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TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Good evening and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. There are a lot of things going on around the world at the moment, but we thought we would begin tonight with a report from your own country, just to give you something a little different from what you've been watching every moment of every day for the past three weeks.

On your screen are pictures from Brooklyn, New York. These are people waiting in line at a food bank. The queue stretches for blocks. It's what we used to call a breadline.

Most of these people are not homeless, they are not addicted to drugs. Some of them have jobs, they just can't afford enough food.

Very few living Americans have ever seen anything like this. It's been nearly a hundred years since the United States experienced widespread food shortages. That's long enough that most of us have forgotten what it means.

Here is what it means: If you want to make a society volatile, not just angry and divided, which is where we are now, but revolutionary and explosive, then you threaten the food supply.

More governments have fallen to rising food prices than to any other cause by far. Hungry people are dangerous.

The Biden administration doesn't seem to notice this is happening or acknowledge it. Like all neoliberals, they treat unchanging truths about anything as heresy. They censor them and shut them down. They live in an entirely ideological world that they created. They believe reality conforms to their theories, not the other way around. And why wouldn't they think that? If you can change your sex just by wishing it so, you can probably eliminate inflation simply by pretending it doesn't exist. When you're God, there are no limits.

The problem is, they're not God. They're not even very capable economists. More than a decade of reckless fiscal policies have devalued the U.S. dollar to the point that middle-class people can barely survive in the United States.

Now, the suffering of regular Americans doesn't have the thrilling imminence of, say, war footage from Ukraine, but it's real and it matters. Here's what it looks like in number terms.

This year, according to a new estimate, rising inflation will cost the average American family $3,500.00 in extra post-tax income. Now, that might be bearable if you make $250 grand a year, though you would notice it, but if you make $35,000.00 a year, that's a disaster. You will radically change the way you live. Your standard of living will plummet, and that's exactly what millions of Americans are facing right now. It's not a talking point. It's real.

Americans for Tax Reform found that between November of 2020 and November of 2021, quote, "The bottom 20 percent of earners spent $309.00 more on food, $761.00 more on energy, $476.00 more on shelter, $390.00 more on other commodities, and $224.00 more on other services." Those are the numbers from November. They've risen dramatically since then, and they're continuing to rise.

Nationally, meat, poultry, fish, eggs -- up 13 percent. In San Francisco, a dozen eggs is almost $5.00. Orange juice in Miami is over four bucks, so is a chicken breast in Boston. A pound of ground beef hamburger in L.A. is $6.34. A pound of bacon in New York City is $7.28.

In Chicago last year, green grapes cost $2.50 a pound; now they're $4.00. The price of chicken wings in the Catskills went from $8.00 to 20 bucks. Order something else.

If you tried to drink a pint of Guinness in California yesterday to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, it cost you $8.55 for a pint of beer. Prices of everything are rising far faster than wages are -- a lot faster -- and that means that in very real terms, the most real, people are becoming poorer, and not just people who buy things (consumers), but also people who sell them (retailers). This is a disaster for small business. Watch.


ED LAVANDERA, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): For a cold, hard lesson on inflation, step into the refrigerator where Karina Gudino Wollangk stores the food supplies she just bought for her pop-up food stamp business in Phoenix, Arizona.

KARINA GUDINO WOLLANGK, OWNER, DOWN TO GET TACOS: So usually it would be, the boneless would be about a dollar a pound. Right now, it's $1.84 a pound. This cheese used to be $9.00. Right now, it's like $14.56.

LAVANDERA: And that makes it hard for someone like you to run your business?

WOLLANGK: Correct. It makes it unbelievably difficult for us to predict any pricing. I can't even say I'm going to charge you a certain price right now, because in three days, it's probably bound to change, you know, and it's never for the better.


CARLSON: Did you catch it at the end? Prices changing every three days. It's like Weimar or Zimbabwe. That is not the picture of a stable economy, and it's not just food that's moving fast.

In the city of Baltimore, the cost of electricity has risen 18 percent in a single year. That does not happen with utilities, but it just did. In Philadelphia, the average utility bill rose from $477.00 a month to $651.00 a month.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, building material prices increased almost 21 percent year-over-year. Overall, lumber prices alone have added almost $19,000.00 to the price of a home in the past six months. That's one of the reasons housing prices are so high, and then, of course, there's gasoline.

