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JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Hello, everybody. I am Jesse Watters, along with Kennedy, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld. It is 5 o'clock in New York City, and this is "The Five."

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Nobody's high.

WATTERS: President Trump's legal team hitting back hard against Democrats while wrapping up opening statements in the impeachment trial. It comes as liberals and the media continue to salivate over new leaks from a book written by John Bolton. The latest leak claims Bolton told Attorney General Bill Barr the he was concerned that Donald Trump was doing favors for autocrats.

But not so fast, the Department of Justice is disputing Bolton's account and saying it was grossly mischaracterized. Here is the president's legal team responding.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You cannot impeach a president on an un-sourced allegation, responding to an unpublished manuscript that may be some reporters have an idea of maybe what it says. I mean, that's what the evidence -- if you want to call that evidence, I don't know what you call that. I call it inadmissible, but that's what it is.

There is no violation of law. There is no violation of the Constitution. There is a disagreement on policy decisions. The next president, or the one after that, he or she will be held to that same standard?


WATTERS: And the president's lawyers ended their defense by using Democrats' own words against them on impeachment. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are permitting a constitutional coup d'etat which will haunt this body and our country forever.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I warn my colleagues that you will reap the bitter harvest of the unfair partisan seeds you sow today.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My fear is that when a Republican wins the White House, Democrats will demand payback.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You were right, but I'm sorry to say you were also prophetic.


WATTERS: OK. So smart tactics obviously to play that, and they said, even by the Democrats' own standards, you would have to impeach every single president going back to George Washington. Dana, how do you think they closed tonight?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: So it was Cipollone with the last statement we just heard when he said you were prophetic. I was paying attention. I was sitting there for three hours. I thought he said pathetic.


PERINO: I was like, wow, that was tough, but prophetic. I get it. The thing is the Democrats could go and they could find the same type of Hippocratic statements from 20 years ago on the other side, and it could go back and forth. Because we know that's exactly what happened with all of this, which was kind of the point.

And I know Greg talked about this that Alan Dershowitz was making last night, and that Sekulow made as well today, which is, if you have this low bar for impeachment. Everyone who's going to get impeached and it doesn't really matter because it's not bipartisan if you keep bringing partisan -- and also, no actual crimes in impeachment.

And you just say, oh, abuse of power instead of obstruction of justice. But we didn't go to the court system to try to figure that out. It becomes a campaign commercial. And I think both sides actually ended up with a lot that they could go into 2020 with. You'd be seeing a lot of this I think in a lot of those ads.

WATTERS: Yeah. Dershowitz, late into the evening last night, and I think everyone believes he made a very strong case that the articles themselves are not what the framers intended. And here is what he saying about John Bolton's manuscript that we haven't even seen. Role that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If a president, any president, were to have done what The Times reported about the content of the Bolton manuscript. That would not constitute an impeachable offense. Let me repeat, nothing in the Bolton revelations, even if true, would rise to the level of an abuse of power or an impeachable offense.


WATTERS: Strong argument.

GUTFELD: He is such a hypocrite. I just couldn't let Dana pass on that one.

PERINO: Sorry. I've been talking a lot.

GUTFELD: I thought Dershowitz was amazing. I had to watch it on another network, but that's OK. But what he did, which I thought was really interesting, it was the perfect way to put it that you can't make the criteria for impeachment the criteria for voting. And that's what is happening. So you create these vague, unspecific feelings about this person that you don't like.

Well, that's how you deal -- you deal with it at the election. You don't pull out, you know, the Howitzer that's impeachment. He says that we're actually -- the arguments are actually a criteria for voting, not a criteria for impeachment. If you do that, what you are doing is you are breaking the seal. Impeachment will become as regular as me on FiberCon. He also said a lot of other great things.


LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY, GUEST CO-HOST: You know I wish that was a social media app.

GUTFELD: Yes, it should be. But you know what? The big message here, I thought, and I thought he made it so clear. He was so friendly when he was doing this, which was the opposite of the Democrats. You cannot let your emotional dislike based on a collection of flaws dictate a process, because in the future everybody's going to do it.

Everybody's going to do it. And partisan impeachment must fail. It has to fail, because it requires two-thirds of the vote of the Senate. And that kind of tells you it can't be partisan. Lastly, I know everybody's going to say, oh, but witnesses, but witnesses. Don't listen to them. You don't need witnesses. And when people say, well, then the Democrats are going to say that it wasn't a fair trial.

