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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in new York City and this is "The Five."

Less than 100 days since taking office, President Donald Trump is making his mark on the world stage, first with a U.S. air strike in Syria in response to the chemical attack. And then yesterday with the massive bomb dropped in Afghanistan killing 36 ISIS militants.

Meanwhile, the world is watching North Korea in growing concern that it may be closer than ever to launching a sixth nuclear test. This comes as the country prepares for what it's calling a big event to mark the anniversary of its founder's birthday on Saturday. Charles Krauthammer shares his thoughts on how the president is handling all these international challenges.


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: I think this is reassuring that we are returning to the classic American definition where we include our allies and most important we accept world leadership in a way that had not been accepted by Obama and seemed to be not accepted by Trump, the candidate.


PERINO: General Jack Keane agrees with the commander-in-chief's military strategy.


JACK KEANE, FOX NEWS MILITARY ANALYST: This is another step in the right direction. What President Trump has done since January 20 has given to his commanders in areas where we are conducting conflict operations, given them the authority to conduct strikes as they see fit, to move forces as they see fit, and not to ask the White House for permission. The micromanaging of the military is over. The commanders feel very good about their ability, their freedom of action and as a result of that our operations will definitely be more effective.


PERINO: Mike Morell who was with the Obama administration had this to say earlier.


MIKE MORELL, FORMER CIA DEPUTY DIRECTOR: We have a new president and Kim Jong-Un is trying to challenge him,, is trying to get him back to the negotiating table. Remember, Barack Obama ignored the North Koreans for 8 years -- did not run to the negotiating table every time there was a provocation. Kim Jong-Un wants to get back to a situation where we give them gifts when they do something bad.

And then we are also making it worse, right, with our bluster and by sending aircraft carriers in there. We're raising the crisis. It's best to just ignore this guy and to deter him from ever using his weapons or selling them and to build our defenses.


PERINO: So it's impossible to know if North Korea will actually go through with this tomorrow but they have in the past and this is a big anniversary. I don't know if the -- if they're going to feel like they are pressed into doing it now. Eric, what do you think?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I wholeheartedly push back against Mike Morell on that. I don't think we the Vinson in the area in the event that they do test the nuclear -- test the missile, let's put it that way. Testing a missile, I think it's pretty widespread agreement that that won't insight us attacking North Korea.


BOLLING: But if there's a loaded warhead, nuclear warhead either aimed at one -- Seoul, South Korea is 35 miles away -- either aimed at Seoul or, you know, an area where our troops are or Tokyo, which it can reach or possibly the west coast of the United States, which I'm not sure but maybe it can. I will tell you that would be the impetus behind a preemptive strike or retaliatory strike. Not a test.

And this scares me because we are all talking -- every cable news and regular news host and opinion people are talking about oh, yeah, you know, but if he doesn't test a missile so it's going to be OK. We're almost giving him the green light to go ahead and test on the 105th anniversary of the grandfather of the founding of the country. It's very scary. The Vinson is there for nuclear response though.

PERINO: And we're dealing with somebody, Kimberly, who is not rationale.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: No, he's not. He is the textbook definition of, you know, unstable, mentally challenged and this is somebody who wants to provoke the United States and poke the cage. And what we saw was for eight years that President Barack Obama put ideology ahead of national security as it relates to North Korea. And this man I don't think the answer, as Morell says, is to ignore him.

We're in the position we're in because we tried to ignore Syria, we tried to ignore and North Korea and now what we see operating at a disadvantage tactically and having to jump back in the game to secure and stabilize those regions. We're going to have to wait and see what he does.

I think we're almost giving this guy too much power by saying, well, we're going to wait and we're going to see what you're going to do. And I agree with you, Eric. It's almost encouraging and inviting, well, if he shoots one off, maybe it's not that bad if it's not chemically armed.

BOLLING: And he looks to his people.


BOLLING: He is safe based on the basis --

GUILFOYLE: He looks like the boss man.

BOLLING: -- alright, well, it's got to be nuclear for us. But again, can I just clarify, the Vinson is there for response but not to attest to an actual, you know, loaded war head -- nuclear war head aimed at one of our allies or us.

PERINO: What do you think will happen this weekend, Juan.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, I mean there's no way to know. You just hope that it won't. I mean, clearly, they have used this occasionally in the past to test weapons and to make a show of their military might in order to, I guess, reassure their people that they are in fact a world power and deserve such respect.

I will say, that reminds me a lot of what Putin has been doing with Russia for the last couple of years. But anyway, the problem is, from the Chinese perspective, remember all week long we've been talking about, oh, President Trump made friends with President Xi and now China is going to help him with the North Korean problem. But today, what are the Chinese saying? Oh, it's the United States.

According to their official news agency, according to their foreign minister that's engaged in a game of tit-for-tat with the North Koreans, so they put on the level with this guy that you describe as not exactly mentally well and say that, you know, we're playing games by sending in the naval people, by making provocative, loud, belligerent statements -- I guess they're talking about Trump there -- that in fact, are encouraging bad behavior.