In Los Angeles, it now costs about $180 to fill a Chevy Suburban. One tank of gas, 180 bucks. Nationally, gas is up nearly 40 percent, and here's what that looks like.


ABC REPORTER: These prices are eye-popping here at the Chevron, at $7.29 a gallon. For a small car with a 12-gallon tank, it would cost you $87.00 to fill it all the way up. Of course, we know this is the top end of the spectrum. Here in California, it's the most expensive state. The average price for a gallon here is $5.67, but we all know that nationally, these prices are through the roof.

The average cost nationwide now is $4.33 a gallon. That's up 63 cents in just a week's time. In fact, right now, the average cost has climbed above $4.00 a gallon in a staggering 38 states.


CARLSON: Rising gas prices make people desperate. You wouldn't know that from watching television because most people who bring you the news don't know what the price of gas is, and a lot of them don't care because they don't drive themselves.

But the rest of the country cares very deeply what the price of gas is, and in some places, the problem is so bad, gas prices are so expensive, that thieves have taken to drilling holes in gas tanks to steal it.


GUAD VENEGAS, NBC REPORTER: With the national average at $4.33 a gallon, a troubling new trend is on the rise -- gas theft. Crimes of opportunity now happening across the country.

Criminals are targeting unattended vehicles for gas, but they're not going in through here. Instead, they're drilling holes from underneath your car and draining your tank.

And once the tank is drilled, it can't be fixed. Getting a new one could cost drivers more than a thousand dollars.


CARLSON: Contrary to what you may have learned from Sandy Cortez's TikTok feed, the internal combustion engine is not a sin. It's not the basis of a moral crisis. It is a miracle upon which all civilization rests.

Your Amazon package arrives because of gasoline, so does your Uber Eats. You can fly to see your relatives across the country because of gasoline. So, when the price of gasoline rises, everyone is affected -- no matter who they voted for and no matter whether they notice it directly or not.

Here is how people in the State of Texas are reacting to the rising gas prices.


SAVANAH HERNANDEZ, PODCAST HOST: Gas has reached an all-time record high, and here in Dallas, Texas, it's $4.19 a gallon. Let's go talk to Texans and see what they think about these prices.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They're high, real high.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's [bleep] absurd. This [bleep] is ridiculous.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're spending more money to go do to make money, so it's hard.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's outrageous, you know?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's kind of outrageous, I am not going to lie to you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's been high for a long time. Now, it's too high.


CARLSON: Will the capital of Ukraine fall to the Russians? We certainly hope not. Americans care about that. How high will gas get? Americans care about that even more. They care deeply because it affects their lives so dramatically, and yet the coverage of this is not proportionate.

You almost never hear anybody ask, "What do you think of the price of gas?" But if you leave the TV studios of New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, you will find people really do care.

Every product in this country, with some exceptions, but not that many, is delivered thanks to gasoline, and that means with rising gas prices, all products become more expensive.

The cheapest washing machine you can buy at a, say, Best Buy in South Carolina right now -- 450 bucks. Furniture and bedding across the country is 17 percent more expensive than it was a year ago.

Twelve months ago, a 28-cubic-foot Samsung stainless steel fridge was selling for 1,700 bucks at Home Depot. It's now $2,000.00, and so on -- for everything, and particularly for vehicles. The average price of a used car is up more than 30 percent nationally. It's up 35 percent in Massachusetts and Tennessee. It's up 38 percent in Florida and Maryland. It's up 40 percent or more in Louisiana, New York, Montana and North Dakota.

That means the average cost of a used car in the state of Montana is now more than $42,000.00 for a used car, some with high mileage. By comparison, last March, the average used Toyota sold for $20,000.00. The average used Toyota now goes for $28,000.00.

These are real numbers with real effects. To restate: The standard of living of Americans, who for almost a hundred years have enjoyed the world's highest standard of living in any big country is plummeting. So, what is the administration doing to fix this? What are they doing to help? Well, of course, that depends upon whether or not you're Ukrainian. If you are, they can help you. If you're not, our Transportation Secretary recommends you take the bus.