Because they didn't call witnesses -- you can say, I don't care, because if you don't have that argument, you're just going to find another one, and you're going to find another bombshell that's really an eggshell. You're going to find something else to replace that argument. Fight your fight. Don't worry about their response because their response is always going to be the same. They hate you.

WATTERS: All right. Well, to that point about witnesses, Juan, would you trade Hunter for Bolton?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: No, it's very interesting.



WILLIAMS: Well, I was just going to say --


WILLIAMS: -- Sherrod Brown, the Senator from Ohio, said he would do it.

WATTERS: He would.

WILLIAMS: That's what he said right here on Fox.


WILLIAMS: -- no. First of all, he doesn't speak for everybody. He's not Chuck Schumer. He's not making the call from the caucus, but he's speaking as an individual. And he heard others, Senator Whitehouse also on Fox saying it is not a one for one. It's like the Democrats get to call the witnesses they want and let the Republicans have the responsibility of calling witnesses who have nothing to do with this impeachment.

WATTERS: So would Schumer just work out the witness deal with McConnell?

WILLIAMS: I think what Whitehouse was saying is that the rules call for each party to have their witnesses if you decide to have witnesses. But I just want to respond to some of what I was hearing here, because, you know, it seems to me that Bolton, he has been under assault from the right for the last 24 to 48 hours since the story broke.

He is now like a bad guy. All of a sudden you think John Bolton. I know John Bolton. John Bolton is a Neocon. John Bolton is a hard right guy. that's why he was in the Trump White House. And now, people are saying oh, no. He is a backstabbing, bad man. To me, what strikes me is -- again, this is not what we heard today from Jay Sekulow.

Jay Sekulow said this is just a policy disagreement. This is not. What you hear from Bolton is this was about the president, in fact, saying I'm going to withhold aid to get something for myself.


WILLIAMS: I'm sorry. I said Sekulow, right? And so Bolton in -- what Bolton has written, he's saying the president withheld something that was beneficial to him in terms of his political future and nothing to do with American interests for foreign policy.

GUTFELD: It does.


WATTERS: Alan Dershowitz made the point. It is not an impeachable offense even if that happened.


WILLIAMS: But he was saying it was just a policy disagreement.

MONTGOMERY: That's the point that Sekulow was making, like, let's take this on its face and let's assume that all of it is true, and all of it is bad. Still, even with -- that's our conversation, what might've happened, that doesn't rise to the level of impeachment, and here it shouldn't. So President Trump ran on the idea that our foreign policy is pretty screwed up.

And we've had it wrong in the Middle East for quite some time. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And that has been our mantra in the Middle East and around the world, and it's very flawed. But that's what the Democrats are going on right now, and they continue to do that. So if you look at the president's enemies, they consider them friends.

And those have been some bad friendships that have ended very poorly, Michael Cohen, Michael Avenatti, Lev Parnas, and now John Bolton. John Bolton has -- yes, he has been despised by the left for a long time because of his foreign policy and his world view, which is, you know, tends to be a little hawkish. But now, all of a sudden, Democrats, not only they've woken up and they've discovered federalist 65 and Alexander Hamilton and all of the founders and the Constitution.

But now, to them, John Bolton is a patriot because he is the enemy of the president. And I think in the end that is going to rest where our --


WILLIAMS: But you're pointing out the Democrats. And I'm saying the Republicans are the ones going after Bolton. And it reminds me yesterday they were going after Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani is --


WILLIAMS: He's nobody.


WILLIAMS: Ignore Rudy Giuliani.

PERINO: I think that you can have a third party in America, the hypocrite party.

WATTERS: The hypocrite party, OK. Up next, while Democrats obsess over impeachment, President Trump getting ready to hold a huge rally tonight.


PERINO: While Washington is being consumed by impeachment, President Trump looking ahead to 2020, holding a big rally tonight in New Jersey. Crowds are lining up early this morning, and some supporters actually camped out overnight in anticipation. And the president is also pressing ahead with his agenda. Today, he unveiled a Middle East peace plan.

And tomorrow, the president will be holding a USMCA trade deal signing event, so it is full steam ahead. And there is a question down there in Jersey that he won -- this district in Jersey won by plus 20. But this is a big draw because local Philly suburbs are going to be able to see this because of the local media market. I'm looking at you, Philly Kid.

And Jeff Drew, who was the Congressman that switched parties from Democrat to Republican, so after impeachment, he'll -- this is his district, so it's a big boost for him and a frustration to his Republican challengers. Let me go to you, Jesse, about this. And we could also -- if you would like to you could call to my chart.

