Trump sets the record straight on convo with RNC chair

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Welcome to "Hannity." The mainstream media was buzzing today after it was revealed that 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and the RNC chairman, Reince Priebus, spoke on the phone.  Now, media outlets made it appear that Donald Trump was scolded by Priebus and told to, quote, "tone down" his rhetoric.

Joining us now to set the record straight, the man himself, 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Is that true? Were you told to tone it down?

DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Not at all. He is a really nice guy. He's working very hard. First of all, they said it was, like, a 45-minute or maybe an hour phone call, and the maximum that it could have been was 12 or 13 minutes.

He really called to congratulate me in being number one in a lot of polls. And I guess the new poll just came out right now from The Economist, where it's number one again. And you know, people are agreeing with what I say.

So he called, Sean, very simply to say, unbelievable, that he's never seen anything quite like it. And he just couldn't have been nicer. I just don't know how this story got out. Nobody called us for verification. And honestly, I can't blame him. Unless he gave out the story, which is possible -- probably he did.

But he's working hard. He's doing a good job. He had a big loss last time, and I think he wants to have a win this time. And I'm the one that will win. Nobody else is going to -- I just -- we want to make America great. Nobody is going to make America -- I know how to do it. And politicians do not know how to do it, Sean.

HANNITY: Let me -- let me ask you this. Can you balance the idea -- you have now captured the nation's attention. Can you balance Donald Trump remaining true to who you are and show America that you care about the people that are out of the labor force, 93 million of them, the 50 million in poverty, the 46 million Americans on food stamps? Can you be Trump and also show Americans that you can be presidential?

TRUMP: Well, I'm going certainly to try. You have to be tough. You have to be smart. China is just eating our lunch. What they're doing to us is incredible. They're taking our jobs. They're taking our money and then they're loaning the money back to us. And right now, we owe China $1.4 trillion.

Japan, the same thing. They sell their cars, and then they loan us money. We're paying them interest on the money. And they're doing all the business. I mean, we do very little, relatively speaking, with Japan.  It's a one-way street.

It's a one-way street with Mexico. I get along great with Mexico, but it is a one-way street. They're taking our business. They're horrible on the border. What they're doing to us on the border is incredible. You understand that better than anyone.

So the answer is, we need somebody that can make deals, that can make great deals, bring jobs back to the United States and stop this nonsense where everything a one-way street out. We had, as you know, in the first quarter, a negative GNP. We had a Gross National Product where it was below zero! That's like -- that means we're becoming a smaller country.  We have more people but a smaller country.

And we have a lot of people that just pour in that nobody even knows where they come from. So the answer is you need a certain mentality, and I would do a good job.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this because I assume that at some point, this issue is going to go away. And I'm going to talk more about immigration in a second. But I think Americans are going to want to see, what is Donald Trump's plan for getting Americans back to work, for debt, for deficit, saving Social Security and Medicare, your alternative to "Obama care," dealing with ISIS, Iran, Syria, Islamic terrorists, Putin, China.

So is there -- as you look down the road, you have a pivot point where you're going to now discuss specific plans if Trump were to become president at one point.

TRUMP: Many of those things can be discussed already. First of all, we have to repeal and replace "Obama care." It's a disaster. It's not working. Premiums are going up 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent.  Deductibles are going through the roof. Nobody's even going to get to use it unless they're hit by a tractor. "Obama care" is a disaster, and also for the country because the country can't afford it. So it's very expensive, and it's no good.

Our military has to be strengthened. We have to be -- we need -- I mean, we've then been in trouble like this. The world hates us. Our military has to be strong, much stronger than it is right now.

And we have to take care of our vets. You know, our vets are the forgotten people. They're like third class citizens in this country. They do such a terrible job taking care of our vets.  That won't happen with me.

And we have many other things. The jobs, you know, it's interesting.  Everyone says in every poll that I've seen that I would absolutely be the best for the economy, by a tremendous amount of margin. But I actually think I'd be great for the military. We need strong military.

We have to bring jobs back to this country. Kids go to college. They borrow money to go to college. They do really well. They get good marks.  They graduate. They can't get a job. And you know, the real job numbers - - I watch where they talk about 5.3 and 5.5...

HANNITY: They're phony.

TRUMP: ... and 5.6 percent unemployment.

HANNITY: It's twice that.