PETE BUTTIGIEG, U.S. TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY: We do have a lot of capacity in public transit, and that's something that, you know, I hope becomes a means of choice. We need to make sure that there is less pressure on family budgets from transportation, which is often the second-biggest budget item after housing itself.

One of the tools that we have in our toolkit to do that is to make sure there's access to excellent public transportation.


CARLSON: Take the bus? Yes, homeless schizophrenics have been doing it for generations. Why shouldn't you? You can't afford to drive. That's the Transportation Secretary. So maybe the first question would be: What are you going to do about gas prices, pal? The roads are falling apart, maybe you could fix that. No, one of the tools in our toolkit is you can ride the bus with the crazy people and you'll like it.

But that is not their only plan to fight inflation. Their other plan? Blame others.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA): Now that we live in an America where there's a lot more concentration in certain industries -- look at the oil industry, look at meat industry, look at groceries generally.

What's happened is these companies have said, "You know, we'll pass along costs, but while we're at it and everyone's talking about rising costs, let's just add an extra big dollop of cost increases to expand our profits."


CARLSON: You just heard from someone who is a sitting United States senator, whose total reservoir of knowledge about the world is smaller than the sink in your powder room. This is someone who knows literally nothing about how anything works. The meat industry? What would that be, Senator Warren? She has no idea what she's talking about.

She has no interest in learning why the dollar is less valuable than it was 10 years ago, and she has no interest whatsoever in improving your life.

So, the question once again is: How long can this continue? It's one thing to pretend that boys can compete in girls' sports, and that's totally natural; it's always the way it's been. That may be offensive to people, but when they can't afford to buy groceries, boy, you are really teetering on the edge of something awful. They should wake up, soon.

Charlie Hurt is the opinion editor at "The Washington Times." He will soon be taking the bus with the rest of us. We're happy to have him join us.

Charlie Hurt, thanks for coming on.


CARLSON: So, in all the let them eat cake responses, and we hear them all the time, take the bus has got to be like pretty close to the top.

HURT: Yes, spoken by somebody who has never been on the bus or to a bus stop in a very long time, obviously. But you know, you ask the most important question, you know, what are their priorities? What are they trying to do about this? And a simple answer is this: Just this week, our great leaders in Washington agreed to send another billion dollars to Ukraine.

And right there, that alone right there tells you what their priorities are in terms of who they care about and who they don't care about. They don't - - you know, we had a joint session of Congress to talk about Ukraine, when was the last time we had a joint session of Congress to talk about the middle-class being crushed by inflation? It hasn't happened, I assure you, it will not happen.

But here is the other thing, to think about that billion dollars that they just decided to give to Ukraine, but we're always being told this is a global economy, and it is. And when you flood the market with another billion dollars, you know what that does to the money that's in your wallet, and to all the suckers who have saved their money? All of those people who are going to have to go out and pay the grocery bill tomorrow? That makes every penny in their pocket worth less money, because they've just fire hosed another billion dollars at something.

You know, it is so simple. A lot of this stuff is complex. This one thing is so simple. These people in Washington, who supposedly represent us are 100 percent responsible for what you're seeing at the gas meter and at the grocery store checkout line. They have created this mess, and it is the most devastating attacks there can be on working middle-class families.

CARLSON: And I would even say, you know, upper middle-class families. I mean, inflation is so high that even if you thought you were sort of doing well, all of a sudden you're not. You know, the saying, I see all these people on television who literally know nothing about anything saying you know, energy sanctions against Putin are going to hurt Putin.

I think most people would be in favor of punishing Putin for invading Ukraine. I'm in that camp. But making the price of oil higher helps Putin. Of course, it's a petro state, but it hurts us. Has this not occurred anyone? Or is it -- it is kind of the point of it maybe?

HURT: Yes. The only reason that Vladimir Putin had the money to invade Ukraine is because oil prices went up and that gave him the wealth to do that. And also, you can pat yourself on the back and say: You're not going to buy Russian oil. You're buying Russian oil. It's just that you're going to pay a whole lot more money for it.

And oh, by the way, a bunch of evil people in Syria or Iran or wherever you want to -- whatever horrible place you want to mention, they are all going to get a cut of it, too. But you're going to still be buying oil from Russia.