And that's what I think Mike Morell was saying, that If you want to get into a situation where you're saying oh, yeah, North Korea do this or don't do that, then you start and this is the pattern of behavior that we've seen from past administrations. You try to offer them something to behave better and it never works out.

PERINO: Well, but couldn't it be what the Chinese are saying and what they are doing are two different things? So they use those words in their country through their news agencies and maybe they deal with that in their region, but they did abstain from voting at the United Nations this week on Syria and they did turn back the coal and they have pushed a little bit more pressure on North Korea. What do you think?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: I have -- I'm hold concern, I mean, I'm optimistic.

PERINO: How? You?

GUTFELD: I am actually optimistic that it's possible that --

GUILFOYLE: Shocking.

GUTFELD: -- in this period that there might actually be a regime change and I imagine that as a humanitarian victory --

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: -- when you're thinking about 25 million who are essentially imprisoned. I like Trump's response. There -- he doesn't seem overly concerned. He is basically saying North Korea is China's problem. North Korea is North Korea's problem. It's not our problem yet. And people keep saying the same thing over and over again. Oh, we got a new sheriff in town. We have got a new sheriff in town. I think I've even said it.

We don't have a new sheriff in town. We have a new Darth Vader. It's great to be the rogue, not the reasonable for once. You know, we got eight years of a pop star. Now we got a death star. And I don't mind it because I don't mind it -- I mean, we got to think about what do you get for the North Korean anniversary, is it gold, silver or nuclear.

BOLLING: You know, Donald Trump did --

PERINO: Teranium.

BOLLING: -- give this morning saying we're going to take care of this --


BOLLING: -- hopefully with China's help, if not, we'll do it alone and then, you know, hashtag USA. So, I think he means business. Look, you drop a 21,000-pound MOAB, $16 million bomb on Afghanistan, a mile radius and you see that, maybe, I mean maybe North Korea says, wow, you know, you can retaliate without nuclear and still do a lot of damage. Look, I agree with you. I think what you said yesterday, Greg, was mother of all warning shots or something to that effect.

GUTFELD: Yes, I think so.

BOLLING: Something like that.

GUTFELD: I've been drinking since then.

BOLLING: Hopefully, Kim Jon-un gives --

WILLIAMS: What happens when you talk all that stuff, right? It's like in the schoolyard, right? Hey, that guy, well, he talks a lot of trash.

BOLLING: But again Juan, $16 million, a 21,000 pound bomb that wipes out an area in Afghanistan.

WILLIAMS: Yes, so what happens --

BOLLING: And 59 Tomahawks into Syria isn't talk. That's walking the walk.

WILLIAMS: So what happens when the man John McCain describes as the fat crazy kid actually says, oh, you want to play that game? I'll one up you. Then what? Are we responsible? I don't know.

GUTFELD: But Juan --

GUILFOYLE: I know, but are we going to cower in the corner?

GUTFELD: With that kind of reasoning, then we suggest just surrender --


GUTFELD: -- and have no defense whatsoever and never respond and just let evil prevail?

BOLLING: Isn't that what Mike Morell is saying though? Isn't that what he said? We should stop provoking and don't put the Vinson in the area --

GUTFELD: And by the way --


GUTFELD: Responding to belligerence is not provocation it's responding to belligerence.

GUILFOYLE: And by the way, why (INAUDIBLE) just called the United States

WILLIAMS: But wait a second. He hasn't done anything yet.


WILLIAMS: He hasn't fired yet. Anyway, to your point. Why are we sending in --

GUILFOYLE: This will be his sixth test, Juan.

WILLIAMS: No, no. We're talking about now.


BOLLING: We're sending in the Vinson because if we have intel that says there is a nuclear war head on one of these missiles, not just a test to see if they can deliver. If there's actual nuke ready to go, I'm sure we'll take it out.

WILLIAMS: Well, I hope that somebody would take it out. The question is then what happens, what are the repercussions? This is just like the decision the president had to make about the bomb, Eric. So what are the repercussions? What's the damage to the Chinese and our relationships there? What does it mean for the Japanese?

PERINO: Obviously the Trump administration has thought of that because even the president said last week in one of the interviews he did, I think it was the "Wall Street Journal," that after talking to President Xi he realized that North Korea was a much harder problem to solve.

The other thing they did today is Vice President Michael Pence goes to the region and he's he going to visit Seoul and Tokyo. He will be in Indonesia and Australia. So, he is there on a diplomatic show of strength and alliances.

So I think that they have thought -- I don't think we can say that McMaster and those guys at the National Security Council have not provided President Trump --

GUILFOYLE: Of course, yes, they have.

PERINO: -- a wide array of consequences for what could happen.

GUILFOYLE: And by the way Dana, I think the United States is handling this very well. It's a very tricky situation. He is getting advice from the best people. At least we're not like, you know, turning our backs on and say go, well, we're just going to sit here and let this guy do whatever he wants and create a worse situation. We're actually tactically prepared and ready to defend, if necessary.

