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We've got some good news for you. 2022 is going to be an improvement over the last two years. We can say that with confidence. How do we know? It's simple. The COVID lunacy is finally going to end and not by the way because of anything that's happening in the world of Medicine. The pandemic itself may burnout, thanks to this weakened new variant. We may also find highly effective medicines to treat it. In fact, we already have.

But as a practical matter, scientific developments are usually irrelevant to COVID policy, they always have been. So the reason things are going to improve has nothing to do with medicine. It's that the current rules and superstitions are just too stupid and crazy to continue.

At some point, probably soon, even the Democratic Party's own voters are going to stop putting up with it, you can bet on that.

To prove it, we'll begin with two images tonight. The first is the President of the United States, Joe Biden. Now Biden is the safest man in the world. Hundreds of Federal employees spend their entire lives making certain that no harm comes to Joe Biden.

When you're the President, your personal doctor is never more than a few steps away. An ambulance follows you the minute you leave the house. You can have any treatment you want at any time you want, as many vaccines as you care to take.

Nobody in history has received more attentive medical care than Joe Biden is getting right now. He is the last person on earth who should be worried about COVID-19 and yet he's terrified.

Here is Biden on the beach last week. He is outside. It's a breezy day. There's no one around but his own triple vaxxed wife, the woman he claims to share a bed with. You'd think Joe Biden would consider this a safe environment. But no, there he is wearing his little surgical mask as he walks through the sand.

What -- you've got to ask yourself -- does Joe Biden imagine is going to hurt him? And how is the little mask supposed to help? Is he worried about wave-borne viruses? Clouds of pathogens floating over the Atlantic from the Azores? Infected seagulls?

We don't know. It's impossible to know the answers because it's all so completely bonkers. These are not rational fears. These are monsters under the bed night terrors. This is textbook hysteria. It's a kind of mental illness. That's your President.

Here's your Secretary of Defense. His name is Lloyd Austin. You can see him right now on your screen. He is emerging from his plane this summer on a tour of the Philippines. Lloyd Austin is more afraid of the coronavirus even than Joe Biden is. Biden wears a surgical mask, Lloyd Austin wears a welding helmet with a surgical mask underneath, and underneath that, there's as much mRNA vaccine in Lloyd Austin's bloodstream as the law will allow.

Lloyd Austin is ready to wage a protracted siege against COVID. Think of the Romans at Masada. Austin as the leader of the Branch Covidians, and yet somehow, in some way, a chink must have appeared in Lloyd Austin's formidable corona armor, a gap in his viral fortifications. Yesterday, Lloyd Austin announced that despite his many vaccinations, he has contracted COVID, and it is serious enough that he won't be going to work for a while.

So what's the lesson that Lloyd Austin is taking from this?

Well, that the vaccines work perfectly and because they work so well, they will remain mandatory in the Armed Services. We can fire more SEALs.

Austin wrote that in the same statement, in which he announced that the vaccines that he took didn't work, quote, "The vaccines work, and will remain a military medical requirement for our workforce." Right? Because that's not completely irrational, or anything. But it is completely irrational and every clear thinking person knows that it is.

But wait, you say, I've been watching television news. So I know that the vax was never designed to stop infection or transmission, or even hospitalization and death. None of which is a factual matter. It does stop.

No, the point of vaccines was always to make your symptoms a little better. That's a reassuring metric that's usually difficult to measure, though strangely, no one seems reassured by it. But from day one, that was the advertised benefit of these vaccines. That's what many people appear to believe, but it's not true. And since so many people seem to have forgotten what the authorities were saying just a few months ago, we have saved those tapes. Here they are.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nationwide, just 37 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated, even as health experts continue to tout the benefits.

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: You become a dead end to the virus. And when there are a lot of dead ends around, the virus is not going to go anywhere.

WALENSKY: Our data from the C.D.C. today suggests you know that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick.

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We're not in a position where we think that any virus including the delta virus, which is much more transmissible and more deadly in terms of unvaccinated people, the various shots that people are getting now cover that they're -- you're okay, you're not going to -- you're not going to get COVID If you have these vaccinations.


CARLSON: Quote, "You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations." That was Joe Biden this July. Poor old guy.