CARLSON: Yes, anything -- I just think there should be some kind of baseline pledge every elected official promises not to do anything intentionally to raise gas prices on our middle class. But it is the opposite of what they're doing.

Charlie Hurt, great to see you. Thank you.

HURT: To the bear minimum.


HURT: Great to see you.

CARLSON: So Joe Biden celebrated St. Patrick's Day yesterday and delivered a message to the Irish community in this country. Here he is on Capitol Hill.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Bless me, Father for I am about to sin. Well, I just want you to know, I may be Irish, but I'm not stupid. I married Dominick Giacobbe's daughter.


CARLSON: "I maybe Irish, but I'm not stupid." It's pretty funny actually. He kind of gets a pass on that, but I guess we should all be offended. We're going to be officially offended by that.

Nancy Pelosi then because it always gets better in Washington decided to insult everybody's intelligence by reading a limerick that she got by text message from Bono, her friend, Bono.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): Most of us were always whether we're in Ireland or here, whatever it is, Bono has been a very Irish part of our lives.

Oh, St. Patrick, he drove out the snakes with his prayers. But that's not all it takes.

They struggle for us to be free from the psycho in this human family. Ireland's sorrow and pain is now that Ukraine, and St. Patrick's name is now Zelenskyy.


CARLSON: Well, she's lost touch a little bit. I don't think that's overstatement. But you have to wonder when she describes Bono as Irish -- Irish is not the first word that comes to mind when you think Bono. You really think like the in-house entertainment of Davos. Not your average Irishman, Bono.

In any case, reviews of his limerick had been coming in, not all of them are good.

Roger Waters, one of the founders of Pink Floyd, we should say a very good man, mocked Bono and Pelosi in a tweet. He called them "Eejits." We don't know what that means, but it doesn't sound complimentary.

So both parties in Washington would like your kids to fight Russia in a war. They don't spend a lot of time talking about what that might look like. What would it look like if we go to war with Russia?

It is not Russian disinformation, it's a question we should discuss before it happens and that's straight ahead.


KEVIN CORKE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: This is a FOX News Alert on the war in Ukraine. I'm Kevin Corke in Washington.

Russian missiles hitting an aircraft repair center in Lviv. The city's mayor says several missiles hit that facility, the only one in the country capable of repairing crucial MiG 29 fighter jets. Today's strike just four miles from Lviv's downtown, the closest the war has ever come to that city in western Ukraine. Lviv has served as a central station for thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the country.

Meantime, heavy Russian shelling continues in the capital city of Kyiv, one person killed when a Russian missile hit an apartment building this morning. Twelve others were rescued from the rubble.

This comes as Russia continues ramping up strikes across the country this past week. The U.N. believes more than six million people have been displaced.

Be sure to stay with FOX News for the very latest on the war in Ukraine.

I'm Kevin Corke in Washington.


CARLSON: Most Americans deeply sympathize with the people of Ukraine. They got invaded, who wouldn't sympathize with them? So our Congress and our executive branch have been busy shoveling armaments to the Government of Ukraine and again, no one is questioning anyone's motives here.

But if you're going to accelerate a conflict in Eastern Europe, you have to wonder what the consequences might be. What would it mean if the United States was sucked into a war with Russia?

Well, that's one of the questions we asked the other day to Congresswoman Maria Salazar of Florida. She's the one who refused to rule out imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine, in fact, called for it. Watch.


REP. MARIA SALAZAR (R-FL): My position is that we should not take not the no-fly zone off the table, but before that that's two, we need to do one and one is to give Zelenskyy exactly what he's asking for. No troops on the ground. Let's give him the MiGs and the S-300. What he needs to defend his own airspace, so he will create his no -- his own no-fly zone.


CARLSON: So if you're starting to get the impression that the people formulating our foreign policy have no freaking clue what they're talking about, and haven't thought past say tonight in the implications of what they are recommending, you may be onto something. There are a lot of deeply ignorant, reckless people, even some of the motivated by perfectly noble impulses who are running things.

So now may be the time to pause and ask what would it mean to enter into a hot war with Russia?

Bryan Dean Wright is a former C.I.A. Operations officer. He has thought a lot about that. He joins us tonight.