The problem is this guy is going to lose face because he said this is the biggest test, et cetera, to his people. He's got to shoot off to be perfectly honest, something otherwise he's going to have, you know, lose face with them and his psychological profile isn't one that's going to tolerate that kind of thing where he looks like he's backing down to the United States.

He's portrayed us as the enemy. Anybody that suggests that, well, the United States is the one that's the provocateur here. No, we are not. And no one should compare us whatsoever to Kim Jong-Un or this or North Korea - -

PERINO: You better watch it or we'll send Kimberly Guilfoyle over there.

GUILFOYLE: There you go. The mother of all Puerto Ricans. My mom is going to be pissed (ph).

PERINO: Then you will be really worried. Alright.

GUTFELD: Mother of all mothers.


PERINO: Next, some Democrats are unhappy with President Trump's recent aggressions overseas. You'll hear their gripes when we return.


GUILFOYLE: Some of President Trump's critics on the left are not happy with his leadership in the face of international challenges in recent days. First up, Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D), MASSACHUSETTS: As is the case with every part of Trump's foreign policy. We're all trying to understand what is his strategy?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you think this is more of a message to North Korea?

WARREN: If we can't figure out what it means, it's sort of hard to make that a message. One of the things we want to know is what was the impact on civilians? I think it's powerfully important.


GUILFOYLE: Next, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued this statement. "Every day, the President gives Congress reason to return and debate the use of force. The President's escalation in Syria and his saber-rattling on North Korea demand serious and immediate Congressional scrutiny." Say it isn't so, Greg.

GUTFELD: When Elizabeth Warren talks she just reminds me of the person that the airline counter complaining that she's got to get on this flight. Everything is always at the highest level.

GUILFOYLE: I hope it's not United.

PERINO: I hope it's not overbooked.

GUTFELD: The left suffers from freedom amnesia. They forget that freedom is preserved by force, believe it or not, by force. Our country was established through use of force. It was called the Revolutionary War. In order to maintain this freedom we have an army and a military. And then after this great country is built, you know, the left shows up and demands their take.

They believe that they are somehow involved in the success of the country. They are like the mafia in (INAUDIBLE). They just show up just like they had a part in this. No, you didn't. If everybody had a left wing attitude, there would be no country. There would be no jobs. There would be no businesses. There would be nothing.

PERINO: Or borders.

GUTFELD: Or borders. Thank you.

PERINO: You're welcome.

GUILFOYLE: Alright, excellent. Alright, thank god that's not the case. OK, so Dana, Elizabeth Warren, oh my goodness.

PERINO: They just announced that her first quarter fundraising was way up. She's got a book that's coming out. I mean, she's running. So we should be aware of that. So, get that voice in your head.

But interesting thing about Nancy Pelosi is that she was initially supportive of President Trump and the strikes in Syria and then it looks like as soon as he started to get some approval and a bump in his approval ratings, she started to dial it back. Now, with that said, I do think when she says that Congress needs to have some input and needs to debate this. That is true.

I don't think that means that they need to come back from the recess immediately, but upon return, I think a discussion about the scope and scale of what President Trump wants to do is worth a Congressional hearing and at least some meetings and some input with the Congress.

GUILFOYLE: Alright, Eric, how do you see it?

BOLLING: So, I'm not a war hawk as you know. But let's do a little bit of the numbers, $50 million for their 59 Tomahawks we send in to Syria, $16 million for the MOAB into Afghanistan. We killed seven people in Syria. No civilians -- thirty-six ISIS fighters in Afghanistan. So far no civilians.

For $66 million, we just got the respect and the ear of the rest of the world and again, North Korea yes, but also the other group that needs to be listening to what President Trump is willing to do is Iran because you don't mess -- this is a new era under Obama and whomever. You can mess with the U.S., the military might has always been there but they never had the commander-in-chief willing to use it. Now we will.


BOLLING: The last 8 years -- the last 8 years and now we do have --

PERINO: President Obama did use a lot of drones, I mean --

BOLLING: Drones. He used drones. You know, something about, you know, a 21,000-pound bomb that shakes the earth and collapses caves --

GUILFOYLE: That's big and beautiful?

BOLLING: Do we roll video of that because it's beautiful to watch.

GUILFOYLE: You just like looking at it all the time. And then look at Juan. Juan is like, oh my goodness.

WILLIAMS: I mean, this is -- this is all show. You know, I don't mind show, you know. Shock and awe and all that kind of crazy talk. I mean, but does it really make a difference? So what we lack here is a clear policy. So, let me just break the news to you that, you know, it's like 53 percent of Republicans and 69 percent of all Americans want to debate before there is any further use of might and military might in Syria.

So when Pelosi says we need to come back and debate it, you know what? She is right. And most Americans and most Republicans agree with her that this should be a matter of Congressional authorization for the use of military force. And let me just add in, that when we talk about, oh, gee what about, you know, Obama didn't do it.

You know what, most Republicans oppose the use of military strike when Obama was in office. Now, you got a Republican and oh, suddenly it's shifted. So it becomes very political and Trump --

PERINO: But the opposite was true. The Democrats --

WILLIAM: -- was one of the people that said don't do it, Obama. Don't go in there, don't fire.