WATTERS: Yeah. We will definitely get to the chart.

GUTFELD: Making charts for you to call for.


WATTERS: Dana and I have the same chart. Juan's head is going to explode.


WATTERS: We'll get to it in a second. But to the point, though, do you want to do it now? Let's do it now, all right? This is amazing from Gallup. This is how Americans' satisfaction levels have changed since the Barack Obama presidency ended. Look at the improvement, 22-point improvement on satisfaction on the economy, terrorism, up 18.

Race relations improved upon the first black president by 14 percent, their feelings about crime, income inequality, plus eight percent. So these are the kind of measurables that you can really look at.


WATTERS: -- the American people feel better under Donald Trump on the biggest issues that they care about, and here is why. Trump is great at the split screen presidency -- you'll have a CNN debate and he'll do a rally. You'll have Nancy handing out pens. He'll sign the China phase one. And by the way, I talked to a big investor guy who does a lot of deals in Asia.

He said China took it in the-you-no-what, so bad the USA gave up literally nothing. So that was a huge trade deal. And if you look at -- wage is up, stock market up, crime down, terrorism on the retreat, plus, you have the gas prices very low, and the home needing (ph) cost very low. This is a very rich and prosperous, comfortable, happy country.

And the president has always been about results that you can see. Even if you look at the real estate that he put up, you see the big building, the golf course, you see it. You saw him on television. He has always defined himself by results that are tangible. Same thing with the presidency, and if this guy had been pulling stunts and had this kind of chaos and trash talk and hadn't gotten any results, he would've been one and done.

But because he is accomplishing things that people can feel, I bet he will get a second chance.

WILLIAMS: Can I respond?

WATTERS: Please.

WILLIAMS: Isn't it curious that given all you said, which is, oh, the economy is good, crime is not bad, all that, guess what? In the Fox poll, half of the country not only supports impeachment but removal. If you look at the average of polls, it's split in terms of that. And today, 75 percent said we want witnesses at this trial.


WILLIAMS: I see, all right.


GUTFELD: Those are polls, and he just cited real numbers.

WILLIAMS: Those were polls, too. What are you talking about?

GUTFELD: I know. In fact -- you heard what he said after. He went through and listed the facts that are responsible for the polling. You're listing polling that are based on media reporting.

WILLIAMS: No, no. What I'm saying to you is --


WILLIAMS: Because that's the thing --


GUTFELD: -- by the media narrative. Those polls are media narrative.


WILLIAMS: No, what I'm talking about are facts in terms of people see this president.


WILLIAMS: -- dividing the American people.

GUTFELD: OK. This is -- goes back to -- I've said this a million times. Why is it that what he achieves is so far removed from the emotional strife, right? Wouldn't that tell you something? That perhaps the emotional strife is disconnected from who he is or how you think he is? And that maybe it is time after three years, Juan, to let go of the emotional pain and just admit that there is -- what we see is a happy, prosperous, peaceful country? Your polls activate a mental issue, not a physical one.

WILLIAMS: All right. So you're saying that -- if I say to you, let's start a war. Let's do something provocative and I then say, it's not a war. Then I should get lots of credit. Or if I say, let's start a trade war and let's put out farmers --


WATTERS: Sixty eight percent of the country are pleased with the economic and national security --


WILLIAMS: -- that it wasn't just --


MONTGOMERY: I just want to clarify something, because I think oftentimes when people -- and with polling, you have to read what the exact questions are that pollsters are asking. Because there is a way of manipulating data based on the wording that you use. And you can oftentimes elicit the response you want from people based on how you ask the question.

Another thing is when people pick up the phone, they're more willing. If they're actually willing to talk to a pollster, tell the pollster what they think the pollster wants to hear. And they signal that by the question. So someone could say, yeah, I think we should remove him. But then in the next spread (ph) say, things are going so great at the business.

Herb and I are going to hire two more people. And you know what? We are going to buy a boat because this is great. So you vote for the president of the -- oh yeah. And honestly, I do believe that the emotional disconnect that Greg is talking about is very real for a lot of people. They love the results of some of these policies. They don't like a lot of the behavior.

GUTFELD: They don't like the guy.


WILLIAMS: That was my point.

GUTFELD: I agree. They don't like the guy. But you don't have to like the guy to say he's doing a great job.


GUTFELD: Problem solved.

WILLIAMS: OK, but --


GUTFELD: You don't have to like him, Juan. Write a book about how much you hate him.