TRUMP: I'll tell you -- I've always been saying -- I have been saying 20 percent, 21. The other day, I heard somebody actually say 41 percent.  Now, what they mean is all these people that gave up looking for jobs, Sean. And it's true.

HANNITY: We don't count them anymore.

TRUMP: They look for jobs...


TRUMP: ... now they're considered -- they don't count them.

HANNITY: Yes, only in Washington.

TRUMP: They don't count them. It's a disgrace.

HANNITY: So let me...

TRUMP: So we have to...

HANNITY: Go ahead.

TRUMP: Sean, we have to bring back jobs.


TRUMP: ... bring back jobs.

HANNITY: Let me take it back to immigration for a second. I want to go through -- you put out a long statement the other day, and you broke down what it was that you said that has created such controversy. Let's play it, and then I want you to break it down for us.


TRUMP: When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best.  They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems. And they're bringing those problems with us (sic). They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists.  And some, I assume, are good people. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we're getting.


HANNITY: I'm going to put up in a second the crime statistics. If you had a do-over, would you have said there are a lot of good people that come here because they want hope and opportunity because we're a great country, but with them come -- in other words, would you reverse it?

TRUMP: Sean, what I said was when Mexico -- when -- I'm talking about the country of Mexico. They are sending us their criminals. We're not talking about the good -- the good people come, and they're great people.  They're better than good people. I love the Mexican people. They have tremendous spirit. They have tremendous vibrance and life. I love them.  I have so many friends.

I respect the country of Mexico. The problem is, the country of Mexico, the leadership is much smarter than our leadership. They are killing us in terms of jobs and economic development. And they're killing us at the border.

When I say that Mexico is -- I'm talking about the country of Mexico, the government of Mexico. They're sending us criminals. In other words, instead of putting them in their jails, they're sending them to us.  They're sending drug dealers and people that have lots of other problems, and they're sending them over here because they say, Why should we do this?  Why should we take care of the prisoners? We'll send them over. And that's what I meant.

When people figure it out, everybody says, Oh, that's -- and it's so obvious. I mean, can it be any more obvious? Now, one word you could have added, and I guess it was "government," but what I'm saying when Mexico, when the country of Mexico sends, they say, Why should we take care of these prisoners? We'll send them to the United States, where the United States has very stupid leaders and stupid leadership and they have bad negotiators. They'll take care.

So what do we do? We take them and we put them in prisons...

HANNITY: Well, let me...

TRUMP: ... and we sometimes have to put them in hospitals.

HANNITY: Let me...

TRUMP: And we take care of them. And one other thing.

HANNITY: Go ahead.

TRUMP: The man that killed that magnificently beautiful and wonderful young woman in San Francisco was pushed out of Mexico five times -- five times. He should have been in a jail in Mexico.

HANNITY: Let me...

TRUMP: And what we do is, we have our prisons loaded up and it's ridiculous.

HANNITY: You know that I've been down to the border...

TRUMP: Go ahead.

HANNITY: ... almost a dozen times now, horseback, helicopter, boat...

TRUMP: Right.

HANNITY: ... all-terrain vehicle. I've been there when people are arrested. I saw the biggest drug warehouse, drugs destined to be in the veins of American children, floor to ceiling, nothing but drugs, the worst smell you've ever smelled in your life.

Let me put up numbers. Illegal immigrants right now, according to the Pew Research Center, represent 3.5 of the population. Now, according to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, illegal immigrants represent 13.6 percent of federal prisoners. That does not include, by the way, those laws -- those that broke laws coming into the country.

Now, you've heard all the stories. In 2013, we had 36,007 criminals, illegal immigrants who were released by ICE. These are convicted criminals. Of those released back into our population, Mr. Trump, 193 homicide convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions, 303 kidnapping convictions.

If you look at the total cost, immigration, estimated cost to the American taxpayer, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, it's $113 billion. That same group looks at $14 billion in medical costs every year. They also look at the cost per year in terms of children, and it's $39 billion.

And you know, we're talking about the health care system, the criminal justice system, our educational system. When you look at those statistics -- I don't know anybody else in the media that has told that story. Does that reinforce what you're saying? Is that a message you think Americans already know? What's your reaction to those numbers?