Biden's preference for simple childlike sentences is so often his undoing. As in this case, there was no mistaking what he actually meant. Take the shot and you won't get COVID.

Well, that turned out to be untrue, to put it mildly. How many vaccinated people do you know right now who have COVID or just recovered from COVID? It seems like millions of people who dutifully got the vax also got corona over this past Christmas vacation, you probably know a lot. You may be one of them.

And in fact, it's possible there's a connection between these two facts. Research suggests that it's possible the vaccinated are more likely to get and transmit this virus than the unvaccinated are.

Whatever the final verdict of that, we don't know. What is clear is that people who've had the shot can easily get infected and easily give it to others. The epicenter of the latest outbreak was the most vaccinated city in the country, New York.

So at this point, there is no remaining doubt the experts were completely wrong about what the vaccines could do. And to be honest, that's okay. We're not attacking them. It isn't a crime to be wrong, we've been wrong. There are a lot of wrong guesses in science as there are in life.

Science is not a volume of established knowledge. Science is a way of thinking. It is a process of seeking the truth, and very often in scientific research, you discover that your assumptions were totally off. So, you just adjust from there. Viagra started out as a heart medication.

There is nothing immoral about any of that. You just have to admit that you were wrong. That's the requirement. You cannot lie. Lying is the enemy of science.

If you are still pretending that the COVID vaccines work as advertised, you are a liar. There's no way around it. You have no place in public health, or even hosting a show on CNN. You're doing too much damage to the country. No one will ever believe you or anyone like you ever again.

So that's the first thing we've got to do if we're going to go from this disaster to a better future. We've got to insist that the people in charge stop lying about COVID. They have been lying since the first day -- lying about everything, including the most basic public health stats that we used to rely on.

Remember when they told you that the BLM protests were exempt from quarantine regulations? Supporting the policy goals of the Democratic Party was virtuous, therefore thousands of people, Antifa members with BLM signs could not possibly as an epidemiological matter be dangerous. That really happened. They really said that, and people, the public actually put up with it. And that's when you knew for certain that our politicians were totally corrupt, and that our citizenry was far too compliant.

Here is Bill de Blasio, the former mayor of New York.


BILL DE BLASIO (D), FORMER MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY: Street fairs, it means, you know, big outdoor concerts and it means things like parades and things that here in the city can mean not just thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people.

It's just not time for that.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: What about protests? If people want march on Fifth Avenue, are they're going to be allowed to do so?

DE BLASIO: Look Wolf, this is always an area of real sensitivity. If you're just talking about health, we would always say, hey, folks, you know, stay home if you can, but we understand at this moment in history, people are talking about the need for historic changes.

This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that.


CARLSON: It's a historic moment of change. That's the guy in charge of health policy in our biggest city. Actually, de Blasio is gone now, but for some reason his hastily issued COVID proclamations remain enforced in New York City. Why? Because everyone is afraid to ignore them, despite the fact they make no sense.

So whose fault is that? Honestly, it's our fault.

If we want better politicians, we have to be better citizens. What does that mean? It means following commonsense and the tug of our own consciences before we submit to absurd and transparently political diktats. It means telling the truth about our leaders who lie.

We have no reason to be ashamed when we do that. They do.

Unfortunately, Tony Fauci is not ashamed, he never will be ashamed. He is 81. He's been lying for a long time. He's also, he often tells us, an august man of science. Someone ought to ask Tony Fauci how many biological sexes there are -- that would be pretty amusing.

In any case, here is Fauci the wire admitting that he lied. This is from last Wednesday. He lied about how many kids have been hospitalized from COVID. Watch.


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: If you look at the children who are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with COVID as opposed to because of COVID, and what we mean by that, if a child goes in the hospital, they automatically get tested for COVID and they get counted as a COVID hospitalized individual, when in fact they may go in for a broken leg or appendicitis or something like that.

So, it is over counting the number of children who are quote "hospitalized with COVID," as opposed to because of COVID.


CARLSON: Oh, so turns out, it wasn't COVID after all. The kids didn't really have COVID in a bad way. COVID isn't really a threat to kids. Looks like the conspiracy theorists are now banned from Twitter were right all along, the official numbers were fake. Those kids were in the hospital for broken bones and appendicitis not COVID.