WILLIAMS: All right. But like today, today with the Middle East plan, he stands up there with Netanyahu that second time. He's trying to pump Netanyahu's re-election. And he says I have a Middle East peace plan. You think, oh, really where are the Palestinians? Are they buying into this?


GUTFELD: What can he do? You're already trashing it.

WILLIAMS: But he didn't set it up.


WILLIAMS: So he is telling people I won my. I got a deal, nonsense.

PERINO: All right. I'm really glad I brought the chart. President Trump hitting back after CNN mocks his supporters. We'll show you that next.


MONTGOMERY: All right. CNN once again taking heat for mocking Trump supporters, take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He also knows deep in his heart that Donald Trump couldn't find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter U and a picture of an actual physical crane next to it. He knows that this is, you know, an administration defined by ignorance of the world. And so that's partly him playing to their base and playing to their audience.

You know the credulous boomer rube demo that backs Donald Trump. That wants to think Donald Trump is the smart one. And you all are elitists are dumb. You're elitists with your geography and your maps and your spelling, your math and your reading.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was good, sorry. That was a good one. I needed that.


MONTGOMERY: Oh, look at you with you cosmopolitan your bias. The liberal network getting intense backlash and the president is fighting back, saying, quote, "Don Lemon, the dumbest man on television with terrible ratings" end quote, Ivanka Trump calling the clip disgusting. So Greg, does this -- is this one of those moments where the media left show their bias against a large chunk of the country?

GUTFELD: Well, first, I want to tell you I did come up with a drink called the Lemon Ricky. It is half pompous, half ass. I don't really -- I'm all for ridicule. You ridicule the guy, though, and what -- the problem with CNN is they ridicule everybody. And this has always been kind of their thing. They really do look down their noses at most -- at least half of America.

It's no wonder their ratings are in the tank. If that is a pure campaign ad, somebody's got to make it. But I will say this. Rick Wilson, there is definitely something wrong with him. I don't what it is but there's something wrong with him. The joke wasn't that bad. It was Lemon's just overdoing it, hyper-dramatic, oh, my god, this is the best thing ever like he was having an orgasm.

MONTGOMERY: Like Jimmy Fallon on SNL.

GUTFELD: Yes, no -- not, don't ever soil Fallon by comparing him to Don Lemon. But it killed me -- the over reaction was just so silly and sad. And CNN's in trouble. And they need help. No wonder they're watching us all the time. Their media crew watching Fox to figure out what we're doing right --



MONTGOMERY: Well, maybe it's respecting people's votes and people's points of view, even when they don't square with your own. And I think that's one of the biggest problems. What do you see here?

PERINO: Well, many people are the first to try to point out, and -- Rick Wilson and others, when the president says something impolite or harsh about another person, they will immediately -- and I don't like it either from the beginning. Although, my nickname I really liked was the little rocket man. That was my favorite one.

Ones that are personal in nature, I don't like. And then I also knew that as soon as Hillary Clinton said deplorables, like, that was it. Like, here we go. And I also I don't understand -- I guess using a southern accent to mimic somebody who apparently is dumb and doesn't read is really offensive. I mean, people come from different regions of the country.

You have accents from people from all over the world. It has nothing to do with your intelligence. It has to do with where you were raised. And so that, I think, is offensive.

GUTFELD: Yeah. How many surgeons have southern accents? I'm pretty sure a million.

WATTERS: That's why I don't make sweeping generalizations about large groups of people, Greg.

GUTFELD: Thank you, sexy.

PERINO: Really, starting now?


WATTERS: That's right. I'm not that offended by it. And I'm not offended on behalf of someone by that. But, you know, I'm usually the one that offends other people, so stay out of my lane. No, but so I have a unique understanding of the situation. The two guys on the right and the left, they're like hired guns. They are not going to pay a price.

GUTFELD: That's true.

WATTERS: All right. There's no parent company there. Don Lemon is the guy in trouble because he is supposed to be the straight news guy. And CNN is already in trouble with bad ratings. And he's got problems on the side. So I'm sure --


WATTERS: Guy, you are a prime time person, and you're losing it because someone is making fun of millions of Americans for being dumb southerners.


PERINO: Don, that was brilliant. Your comedic instincts were spot on. This is what we're supposed to be doing.

WATTERS: That's what's happened over there at CNN, and they deserve the ridicule. Because like you said, they're going to turn around and add like this or just give a talking point to every Republican to Donald Trump to hammer the left, to hammer the media in an election year where Democrats have to regain their footing with white working-class Americans, you know, non-college educated people in Iowa, Florida, and the rustbelt, so not great timing.