TRUMP: Well, I think it reinforces, but it's almost like people don't want to hear about it. I mean, I watch Hillary Clinton. She would be so weak on immigration. I watch Jeb Bush. He's a joke on immigration. He said they come -- it's an act of love. I don't know if you remember his famous "act of love." But they come. It's an act of love.

This has nothing to do with love. This is serious stuff. You have some very serious situations coming over here. And they're being pushed by -- they are taking people that should be in Mexican prisons, Mexican jails, and they're pushing them over to the United States. And these are dangerous people.

And you saw that in San Francisco and you saw that with the great father who has this wonderful son who's going to be a college football player, tremendous potential, a wonderful kid. And he was shot by one of these people walking down a street with his father. And I mean, this was one of the sad stories. There's so many -- there's hundreds of these stories. And people don't want to talk about it. So you have...

HANNITY: I had three parents on last night.

TRUMP: ... a Jeb Bush that talks about act of love...

HANNITY: Three parents on last night.

TRUMP: That's terrible.

HANNITY: All of them lost their children. We have more parents on coming up right after you.

All right, let me put on the screen a statement that was put out by the Clinton campaign today. We have 300 sanctuary cities. "Hillary Clinton believes that sanctuary cities can help further public safety, and she has defended those policies going back years. And as she has made clear, the particular individual should not have been on the streets. She believes that we need a system were people like this don't fall through the cracks, and this is why she continues to fight for comprehensive immigration reform."

Now, we decided to go back. She says she's supported this all along.  And she has flipped and flopped a lot on this. I want to get your reaction to this statement -- these statements by her.


HILLARY CLINTON, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If local law enforcement begins to act like Immigration Enforcement officers, what that means is that you will have people not reporting crime.

Local law enforcement has a different job than federal immigration enforcement.

BILL O'REILLY, "O'REILLY FACTOR" HOST: Are you going to crack down on the sanctuary cities?

CLINTON: No, I'm not, and I'll tell you why.


CLINTON: I'm not. I'm not. We do not want to have what some people are advocating, which is that, literally, you have deputized law enforcement officials going door to door, businesses, homes...

Any city should listen to the Department of Homeland Security. The city made a mistake not to deport someone that the federal government strongly felt should be deported.


HANNITY: We have 300 of these sanctuary cities. She's flipped and flopped and flailed. But here's the question -- 300 cities that by their very nature will not give up to federal officials those people that have broken American law and not respected American sovereignty. What's your answer to Hillary Clinton?

TRUMP: It's inconceivable. And what happens is they have pollsters - - she has pollsters working for her that say, You have to do this in order to beat Bernie Sanders. Who would have thought this was going to happen with Bernie Sanders? You looked at him, you say, How does this guy end up like he's ending up?

And frankly, we have -- absolutely, they took polls, and for some reason, with a certain group of the population, they want to do this and they believe in the sanctuaries and -- it's incredible that somebody can think that way. And it's so bad for our society.

And all you have to do is look at San Francisco and look at that beautiful young woman who was killed in her father's arms. And you say, if they didn't have this, it wouldn't happen.

And beyond that, Sean, he should have never been in the country anyway. Mexico -- in my opinion, The government of Mexico forced him out because they don't want take care of him...

HANNITY: But we're allowing it.

TRUMP: ... for 50 years in a jail!

HANNITY: But America is allowing it because we have (INAUDIBLE)

TRUMP: We're allowing it -- we're allowing it -- we're allowing it because we have stupid leaders. We have a stupid group of people at the top, and they allow...


TRUMP: ... things like this to happen. That girl should be alive.

HANNITY: Absolutely.

TRUMP: The young man -- the man's son should be alive right now, shouldn't be you know where. It's so sad what's happening to our country...

HANNITY: We've got two parents...

TRUMP: ... in so many ways.

HANNITY: When we come back, we have two parents that lost their kids by illegal immigrants. Let me ask you one last question. A lot has been made about your campaign. You're right, you showed up number one in the poll by The Economist today. My question to you is, if Donald Trump doesn't win the Republican nomination, will you support the eventual nominee, or would you run third party?

TRUMP: I have to see who wins. I mean, look, I'm not a politician.  You know, every politician, immediately, you're supposed to say, Oh, absolutely, absolutely. I have to see who wins. And frankly, I think we're going to win. I really think our message is much better.