Tony Fauci, for his own political reasons, has finally admitted this, but it's too late. He spent two years crushing the weakest among us and they are indeed crushed. Imagine wearing a mask to second grade. Imagine never seeing your teacher's face or watching your friends laugh.

Imagine being older, imagine spending junior year of high school alone in your room with only the internet for company. What would happen to you? You'd be badly damaged.

Kids in America have been badly damaged. The numbers show it clearly. This is a crime. No one has been prosecuted for the crime, no one likely ever will be prosecuted for it.

But once again, we have saved the tape, if only so the reality of what frauds like Tony Fauci have done to young people will not be forgotten. Here was the scene for example, at a public high school in Washington State this spring.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Wenatchee High School finding a socially distanced solution to get the band back together. These so-called pods set up in the band and choir rooms, individual students getting inside zipping themselves in and then removing their masks to play their instruments or to sing.


CARLSON: Bands practice inside plastic pods. It's grotesque. It's amusing, in a way, we'll watch that video 10 years from now in slack-jawed disbelief. Were they really that nuts in 2021? Yes, they were.

But really, it's not a joke. Treating healthy children like they are untouchables is mean as hell. It's a very destructive thing to do. It's immoral.

These kids weren't hurting anyone. They couldn't hurt anyone. Yet, our public health authorities hurt them, mostly because they could. So that 81- year-old Tony Fauci could feel safe, their childhoods were destroyed. Was it worth it? No, it was not worth it.

Healthy societies work to make certain the youngest generations thrive. They are the ones who carry on civilization. What our leaders have done to young people over the last few years is unforgivable, and we should never allow anything like that to happen again.

The next time the teen suicide rates spikes, the rest of us should stop immediately what we're doing, find out what's causing it, and fix it. Nothing is more important than that.

And while we're at it, one more thing, the last few years have unleashed an awful lot of cruelty in our society. You see it everywhere.

David Frum, a former adviser to George W. Bush proposed that hospitals should withhold lifesaving medical treatment from anyone who won't get the shot. It's grotesque. But no one in authority denounced from this idea. Many doctors applauded it.

It's hard to imagine something like that happening even two years ago. It is too cruel. Americans didn't use to talk about each other like this. Now, it's very common. What does it tell you? It tells you that Americans are dangerously angry. We need to fix that, and yet the people in charge have done the opposite. They've done nothing to calm the population. They've stoked the rage and they've leveraged it. Why?

Because they benefit when the American population is divided against itself.

Joe Biden actually went on television a few weeks ago to explain that unvaccinated Americans have no right to use American hospitals. So much for healthcare as a human right. That was the Democratic Party's old talking point. Now, it's obey or die.

Where does this go? You know where it goes.

The next step, of course, is internal passports, fully digitized so there is no escape. You'll do what the Democratic Party commands or you will stay in your home. You will no longer have a right to travel freely within your own country. That's not a conspiracy theory, people are saying it out loud. It's coming. Momentum is building for it right now.

There is no push back. Republican leaders in Washington have done nothing to stop this. They are focused on their own hobby, another round of nation building, a brand new war in Eastern Ukraine. They're contemptible.

But where does it leave the rest of us? Well, it's up to the public to apply the brakes to what is certainly the most threatening idea ever proposed in the United States. American citizens are the only hope. The good news is we think they're probably equal to it.

Glenn Greenwald has been covering authoritarianism and American politics for many years and we thought that made him the perfect person to assess COVID policy in the first days of a New Year. Glenn Greenwald joins us tonight.

Glenn, thanks so much for coming on. Do you think these superstitions can continue?

GLENN GREENWALD, JOURNALIST: It's really remarkable how so long into the universal availability of COVID vaccines, which we were constantly told we were supposed to celebrate and even venerate that it was the way out of the pandemic. Everybody can get vaccines if they want.

There are increasing calls for even greater repression on our lives, greater calls for vesting the state with more and more power. Why would that be? I think fear is an extremely powerful human motivator and demagogues in government know how to stimulate it for their own power.

But I also think that with social media, the more people are constantly feeding on stories about how they should be frightened, the more this fear is intensifying, and I think there is almost like an addiction, Tucker to being protected by the state and not having to return to normal life.