MONTGOMERY: There are -- there are plenty of people in the south who have advanced degrees, who look at someone like Bernie Sanders and say he does not represent my interests. I like my money. I want to take care of my children. I will not vote for him. Therefore, I will vote for Donald Trump. Not everyone with the southern accent is a deplorable rube, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I would agree. There's no argument there. I was surprised though to hear that Greg and Jesse both said they didn't take any great offense at this. That they think that if you want to have this kind of ridicule word you use --

GUTFELD: I think -- no, I said that ridicule is great when it's directed at a person but not at a group of people.


GUTFELD: They directed it at a people.

WILLIAMS: Because I think that nobody -- it's no secret CNN is more Liberal, right. MSNBC is a Liberal network, right. And Don Lemon -- I disagree with you on this. I don't think that he's a straight news guy. I think he's a host, an opinion host and people --

WATTERS: No, no, no. He's on camera saying he's a straight news guy and doesn't do opinion.

WILLIAMS: I disagree. I disagree because he does opinion monologue. He just goes --

WATTERS: I agree. He's very opinionated, but he has the charade that he's a straight news guy.

MONTGOMERY: He's very -- he's very (INAUDIBLE). Tequila shots, piercings. I don't mind that.

WILLIAMS: Yes, and also --

WATTERS: See, I'm jealous with that. We couldn't take shots on Fox News New Years. They get away with anything over there.

WILLIAMS: What? Can we go back for just --

WATTERS: I'm sorry. Go ahead.

WILLIAMS: It's all right. But Rick Wilson is a Republican for his whole career. That's how we became Rick Wilson.

GUTFELD: Oh no. He found his identity being something else.

WILLIAMS: No, he's anti-Trump. He doesn't like Trump but he's a Republican.

GUTFELD: He's got -- he's got a disorder. He can't change now. It's flooded his brain. I go bad.

MONTGOMERY: Rick, Rick, Rick. All right, coming up coronavirus fear is ramping up in these United States as the government warns against traveling to China. We'll have more details next.


WILLIAMS: Growing concerns in the United States about the fast-spreading coronavirus. It's killed more than 100 people in China. The Trump administration issuing its highest travel warning and urging Americans to avoid all non-essential travel to China. The U.S. government has started evacuating Americans from the city at the epicenter of the outbreak. Here's administration officials earlier on the possibility of more travel restrictions.


ALEX AZAR, SECRETARY OF U.S. HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: All options for dealing with infectious disease spread have to be on the table, including travel restrictions. But diseases are not terribly good at respecting borders.


WILLIAMS: And here at home, it's been getting political. Some 2020 Democrats accusing the president of making the U.S. more vulnerable to the virus. So, Kennedy, the argument is that -- what Joe Biden wrote was that this is the president, President Trump who tried to get Barack Obama to institute a travel ban. Elizabeth Warren blasted for dismantling the White House Office, the deals with medical research and pandemics.

MONTGOMERY: I disagree with them, not because you know, somehow I think the President has magisterial abilities to defeat the coronavirus. I'm sure some of his supporters might feel that way. But I really feel that you need to get all of these government agencies and busybodies out of the way so these private biotech companies can come in and institute their technology and eradicate these viruses once and for all.

I think that would be an incredible thing. And, and oftentimes it is layers of bureaucracy that really get in the way of technology and treatment. And until you have more cases here, you're not going to activate that critical free-market engine.

WILLIAMS: But I was thinking, Jesse -- so Kennedy is making the point that people would have more faith in the private sector than the government in any case. But I was thinking, when the Ebola outbreak happened, President Obama was in office, he appointed I believe, Ron Klain as the czar. And the government put in place a good plan and they handle the outbreak. That wouldn't seem to me to be like you'd say, hey, the government did handle it.

WATTERS: Well, so far so good in the United States. The CDC has identified about 32 people that have it. They've isolated them, they've tested them, and they have not seen the ability for the disease to spread to anybody else within those 32 people who were isolated. So right now, it looks like on this side of the Pacific, it's I think safer and a little bit more under control. We're still testing it.

I was talking to Dr. Marc Siegel about it today. And he said, China has been lying about this thing. They've had it over there for a year, and they haven't told anybody about it. And there's been undocumented deaths, 1,000 undiagnosed people, and they've now, I guess, quarantine this one city, but people have already escaped the quarantine and they have no idea where they're going.