I will make unbelievable trade deals. I'll bring jobs back to our country. I'll bring security back to our country. I really think we're going to win. I watch everybody. I don't see their message. And you can say what you want. I know you like him, and I like him, too, Rick Perry.  He did a lousy job on the border when he was governor of Texas. What a horrible job he did. Worse than him, though, is Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush is a disaster in so many different ways.

I have to see, Sean, who wins.


TRUMP: I'm not a politician. I don't have to say...

HANNITY: You're not thinking about an independent run...

TRUMP: I have to see who wins.

HANNITY: You're thinking about winning this Republican primary.  That's what you're thinking about today.

TRUMP: I want to win the Republican -- I want to win because that's our best chance of defeating the Democrats. With that said, everybody wants me to do that. I have had so many people wanting me to do that. Our best chance of defeating the Democrats and getting this country going again is if I win the Republican nomination.


TRUMP: I will beat Hillary Clinton. And One other thing. I will win the Latino vote. I will win the Hispanics because I'm going to put them to work. I am going to put people back to work. I'm going to win that vote.  I have thousands of people working for me, right now, Hispanics working for me. I will win that vote because I'm going to get jobs for people.  Hillary's not going to get jobs. And by the way, Jeb Bush is not going to get jobs.

HANNITY: All right, Donald Trump, thanks so much for being with us.

And coming up, today...

TRUMP: Thank you very much.

HANNITY: ... the family of Kathryn Steinle held a memorial service to honor her life. Unfortunately, her loved ones -- they're not alone.  Coming up next, you're going to meet parents. Their children were senselessly killed by illegal immigrants.

And then later, we'll debate it. Ann Coulter goes one on one with Geraldo Rivera, a heated debate you don't want to miss. Stay with us.



HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." Tonight, family, friends and the community continue to mourn the loss of Kathryn Steinle. Just hours ago, a memorial service was held for the young woman who was senselessly murdered by Francisco Sanchez. Now, of course, he's an illegal immigrant with a long arrest record who had been deported five times.

Now, Steinle's death has received national attention, but this is not the first time an illegal immigrant has murdered an innocent American.  Joining us now to share their own tragic stories, Anita Shaw -- her 17- year-old son, Jameel (ph), was pointlessly gunned down in 2008 by an illegal immigrant.

Also with us -- Steve Ronnebeck with us. He's a 21 -- his 21-year-old son, Grant, was killed in January by an illegal immigrant over a pack of cigarettes while working at a convenience store.

First of all, my thoughts and prayers are with both of you. I can't think of anything more difficult to deal with.


HANNITY: Anita, I look at this story -- your son was murdered, tell me if I'm wrong, for carrying a red Spider-Man backpack. And because of the color, he was mistaken for a gang member, killed by an illegal that was released the day before who had been serving eight months for an assault with a deadly weapon and battery of an officer.

SHAW: That's correct.

HANNITY: And he was arrested five times as a juvenile. Tell us the whole story.

SHAW: That's correct, sir. From what I understand, he was arrested many times for armed charges. He just -- he grew up just being bad. He came over when he was 4 years old, and he just did nothing but bad stuff.

And then the last thing I knew about it, he was trying to kill this one guy, and the guy got away. And he went to jail for that, and then he got out for good behavior, for who knows why because he also attacked police officer. And he got out Saturday. Sunday, he killed my son.

HANNITY: He was previously booked five times as a juvenile, claimed he was born in Mexico so they knew he wasn't a citizen. And all of these crimes, and he never got deported. How angry are you that your government failed to do its job?

SHAW: It's very -- I'm very angry because it makes no sense. We get -- we break the law by jay walking or something, then we get a ticket, we go to jail, all kinds of stuff. But if an illegal alien do something wrong, Oh, it's all right.


SHAW: It's no problem.

HANNITY: Steve, let's talk about your son, Grant, 21 years old, another tragic situation. He worked at a convenience store, and he was actually on video just actually handling over the cigarettes. Tell us.

STEVE RONNEBECK, SON KILLED BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT: Yes. The suspect came in and threw change on the counter and requested cigarettes.  Evidently, Grant wasn't counting the change fast enough. The suspect pulled a gun. And when Grant went to offer up the cigarettes anyway, the suspect shot him in the face.

HANNITY: So what do we know? Now, apparently, he was arrested prior to this?

RONNEBECK: Yes. Actually, he was arrested for a sexual crime and then burglary. He pled it down to simple burglary, so he never spent any time in jail. And they let him out. And then he was out on an ICE bond of $10,000.