PERINO: But Juan, the opposite was true as well. The Democrats did support President Obama --

WILLIAMS: Not by the measure. In a large part, you're right. But I'm just saying, not by this. And I think it was but 22 percent supported use of a military strike under Obama, 88 percent of Republicans supported it with Trump.

GUTFELD: Juan, I think you're pointing out the fact that politicians are hypocrites.

WILLIAMS: That was it. That was it.

GUTFELD: And I think we all agree.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. I think we can just drive cable with that issue --

GUTFELD: At least we've come to that conclusion.

BOLLING: There is a poll out today, Juan, that hold all of both Republican and Democrats -- it was like 65-35 in favor of what President Trump did in Syria.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no. It's a one time one-off effort. But it's not a matter of an overall what are we doing, what is the goal?

BOLLING: But asking the same people that you cite, you know, in the aftermath of the next time, I mean, when two out of three people agree that was a good move. By the way, I'm probably in the minority that says it wasn't but Americans liked that move.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no. Let's separate out what's a feel good move from what's a real strategy, and what Americans want to know is we're not going to get dragged into another war that we can somehow deliver peace to a very unstable region.

PERINO: But this gives us a little space. These -- I think that these actions give us room and time for the administration to work with Congress about the strategy going forward without those clocks moving even more quickly.

WILLIAMS: Yes, but just Congress. Let's get Congress to the table.

GUILFOYLE: They are going to debate. That's what we're saying. I mean what you can't accept the fact is that he did a good job. That this has played out well. That he's actually being decisive, that the Democrats were supporting him so there is, oh, wait, we want to give Trump too much credit because he's seems to be getting praised from people.

So now we're just going to go against it even though it was moves that were good for our national security and stability and multiple fractious different geopolitical regions.

GUTFELD: You can hold two views that appear incompatible. But if one view, let's say about immigration, you want strong borders, but you also want decent, hard working refugees to come here make this country great, those are not compatible -- I mean, incompatible. The same thing with foreign policy, you could say I don't want another mess in the Middle East, but I'm willing to strike. That's compatible.

WILLIAMS: At least you didn't say he is the Martin Luther King Jr. of peace.


GUILFOYLE: Well, he is. OK, don't go anywhere because the "Fastest Seven" is up next.


BOLLING: Well, it's that time for -- the fastest seven minutes on television, cable, or elsewhere -- three moving stories, seven rapid minutes, one reflective host. First up, Donald Trump gave an unexpected complement to the media yesterday at the White House during an event honoring first responders the president said this.


TRUMP: We're going to go around and introduce ourselves, OK. We'll do this first. You know, these folks back here, they are very famous, most of them is called the media.


They're very honorable people. But you are more honorable, I can tell you that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, sir.


BOLLING: No, that was nice. So Dana, your thoughts on the president. Is this an olive branch or was it tongue in cheek? What do you think?

PERINO: I don't know. I've never been in a relationship like that where it's like they beat you and then they give you candy and thenthey beat you and they give you candy. He's coming back.

GUTFELD: Do not hang around with Lou Dobbs.


PERINO: But I think that he is trying to kill them with kindness. But I think that the press should just cover him the way they would whether he praises them or tries to destroy them. Just cover him straight.

BOLLING: KG, I don't think they're going to start cutting him anymore slack.

GUILFOYLE: Oh my gosh. No, I think it will tighten the belt, right. It as like, we got you. No, but you know what, he seems to be trying to embrace a relationship or perhaps a better one, more, you know. Well, you know, you've got to. You have to try.

PERINO: That's right.

GUILFOYLE: He likes people to like him and to get to know him and to understand it doesn't hurt to try. I would rather see that than no effort.

BOLLING: And Juan, is the Easter season and Passover season. So maybe that's part of this

WILLIAMS: Oh, you think. Well, I'm all for it. I mean, he said the media was the enemy of the American people before. So now the media is honorable. I don't know, I just think it's game-playing and language and he loves it.


GUTFELD: Two points. I -- my favorite part of every one these meetings is when he says go around the table and introduce yourself because, I don't know, I've never seen that before. I think it's so nice. The other thing, too the one thing that I learned late in the game is for Donald Trump language is secondary to the immediate impact of what he says that moment. So it could change at any time. He has taught me that it's all about the context and not the literality.

BOLLING: Very good. Alright, stay right there, Greg because next up --

PERINO: Is that a word?

GUTFELD: I think it's a word.

BOLLING: -- anti fracking and filmmaker, Josh Fox, produced this 2010 gem. Remember that faucet that lit on fire?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Shall we get that my friend.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don't drink this water.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's not supposed to do that.


BOLLING: And now Josh has more advice (INAUDIBLE), brothers and sisters and stop hating on ISIS. And how about spreading a little love towards the murderous Islamic terror group when he tweeted this, "Atrocity. Murder. Abomination. When will we learn that only #love stops hate and bombings only create more #ISIS #stoptrump. Gregory?