Bryan, thanks so much for coming on. So, this is one of those questions. I mean, look, I think the public has a right to determine what it thinks of this and make that decision on the basis of all available facts.

So I'd just be interested in asking what you think, how close are we to an open war with Russia? And what would that mean for the United States?

BRYAN DEAN WRIGHT, FORMER C.I.A. OPERATIONS OFFICER: Great questions. It gets worse every day, the possibility of a hot war are real and getting more real every day.

Look, what I'm asking Americans to do tonight is put aside their hatred for Putin or Zelenskyy for that matter, or Ukraine or Russia, put all that aside for a moment. Understand that we have in effect declared war against Russia. We have done three things. One, we have crippled their economy, right? Two, we are shoving in all these weapons. And third, this hasn't gotten a lot of press, we are giving tactical intelligence to the Ukrainian government to put an X on the forehead of a Russian soldier and Russian equipment.

Let me say that a little differently. Our spies and our satellites are helping the Ukrainians kill Russians. So we have declared war. So, we should be asking, shouldn't we, what is that war going to look like to your point? And indeed, we should start with the first place of well, who's actually putting together our war response?

Well, we know that the folks of the Pentagon are the ones who are primarily responsible for that, but actually wait a second. They just got us out of a 20-year war, didn't they or actually, they kept us in one and we lost it to goat herders. Okay. Now we have folks on Capitol Hill in the White House who were also around for 20 years and they are the ones who are formulating the policies that also lost that war.

So the people who are now formulating our response to a nuclear armed Russia are the same ones who couldn't figure out how to beat goat herders in Afghanistan. That should cause everyone a very real degree of concern and we should be asking each other about it, and we should be talking about it.

So then the second question becomes, if in fact, this gets hot, what happens? We know that it will escalate. And so that means some of the first steps will be what are called asymmetric, right? Russia can't sanction our economy in the way that we did his. So he's going to do things like a cyberattack.

I want people to ask themselves tonight. What if in their hometown, Russia were to shut off the lights or the water? Do you think there might be riots? Probably. You brought forward this very horrific idea and notion tonight in Brooklyn and replaces it breadlines. Think that could get violent? Of course, it could.

So how would people's mayors and governors respond to riots? We saw it a couple of years ago. Does that give you pause, seeing the BLM riots? That should also give you pause.

So we have a whole variety of issues about the sacrifice that will go on. That's a whole different segment, but it involves young people dying and we should also be talking about that because our people in Washington aren't going to be the ones sacrificing.

CARLSON: But they are the ones who feel virtuous by doing all of this stuff and damn the consequences. I see a pattern, a recurring theme here, and I'm just grateful for the clarity you provided.

Bryan Dean Wright, I hope you'll come back. Thank you.

WRIGHT: You bet.

CARLSON: So speaking of the people who are pushing for this with no regard to the consequences, one of them is called Julia Ioffe. She is one of the silliest least informed people in American media, but that has not prevented her from becoming what passes for a foreign policy authority on Twitter. It's a very low bar.

So, Ioffe spends most of her time demanding that you send your children to war with Russia, and then attacking anyone who doesn't want to do that as a stooge of Putin. You've seen this a lot.

Julia Ioffe, in other words, believes passionately in Ukrainian nationalism and that would be fine except she doesn't believe in American nationalism, which is weird since she lives here. She thinks American nationalism is immoral.

Ioffe told us that directly during the Trump campaign in 2016, when she was writing for the "New Republic," nationalism in this country, putting America first is offensive and wrong she said and yet now, she believes putting Ukraine first is inspiring and great. Huh?

Now we don't mean to single out Julie Ioffe, virtually everyone in Washington, D.C. agrees with her. Nationalism is great over there and a deep threat here, in fact immoral.

Ponder that for a moment.

So you may have noticed the media fawning over a man who is beating women in swimming races. He is dominating the competition, in fact. Other swimmers are finally going public with their frustration and their humiliation. Maybe humiliation is the point of this exercises. Has that occurred to you? That story is next.


CARLSON: Lia Thomas is a man who somehow was swimming as a woman for the University of Pennsylvania swim team. This week, Thomas won the women's NCAA National Championship race in the 500-yard freestyle event. University of Virginia swimmer, Emma Wyant would have won. She is the best, but she was forced to compete with a dude, so she lost, she came in second.