HANNITY: All right, so he had committed these other crimes, including what, burglary, theft, kidnapping charges that ended up being dismissed.  He ends up on parole. And again, they knew that he was here illegally.  They didn't deport him. And that means that your son died again because our government failed to protect your son. What is your reaction to this?

RONNEBECK: It's absolutely abhorrent. I just cannot even imagine why this is happening. It was preventable.

HANNITY: I feel so bad for both of you. I really do. We had three parents also on last night who lost their children. And I hope people are paying attention because this is not a small issue. It's happening with regularity. And we're not enforcing our laws, and that means we're not protecting people like your children.

So I appreciate you telling your stories. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

RONNEBECK: Thank you, Sean.

HANNITY: When we come back, we'll get reaction to all of this and my interview with Donald Trump with Ann Coulter and Geraldo Rivera. They'll face off.

And then today, pop star Ariana Grande is in hot water. She was caught on tape, well, trashing the United States. We'll tell you about that.

And then later, the shocking video shows a manager at a Panera Bread punching one of his female employees in the face. That and much more on this busy "Hannity."


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." Donald Trump's comments about illegal immigrants have definitely got the country's attention. Now, joining me now with more is FOX News senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera and the author of the New York Times best-seller "Adios America," Ann Coulter. By the way, she's going to be in Anaheim on Monday for a book signing, and you can go to her Web site,, for tickets.

You heard Donald Trump. He's not apologizing. You see the numbers that I put up. I got the numbers for you especially, by the way, Geraldo - - 3 percent of the population, 13 percent of the population in prison, illegal immigrants.

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: You had another statistic up there that was very alarming, Sean, 193 homicides -- 193 homicides -- Donald Trump says there's 30 million undocumented immigrants, 193 murders, about the same...

HANNITY: You're misunderstanding that...

RIVERA: Let me finish! About the same as the number of murders in Baltimore so far this year...

HANNITY: I'm going to help you.

RIVERA: ... with 600,000 people!

HANNITY: No, no, no. This was...

RIVERA: One sixtieth of the homicides rate!

HANNITY: No, no. This was about the 36,000 criminals, illegal immigrant criminals that were in jail that were released back to American soil. That's only about 36,000 that committed those murders -- 36,000!

RIVERA: Out of a population of 30 million. That's my point!

HANNITY: No, but...

RIVERA: My point is you slander this gigantic population...

HANNITY: I'm not slandering! I'm giving facts!

RIVERA: ... with stereotyping about -- about their criminal...


RIVERA: Here's some -- this is from yesterday's Washington Post, yesterday's Washington Post. "Data on immigrants and crime are incomplete, but a range of studies show there is no evidence immigrants commit more crimes than native-born Americans. In fact, first generation immigrants are predisposed to lower crime rates than native-born Americans.

HANNITY: Let me...

RIVERA: Washington Post yesterday.

HANNITY: Let me -- let me put it up again. If you look at the population -- this is number 5, if you're in the control room -- 3.5 percent illegal immigrants, those that are federal prisoners, illegal immigrants, not in jail for being here illegally. Those are crimes, 13.6 percent. The -- let me go to...

RIVERA: The vast majority of those...

HANNITY: Hang on!

RIVERA: ... are...

HANNITY: There's 190...

RIVERA: ... reentry, just like that scum dog in San Francisco.

HANNITY: All right, Ann...

RIVERA: Felony reentry.

HANNITY: I love Geraldo. He's misunderstanding. The 36,000 people that we're referring to were criminals released that were not sent back to their countries that committed these crimes as soon as they were released, 193 murders, 426 sexual assaults, 303 kidnappings. Your reaction, Ann.

ANN COULTER, "ADIOS AMERICA" AUTHOR: Right. Well, first of all, I want it on the record Geraldo and everyone else is now admitting there are a minimum of 30 million illegals in the country.

And moving on from there, what I have found, now having written a book about it, and it is particularly about immigrant crime, not just illegal immigrant crime, is it is like the beginning of "Anna Karenina." The truth about -- about immigration is always the same, the lies are always different. You have to look at what -- you know, the different ways these lying statistics are made.