GUTFELD: Again, he is lucky to live in a world as a documentary maker that is protected by the military. People like Josh Fox would be the first to go in a caliphate, like, anybody who is involved in the creative industry, well, unless they become propagandist for their new war lords which can happen. But they are actually benefiting from the very thing that they are condemning. What does he expect like parachute kittens?

BOLLING: K.G., make love or make war with ISIS?

GUILFOYLE: I mean listen, I mean, obviously, they have to be killed, so sorry. And, you know, this guy hasn't seen -- how about last week in Mosul was put on her knees and executed by ISIS?

I mean, love is not going to stop them. Either is a job fair, either is, you know, figuring out global warming, cumulus cloud, whatever situation. So, I mean, I think we know what the reality is. And he's able to say these things and do these things and live in peace and protection in this country because our troops go out there, make it happen and fight for our freedoms and our security.


BOLLING: Do you think there's a group that buys into this rhetoric, whatever you call this etiology?

DANA PERINO, FOX HOST: You mean #realityplanet?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, exactly.

PERINO: If Hillary Clinton was president and she taken the exact same action, I guarantee he would not have put out that tweet. Because they would say she's strong. She's doing what she has to do. She's, blah, blah, blah --

BOLLING: What do you think? Where are the liberals? What's the --

PERINO: #TeamHillary.

WILLIAMS: I tell you, I went to church today. It's Good Friday. And, the minister stood up there and he talked about, you know, bombs and walls are not going to solve your problems. But you got to reach out to people. You got to love people and you got to stop blaming everybody else for everything in this world.

So, Greg says oh, we wouldn't have America if it, you know, if it wasn't for fighting, you know what? After they had the revolutionary war, Greg, they didn't have a national military. And guess what? George Washington and others said? Don't get involved in foreign entanglements that impact us. Remember that.

GUTFELD: Guess what, Juan, what's behind ISIS a religious doctrine.

WILLIAMS: Correct --


BOLLING: -- only cable news who benefited from the Trump media phenomenon late night host have jumped on board to Trump train as well.


STEPHEN COLBERT, LATE SHOW HOST: Last week I don't know if you were paying attention. But Donald Trump seemed pretty steady. He gave the big boy speech in front of Congress, long pants and everything, it was very impressive. I was afraid he had sold the timeshare in crazy town. Well, - - he's back.


BOLLING: Stephen Colbert seen to dramatic jump his numbers since his new anti-Trump focus. He think (inaudible) will be grateful, think again. In an interview with the reporter he was asked, so do you owe Donald Trump a thank-you note? And Colbert responded with, no, I would trade good ratings for a better president. How about that? K.G., what about -- very quickly --

GUILFOYLE: Isn't that special?

BOLLING: That's it? Colbert.

GUILFOYLE: I mean, come on. Yeah, listen, they are all benefiting, everybody is, so are we, everybody in cable, because this is a president that's very interactive. He is tweeting. He is his own best press secretary. That's what he does and then we are able to talk about it.


WILLIAMS: I guess you could say because the ratings are up for Colbert because he's anti-Trump. So I think the people who don't like Trump are watching. I mean, I don't know how you say thank you for that.

BOLLING: -- you say Dana?

PERINO: Right, I just want to -- if Hillary Clinton had become president how he would have made that funny. I don't know.

BOLLING: Good point, Greg?

GUTFELD: I hate to say it we're all benefiting.

GUILFOYLE: Didn't I say that?

GUTFELD: Yes, you did. And also, all he did was replace Fox News with Donald Trump. Because remember, he made his money as did Jon Stuart, you know, harvesting Fox News.

GUILFOYLE: Harvesting our --

GUTFELD: He was looking for replacement and he found Trump.

BOLLING: Up next on this Good Friday, some on the left will criticize the president for anything. This time it's Trump's first Easter egg roll event. What in the world could liberals have a problem with Easter Egg Roll? Stay tune to find out.


WILLIAMS: There's a lot for the left to criticize about the Trump White House. But, gee-whiz (ph), may be time for them to hit the brakes. At the moment there's an incredibly, in my opinion, stupid chorus going after the president for poor handling of, get this, their Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn.

More than 20,000 people are expected to attend the annual, ha-ha-ha, egg extravaganza this Monday on the South lawn. "The New York Times" has written a piece scrutinizing everything about the event from the reduced number of commemorative wooden eggs ordered to the yoga instructors who are not invited back this year. My heart be still. CNN also took a crack, ha,-ha-ha at this during an earlier segment.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Facing major test the past few weeks. And add this one to the list. The White House Easter Egg Roll. Sounds trivial, yes, but this is considered the biggest social event held at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a tradition for more than 100 years. Here's the problem. As of earlier this week, many key vendors and schools say they haven't heard a peep about it. Will this whole event flop and what does it say about this administration?


WILLIAMS: So, the best argument I could make is, oh, you know, they are worried about all the chaos in the White House, and they say this is evidence of it. But it just seems so petty to me. So, Greg, go at it.

GUTFELD: I think that they should end the Easter Egg Roll. Look, if they call it a hunt, so you're teaching children how to kill at a young age.

WILLIAMS: I thought you like that.

