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If you've lived in this country 15 years ago and you've got a good memory, you may remember the creation of something called the National Security Division at the Department of Justice. It was created back in 2005 when they re-upped the Patriot Act.

Now the point of the National Security Division, we were told at the time, was to conduct quote, "counterterrorism and counter-espionage operations against foreign adversaries." This was the big stuff. Mostly it was Islamic terror, which was the primary threat of that time. But these are also the people in charge of busting Chinese spies who are trying to steal our nuclear secrets, stopping suicide bombers, and hijackings -- not small stuff, crimes that threatened the nation -- that was then.

Then Joe Biden became President in January and the entire mission of the United States government changed and turned inward -- against you.

A few days ago, the Department of Justice under the radical Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the National Security Division has a new domestic mission. According to Garland, effective immediately, the National Security Division is handling the investigation of quote, "harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school board members, teachers, and workers in our nation's public schools." End quote.

So the question is: Who is threatening these teachers and school board members? Is it al-Qaeda? Is it the Russian government? Is it ISIS-K? No. It is parents. Parents are angry about what's happening in schools. Why are they angry?

Well, take a closer look at the people Joe Biden has nominated to senior leadership positions at the Department of Education. Take a look at YouTube videos -- while they still exist -- of some of the school board meetings across the country over the past year and you will know exactly why parents are mad.

Parents who believe in things like biological sex, who oppose racial hierarchies imposed in pre-kindergarten classrooms, teaching kinds to hate their parents. Those are the threat according to the Biden administration.

You'll notice if you look closely that nowhere in Merrick Garland's recent order or the D.O.J.'s press release is any explanation of these quote "threats of violence." What threats of violence? Has violence occurred at school board meetings? No.

Look closer and you'll find this line quote, "The Justice Department will also create specialized training and guidance that will help school board members understand the type of behavior that constitutes threat." Oh, so, it's a propaganda operation funded by you, out of the Department of so- called Justice, designed to tell teachers and school board members that when parents complain, it's domestic terrorism.

It's not the First Amendment in progress, it's not your constituents voicing legitimate complaints. It is effectively a foreign adversary trying to kill you.

The Biden administration is trying to convince school board members using the Department of Justice that they are in physical danger from parents and those parents are National Security threats.

Once again, nothing like this has ever happened in this country. This is an utter perversion of the mission and the power of the United States Department of Justice. It is almost impossible to overstate how sinister and crazy this is.

We almost never play the equivalence game because it is tiresome, but in this case, it's hard to resist.

Imagine if Donald Trump's D.O.J. designated say CNN anchors as domestic terrorists, put it in writing, and then told men with guns to enforce the law. How would that go over? We, for one would be outraged by that. All decent Americans would, and it would in fact be less of a stretch than this order. A lot of CNN anchors made excuses for violence during the riots last year.

But the media aren't upset about this. When powerless suburban parents resist having nihilistic ruling class ideologies imposed by force on their children, our media seem to believe it is perfectly fine to designate them terrorists and threaten them with firearms.


JASON JOHNSON, MSNBC POLITICAL CONTRIBUTOR: In a version of America where school board meetings have become the new culture war battleground with children caught in the crosshairs - sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively.

KRISTOFER GOLDSMITH, CEO, SPARVERIUS: Right now everyone from the Proud Boys to the Oath Keepers to QAnon influencers are trying to encourage their members to maniacs to show up at school board meetings

GEOFF BENNETT, NBC NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Some behavior is so bad, it's being compared to domestic terrorism.


CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC HOST: How one Republican senator is pretending school board harassment and intimidation aren't off the charts?

BETSY WOODRUFF, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Similar tactics to what happened on January 6th that are now being turned against school boards nationwide in a trend that is really disturbing and sinister.

JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: Conservatives manufactured outrage over masks and history lessons, took our school boards hostage like a bunch of screaming maniacs.


CARLSON: So, the Federal government has designated American parents who are unhappy with the education their children are receiving as domestic terrorists, and the media are defending it.

This is so shameful, it's hard to describe. The entire point of a free press is to protect the weak from the strong. But as usual, and more flagrantly every day, our media does exactly the opposite.

