply for granted for a hundred years. All of a sudden some food is hard to find it seems like and everything is much more expensive.

At the same moment that is happening, it is very worrisome we learn that a lot of our Ag land is owned by the Chinese. Just last year, Chinese owners controlled nearly 200,000 acres in the U.S. of Ag land worth $1.9 billion. They also of course, have bought a number of agribusinesses, including the world's biggest pork producer. They're doing this around the world, buying up agricultural properties.

So why is this allowed? What does it mean for our future? And why is nobody worried about this?

Martha Fain is worried about it. She's a farmer in Virginia. She owns Liberty Farm and we're happy to have her on tonight. Martha Fain, thanks so much for coming on tonight.

So this is not something we're imagining, Chinese companies are buying up American agricultural land.

MARTHA FAIN, OWNER, LIBERTY FARMS: That's correct. You know, China is home to 21 percent of the world's population, yet, only seven percent of China is in production agriculture.

So what we're witnessing is China being on a massive hoarding spree, buying up millions of acres of farmland to the tune of 16 million acres around the globe, and in doing so, is wanting to dominate the global food supply. This presents a national food security for American farmers and for every American citizen, and it also impacts the secure the very security of our food to our Americans, but also creates an unfair playing field for American farmers.

I mean, how can an individual American farmer compete with Beijing's limitless pocketbooks and as you mentioned, so that was the acquisition of Smithfield, which is the largest producer of pork out of Virginia, they also acquired 150,000 acres of farmland here in the United States.

This is a serious concern for every American farmer and really, for every American, which by the way, no state in the United States has any prohibition against the foreign acquisition of agricultural farmland.

But yet China forbids any foreign entity from owning China land.

CARLSON: Well, I was just about to make that point, and it is not just China, lots of countries look rationally at the world and say, okay, I've got to control the supply of food and water, and if I can, medicine, and yet all of a sudden, this is happening and nobody is stopping it.

Why doesn't the Congress pass a law tomorrow saying, I'm sorry, you can't - - foreign entities from anywhere can't own American farmland. Why is that complicated?

FAIN: It's not and it's actually a bipartisan issue. There has been legislation introduced that specifically addresses, prohibiting China from acquiring more American farmland. And it's my hope, as it is for all farmers in America that it passes.

Look, American farmers are the greatest producers in the world. The American farmers are the heartbeat of America. And if American farmers are going to continue to be competitive, American farmers need to own and control our food supply, which includes the production and the distribution, as well as owning our American farmland.

CARLSON: I mean, we sold off so much. All of our manufacturers basically just like stripping the country for parts and selling it to China, but you can't sell the country itself.

I mean, farmland is the land. That's America. That's our continent.

FAIN: You're absolutely correct, and we need to shine a huge spotlight on it. President Trump was the first President to shine a huge spotlight on China's theft of our intellectual property. And, for example, in the acquisition of Smithfield Foods, you know, the Chinese acquired all of the intellectual property behind the world's largest producers of pork in the world.


FAIN: And so this is a huge threat to our country. I'm hopeful that the legislation will pass that will prevent China from acquiring more American land.

CARLSON: Well, I hope so. I mean, it is one thing to, you know, lose your intellectual property; when you lose your property like real property, you're screwed.

FAIN: That's right.

CARLSON: You're in slavery.

FAIN: And we all know that freedom stands on the shoulders of property rights and we need to protect American farmers and our farmland.

CARLSON: Amen. Martha Fain, great to see you tonight. Thanks so much.

FAIN: Thank you. Great to see you.

CARLSON: That is it for us tonight. Brand new episode of "Tucker Carlson Today" featuring Andrew Doyle. It is streaming on FOX Nation.

We are out of time. We will see you Monday. Have a great weekend.

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