GUTFELD: Unsafe, these children are not wearing helmets. And, what are eggs but unfertilized chicken babies. It makes me sick. The whole idea of it makes me sick.

GUILFOYLE: You really ruined it.

GUTFELD: I tried. I tried. Trump is trying to get a better deal in the eggs.

WILLIAMS: Is that what it is, Dana, you have been through this.

PERINO: Well, the politicization of Easter Egg Roll is crazy. Also, to me, its become like -- you know, children's birthday parties have they become more grandiose every year --


PERINO: -- used just to go out in the backyard and play pin the tail on the donkey. Now, it's like with the Easter Egg Roll you have to have the -- even more stuff and yoga instructors. I remember, one year we had Hannah Montana coming to the Easter Egg Roll. All my friends like, can I get tickets to see Hanna Montana? And I had to ask my assistant who is Hannah Montana then I figured it out.

GUTFELD: You brought your dog here on your birthday every single year. I just want to point that out.

PERINO: But that's not like --

GUILFOYLE: And then you wrote a book about it.

PERINO: That's not expensive.

GUTFELD: That's OK, just pointing it out.

WILLIAMS: And the, PBS complained that, you know, Elmo, curious George, but they didn't get an invitation in time so they don't know if they are going to make it.

BOLLING: Two comments, I think even when this Easter Egg Roll has more people attending than Barack Obama's the left will still say, look, there are fewer, here's the pictures.


BOLLING: -- fake picture.


BOLLING: It's a joke. I know, 21,000 versus 36,000. What I would love to see remember is, remember Sean Spicer what a great sport he was -- what was that? Five or seven -- during the Bush administration, --


BOLLING: Sean was the Easter bunny.

WILLIAMS: Why are you looking like --


PERINO: I'm not. I'm just looking. I'm watching the children.

BOLLING: That would be -- that would be fun.

WILLIAMS: Perhaps, Sean --


BOLLING: Absolutely.

WILLIAMS: -- back in the suit.

BOLLING: Well, Sean is a good guy. He's a great sport for doing it.

WILLIAMS: I think so too. So, what do you think of that?

GUILFOYLE: He's in his naval commander uniform today, --

BOLLING: That's right.

GUILFOYLE: I heard about it on Dana show. Though, I think this is great. I love it. I think -- well, I think it's so great and so as my brother. My brother is actually going to this.

BOLLING: That's a tough ticket to get.

GUILFOYLE: A very hard. Yeah. Exactly. Don't even kid yourself.


GUILFOYLE: I think a lot of people want to go. I think it's a one in a lifetime, please, experience. Children, love it. I'm excited for it. God bless.

PERINO: And they're going to have good weather. It usually rained on ours.

WILLIAMS: They should have good weather.

PERINO: It usually rain on ours.


BOLLING: Is there like -- are we instead (inaudible) where we have to have other denomination have their -- like a thing in event? Or Passover event like --



PERINO: There was a sadder at the White House.

BOLLING: All right.


WILLIAMS: -- that's right, yeah, there is.

GUILFOYLE: It would be a fun Easter Egg hunt at the breakers.

WILLIAMS: I think we should have an Easter Egg hunt here, right?

PERINO: I think we should --


GUTFELD: Easter hunt in my apartment.

WILLIAMS: Stop. Let's move on.


WILLAIMS: Stay right there because Facebook Friday up next.


GUTFELD: Time now for.

GUILFOYLE: We love that.

GUTFELD: That's a lot of work for that thing. (Inaudible) Mindy, by the way, thank you producer for whispering that in my ear. Facebook Friday. We're answering your questions. I'm going to go to start with you, Kimberly, this is from Justin N., you all sit in the same seat every day, if you could sit anywhere else, where would you sit and why?

GUILFOYLE: Oh, where the place where all dreams come true.


GUILFOYLE: Santa's lap.


GUILFOYLE: Santa never let me down.

GUTFELD: I bet. He never wanted to let me down. Please, Santa, we need to take Kimberly away from you now.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, had to cancel the rest of the line. Yeah, I don't know. I have very good memories.



BOLLING: How many Santa clauses lined up on Monday?

GUTFELD: There's a lot of weird men with white beards.



WILLIAMS: So, where would I sit?

GUTFELD: Where would you sit?

WILLIAMS: I would sit on my United flight and hopefully they wouldn't drag me out. But, I guess I could sit over at the White House. I could be just -- of course, now I'm told today my name wouldn't be on the visitor's log, because they're going to keep it private. So, no one would know I was visiting sitting next to Donald Trump.

PERINO: Wait until they lose that lawsuit.

GUTFELD: Mr. Bolling?

BOLLING: So, State of the Union right behind the president. I would like to be in one of those seats. A lot -- that would be so much fun. You mentioned how many spaces you could --


BOLLING: -- when the one says something like, oh my god. Here we go. That would be fun.

GUTFELD: That would be fun. Dana?

PERINO: I would say horseback.

GUTFELD: Really?

PERINO: Yeah, because my uncle, I remember one time we were on a cattle drive and he said that this was his office chair, in the saddle.

GUTFELD: Interesting.