They slobber over billionaires, they defend the powerful, they call you a bigot if you challenge George Soros; and on the other hand, they clap like seals as working-class people go to jail for thought crimes.

They're trying to pretend that's not what they're doing, that they're not sucking up to power, that they're not the Pretorian Guard for the Biden administration, but they are. They're telling you this is about "domestic terrorism," they're repeating Merrick Garland's own words. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

On MSNBC this week, the daughter of a United States senator, that would be Robert Menendez of New Jersey -- one of the Biden administration's closest allies in the Senate -- promised that she would air definitive proof that parents who dare to challenge the orthodoxies of the Joe Biden administration are in fact, a grave threat to national security.

She would show us the proof that the National Security Division needs to investigate these parents, treat them like criminals, for daring to speak up at their own school board meetings, before members of the school board they elected, to run schools they pay for, that educate their children.

Here's the evidence she presented:


ALICIA MELENDEZ, MSNBC HOST: I want to play some sound from these school board meetings so we can get a sense for how out of control some of these are getting. Take a listen.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Don't put masks on our kids anymore, because I'm telling you what, I'm a mom who is fearless and I will come after you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You're allowing child abuse, you're allowing child abuse, you're allowing child abuse, you're allowing child abuse.

MELENDEZ: Things have been so scary at these meetings that the organization representing school boards across the country is asking the federal government to help, arguing that the classification of these actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism.


CARLSON: So mothers stand up before a school board, which is their constitutional right, in fact, their duty as parents, to say they believe, based on a lot of scientific evidence that their children are being hurt by a policy that makes no sense.

Imagine looking at that tape, and blaming the moms, and suggesting their behavior is quote, "scary," and they are terrorists and the F.B.I. should show up at their house and hassle them, like they're al-Qaeda or ISIS-K, assuming that even exists.

What did they say? "Don't put masks on kids anymore. It's child abuse." Well, actually that's true. And anyone who has looked at the data knows it is true. Belgian pediatricians, for example in the Belgian Academy for Medicine -- not a third world country -- just issued this assessment of masks in schools.

Here it is, quote: "Testing children, imposing mouth masks and quarantines go against the principle of first do no harm which is included in the Hippocratic Oath that doctors took. These drastic actions do much more damage to the children in the short and long term than going through the infection itself." End quote.

Now, that's not some angry mom from Laguna Beach. Those are physicians saying that, and if you look around, and you should, you will not find a single scientific study anywhere in the world that fundamentally contradicts that assessment. There is no science -- none -- behind these mask mandates for children.

In fact, just days ago, Joe Biden's Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, tried to cite a study to back the administration's forced masking of children, which is a total outrage, and when he used this study to justify a political decision, the senior author of the study, Tracey Hoeg, said Cardona had no idea what he was talking about and had completely misrepresented her research, which, by the way, had no control group, so by definition, doesn't prove anything.

But don't bother. Don't even bother getting rational on this subject. If you dare to cite scientific conclusions, you're a domestic extremist and the media will demand that you be investigated by the F.B.I., and they are justifying this in exactly the same way that the Chinese government explained away murders it committed in Tiananmen Square.

They're accusing people who have been completely wronged by the government of undermining domestic stability by complaining about it. What used to be called legitimate civic disagreement is now a threat to the nation.


JOHNSON: Is this really about people being upset about mask mandates or are there sort of underlying disruptive forces -- white nationalists, anarchists -- whatever, in this country, that are using mask mandates and a public health crisis to sort of wage chaos?


CARLSON: Get that moron off television. That's hurting the country. I mean, come on now. They're racist now? They're racist because they don't want their kids to be masked? Imagine saying something like that.

There are "underlying forces at work." Secret forces you can't see. Must be QAnon or white supremacists. There are no organized white supremacist forces in this country. We have a lot of problems. That's not one of them.

The point is: we don't like their politics, therefore they don't deserve civil liberties. That's what they're saying. That's what they believe.

You have to wonder if any of these people have ever seen a school board meeting, or if they're just repeating what they're told. It's not the parents who are causing chaos, they didn't start this. They had a totally ordinary and justified expectation that their kids would be educated, as kids have been educated in this country for more than a hundred years in public schools.