And the World Health Organization has not yet declared an international health emergency and Dr. Siegel's point was why because the guy that staffs -- the one that makes the call on this is a former Chinese health official and they think he's getting pressure from Mainland China to keep this thing under wraps.

WILLIAMS: They just -- and so the lie continues, you believe?


MONTGOMERY: Look at what they did to the Uyghurs, Juan. I think Jesse is absolutely right.

WILLIAMS: I don't doubt Jesse ever. It's about -- Dana, the last time there was all this call for travel bans quarantine. Remember that woman from Maine came back and people say, oh, she shouldn't be able to go back to Maine. But again, it seems like the fear is there, but actually, the government handled it.

PERINO: I think -- yes, I think -- I think our government does a pretty good job. And I don't think that candidates from either side -- like this always happens. If there's an emergency, then you're looking for any sort of advantage. I mean, three of the candidates are sitting there in the Senate, they have no ability to even campaign so they're just lobbying whatever that possible -- everything that -- lobbying whatever they can.

I always trust the taxi drivers. My taxi driver this morning, he said, people do not understand how bad this is, ma'am. They do not understand and he was just really very adamant that people needed to really pay attention to it because of the two-week incubation period. So what, if you don't show any symptoms for two weeks, how many places can people travel to in two weeks? So that's something.

The other thing -- the last thing I'll mention, there's a show on Netflix. I started watching this weekend called Pandemic. It's a docu-series. It's - - it will give you some comfort that our government is really doing some good things, but it does show you how big the problem is and why vaccines are important.

WILLIAMS: Do you watch horror movies? Why would you start that?

PERINO: I'd like to learn, Juan.


PERINO: I don't mind even bringing a chart tomorrow.

GUTFELD: Don't do that.

WILLIAMS: I think I'd be scared, Greg.

GUTFELD: OK. This is what is a bit strange about this. And I would actually say that our administration is right now doing a terrible job. And I'll tell you why. The CDC is telling people don't go to China. They're telling us don't go to China. That's half the equation. How about China coming to us? If we're saying don't go there, but you can still come here. That's idiotic.

McDonald's is closing stores in China. Tibet is closing their border and traffic. Infections are doubling like every six days, and we're sitting here and we're like, well, you know what, it's not the flu. So well you know what, it's in the early stages. The scientists that are mapping this virus are super worried, right? They're watching these epicenters spread into all over Mainland China. And why is that? Because of the transit links, transportation.

The -- it is all about where people are going these days, and it's coming here unless you stop it. So I do think we should consider a temporary travel ban because if we're telling citizens not to go there, why are we telling them they can't come here. I don't understand. Doesn't it seem like a stupid suggestion?

WILLIAMS: But it didn't work with Ebola. We didn't have to do that, right?

GUTFELD: Well, I don't know. I don't -- I'm not a scientist. All I know is I'm reading -- I'm trying to figure out what this information is -- and by the way, you know me. I don't panic over anything.


GUTFELD: Never. I've watched every pandemic from the bird flu, SARS, they tell it's huge and then it's not. But this is weird because it's doubling at a fast rate and the governments aren't telling us everything which is weird. And to your point. I didn't know that about what Siegel said. That is the truth. I would bet on it.

PERINO: And the Chinese need to abolish all of those wet markets.

WILLIAMS: Oh big time.

PERINO: I read about that in the Wall Street Journal today. That will open your eyes.

WILLIAMS: Yes. I agree.

GUTFELD: They're not as fun as they sound.

WILLIAMS: Coming up, why some on the left are upset with Bernie Sanders, and what Hillary Clinton just said about 2020? Gregory explains what's next on THE FIVE.


GUTFELD: So let's talk about the Democrats. Mike Bloomberg is picking up steam despite not understanding how to pet a dog. No, Mikey, you do not shake the dog's face like a human hand.


PERINO: He was just playing with it.

GUTFELD: That's not playing. Let's see it one more time, OK. Look.

PERINO: A very polite dog.

GUTFELD: He's shaking his face. I think he lost the vote. Meanwhile, like that tiny scar you got from the vaccine when you're a kid, Hillary really never goes away or heals. I bet she still has the urge.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: I certainly feel the urge because I feel like the 2016 election was really an odd -- an odd time and odd outcome. And the more we learn, the more that seems to be the case.


GUTFELD: Right now, Bernie Sanders is hot, and has the most enthusiastic base. So what if Hillary or anyone somehow knocks him aside? What do you think his voters are going to do? Are they going to vote for Mike or Joe? They just assumed vote for Trump which would be hilarious. Almost as hilarious as these anti-Sanders Dems turning on Bernie. They're attacking him for this.