But I think the overall point is none of these people have a right to be here. Geraldo says you're defaming a group of people. Look, by definition, we are talking about people who have no right to be living in America, whether they are legal or illegal immigrants. This is a government policy. We don't want their crime rate to be the same as Americans. We don't want it to be a little bit less. We want zero criminals coming -- being brought in by our government and preying on Americans!

I think the true evidence is overwhelming that it is far more than native Americans. I mean, we know that immigrants and not just illegal immigrants are far more likely to be on government assistance than the native-born. That's crazy! Why are we bringing in people whom we have to help? That is meant for our poor people! And that includes Hispanic poor people. And it includes black poor people. We have to care about our own.

But, secondly, as I've said before, only 25 percent of the entire California prison population is white. Well, California is only about six percent black. So what are liberals saying, that 75 percent of the inmates of California prisons, which has been accepting inmates from the '60s, '70s, and '80s back when California was the far majority white and black, they're still in prison, that whole Manson family, 75 percent of those, are you saying are black? No. Of course, they're Hispanic.

RIVERA: Is the filibuster over? Let me respond. The two cities with the highest concentration of undocumented immigrants, New York City and Los Angeles, both experiencing record low crime. Last month in New York where there are 500,000 undocumented immigrants was the most peaceable, least violent month in reason New York history. Los Angeles --

COULTER: That means nothing.

RIVERA: -- is experiencing rates of violent crime, they are so low since the 1950s.

COULTER: That's not because of immigration.

RIVERA: If these people commit crimes, why would these cities be experiencing such relative freedom from violent crime?

Compare that to cities like Baltimore and Detroit and Cleveland and the other post-industrial cities where there is a spike in terrible crime where you should be obsessing over violence instead of singling out this population and ginning up this false fear. Donald Trump made a mistake with his language. He could have said the borders, of course we want the borders to be secure. We need an inventory of every person in this country. We need secure boundaries or we are not a sovereign nation. But that's not the same as lying about, or misrepresenting, however innocently --

HANNITY: Ann, last word. Go ahead.

COULTER: You're talking about a correlation, not a causation. You're not that stupid, Geraldo. Yes, crime goes down for a lot of reasons. In New York because of Giuliani and Bloomberg policies, and it is going back up. We want our immigrants to have crime rates lower than our most criminal population. And you have to stop talking about this as if we're talking about Americans attacking Hispanics. No, we are talking about immigrants.

RIVERA: When you write a book that says "Adios, America," you are ipso facto attacking Hispanics. You call it "Adios, America -- The Left's Conspiracy to make this a Third World Hellhole." Do you really believe that the left is conspiring to make this a third world hellhole, that it's a conspiracy?

COULTER: Yes, yes, because they're winning elections now. Obama would not have won elections but for the post 1970 --

RIVERA: I remember what they says about the Irish in the 19th century, the same thing.

COULTER: Yes, and they were right.

RIVERA: Because they want --

COULTER: And they were right. Not only were they right, but we were allowed to criticize the Irish. We're not allowed to criticize Hispanics or be accused of racism. Only African-Americans can claim racism, not somebody who arrived yesterday.

HANNITY: You can go to Ann's website for her book signing. Geraldo, good to see you. Thank you.

Coming up, Senator Tom Cotton, he is taking a very strong stand now against sanctuary cities, and he is putting forth legislation that would block them from receiving federal law enforcement grants. That's coming up.

And later --




HANNITY: Ariana Grande has apologized for saying that she hates America, but she might be in even bigger trouble with the police.

Plus, a manager of Panera Bread right here in New York City caught on camera punching a female employee. He allegedly claims he's done thought in self-defense, that and more as HANNITY continues.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." Sanctuary cities are coming under heavy criticism in the wake of the senseless killing of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal immigrant. New numbers tonight show that there are now more than 300 jurisdictions right here in America that refuse to turn over illegal immigrants to federal immigration officials for deportation.

Joining us now, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. He has now introduced legislation that would block sanctuary cities from receiving federal law enforcement grants. Senator, tell us what you got.

SEN. TOM COTTON, R-ARK.: Hi, Sean. It's great to be on with you. The murder of Kate Steinle is a tragedy, but unfortunately too many families have faced this kind of tragedy, crime at the hands of hardened criminals who are also illegal immigrants. And my legislation would say simply if a city's politicians refused to allow their law enforcement officials to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, then they should not receive federal law enforcement or immigration grants.  Taxpayers should not be subsidizing such lawless activities on behalf of cities and states that puts public safety at risk.