The schools themselves changed, and parents slowly woke up to this fact. Their kids are being taught racism in the schools, they're being hurt. What the hell are you doing?

So parents go to meetings to voice objections to teachers who are advocating racial segregation and book burning, and they're doing it on camera, they're not doing it in secret, they're not plotting, this isn't the QAnon army, these are just normal Americans. Here is tape from Virginia back in May.


ANDREA WEISKOPF, RIVER BEND MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER: It's funny how they are so afraid of having their children seeing another view of sexuality, gender or religion.

If you want to talk about books that are assigned, let's read "To Kill a Mockingbird" together. If you aren't willing to consider the racial trauma this assigned book causes black children with its white saviorism, then you have no business discussing any books.


CARLSON: Well exactly. If you're telling kids that Dr. Seuss and "To Kill a Mockingbird," both of which are explicitly anti-racist, and were before that was even a term thought up by some grifter at Boston University, if you really believe that, you're a lunatic, and let's just say that out loud: you're a lunatic. And if you're complaining about it, you're not the one waging chaos.

Look around on cable news, and you won't find anyone explaining what's actually going on. Instead, you'll find people like Nicolle Wallace barking about how people who don't agree with her don't deserve civil liberties. We almost never use her name on the air. Nicolle Wallace is the physical embodiment of virtually everything that's wrong with this country. She is, in a word, loathsome.

But let's be completely honest: if the Federal government ever decided and then declared publicly that Nicolle Wallace a terrorist for her political opinions, we would unhesitatingly leap to her defense with maximum vehemence. We would do it instantly, and we wouldn't stop. Because we believe in civil liberties.

Would she do the same for us? Of course not. If the entire staff of this show was arrested tomorrow for our beliefs, Nicolle Wallace would celebrate -- and that's the difference. We believe in civil liberties, and they don't.

And how can you tell?

Has Nicolle Wallace or anyone else at MSNBC said a single word about the Federal government spying on people's Google searches? That's happening.

Accidentally, the Feds just unsealed court documents showing that the D.O.J. under Joe Biden has been obtaining sensitive, private information from anyone who typed in certain keywords into a Google search.

A Minnesota judge, for example, recently approved a secret warrant requiring Google to provide tracking information on, quote, "Any user within the City of Edina, Minnesota who searched a fraud victim's name." Oh, is it a stretch to think this could be extended to ideological crimes, which are the crimes the Biden administration really cares about? No, it's not a stretch at all. In fact, of course, it's happening, and no one on television even mentions it. Because they think you deserve it, because they don't think you have civil liberties.

Because they don't believe in God, therefore they don't think you got those rights from God. They thought you got them from the government, and they can be taken away because you've been naughty, and so they applaud when they are taken away.

Google collects an awful lot of tracking information on its users, including their names, home addresses, and browsing history going back decades.

So that is a story you would expect a lot of people on the left to be concerned about. If it was 20 years ago, they would be. The ACLU would be all over it. It's proof, once again that the government has too much surveillance power over American citizens, and they're abusing it to spy on people who have done nothing wrong.

But not one of the National Security experts so-called on MSNBC or CNN will even mention it. Why is that? Because their job isn't to protect you or civil liberties, but to protect the party in power.

That could be why they are not telling you anything about Merrick Garland's personal stake, the Attorney General's personal stake in prosecuting people who challenge the insanity we're seeing from school boards across the country.

It turns out, Merrick Garland's daughter is married to a man who is the co- founder of an education service company called Panorama Education, which, you will not be surprised to learn, provides materials on critical race theory to school districts -- including dismantling quote, "unconscious bias and systemic racism in schools."

Oh, so the thing that parents are complaining about is the thing that Merrick Garland's family is getting rich from. Two days ago, Merrick Garland just made it a crime to complain about the beliefs that are enriching his family. Does that make sense?

You should know that this specific company has raised a ton of money from Mark Zuckerberg's foundation. Fairfax County Public Schools just signed a $1.8 million contract with Panorama to conduct a multi-year social and emotional learning screener that gives them the right to collect quote "psychometrics" on the school district's students.