There is a desire for the pandemic to continue, even though the acute dangers have long since passed as a result of numerous factors, including a less threatening variant and the availability of natural immunity and vaccines and it is really disturbing to see how their oppression is increasing even as the threat decreases.

CARLSON: There is a hint every day in the news of the increasing militarization of our response to this COVID pandemic. So, you just saw the Governor of Connecticut call up the National Guard to distribute COVID supplies, the Mayor of Washington just got full control of the National Guard of Washington, a Congressman from Texas is calling for F.E.M.A. to get involved in all of this stuff.

I mean, should that make us nervous? Is it paranoid to think, wait a second, what the hell is going on? How do you read those developments?

GREENWALD: I really encourage people to go use Google and go back to the debate right after the 9/11 attack, when all of these radical proposals were introduced to increase power in the hands of the government, like the Patriot Act, and the argument at that time was, oh, don't worry, these are temporary measures, they're only going to be in place for as long as is necessary to get this crisis, this emergency under control.

Twenty years later, the Patriot Act is very much in place. Every four years, it is renewed without any opposition. It uses an application, have wildly expanded beyond its original intention. It's almost never used for terrorism. It's used for a whole variety of other means for the government, to spy on its citizenry.

When you start building these bureaucratic apparatuses, that vast power in the hands of the state to control the lives of citizens in the name of some temporary crisis, it never is temporary, it never goes away. There is never a political motive to dismantle it. It will just continue.

And even if there's a cure tomorrow for COVID, they'll just transform it into the office of infectious diseases or the minister of public health and these powers once vested are going to be very difficult to pry out of the hands of government.

CARLSON: Yes, they call you paranoid, then give you every cause for paranoia, I noticed. Glenn Greenwald, thank you for being a rational voice.

GREENWALD: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: So in the last couple of years, you've seen massive waves of people from New York City fleeing their crumbling hellhole to the Free State of Florida. Now say whatever you will about Sandy Cortez, she is not stupid. She's done it, too.

Sandy Cortez hit South Beach, but don't say anything about it. Otherwise, she'll accuse you of hitting on her. It is so good.

Candice Owens responds straight ahead.


CARLSON: The Mayor of New York, as in -- the City of New York has a new Mayor. His name is Eric Adams, former subway cop, seems like it would be a big improvement over Bill de Blasio. Unfortunately, he has continued Bill de Blasio's state of emergency based on COVID. He has also continued the vaccine mandate for indoor venues, which is insane.

So a lot of New Yorkers are continuing to flee to Florida and that would include New York Congress person Sandy Cortez who the national media is persistent calling AOC as if it's their job to make her myth. Let her do it herself.

Her name is not AOC, it is Sandy. That's what they called her.

Anyway, Sandy went to Florida on vacation with her boyfriend, and of course, she didn't wear a mask. She got caught on video not wearing a mask and got attacked. Her defense, I'm a very sexy lady. Quote, "If Republicans are mad that they can't date me, they can say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend's feet. You creepy weirdos."

Who are the creepy weirdos, Sandy?

Anyway, Candace Owens is the host of "Candace." She joins us to figure out who the creepy weirdo is here. Candace, great to see you. What do you make of her -- I'm just too sexy, like you can't criticize me. Does that work?

CANDACE OWENS, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Listen, I saw this and I actually couldn't believe my eyes and I tried to create a sober analysis of what made her tweet that and by the way, it got worse. She had a second tweet that said, "There are sexual frustrations that underpin Republicans critiques of me, their fixation on me."

So she is really actually creating a sexual narrative. And in my sober analysis, I believe that she wasn't sober. I think, you know, alcohol loosens your inhibitions, and I think that she was about 10 margaritas deep in Miami, enjoying the Free State of Florida and she wrote something that was honestly just filth.

I mean, how bizarre and immature is it for any person, any person that wants to be taken seriously as an adult to look at a fair critique of them as an elected official who has been barking about how Florida is doing everything wrong, about how bad Ron DeSantis is, to see this critique and to offer back well, you know what, you just want to sleep with me.

I mean, what are we even talking about?