HANNITY: Let me ask you, this, Senator, because isn't this against the law? Here is what I'm trying to understand, because I know the president is lawless. I know executive amnesty is lawless. But we have laws on the books that we're not enforcing. So these cities have made a conscious decision that they're going to disobey the laws that were pass asked sign in a law by presidents. And I'm wondering, you know, all right, that no is a slam on the wrist. Why do I believe if I decided to ignore laws there would be plenty of Democrats saying we need a perp-walk, handcuff Hannity, get his mug-shot, and put his sorry you-know-what in jail?

COTTON: Sean, that's exactly right. Cities and states are under obligations under federal law to work with federal officials. In fact just a few years ago when Arizona passed a low to try to help their local officials work with federal immigration authorities, the Obama administration fought it all the way to the Supreme Court, saying that states and cities don't have the ability to help federal officials. You would think they would feel even more strongly about cities and states that actively try to thwart federal officials in keeping hardened criminals off of our streets and out of country.

HANNITY: Do you have a lot of support for this bill, senator?

COTTON: Yes. I've been very pleased with the response we've been getting. Whether we have a vote on the current bill or not, I continue to offer my legislation as an amendment, and I hope to bring it up as a bill on its own, because I think we should all agree, wherever you stand on immigration, we shouldn't let hardened criminals stay in this country illegally.

HANNITY: I agree. Senator, we'll continue to follow the legislation, and I support it fully. Thank you.

Pop star Ariana Grande under heavy criticism. Why? She said she hates America.

Plus, a manager at Panera Bread in New York caught on tape punching a female employee. He's claiming it was all done in self-defense. Really?  We'll get reaction from others when we come back.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." Pop star Ariana Grande has now found herself in hot water. The celebrity caught on camera at a donut shop in southern California licking unsold donuts and saying she hates America.  Wow.


GRANDE: I hate America. I hate America.


HANNITY: Grande has since apologized for her comments, but the local police have stated that they will investigate the donut licking incident.  Joining us now, the host of "Race Wars" on Syrius XM, comedian Sherrod Small.



SMALL: You got it right. You're going to make everybody on Twitter angry.

HANNITY: The host of "Outnumbered" Jedidiah Bila, "Red Eye" co-host Joanne Nosuchinsky. All right, good to see you.


HANNITY: Who wants to lick a donut? What is this, "I hate America," but I'm sorry I got caught.

SMALL: First of all, you know the police will investigate it, you destroying donuts like that.


SMALL: Am I right? Anyway, stop licking donuts and eat them. Have you seen this girl? She needs to eat a donut.


HANNITY: This is the thing. I love donuts. Now I can't go eat a donut thinking somebody might have licked it. What is up with that?

JOANNE NOSUCHINSKY, CO-HOST, "RED EYE": No. You can eat a donut, just at a place who is more responsible with their products. You do not leave donut vulnerable like that.

HANNITY: You protect your donuts?

NOSUCHINSKY: That's right. You have glass cases. You put donuts in glass cases.

JEDIDIAH BILA, CO-HOST,  "OUTNUMBERED": I really hope her parents or grandparents or someone phoned her and taught her how to behave, because, let me tell you something, if I went into a store and started licking donuts, my Italian 101-year-old grandmother would be scolding me left and right. That would be the last donut I ever ate.


BILA: You know she has never worked in the food service industry, because if you have, you would not do that. You would not be that disrespectful. I think that her punishment is that they should, you know she should do two months work at Arby's or something like that.

HANNITY: She's making her money off America. "I hate Americans."  Oh, OK, they made you rich.

SMALL: Thank you.

NOSUCHINSKY: Yes, but a lot of young people don't get that. She's very young, she's been very successful. She has a lot of money. That's great for her. But she doesn't understand --


HANNITY: Let me to go this tape. This is a Panera in New York City. And we have another tape from the other night we'll get back to where a guy was at a bar, hit a woman, the football player from Florida State. But I don't get this guy is hitting woman thing. You don't hit a woman ever under any circumstances. Watch this.




HANNITY: Did you hear him explaining? She hit me first.

SMALL: He's 6'9", Mutombo.


HANNITY: By the way, I'm not saying he doesn't know how to punch, but if anything throws a punch like this.