PERINO: He never sat at a desk.

GUTFELD: That was a neat story.

GUILFOYLE: Good choices.

GUTFELD: I would like to seat where Kimberly is then I could stare at me for an hour.

GUILFOYLE: Oh my god, what a weirdo.

GUTFELD: I am weirdo.

WILLIAMS: I thought you're going to say on Kimberly lap.


GUTFELD: Then I would be in trouble. All right. Go this way. This is a fun question from Robert A. What is the dumbest movie you hate yourself for loving? I guess that's like a guilty pleasure.

PERINO: Don't say it.


PERINO: No, I love "Love Actually".

GUTFELD: That is a dumb movie.

PERINO: "Employee of the Month." I laughed so hard and it's so dumb.

GUTFELD: Yeah, is it very dumb?

PERINO: It's really dumb. Bolling told me to watch it.

BOLLING: So Dana says I got like a four hour flight and I'm in the mood for like a really, you know, dumb, --

PERINO: I said something funny --

BOLLING: -- I hate to do this to you. I hope I don't waste two hours of your time but try "Employee of the Month" it is unbelievably ridiculous.

PERINO: I laughed so hard.

BOLLING: As dumb as it is it's that funny.

GUTFELD: That goes together. Juan?

WILLIAMS: I really can't think of any.

GUTFELD: Oh, I think (inaudible).


WILLIAMS: I agree. So now I have got to go watch this movie.

PERINO: You do.

BOLLING: Don't hold it to the standard of film making it's just dumb and funny.

WILLIAMS: Dumb and funny, all right, that's cool.

GUILFOYLE: It has to be dumb and funny or just funny OK?

GUTFELD: I don't know.

GUILFOYLE: Well, fine. So, I have a couple. I love the "Wedding Crashers". That's very funny.

PERINO: OK. That's good.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, I don't want to call it dumb it's actually --

WILLIAMS: No, it's not.

GUILFOYLE: -- really funny. Yeah. And I like the "Hangover" three movies and also I like "Bad Boys" with Will Smith.

GUTFELD: You like bad boys in general, Kimberly.


PERINO: What's yours, Juan?

WILLIAMS: I really don't have one. No, I -- like, you know, like horror movies. And I'm-- now I am kind of allergic to horror movies because they really scare me.

GUILFOYLE: I don't like those at all.

PERINO: I hate them.

GUTFELD: My favorite dumbest movie that I love is "Citizen Kane". What a stupid movie that is. But I enjoy it. I mea, it's got some laughs. It's, you know, it's just dumb. It's poorly written. What a joke that movie is.

BOLLING: And Tim Kane --


GUTFELD: -- dream lover with James Spader. Great film magic and (inaudible).

GUILFOYLE: I wish you would have picked "Love Actually".

GUTFELD: "Love Actually" is the worst movie ever made.

GUILFOYLE: Let me show you sign.

GUTFELD: Yes. Where is to James V., start with you, Eric. Asked, what is your go-to midnight snack?

BOLLING: Cashews.

GUILFOYLE: Cashews? Wow, that's a quick answer.


GUILFOYLE: Yeah. We are -- having to be here for all those shows, there was no food, there's just like nuts.

GUTFELD: Yeah. Literally. Kimberly?

GUILFOYLE: What go-to-midnight snack?

GUTFELD: Yeah, midnight snack.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, come on. Figure it out.

GUTFELD: I know, it's Salami.

GUILFOYLE: Right. Now what do you want me to do?

GUTFELD: I don't know. Maybe come up with another answer?

GUILFOYLE: No. I love it. It's easy, like sliced, doesn't need preparation. It's tasty.

GUTFELD: What about you, Juan, what do you eat at midnight? Keep it clean.

WILLIAMS: Well, the things is I really like apple pie. But I'm a big ice cream guy. So, especially if they have Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars with the chocolate on the inside.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, we like those. Those are kind of pricey.

WILLIAMS: Yeah. But they're delicious.

GUTFELD: And if you think -- outside melts, it gets over the furniture, you got a problem Dana, please, you got to move.

GUILFOYLE: I don't know, but pigs in a blanket but that -- some separation.


PERINO: I don't really stay up that late. But --

GUTFELD: 8:00 is your midnight?

PERINO: Yes, true. I like the lake champlain (ph), salted dark chocolate with almonds.

GUILFOYLE: Wait and that sound fancy.


GUTFELD: Unfertilized chicken babies.


GUTFELD: Yeah. Eggs. Love them eggs.

GUILFOYLE: You eat a hard boiled egg?

GUTFELD: I eat a hard boiled egg any time. I'll eat it now if you throw them at me.

GUILFOYLE: I owe it. OK, I'll do it.


GUIYFOYLE: Open up. I have those in my fridge every day. I eat a hard boiled egg every day.

GUTFELD: Can't go wrong. Exactly. And they are fun to peal. It's exercise for your hands, to burn at least 100 calories pealing an egg.

GUIYFOYLE: All right, let's go.

GUTFELD: It's not true. All right, "One More Thing" is up next. I love saying that.