Do you realize they're collecting psychometrics on your kids? What is a psychometric anyway? This is insane. Some of the questions ask whether students are quote, "sad" or quote, "gender fluid." It's all making Merrick Garland's family rich.

This is horrifying. It's also potentially illegal. According to the D.O.J.'s own conflict of interest policy, it raises serious ethical issues. But of course, it does.

The D.O.J. rules require employees to seek official guidance before, quote, " ... participating in any matter in which his or her impartiality could be questioned." Oh, that would include situations in which matters can quote, "affect the financial interests" of a "relative with whom the [D.O.J.] employee has a close relationship."

That would probably include your daughter, Merrick Garland. Did you do that?

You can be assured that no one at the D.O.J.'s National Security Division is investigating that question tonight.

Instead, they're promising to go after people and designate like Elana Fishbein domestic terrorists.

Elana Fishbein is a mother who has fought back against indoctrination at her children's school outside Philadelphia. We've had her on before and we're delighted to have her again tonight.

Elana, thanks so much for coming on. You have made a particularly eloquent case for why the schools should just teach your kids academics. How does it feel to be designated a domestic terrorist for demanding that?

ELANA FISHBEIN, MOM FIGHTING INDOCTRINATION: Well, that is funny that when I was on your show first time I was a concerned parent and look what happened within a year? I was elevated to the status of domestic terrorists by the D.O.J. and the Biden administration. This is indeed appalling, outrageous, insane that the D.O.J. is weaponizing the F.B.I. who oppose the policies and actions of the school boards.

This is something that should be very worrisome to every citizen in our country.

CARLSON: And the media are defending it. This may be the low point that I've ever seen in 30 years of watching. I have to ask. I don't think you're going to be intimidated by this. You told us last time you came to this country in part for the education, you're clearly tough and single-minded.

But there are parents don't you think, who will be intimidated into silence?

FISHBEIN: Indeed, and that's one of their biggest weapon. It is the weapon of terrorists to intimidate the opposition, so there will not be any opposition. However, that's a central part of my work in my movement, No Left Turn in Education, to mobilize parents, to empower them so we expose what they're doing in schools.

Therefore, our parents all over the country in many states are going to school board and are going together so they won't be intimidated, so they can support each other and insist on exposing specifically what is being taught in classes.

This is really very puzzling why we, as parents, cannot see what specific material our kids are learning in classes. Why do we have in fact, to pay money, in order to file under the Freedom of Information Act so we can get some look at what they are doing with our children, while our children are in classes?

In fact, you had on your show, Sean, our Chapter Head from Maine, who has been harassed by the school board to the point that --

CARLSON: To the point that he had to move.

FISHBEIN: So, this is indeed -- that's right and Nicole Solas in Rhode Island, the teachers unions are suing her because she insisted on getting the full record of what her kids are being taught in school.

CARLSON: It's disgusting. I hope you will continue to resist. Elana Fishbein, thank you so much. We'll talk to you again.

Andrew Yang ran for President as a Democrat, ran for Mayor of New York City as a Democrat. He is no longer a Democrat. He is not leaving politics, he has made a major and pretty interesting announcement about what he is doing next and he makes it on this show.

We'll be right back.


CARLSON: Andrew Yang became famous as a Democratic candidate. He ran as a Democrat in the 2020 Presidential Primaries. He just ran for New York City Mayor as a Democrat. He lost both times.

Now, having learned a lot, he has left the Democratic Party and he is starting his own party.

On a brand new episode of "Tucker Carlson Today," we asked him why he did that and what he learned. Here's part of what he said.


CARLSON: First moment in politics was as a presidential candidate, then you ran again for mayor of our biggest city. So you're probably not going to recede into anonymity again, I wouldn't think.

As James Carville once said to me, the thing about running for office is, it's kind of like having sex. Once you do it, you kind of want to do it again. So, I think that's true. What are you running for next?

ANDREW YANG, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I am trying to bring our country back together and we can see that polarization is getting worse and worse because of the media and social media and political incentives you and I talked about and I talk about in my book, "Forward."