Finally, actual women are speaking out against this humiliating spectacle that degrades and eliminates them as a category. Here is one Virginia Tech swimmer, for example.


QUESTION: They're a Virginia Tech swimmer. What did you think about Lia Thomas competing today?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We are all very disappointed and frustrated with someone who has capabilities more than us women have to be able to compete at this level and take opportunities away from other women. Like I have a teammate who did not make finals today because she was just bumped out of finals and it is heartbreaking to see someone who went through puberty as a male and has the body of a male be able to absolutely blow away the competition.


CARLSON: So there's a dude in the pool and he is beating all the women, of course, because he is way bigger because he's a man.

So at any other time in human history, people would say, well, that is insane. Get out of the pool, pal. There's a men's team for you to swim on. But because everything now is a lie, and we have to go along with those lies as if they're true. The mind bending "Today Show" segment like this just appeared and nobody said anything. Watch this.


NBC NEWS REPORTER: In addition to watching for her winning those races, Hoda, we're also watching for the potential she is within striking distance of the long held collegiate records by Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky, so of course we're going to be watching to see if she touches those records during this weekend, too.


CARLSON: Yes, she touches those records. What? You're crazy, but they're not crazy. They're doing it for a reason.

Chadwick Moore is a contributing editor of "Spectator U.S.A." He joins us tonight.

So Chadwick, here's my theory. They don't care about swimming. I don't think they care about trans-people. I really don't. I think this is all an effort -- what's the word -- to "troll" us, to humiliate us, to force us to accept something everybody watching knows is false because when they do that, they subdue us. That's my theory.

CHADWICK MOORE, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, "SPECTATOR U.S.A.": I mean, I can't wrap my mind around it either, other than maybe after graduation, we're going to see this young man on like "Tucker Carlson Today" talking about how he pulled off the greatest practical joke in all of human history. Tell me, I'm not sure if that's going to be the case.

But that's the only thing that makes sense. The other thing that I can't wrap my mind around is for this young gentleman: What is in it for you? I mean that you know, you're a fraud, you know, you're not the best swimmer. What is motivating this? You know, I don't know this person. I'm not going to try to pretend to, but anyone in that situation, I just don't like, you know, beating up on people who are much more physically inferior to you. I don't get what's going on there.

CARLSON: Right. Exactly. That's it right here.

MOORE: And these women are finally --

CARLSON: No, but that's it, if this guy wants to say I am a woman now, you know, I'm not kidding, I don't care. But that's fine. Go do your thing. But why is he getting in to a competition where he is guaranteed to win and hurt these girls? Like it's such an act of aggression? Why do we celebrate someone who would do something like that?

MOORE: That's exactly how I feel and nobody is -- I'm like, this feels violent and creepy and weird.


MOORE: And you've seen all over these -- and no one says that and that is what we're all feeling and these poor women, my God, these athletes you see all over their faces and you know their coaches via the administrators probably said you better not say a word say about this to the media. Keep your mouth shut and they have. They've complied.

And now finally, it looks like they're beginning to perhaps speak up. But it's clown world. It is ridiculous. None of it makes sense. I hope it ends up being a troll and I hope you get the exclusive on that.

CARLSON: Well, it's ritual humiliation of the rest of us, for sure. There is no doubt, I think. Chadwick Moore.

MOORE: Sure. Absolutely.

CARLSON: Great to see you tonight. Thank you.

MOORE: My pleasure. Thank you.

CARLSON: So out of nowhere this week, "The New York Times" acknowledged, oh, sorry, we've been lying to you for more than a year. Actually, Hunter Biden's laptop was not some Russian propaganda op. It was real. Interesting. Why are they telling us this now? There's got to be a reason. You think there's got to be a reason.

Glenn Greenwald may know the reason. We don't know. We're going to ask him next.


CARLSON: Well, it's been about 24 hours since "The New York Times" finally acknowledged that they have been lying to us for a year and that Hunter Biden's laptop was not Russian disinformation. It was real. Why did they tell us now?

They impose censorship on the entire country and the basis of that lie that censorship remains. But it is kind of strange that they've come out of nowhere in the middle of this war fever to tell us that.