PERINO: It's time now for "One More Thing," the final one of the week.

GUIYFOYLE: Literally.

WILLIAMS: All right. So, Ray Chaves is the oldest living survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Last month he turned 105, and guess what, Ray is in great health, and to help honor him, the Spirit of Liberty Foundation is asking all of us, patriotic Americans to send him a birthday card. Among those who've already sent cards, President Trump, Bush 41, Bush 43, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. So, if you want to seign a birthday card and send it to Ray, check out my Twitter @thejuanwilliams. I have the information posted for you. It is a great thing to do.

PERINO: President Obama has been on vacation, so maybe he missed the memo. All right.

All right, next, this -- I needed to up my -- of "One More Thing" game. So, of course, -- to Jasper. So, this morning, you know, you've finished your yoghurt carton you give. Jasper has been holding this sugar carton for six hours. He will not -- that it's not stuck on his tooth or anything. He was holding it for so long that if you take a look at this video, I found him falling asleep holding it. He would not let it go. This is your dog, America.

GUIYFOYLE: Oh my god.

PERINO: And that's my "One More Thing."


GUILFOYLE: Great ad for the yoghurt.

PERINO: I know. You think they'd call me or something. All right Eric, you're next.

BOLLING: OK. Very quick story before I do my "One More Thing" this morning. I was taking an Uber and -- because my wife is coming, we're going to meet with Dana and crew. So I order the Uber, it's Good Friday, and not -- this is an absolute true story, and it's Jesus who's coming to pick me up. And I'm like tell my wife, "Can you believe this? Jesus is picking me up for Uber". I'm so happy, and then he canceled on me. Swear. And then I Uber again, it was (inaudible) cancel the second time. I see Father Jonathan Morris in the elevator with his parents today and I tell them the story, and Father Jon looking for some help. He is like, ha-ha- ha-ha. And it is really nervous laugh. I mean in my --


BOLLING: Best Easter present anyone could give me, my wife let me go to Boulder, Colorado to visit my son, Eric and I are going to have a father- son Easter weekend. And I look very forward to that.

GUILFOYLE: Awesome. Good weather this weekend?

PERINO: When are you flying? Call me when you're flying.

BOLLING: Tomorrow morning.

PERINO: OK. All right, Gutfeld. Amazing. Be free.

GUTFELD: I had nothing that special. I mean, I'm hosting "O'Reilly" tonight, which should be exciting. I got Joey Jones, who've we talked about, he's been on the show. I got Ambassador Bolton, you may remember him from his moustache. And we have James Rosen, who is a sparkling character.

Also, The GG Show tomorrow night is a great one, 10:00; Saturday, April 15th. I can't see who is on. That's Kat Timpf. That's (inaudible), this last week since then. And, the new guys, (inaudible), it's going to be a great show, 10 p.m.

PERINO: We have (inaudible), he writes a piece in National Review? Where he pretends he's Kim Jong-Un on twitter?

GUTFELD: Oh, really.

PERINO: It's actually very funny.

GUTFELD: I shall check that out.

GUILFOYLE: All right, try to be last weekend is all you got to say.


GUILFOYLE: That would be your show last weekend.

GUTFELD: I will.

GUILFOYLE: All right. And tonight, I will be in after Greg in this eight, I'll be at 10, I'm in for Sean tonight, and we have a special on the Trump doctrine with some amazing guests, General Jack Keane and Rick (inaudible), Michael Walt and Richard Fowler, Former Sheriff (inaudible) and Jessica Tarlov and Charlie Kurt. So, I'm really looking forward to it from --

GUTFELD: Oh, well, so you have more guests than me. I guess that's makes you special.


PERINO: So, we have really short "One More Thing" all week, and now we have an additional minute for us to say things. We know what Eric --

GUTFELD: Show us more pictures of Jasper.

PERINO: Oh, I don't -- let me see if I have any.

GUILFOYLE: That, we're going to make a surprise, you know, --

PERINO: I don't think he's allowed to come to the party tonight.

GUILFOYLE: He's not?

BOLLING: Can you guys scroll up another picture of Eric's dorm room. I will show you --

PERINO: He thinks he got yogurt on his face.

BOLLING: Yeah. Check it out. Look at that, there's --


GUTFELD: See the pillow?

GUILFOYLE: Is that Fox News?


GUTFELD: Do you want them to see.

BOLLING: That's true. Oh my god. I'm about to check the background --

GUTFELD: Always check the background, Eric.

GUILFOYLE: That's not a --


GUILFOYLE: -- there's a Fox News pillow.

WILLIAMS: -- I'm going to watch this movie to see, because I'm on a flight --

PERINO: "Employee of the Month"?

WILLIAMS: I'm on the long flight to Panama, so I'm going to --

GUILFOYLE: You will laugh.


GUTFELD: You're going to Panama? Excellent. Say hello to the canal for me.

WILLIAMS: I'll be there.

GUILFOYLE: Well, that one Dana back up.

PERINO: All right that's it for us. Aren't you glad? Happy Easter and Passover. We'll see you back here Monday. "Special Report" is next.

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