So, I am starting a new popular inclusive movement that's going to welcome Independents, Democrats, and Republicans alike to advance real electoral reform and solutions that are going to give rise hopefully to a middle ground in American politics and a greater diversity of points of view.

Because right now, this duopoly is not working for any of us. It is not working for Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, and so this is my new project, the Forward Party. Not left or right, but forward.

CARLSON: That's a third party.

YANG: It is a third party, yes, though it's starting out as a PAC, because you don't actually become a political party on day one, you have to do a bunch of stuff.

CARLSON: Well, sure. I mean systems, Ted Kaczynski -- I have to say has written very convincingly on this, the Unabomber, bad person, but a smart analysis, I think of the way systems work and his argument is that large organizations over time morph into purely self-preservation projects, like a big system in the end protects itself and that's kind of all it does. So our two-party system is certainly in that category.

There are so many barriers to starting a viable third party. It hasn't been done. Why can you do it?

YANG: I'd love to go into the history and background a bit, which you probably know better than I do, but if you look at the Constitution, there is nothing about political parties, two or otherwise, and if you look at the writings of the Founding Fathers, they feared factionalism that didn't fluctuate, which is exactly what we have with this duopoly. If they were to wake up and see what was happening now, they would be shocked and horrified.

And when you look at Americans around the country, 57 percent at this point want a third party, 60 percent think both parties are out of touch. If you were an entrepreneur, as I am, if you arrived at a market and said, hey, there's this dysfunctional duopoly and over half of people want a new alternative, you'd say, oh, let me create a new alternative.

The problem is what you just described, Tucker, is that it is now structurally nearly impossible to create a new alternative. So, it's sort of an irresistible force and an immovable object.

CARLSON: Yes, though I think it could be done. It seems to me, the pressure is going to come from the lifestyle liberals, from the group in Williamsburg. Just because they're the ones who mean it the most, their whole identity is wrapped up in this weird evangelical religion they have.

And so, I wonder, like the second a third party forces people to buy into like radical trans--ideology or whatever like, you know you can change your sex by saying so. That's insane. Of course, it's not science.

But like, that's a tough place for you because you have to take a stand on that issue and the second you do, you alienate people. Like you can't kind of get around that, can you? It's an acid test.

YANG: The Forward Party stands for a group of principles, I think the vast majority of Americans will be excited about and the first is open primaries and ranked choice voting to enable diverse points of view, so anyone who is sick of the duopoly, even if you aren't a huge Yang fan, you should be for the Forward Party just because we're going to actually change the process so that new parties can emerge.

We're never going to make progress if we're not willing to talk to each other and that's what the Forward Party is going to be about.

I ran for President as a democrat, I'm now an Independent. I will talk to anyone who wants to actually make our lives better and solve the problems that are getting worse around us. We do not have unlimited time. This country is not doing well.

You're a parent, I'm a parent. We have to try and make this country stronger and more whole for our next generation or we will have failed them.

I just see myself as a parent trying to do the right thing for my family, your family, and every family in this country.


CARLSON: So that conversation went on for about an hour. It didn't converse exactly to the Forward Party, but it was interesting and the fact that Andrew Yang who ran for President as a Democrat is willing to talk to anybody is a good sign, because there is one thing we believe and it is open conversation.

Anyway, you can watch the whole thing. It's a brand new episode of "Tucker Carlson Today" on foxnation.com.

So every leading religious figure needs a biopic and Tony Fauci is no different. The High Priest of the pandemic is now getting his own documentary. All hail, Tony Fauci.

Jesse Waters assesses it after the break.


CARLSON: Well, Tony Fauci is now a figure of religious veneration to the kind of Americans who think Starbucks makes good coffee, so it makes sense as a god striding the earth that Tony Fauci has his very own hagiographic film and he does, it features interviews with Bono, Susan Rice, Bill Gates, and some of the rest of the worst people in the world.

But the best part of the documentary, needless to say comes from Tony Fauci himself who is not surprisingly the world's greatest fan of Tony Fauci.

Here for example is Tony Fauci explaining why so many Americans don't trust him.


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: I mean, I'm the bad to an entire subset of people. Because I represent something that is uncomfortable them, it's called the truth.