POLITICO, for example, said this: "Hunter Biden's story is Russian disinformation, dozens of former Intel officials say." That's what they told us last year. They haven't corrected it and neither has Joe Biden. He used that report to dismiss the story on the debate stage.

In case you've forgotten, here it is.


JOE BIDEN (D), THEN CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We're in a situation where we have foreign company -- countries trying to interfere in the outcome of our election. His own National Security adviser told him that what is happening with his buddy, well, gosh -- I will -- his buddy Rudy Giuliani, he's being used as a Russian pawn, he is being fed information. That is Russian. That is not true.


CARLSON: So before we get to Glenn Greenwald, who knows all the answers to everything, pretty much. There's something going on here. "The New York Times" effectively just attacked Joe Biden. You know, we attack Joe Biden every night, "The New York Times" does not attack Joe Biden very often. So why do they do that? There's got to be some reason. I just want to say that out loud.

In the meantime, here is Glenn Greenwald, independent journalist, of course, you know that. He writes for "Substack" and other places. We're happy to have him join us tonight.

How do you assess this, Glenn? You've been on this story since day one. Pull the threads together for us, if you would.

GLENN GREENWALD, JOURNALIST: Yes, I mean, the entire liberal wing of the corporate media, which is basically the entire corporate media, with a few exceptions, spent a year and a half now disseminating a C.I.A. lie, which is that the Hunter laptop e-mails published by "The Washington Post" (sic) were quote-unquote, Russian disinformation.

Amazingly, the letter from those Intelligence officials, the dozens of them, on which they were allied, did not even say that. They admitted, those officials did, that they have no evidence for making this claim and have no reason to believe it except this kind of like tingling sensation in their stomach, that gives them like an intuitive sense that maybe it's the Russians and the media went even further than the train liars in the Intelligence community and said it is Russian disinformation.

There has been evidence, as you know, from the very beginning, proving that this laptop was completely authentic. I was willing to stake my entire journalistic reputation by writing about it, but was censored by my own media outlet and quit in protest over it. But the evidence has long been there.

"The New York Times," I have to say is one of the very few outlets that didn't affirm this. They did acknowledge early on in a very kind of understated way that there was no evidence for it, but now they've come out and said, "We, 'The New York Times' have been able to authenticate these materials." I think it's because somebody is leaking to them information about what is the pending and very broad, ongoing F.B.I. criminal investigation to Hunter Biden and to report on it, they needed to use materials from the archive and to do that they needed to authenticate it.

So they had an interest in doing so. Now, whereas, I guess a year and a half ago, right before the election, to debunk the lies being told they didn't.

CARLSON: Yes, you wonder if it is -- and I don't want to go conspiracy nut on the air or anything, but you wonder if it's part of some broader effort to get Biden out, you know, your mind does go there. I will say, I just want to say that.

Glenn Greenwald, thank you for your ongoing ceaseless fight against censorship.

GREENWALD: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Appreciate it.

So the Department of Homeland Security is looking for volunteers to help with the incoming flood of migrants at the Southern border, millions.

On Wednesday, Deputy D.H.S. Secretary sent this e-mail, quote: "Customs and Border Protection continues to encounter large numbers of individuals in the Southern border. We are seeking your help support our C.B.P. frontline workforce." Really? Isn't that a core function of government?

Victor Davis Hanson would know. He's a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. He joins us tonight.

Professor, thanks for coming on.

So volunteers to seal the border. What is this?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION: I think it's shorthand for 14 months, it is not that they made the borders porous, they blew it up. It doesn't exist anymore.


HANSON: And they have no problem with that, Tucker, because they are ideologues, but they do have a problem with losing power because that issue is one that Americans care very deeply about. It's going to be one of the reasons they get voted out in November, and they're starting to panic and they know that there is a solution.

It's finish the wall, like we did, we were working on it. Go down to Mexico and jawbone the President Obrador and say don't do this and it is to stop the catch and release and they can't do that because the solution is worse than the disease and instead, they start insulting the very D.H.S. people, Border Patrol people by calling them, you know, kind of thugs that whip innocent immigrants as they did a few months ago, then they turn around say, well, now will you volunteer after we've slurred and smeared you?