Imagine if any male did this, an elected official. Imagine if Rand Paul you know gets a critique or if any other person, even Joe Biden, if Joe Biden was critiqued and they said sir how can you say this about climate change? And his response was, well, you just want to sleep with me.

I mean, it's so bratty, and it's so immature, and it's so disgusting to even think about. And let me just say this in case there's any confusions. I have a lot of critiques of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I've had a lot of critique since the very beginning.

No, Sandy, I do not want to sleep with you.

CARLSON: That's fair. I mean, it does suggest enormously high self-esteem bordering on narcissism. I mean, if someone criticizes you and your first thought is they just want to have sex with me? No, maybe they just don't like you. That's what I always assume when people criticize me. I never think, oh, you are very attracted to me. I mean, like, how crazy do you have to be to think something like that.

OWENS: I mean, you're trending every other week. You're trending every week -- how creepy if you came back with, I'm trending every week because everybody thinks I'm sexy.

CARLSON: Yes, I don't think it's because I am so sexy.

OWEN: And they're just venting their sexual frustrations. Nobody would take you seriously because that is simply not how adults speak. It's the way that teenage boys who derive sexual innuendos from everything, that's how they speak, and that's where she belongs.

She has the mind of a middle schooler. This is a 32-year-old woman. It's really unacceptable, quite frankly, and it is hilarious, but it is also unacceptable that she is actually an elected official that sits in Congress.

CARLSON: Well, she is an absurd person. But I will say the thing about being a 52-year-old talk show host with four kids, everyone wants you, Candace. It's like to insane. I just love it. Thank you. Great to see you.

OWENS: Thank you.

CARLSON: So Joe Biden is forcing thousands of service members to leave the military. SEALs, Marines -- the problem is, the military is already undermanned.

Colonel Doug Macgregor has the numbers. If you care about National Security, stay tuned. That's upsetting.

Straight ahead.


CARLSON: The funniest thing about this moment is how the least healthy people in America, JB Pritzker, for example, the Governor of Illinois who hasn't seen his own feet in decades feel fully empowered to lecture the most healthy people in America about how they're not taking the right steps to help their health.

You're seeing that happen in the U.S. military, the largest group of healthy people in America. And yet thousands of military service members could soon be fired for refusing to take the COVID shot, which they don't want and say they don't need. Hundreds of Marines have already been canned. Marines, okay.

So the Marines and the Air Force both say they have granted zero religious exemptions for the vaccine because religious freedom no longer exists under Joe Biden. Service members, in some cases, to their great credit are fighting back.

Just hours ago, a Federal Judge granted a temporary injunction to a group of Navy SEALs who seek religious exemptions from the vaccine mandate. We've talked to them. They're good men, this country needs them. And the Judge seemed to agree with that.

He wrote that the Navy, quote: "Provides a religious accommodation process. But by all accounts, it is theater." Of course it is.

Doug Macgregor is retired U.S. Army Colonel. He joins us to assess the effects of all of this on the military and on our military readiness. Doug, thanks so much for coming on.

So where are we with troop strength? I think most people including me don't have a precise sense of it.

COL. DOUGLAS MACGREGOR (RET), U.S. ARMY: No, and the numbers are hard to extract. The Pentagon doesn't make it easy. And frankly, we've learned to be very skeptical about the numbers that are provided by the Department of Defense. They have been less than truthful about the numbers of soldiers, sailors, airmen, or Marines that are deployed in places like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, so we have to approach it cautiously.

But we have some large numbers that we can point to. The first thing to understand is the reason that I became so concerned about eliminating sailors, Marines, and eventually soldiers and airmen who are otherwise healthy, capable, well-trained, proficient, competent in their profession, is simply because we don't have that many people in the United States from which to recruit right now.

Only about 30 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 are actually qualified to serve in the military. That's an appallingly small number. They're not qualified for reasons of physical ability, medical health reasons, drug use, criminality, whatever. So we don't have a big cohort.

Every year the Army needs for the ground force about 69,000 to 70,000 people. Last year they got 62,000, which they said was their goal, but we also don't know about the quality of those recruits because we've continually reduced standards for them. So what we've got, we really need to hold on to.