CARLSON: They can't handle the truth, those Americans. Keep in mind, some people may distrust Tony Fauci for other reasons, like he is a liar and he has admitted it. He lied about scientific data for example, about herd immunity and he has admitted it.

But in the documentary, Tony Fauci has taken the long view and he is begging historians to forget all of that.


FAUCI: I hope that if historians look back, if they ever would want to look back at what I've done in my life, maybe somebody says, hey, that guy was pretty good.


CARLSON: So, there's a vaccinated man wearing a mask alone outside. That's clearly a sign of mental illness, but the film makes it seem like heroism. What do we make of this?

Jesse Waters is the host of "Watters' World" and the author of the fantastic book, "How I Saved the World," which he basically did. He joins us to assess the Tony Fauci movie.

Jesse Watters, have you seen this?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST, WATTERS' WORLD: No, and I don't plan on it, but he really is the perfect Hollywood actress -- craves attention, loves drama and if you criticize his performance, they only hate me because I'm beautiful. This is the thing.

We don't hate the truth, we just want Tony to tell it, and we trust the science, we just don't trust that scientist because, Tucker, this is the same guy that funded the risky research in that sloppy lab that sprung this pandemic and then he kept us all locked inside to protect us from a virus that mostly spreads inside.

So instead of resigning and doing the right thing, he goes on television and actually suggests that future historians document his life and treat him as a hero.

Now as someone with a healthy ego, Tucker, even I blush at something like that. But maybe this is just satire from Disney. I mean, they do use Susan Rice as a character witness for Anthony Fauci, the Benghazi bag lady or maybe this is just Disney paying Fauci back because Disney shares did go up a hundred percent during the Fauci lockdowns. Remember? Everybody just sat home and watched Disney+ and they got all those Beijing profits coming in because Tony ran interference for the lab leak. So maybe, it's just payback.

CARLSON: But what about the filmmakers? I mean, if you're interviewing the guy who helped create COVID-19, lied about it, got caught, funded these Frankenstein experiments that wrecked the United States, wouldn't you feel obligated to ask him about it?

WATTERS: It's too late because now the media has anointed him. Remember, he is Lord Lockdown, arch enemy of Donald Trump, savior of everything scientific and holy. The media were early investors in the Fauci narrative.

Remember, they rode the Fauci wave from the lockdowns to the ballots, all the way to power in the White House. The same with Big Tech and Big Pharma, they are in on this, too. He is too big to fail.

They can't pump and dump and sell him like they did Cuomo. They can't burst the Fauci bubble. There's too much money locked in. The guy is un- cancelable even though he's about yay big.

CARLSON: That is such a -- they can't pump and dump like they did in Cuomo. I wish I had thought of that. Man is that perfect. Jesse Watters, thank you.

WATTERS: Thank you.

CARLSON: So we told you about the Facebook whistleblower last night. We pride ourselves on being pretty hard-nosed and skeptical. We may have gotten that story a little bit wrong.

We've learned a lot more today about who that person is and what's really going on here. We'll have it for you after the break.

Plus, Big Tech has just taken a major step to shut down one of the few remaining sites on the internet that is worth reading because it's funny, it's smart. It's ahead.

Right now, on tuckercarlson.com, you can get the new book during the break and cut out amazon.com. That feels good. We'll be right back.


CARLSON: On last night's show, we did a segment about the Facebook whistleblower who testified on Capitol Hill yesterday. The whistleblower was a woman called Frances Haugen and she testified that Facebook knows very well it is harming children with its products.

Haugen released documents to this affect, "The Wall Street Journal" proving that that's true, but what we didn't catch at the time and we're sorry we didn't, we really try to catch things like this, is that Haugen is also pushing for internet censorship in a very partisan way. Again, we should have caught that and told you about it.

We figured something must be up because the media was treating her like a hero. They don't do that for people who believe in free speech.

In a recent interview with "60 Minutes," Haugen explained that she sees her role as fighting quote "misinformation."


SCOTT PELLEY, CORRESPONDENT FOR "60 MINUTES" (voice over): Frances Haugen told us she was recruited by Facebook in 2019. She says, she agreed to take the job only if she could work against misinformation because she had lost a friend to online conspiracy theories.