And I just don't think they're ever going to change unless when you get these rumors that the so-called Russians are coming over and might come across the border in the way that the Cubans tried to and they deported them or if in this midterm election, some reports suggest that 50 percent of Hispanics may vote Republican.

If that were to happen, then I think they would want more Border Security in either of those instances, because they don't really care about the border itself other than they don't believe in borders, but they do care about using the border to get constituencies to enhance their power.

And if those constituencies were Russians, or Cubans, or Mexican-Americans who turned conservative, then they wouldn't want an open border.

You know, it's a lot like energy and gas prices, they got their wish, they had 14 months, they destroyed things and they know this solution, pump more oil; you know, print less money, but they can't do it because that solution is worse than the disease.

So they say things like, you know, have volunteers at the border, take the bus, the oil companies are doing -- anything but the solution because they're ideologues that the only thing that care about is power. That's all. They don't care about people, it is just power and the retention of power.

CARLSON: So Hispanics are pushing them to close the border. Can we just take two seconds to acknowledge how amusing and great that is?

HANSON: Yes, and if they start voting Republican, they will be down there closing the border, finally, because the last thing they want are millions of people that might vote like Cubans. And so, I know they're ideologues. But I meant by that their ideology is power. And they change their politics in any other direction. They need to retain power.

They sent Cubans back as soon as they started coming in numbers. And if Russian started coming in across the border, Tucker, they will go insane. They will say, you know, everybody comes across the border except you, Russian refugee.

CARLSON: Exactly. Even the Ukrainians, I don't think there are too many liberal Ukrainians. That's my sense, other than Zelenskyy.

Victor Davis Hanson, great to see you. It's all so funny. Great to see you tonight. Thank you very much.

So Balkanizing the country, tribalizing it, and making a little more like Rwanda every day. That's what they've been doing for years. What's the goal here exactly? That's next.


CORKE: This is a FOX News Alert. I'm Kevin Corke in Washington.

President Biden is sending a stern warning to Chinese President Xi over China's support of Russia. The two leaders held a nearly two-hour long video conference today. The White House says President Biden told Xi there would be consequences if China continued to quote "provide material support to Russia in its war on Ukraine."

China also released a statement saying quote: "Conflict and confrontation are not in anyone's interest." This comes days after the U.S. accused Russia of asking China for economic and military support.

Meantime Russian President Vladimir Putin held a massive rally in Moscow today. Russian state media says about 200,000 people gathered to mark the eighth anniversary of Russia's annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

Putin told the crowd that Russia's troops would do quote, "whatever they need to do in Ukraine."

Stay with FOX for the latest on the war in Ukraine.


CARLSON: So the Democratic Party for years has as its central mission divided Americans on the basis of race. What's going on here? Well, Vince Everett Ellison has seen this happen throughout his own life, thought about it more deeply and expresses its details more clearly, than virtually anyone we've ever spoken to.

We talked to him for a new episode of "Tucker Carlson Today." Here's part of our conversation.


VINCE EVERETT ELLISON, AUTHOR: It's no way that I could justify what was going on in the Black community with the Black church, because Jesus said: "There will be false prophets that will come." His disciples said, "How will you know them?" He said, "You will know them by their fruits. Not by what they do, not by what they say, but what they produce."

CARLSON: That's right.

ELLISON: And when I looked at the Black community, and I saw that the fruit was rotten, the tree had to be rotten. He said, "You will not get good fruit from a rotten tree. No rotten fruit from a good tree. Each fruit and tree will be out this time."

So when I looked at the Black community, and I looked at the Black church, and said, "What's going on here?" And I went down into the Black community and I saw -- I didn't see any White Republican, but they were telling me it was White Republicans that were keeping Black people down.

You see a leprechaun before you saw one in the ghetto. Guess what I saw? A lot of Black Democrats and amongst them I saw three entities making a lot of money off the progress -- off of all the chaos.

The Black preacher, the Black politician, and the Black civic organizers, and they were all conduits for the White liberals in the Democratic Party.


CARLSON: Vince Everett Ellison, what a guy.

That's it for us tonight. We're out of time.

We'll be back Monday and every weeknight at 8:00 PM. The show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.

Have a great weekend with the ones you love. We will see you soon.

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