The second thing is beyond recruiting is training. When you begin to look at the combat units, and you look at 40,000 non-deployable soldiers serving in the regular Army of the United States, the active component right now, roughly eight to 10 percent of every battalion or brigade has non- deployable soldiers that's anywhere from 50 to 150 to 200.

You have to understand when you go into combat, if anything you want to go in with more soldiers than you normally have because you have to reckon with casualties, reckon with losses due to illness or accidents, as well as wounds in battle.

We're actually looking at combat units who would have to go in with less than a full complement. Forty thousand is inexcusable. Why are they still on the books? We've known about them for a long time. Well, the Army knows how difficult it is to keep people. Retention is not very high. A lot of people leave because they're disgusted with service in the Army, or the Marines for other kinds of reasons or the Navy and the Air Force.

I focus on the ground force because when you start to look at the numbers available that you could put on the ground in Europe right now, to quote- unquote, "deter the Russians." It's not a very large number. We'd be lucky to get 70,000 or 80,000 or 90,000 or 100,000 troops on the ground and they have to be equipped and organized in the right way. In other words, you can't send large numbers of light infantrymen to fight in an area like Poland or Ukraine against the Russians. If you did, they'd be killed quickly.

So we don't have very much. We have perhaps the ability right now to put between five and 10 so-called armored brigade combat teams on the ground, and getting them there is not easy. We haven't run any big exercises for years, moving 50,000 or 80,000 or 100,000 troops.

The transportation infrastructure has not been thoroughly examined. We haven't tested our ability to do much. So when the President starts to say, we will do X, we're in trouble.

CARLSON: Let's fire the SEALs. I noticed though, the neocons who claim to love the military haven't said one word about this. Liz Cheney isn't defending them. She loves the military. Yes.

Colonel Macgregor, it is great to see you.


CARLSON: Yes, it is unbelievable.

MACGREGOR Right. Thank you.

CARLSON: Thank you.

So some of the most purportedly prestigious universities in the country going virtual. So a lot of people are wondering the obvious, what's the point of these places? One guy has actually developed an alternative, which you're going to want to hear about if you have kids. Don't send them to Yale. That will wreck them. He joins us next.


CARLSON: Just think about what Sandy Cortez has been writing on Twitter, it sounds like she may be too sexy to be serving in the United States Congress, someone ought to look into that. It could be a threat.

Meantime, Dr. Robert Malone is legitimately renowned virologist. He is one of the people who invented mRNA technology. That's the science behind the new COVID vaccine. He just sat down with a now famous interview with Joe Rogan. Again, you may have seen this this weekend.

In it, Malone says that the response we're seeing to COVID in the vaccines amounts to quote "mass formation psychosis." That's what he calls it. Watch him explain it in that interview.


DR. ROBERT MALONE, VIROLOGIST: What the heck happened in Germany in the 20s and 30s? You know, very intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad.

And how did that happen? The answer is mass formation psychosis. When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free floating anxiety in a sense that things don't make sense. We can't understand it. And then their attention gets focused by a leader or a series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis, they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.


CARLSON: Well, that's so interesting, actually and that sounds right. A lot of people wanted to know a lot more about that, so they wanted to look up mass formation psychosis on Twitter.

But the minute they did, they found Twitter was messing with the results. They couldn't get an answer -- on Google, rather -- Google, the most powerful company in the world.

Meanwhile, Google's platform YouTube removed clips of Dr. Malone's interview with Joe Rogan. Why? Why can't we know that? Why are they afraid of us knowing that?

It is not the first time that Malone has been censored by the tech companies. Twitter banned his account completely last week because I guess he doesn't know enough about the vaccines.

What are we watching here? We're watching manufactured scientific consensus by the tech moguls. How are they doing it? Simply by banning any scientist who dissents.

This weekend, by the way, Twitter also banned Marjorie Taylor Greene. That's the congresswoman from Georgia. What did she do wrong? She posted government statistics about adverse effects from the COVID-19 vaccines.

Now, if they can ban a sitting Member of Congress, who by the way is one of the most popular in the country, among her own constituents, according to polling numbers, what can't they do?

If the tech companies are just going to be a partisan operation designed to take out the other side before an election, maybe the Republicans should fight back, but they're not. No Republican has really come to Taylor Greene's defense, the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a tepid statement, he did not even mention her name.