FRANCES HAUGEN, FORMER FACEBOOK PRODUCT MANAGER: I never wanted anyone to feel the pain that I had felt, and I had seen how high the stakes were in terms of making sure that it was high-quality information on Facebook.

PELLEY (voice over): At headquarters, she was assigned to Civic Integrity, which worked on risks to elections including misinformation.


CARLSON: Oh, online conspiracy theories like COVID came from a pangolin or the vaccine causes no harm whatsoever. Right.

The second you start hearing language like that -- misinformation, conspiracy theories -- you know you're dealing with a partisan actor, not a person acting in good faith and now, just to confirm it, just a short time ago, FOX News confirmed that the so-called whistleblower is going to testify before the January 6th Committee. That could happen as soon as tomorrow.

Now for reaction, Matt Walsh who is someone we trust, completely. Host of "The Matt Walsh Show." Matt, thanks so much for coming on. This is effectively a correction segment that we're doing now. I don't know how this got passed us yesterday and I'm a little bit embarrassed, but assess what you think is going on here, if you would.

MATT WALSH, HOST, "THE MATT WALSH SHOW": Well, I think first of all, a good general rule here is that when the media tells us about a whistleblower, the first hint that it's not a real whistleblower is that the media is telling us about it because we have to remember that you know, look Facebook, Big Tech, the Democratic Party, and the media -- they're all part of the same system and so, if someone within that system has deep dark dirty secrets that they want to tell us, no one within the system is going to elevate and amplify that story.

And that's why it -- and so it's no surprise when you listen to the revelations that this person, this so-called whistleblower had to tell us about one is that yes, social media is bad for kids and it is terrible for kids. But I'll tell you something, as a father, I'm not worried about Instagram affecting my daughter because I'm not giving a phone to my daughter, so I consider that something that I can take control of myself.

But then, the real focus is all this stuff about misinformation, people being radicalized. No, it's -- they're not worried about Facebook censoring free speech or stifling speech. That's the real problem. Their issue and Frances Haugen's issue is that they're not stifling speech enough and you see why the corporate media would have a lot of interest in this story because they want to be the sole disseminators of information and they see competition with conservatives and people on the right who use social media to speak to each other and get opinions out there, and that's what they want to put a stop to.

CARLSON: Exactly. Facebook is power. You control the political content on Facebook and you control election outcomes. Period. So, that's what they want to do and I wish we had you on last night. I'm again embarrassed we kind of fell for it.

Matt Walsh, thanks a million.

WALSH: Appreciate it. Thank you.

CARLSON: So "The Babylon Bee" is hugely successful because it's great, it is one of the few remaining amusing sites on the internet. It is really smart, so of course Big Tech hates it and is trying to censor it and prevent people from reading it.

Seth Dillon is the CEO of "The Babylon Bee." He is a very successful businessman, but he probably spends all his time just trying to keep his voice from being stifled. Seth, thanks so much for coming on.

So what is -- I know you've been involved in these battles probably every day for months now, what are the attempts now to shut you guys down?

SETH DILLON, CEO, "THE BABYLON BEE": Where do I begin? Well, I mean it starts with misinformation, right, I mean we've been fact checked to death over and over again. It started out with this fact check about CNN purchasing an industrial-sized washing machine so they could spin the news before publication, you know and it's just been on and on and on from there, we get fact-checked.

CARLSON: Well, that wasn't real?

DILLON: It wasn't real. That was a fake story, believe it or not. So you know, basically, the social networks have been using these fact checkers to, you know, try to -- it is like under the guise of like trying to control misinformation. It is politically motivated. It has been the whole time and we're seeing -- like right now, we're seeing a drastic drop in traffic, a decline, a steady decline over the course of time.

It started really around the election last year, leading into the 2020 election and it's just been this steady decline, a rapid decline. We used to drive most of our traffic through Facebook, we now drive very little of our traffic through Facebook.

Our articles that used to go crazy viral, you repost them now, they get like barely any shares at all.

I joked recently like one of the articles that we shared it got -- it reached 11 people. We have over a million people in our audience, it reached 11 people. We could have reached more people if we printed it out and like nailed it to like a telephone pole in a small town.