JOE ROGAN, COMEDIAN: I think I'll probably vote for Bernie. But him as a human being, when I was hanging out with him, I believe in him. I like him. I like him a lot. He's been insanely consistent his entire life. He's basically been saying the same thing, been for the same thing his whole life. And that, in and of itself, is a very powerful structure to operate from.


GUTFELD: Now Rogan is right. Bernie has been sanely consistent, insanely consistently wrong. While America excelled, he only embrace the world's losers. But that's not what got Rogan in trouble. It's because Rogan is a comic. He's made a zillion jokes over his lifetime, some really stupid, some even awful. And in this age, that means your prime not just for canceling of your own career, but your own sins can infect others around you, like someone you endorse, say Bernie. Offensiveness becomes transmissible like a virus.

Remember, hate the sin, love the sinner? It was one of religion's greatest hits. Now the sinner is the sin making forgiveness impossible, at least in this endless game of grievance whack a mole. It's not hard to see where this leads. It happened before in 2016. A guy named Trump rode in on a P.C. killing horse. If the left continues this mob action, it's going to do it again.

Dana, because you're the dog expert. Was that the proper way to pet a dog, shaking the upper roof of its mouth?

PERINO: Well, I think he was just playing with the dog.

GUTFELD: That's not -- that's assault.

PERINO: No, wouldn't say assault. But also, you want to teach kids that before you just go and put your hand in a dog's mouth, you want to like basically let them smell your hand to see if it's OK. And it's like asking permission for a hug.


PERINO: You know that whole -- that whole --

GUTFELD: I think they should have signed a waiver. That is crazy. That -- you know that dog is in therapy now? He's got a therapy human.

PERINO: Can I mention one thing about Hillary?


PERINO: You know, when she says, the more we learn yes about the 2016 election and why she has -- that's all about -- they still believe that Russian interference cost them the 2016 election.

MONTGOMERY: And James Comey, and misogyny, and husbands telling their wives how to vote. But here, I watch Hillary Clinton and I actually have pity for her. And this week in the New York Post published an article that the FDA is approving more MDMA to be used for PTSD in therapeutic settings, which could be fantastic because Hillary Clinton clearly suffers from PTSD. And for that I truly feel bad for her because she wakes up every day, every day is groundhog day, and it is a living nightmare for her. And the only way she can wake up in (INAUDIBLE) is if she wins the election. And she has to somehow figure out a way -- before it was having to elbow Liz Warren out of the way, but she's already imploding. So she may have a wish at a broker --

GUTFELD: A brokered convention. I miss Andie MacDowell. Where is she? Maybe I better not --

MONTGOMERY: Andie, come on out.

GUTFELD: Yes. Juan, by the way, Hillary then later said, to be fair, that she's will support any nominee there is. So that says she may not be running. But there could be a brokered convention and she could drop from the sky with Michelle Obama together.

WILLIAMS: That's your fantasy.

GUTFELD: Yes. Well, it's --

WATTERS: Among other things.

GUTFELD: I don't know what that means.

WILLIAMS: I was actually --

WATTERS: Women dropping from the sky.

GUTFELD: Yes. Thank you, God.

WILLIAMS: Be careful.

WATTERS: It's not my fantasy, it's yours.

WILLIAMS: Wait, wait, but whose hand is Dana have to hold here? All right, look, I was interested in what you're saying by Joe Rogan because that was interesting to me about this whole cancel culture business.


WILLIAMS: Because I don't think Rogan has any right-winger. No right- wingers going to endorse Bernie Sanders.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

WILLIAMS: That's ridiculous. I mean -- but on the other hand, people see him as part of this dark web intellect. And they think he goes off and he says as you said, some really awful jokes, homophobic racist type stuff. But the point I think is, you see this now on both sides, these purity tests. If the phone call wasn't perfect, then you're not loyal to Donald Trump. If you're not -- if you're 99 percent with him, you might as well be zero.

I mean, to me, this is where politics is going. It's all like all or nothing and driven by the far left and far right. And I think Rogan, Rogan should -- the idea that he supports Bernie, I don't see that that's a problem. You know who he is.

WATTERS: Well, Rogan is just collateral damage because the knives are out for Bernie because he is a bigger threat to the Democrats than Donald Trump. How did the democrats handle 2016? Think about how they'd handle a landslide loss with Bernie Sanders. It's going to be ugly. And he's going to want to abolish ICE, he's going to raise middle-class taxes, take away your healthcare and give it to illegal aliens, ban fracking. Donald Trump is going to have a field day with Bernie and the Democrats know it.