NOSUCHINSKY: I believe that's called a roundhouse. Am I right?

SMALL: Yes, a roundhouse.

HANNITY: You've have fights in your day, Nosuchinsky.

NOSUCHINSKY: Just a few.

SMALL: No one deserves to get him, but he knew he should not have hit her.

HANNITY: Here is the deal. If you hit me I get to hit you back.  If two guys are fighting, I played a lot of hockey as a kid, got in a lot of brawls, I get deal with a fight.

SMALL: But an uneven thing like this situation, it's like saying someone sleeping hit me.

HANNITY: And she's responsible. No, she's not responsible.

BILA: He's lucky he didn't hit someone like me, because my reflexes, I fight and I box all the time. I would have knocked him out.

HANNITY: You train hard.

BILA: I do. And somebody's reflexes could have come in. But you are right. You look at them and you wonder what is going through this guy's mind?

HANNITY: Here is the football player from Florida State. Watch this video. This is just -- watch. She throws a left hook here and hits him.  But you can't do that. You don't hit a woman. Joanne, what's your reaction?

NOSUCHINSKY: It's awful. And when you see it, you're like, you cannot not get away with it. You need to be punished or do time. You do the crime you have to do the time. Is that what it is?


NOSUCHINSKY: That is right.


HANNITY: Watch it real close here. She throws -- he's holding her.  I'm not sure why. She throws the first punch. He should walk away. A guy walks away.

SMALL: You know what, in the perfect circumstance, yes. This is in a bar situation. He already got struck in the nose. It embarrassed him. He teared up. I'm not saying it, but no one should hit anyone.

HANNITY: I agree with you. The prosecutor said, no, she didn't hit him.

SMALL: Yes. She did.

NOSUCHINSKY: My question then becomes, where was the bartender in that? Because unfortunately, you wonder the bartender be prosecuted for maybe over-serving?


HANNITY: I was a bartender. You can't blame the bartender when someone drinks too much.

BILA: If I were to hit some guy who is six foot, five, I would hit Sherrod. Sherrod should be able to restrain me without punching me. The good news is I think men across the country who see this stuff are disgusted. Nine out of 10 men, even more maybe, will look at this and say this is disgusting.

SMALL: That takes me back to the Snooki moment on "Jersey Shore".

BILA: Yes, I saw that too.

NOSUCHINSKY: I don't know what that is.

HANNITY: Here's the deal. A woman hits you, you can stop it. You can defend yourself. You don't throw a punch.

MTV has this new documentary they're calling it called "White People."  Have you ever heard of it?

SMALL: I auditioned for it. I didn't get the part.

HANNITY:  What's up with that?


HANNITY: It's so unfair. This is such a biased society.

But apparently, I guess it's designed to make, what, white people feel guilty for being white people.

BILA: I have to watch it first. But I will say the issue of race is complicated and it's very divisive. When these shootings happen around the country, you do see division around the topic of race. So if they're going to have a discussion that makes people a little uncomfortable and is controversial, I'm curious.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How would your life be different if you weren't white?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When you say white, what does that mean to you?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We've never had to internalize what white people have done in America. But here, you can't escape that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It feels like I'm being discriminated against.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You kind of get the feeling that things belong to you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm getting uncomfortable.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is great. Let's get all uncomfortable together.


NOSUCHINSKY: I think it's very interesting is that this is being shown on MTV. MTV's 2013 VMA awards, they had no black winners. So of all networks to be showing something about white privilege on, that's kind of incredible.

HANNITY: Nosuchinsky, great observation. What do you think of that?

SMALL: Where was Lil' Wayne that night? He wins everything.



HANNITY: That was an ugly moment.

SMALL: That was a great moment in my opinion. Oh, boy. I never knew who Taylor Swift was until that happened.

HANNITY: Ouch. Thank you all.

When we come back, in a serious note, we need your help. The "Question of the Day" is next.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." Time for tonight's "Question of the Day." Should the federal government cut off funding for sanctuary cities? There are 300 of them. Go to, @SeanHannity on Twitter, let us know what you think.

That's all the time we have left this evening. Before we go, quick programming note. We hope you'll tune in tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern.  I'll sit down for the full hour with 2016 Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. He's going to explain why he is running for president again, and how he plans to turn the country around if he is elected president. Tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, we hope you'll set your DVR so you never miss an episode because we miss you when you're not here.

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