CARLSON: I mean, Facebook now or the social media companies are specifically going against satire, like they're basically saying humor is no longer allowed and they're saying it explicitly.

DILLON: Yes, well, okay, so they've made new rules, right? They have new rules that they're rolling out. They've got this new policy. Satire is allowed. They're going to allow satire, but there's a catch, you can't punch down. No punching down is allowed.

So, they've got this new thing -- and how do you define punching down? I mean, look it's like they have all these protected things, these sacred cows that they don't want you to joke about. They want to control your speech and control what you joke about.

And I think it's the most condescending thing ever. I mean, imagine thinking to yourself, I can't joke about those people. They're beneath me. I mean, how condescending is that to have that thought go through your head?

We're not allowed to joke about women because joking about women would be considered punching down. It would be hate speech under the guise of satire. I don't think women are beneath me, so I reject the whole premise that you know, there is -- that it is even possible to really punch down at people who aren't beneath me to begin with.

But they just perpetuate those stereotypes by enforcing rules like this and it's really just aimed at uh curbing and silencing and ostracizing satire comedy and thinkers that they don't like.

CARLSON: If you're regulating humor, you're -- I mean you're kind of East Germany at that point, aren't you?

DILLON: Oh, yes, I mean, yes. Absolutely. Look, putting your rulers up -- that's the whole point of satire, right? It's to punch up. It's to speak truth to power.

You know, tyrants don't like that. It's the thing that they hate more than anything else.

CARLSON: I noticed.

DILLON: So, you know the fact that they're coming out after us, we're actually not punching down, we are punching up. Most of the ideas we go after are progressive ideas, they're popular ideas. They're advanced by celebrities, corporations, politicians. They're coming from the top down.

CARLSON: Exactly.

DILLON: We're punching back, we're not punching down.

CARLSON: If anybody is fighting the power, it's "The Babylon Bee," and you will succeed in the end because you're smart, and we're rooting for you.

DILLON: Thanks.

CARLSON: Seth, thanks so much for coming on.

DILLON: Thank you.

CARLSON: So we told you last night that prosecutors in Chicago are refusing to file charges after a gang shootout that left one man dead and two in the hospital. They claim there is not enough evidence to charge anybody. Okay.

Well, we actually just got a video of the shooting and you can assess for yourself whether it constitutes evidence or not. That's next.


CARLSON: If you want to know what is going on in a place, sometimes pictures tell the whole story. This is Chicago. A lot of this is at the hands of George Soros. This is happening because of him and the DA in this city, Kim Foxx.

So what you're watching right here is a shootout. Do you notice that guy just shot another guy? There is a police car right behind him. The car pulls off and there is a dead person on the street.

Now, that person did in fact die. Two others were injured. Police wanted to charge all the suspects with murder and aggravated battery because that is what they was, but they couldn't because the District Attorney paid for by George Soros, Kim Foxx refused to charge them.

She said the shooting is an incidence of quote "mutual combat" and there is just not enough evidence to prove that a shooting took place.

Okay, imagine you are a juror in the City of Chicago and someone showed you that tape and asked, "Was that a shooting? Like, the guy firing the gun into the other guy who dies on video? Is that enough evidence for you?"

It wasn't enough for Kim Foxx. There is not enough evidence. We just can't really know. That was her position. So nobody was charged.

We told you that story last night. We hadn't seen the video yet. And so there was probably a two percent chance that maybe they weren't really sure what happened.

They knew exactly what happened. But they decided not to charge anybody. Why is that?

It's happening in cities around the country. Violent crime, shootings, murders take place and prosecutors funded by George Soros refused to do anything about it even as they tell you that your guns are the real problem, they are going to need to disarm you because gun crime is the problem. Really? There is gun crime. What are you going to do better? Nothing.

We thought it was an amazing video and we wanted to show it to you.

We took an in-depth look at Kim Foxx for our recent episode of our long- form documentary series, "Tucker Carlson Originals." It is on FOX Nation. If you would like to see it, it is pretty amazing.

We will be back tomorrow, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.

We will see you tomorrow. Here is Sean Hannity.

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