WILLIAMS: Yes, that's why -- that's why he wants Bernie to run.

PERINO: And the New York Times today -- and the New York Times today, there's four articles about how worried the Democrats are about Bernie.

GUTFELD: All right, "ONE MORE THING" is up next.


WATTERS: It's time now for "One More Thing." How about a feeding frenzy, everybody? Let's see it.

GUTFELD: Let's see it.

WATTERS: Everybody likes it.

GUTFELD: Yes, everybody likes that.

WATTERS: All right, so football fans getting pumped up for the big game on Sunday, so is Frito-Lay. And they have a new combo with Tostitos. It combines Tostitos strips and avocado salsa.

WILLIAMS: Avocado salsa?

PERINO: Is it good.

WATTERS: I love it. And you will love it too.

MONTGOMERY: Brought to you by Frito-Lay.

WATTERS: Provided to us by Frito-Lay. You know what also is a great combination, everybody? THE FIVE and the Superbowl. That's right. "The Five" is going to be live from Miami on Friday and a special show on Sunday that Greg is really excited about.


WATTERS: 5:00.

GUTFELD: A lot of people are going to be watching that for sure. 5:00.

WILLIAMS: If it's so good, why are you choking?

WATTERS: Juan, it's -- that's not a choking sound.


PERINO: It's a -- it's a "this is so delicious" sound.

WATTERS: Yes, it's delicious. All right, Dana.

PERINO: All right, I have a next show too. Let's show this. Dana's Book Club. How cute. Here's the thing. So, over the weekend, I read this book. It's called Remember, You're Mine, an adoption story. It is written by J.S. Holmes.

And Jim Holmes writes a story about being adopted from an orphanage in North Dakota. He was seven and a half months old. He had a lot of questions growing up. And he tells you about the search for his birth parents, the power of adoption, and it's a really special story. And all of the proceeds go to the children's village in North Dakota. That was the orphanage.

WATTERS: It's kind of a thin book, Dana.

PERINO: Well, then you'll appreciate it.

WATTERS: 70 pages?

PERINO: I highly recommend it especially if you have an adoption story in your own life. You can check it on Amazon.

WATTERS: Juan Williams.

WILLIAMS: I'd love to read that. OK, who says New Yorkers don't have a heart. Take a look at this harrowing video from Manhattan.

GUTFELD: Heroin?

WILLIAMS: On Sunday, a car ran over a woman here pinning her beneath an SUV. What you're seeing is over a dozen people rushing from every direction to push the vehicle off of that woman. And thankfully they did it. She was taken to the hospital, released, just cuts and bruises, no broken bones. They say life in the big city can be tough. Look at that one. It was humane and in fact lifesaving.

WATTERS: Excellent. Greg.

GUTFELD: Speaking of life-saving, let's do this. Greg music news. You know, if you -- here's a tip for young ones who want to start a band. You want to start a band, you need a good drummer, and a drummer has rhythm, like this little fella here. This is a duck, right? Is it a duck?

WILLIAMS: If it walks like a duck.

GUTFELD: If it walks -- there you go.

PERINO: It drums like a duck.

GUTFELD: It drums like a duck. That's a drumstick, actually. You know, I could keep going forever, but instead, I think I'm going to throw myself off a tall building. There you go.

WATTERS: All right. Kennedy.

MONTGOMERY: Well, let's continue with that. Ferrets always feel freedom. And there was a young -- one young man in Great Britain who quit the Royal Air Force after some difficult trials in his life, sold all of his stuff and traveled the world with his pet ferret.

GUTFELD: I don't like him.

MONTGOMERY: Oh, look at that ferret there in -- at the Colosseum in Rome, on Hadrian's Wall, and in front of the Eiffel Tower.

GUTFELD: This is fake.

MONTGOMERY: You know, we've seen a lot of Flat Stanley's but this freedom ferret has been all over the globe. They traveled for eight months, they've been to 11 countries, everywhere from the Arctic Circle to Southern Italy. I don't know which of them is more happy. I know. There are some of our --

WATTERS: Emotional support there.

MONTGOMERY: -- ferret-owning friends who celebrate this man's life choices.

PERINO: That's awesome.

GUTFELD: We're ferret and balanced.

WATTERS: Very good, Greg.

GUTFELD: Not afraid.

WATTERS: They're going to be here all night. Set your DVRs, never miss an episode of "The Five." "Special Report" is up next.

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