We want to hear what she has to say about that. Marjorie Taylor Greene joins us tomorrow on the show. That'll be interesting.

Well, colleges are locking down again. Many schools are moving to what they call virtual learning, which means of course, no learning at all and that has got a lot of people wondering, what is the point of these places, exactly?

Well, Isaac Morehouse has been asking that question for a long time. He founded a company called Praxis. It connects students with apprenticeships as an alternative to college. He is now the CEO of the career building website, Crash.

Very smart and interesting guy. We spoke to him for a brand new episode of "Tucker Carlson Today." Here's part of it.


ISAAC MOREHOUSE, CEO, CRASH: When I was getting my Bachelor's, when I was at Western, this was sort of like the epiphany moment that set me on the path which eventually led to launching Praxis and then Crash.

I remember sitting in this classroom, and there's all these kids around that are like hungover and just like, oh, you want to get wasted again tomorrow? And they're just being, you know, stupid college students.

And I remember, I looked around, I thought, what am I really paying for here? Because I'm paying a lot of money for this. And like, no one wants to be here. The professors don't want to be teaching. The students don't want to be -- if class is canceled, they are all cheering, right?

It's like, what other good you pay for in advance and then you're happy when it's not delivered? Like, okay, so nobody wants the classes, right? Because they're excited when they don't have to go to class. What are they actually buying? And it hit me like, what I'm buying is a piece of paper. And what does that piece of paper say to the world? Why is that supposed to be valuable?

I looked around, I thought, all these same -- these kids are all going to graduate. That piece of paper says to the world, I'm probably no worse than everybody else that has the same piece of paper. That's it.

And I thought that's like a really weak signal. There's got to be something more powerful than that. I'm taking that with me onto the market and saying, look, BA Western Michigan University, don't you want to hire me? I thought, this is insane.

But everybody tells me, no one will ever hire me, if I don't get it. I have to get it. I've got to get that degree. And I was like, okay, whatever, I got it.

I go on the job market. No one cared. No one cared at all. I mean, you have it listed on your resume. Job descriptions would say degree required, but no one cared. They wanted to know what you could do. They wanted to know if you had skills of any kind.

And so that experience, I just was so frustrated because I was working for a small business owner, like three days a week, and I'm traveling all over the State of Michigan. I'm installing telecommunications wires. This is before Wi-Fi when you needed to plug into high speed internet.

CARLSON: While you're in college?

MOREHOUSE: Yes, and I was doing this like car dealerships and stuff. And then I'm putting -- cramming all my classes two days a week, and I'm working three days a week and on the job, I was in over my head every day, I was learning stuff all the time. I was like, just, you're out in the world, right? You're learning because you're experiencing the marketplace.

And I just got so irritated, I thought this whole idea of college, the way that it's done is so absurd and the analogy that I've come up with since is, you know, imagine if we taught bike riding the way that we teach careers. You'd spend like the first 25 years of your life in like rooms learning about the history of bikes, the forests where the rubber trees are grown to make the tires.

You may be label pictures of bikes sometimes, and you'll be taught by people who hate bikes and have never ridden them, and you would not be permitted to ride them. No, no, no, that's dirty. You don't do that. You just study them.

And then you graduate and you're dropped off in the middle of the highway. It's like congratulations, now go ride a bike.

CARLSON: Time spoke. That's right.


CARLSON: That was a really interesting conversation with Isaac Morehouse. The whole thing is on FOX nation, just head over to tuckercarlson.com.

So the Democratic Party's top lawyer is now calling a Nancy Pelosi to reclassify Republican Members of Congress as insurrectionists and ban them from running for re-election because that's not an attack on democracy. We will explain next.


CARLSON: So from the very first day, well, a year now, CNN and POLITICO and "The Atlantic" and all the airhead news anchors have been calling January 6th an insurrection, and to us in literal America that's been confusing because it wasn't an insurrection. It was a lot of things, it was not an insurrection, no evidence of that. Why are they calling it an insurrection? Now we know.

Mark Elias, probably the biggest Democratic lawyer in America just issued what he called a prediction. Here it is, quote: "Before the midterm election, we will have a serious discussion about whether individual Republican House members are disqualified by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment from serving in the Congress."

What's that amendment? Well, that's the amendment adopted right after the Civil War that prohibits -- wait for it -- insurrectionists from holding office.

So if you don't want to lose, the Congress has banned the other side from running, not an attack on democracy.

Jonathan Turley is a Professor of Law at George Washington University. He joins us tonight.

Mr. Turley, so maybe somebody like, if you're concerned about short circuiting democracy, maybe you shouldn't prevent voters from electing whomever they want, right?

JONATHAN TURLEY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, nothing says democracy like barring people from running for office, apparently. This is very common, you know, in countries like Iran. They just disqualified hundreds of people from their ballot.

This is a much more modest idea, but it is an equally dangerous one.

It's based on a very flawed understanding of what's called the disqualification clause of the 14th Amendment, and this was really something that was put into the 14th Amendment when Stephen -- when Alexander Stephens showed up in 1865 to resume being a Member of Congress while he -- before that, he was Vice President of the Confederacy and that didn't go over very well, particularly when he was in the company of former Confederate senators and military leaders.

So they put this thing in, they said, look, if you took a previous oath to the United States, and you broke it, you went with a rebellion, then you really can be disqualified from office.

Well, you know, the problem, of course, is that was a rebellion, 750,000 people died in what was the Civil War. And so what they're suggesting here is that this was really a rebellion, and that these members by supporting the challenge to the electoral votes were giving essentially aid and comfort to the rebels, and they can be disqualified.

One Democratic member has suggested disqualifying 120 Republicans, because they signed on to a brief supporting a challenge of the election in Texas.

CARLSON: Do you remember the name of that member? I hate to put you on the spot. We haven't talked about this, but I'd just be interested --

TURLEY: It seems like Pascrell or something. I think it was Representative Pascrell, but it was -- it was an amazing statement. Of course, that's a filing in a Federal Court. It's the exercise of free speech. And yes, that would be the basis for declaring you a rebel.

And look, you know, like every -- most people on Earth, I condemned what happened on January 6th. I was actually very critical of the President's speech while he was giving it.


TURLEY: But it was a protest that turned into a riot, because the security had a total breakdown. I mean, you don't -- it's not belittling what happened to say that it wasn't an insurrection. But the F.B.I. tried mightily to find evidence of an insurrection.

Virtually everyone charged from that day have been charged with things like trespass or unlawful entry, not with sedition.

CARLSON: I mean, if you have evidence of insurrection, just tells what it is. You know, I believe in UFOs. I'll believe anything.

You know, I just want to see the evidence and they don't have any, but now we know why they are using the word.

Jonathan Turley, great to see you.

TURLEY: Thank you very much.

CARLSON: So before we -- we want to do something that we probably shouldn't do. So CNN had New Year's Eve coverage, one of their stars got loaded made a total mess on the air, he probably did it so we'd play the tape. We probably shouldn't, but we're taking the bait. Here is Don Lemon.


CARLSON: Now the only thing in that video that's real is the booze in Don Lemon's glass which he drank. Here is what happened.


DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: I don't give a -- what you think about that? What do you think about -- I don't care.

I'm a grown ass man. I don't care what you think about me. I am alive. I am who I am. I'm a grown successful black man who a lot of people hate because they are not used to people seeing me and people like me in a position that I am, to be able to share what I -- my point of view on television.

It freaks people out and you know what, you can kiss my behind, I do not care.


CARLSON: They hate me because I'm black and there are no other black people on television. People are so shocked to see a black guy on TV that they just hate me.

You really can't hate Don Lemon. He doesn't mean a word of that. It's a scam. The scam is working.

You've got a TV show out of it. He is loaded on TV. No one reprimands him.

I mean, he is kind of winning in a way. We're not mad at him.

By the way, a brand new episode of "Tucker Carlson Today" featuring our interview with Isaac Morehouse out right now. You can watch it by going to tuckercarlson.com.

We'll be back tomorrow and every weeknight, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.

And now, a man to whom we have wanted to wish Happy New Year, Sean Hannity.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Thank you, Tucker. Thanks for traumatizing me at the start of the year. I really appreciate all of that.

CARLSON: My pleasure.

HANNITY: Anyway, Happy midterm New Year.

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