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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Hi, I'm Greg Gutfeld with Emily Compagno, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and she paddle board on a popsicle stick, Dana Perino -- "The Five."

Climate freaks, and they are climate freaks, shutdown traffic in D.C. today.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When the people runs up, the powers come down, powers come down. The power comes down.


JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: I don't see it.

GUTFELD: So, as this idiocy rolls on, we should know that people trying to go to work and put food on their tables, that doesn't hurt the environment.

Creating endless blocks of idling cars and trucks does, which is what that mass tantrum did. And this didn't harm the powerful at all. Traffic jam just becomes their driver's problem. The UPS lady doesn't have that luxury, or anybody trying to get to the E.R, or a loved one to chemo. Yet, the media elevates these idiots because rather than interfering with their lives activism gives the media an easy assignment.

You know, you just walk outside, shove a mic at a pathetic attention seeker, it beats real work. Worse, we have adults advocating handing over life changing decisions to children. Seriously, is this healthy?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet, you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is the money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you.


GUTFELD: Mass extinction, yeah. Here's a question. What would happen if parents in a cult manically and falsely informed their children that the world would end in a decade? The teachers would call social workers and the social workers would come and take those children away. That's the unspeakable truth here that the media hacks ignored. Never mind that kids know nothing about nuclear energy or the cost of solar or wind power. It's what adults are doing to those children by fomenting terror that's so gross and so immoral.

But activists and media know kids make great political shields because any critical response will be seen as punching down, when in fact, blocking a path to work for thousands of hard-working Americans is the real low blow.

The media won't see it that way. They're too busy showing how much they care before packing their gear back into their gas guzzling idling vans and heading to the airport for the next climate summit.

So, Dana, you work in D.C. You've worked in D.C. for a while. I'm looking at that footage. I'm seeing mostly white, mostly nonworking, mostly teens.

This is, to me, is true white privilege. They're blocking adults getting to work. I kind of know the racial makeup of D.C. It's a stark difference between the activism and the people trying to get to work. How is this not the worst example of white privilege you could see?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: It is -- that's an interesting way to look at it. But when I was watching the footage this morning, I noticed the same thing. So people in D.C. -- some of them were told to work from home today. Some of them couldn't get there. Some took an hour and a half to get there. But if you're working an hourly job and you don't have -- and that job demands -- you can't work from home. Most jobs that you have, they don't allow to, basically, like, log in from home. And you actually have to be there physically doing work.

So it did remind me a little bit of the occupy Wall Street protests where people who might have been sympathetic to the idea or the cause ended up getting really irritated with those people because they were -- remember, they were causing some traffic problems but blocking the parks and basically making the city unlivable.


PERINO: It reminds me of that.

GUTFELD: You know, Juan, I see lily white adolescents who don't pay rent because they're living at home, blocking people, Hispanics, blacks, trying to pay their rent. This should piss you off.

WILLIAMS: No, I pissed me off this morning, though --


GUTFELD: Were you caught in it.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, because I was trying to get here. So, I mean, you're lucky you got me there. Greg needs a target. So --

GUTFELD: What are you talking about? I'm defending you.

WILLIAMS: No, you're not. You're saying -- first of all, if this was black lives matter and they had demonstrations of the same type and block traffic --

GUTFELD: They're adults.

WILLIAMS: Or occupy Wall Street, I'm sure you'd say the same thing.

GUTFELD: I like people with jobs who are taking risks. These are kids doing it for the romantic attention seeking value. We all know that. And they're privileged that's why they get away with it.

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't know. I mean, they could be privileged. And if that's the case, then they're using their privilege to raise their voices on an issue that --

GUTFELD: An issue they don't study or know anything about.

WILLIAMS: Well, this is an argument you and I had before. You always tell me you know more than the scientists, but --

GUTFELD: No, I do. I know more than a 12-year-old. I can safely say that.

WILLIAMS: All right. Can you safely say you know more on than the meteorologists --

GUTFELD: Who disagree with them.

WILLIAMS: -- yesterday that the year -- the last five years of the warmest on record, carbon dioxide emissions an all-time high.

GUTFELD: Juan, I'll give you that. Where is the mass extinction? I want to know -- everything she said is a lie. The number of mammals that have been extinct in the last 500 years is 1.4 percent. She's been lied to.

She's been terrified. That's child abuse.

WILLIAMS: You don't like her, apparently.

GUTFELD: No, I don't like her parents, Juan. I feel bad for her.

WILLIAMS: I think, wow. If my kid was standing up at the United Nations - - look, you think Democrats are hypocrites because Democrats -- you think this is white privilege --

GUTFELD: Using children.

WILLIAMS: I don't -- look, I don't see it that way. If you want to talk about hypocrites, I mean, you can say Trump's been a hypocrite. He's a billionaire. He said this for working people, evangelicals --

GUTFELD: And he's helped working people, lowest unemployment in like 50 years for minorities and women.

WILLIAMS: Well, look, the point to me is voters -- the people who backed Trump said they back Trump despite all the hypocrisy because he gets something done.

GUTFELD: Who died for mass extinction?

WILLIAMS: But guess what? The voters right now would back those young people and Democrats who say we are going to get something done --

GUTFELD: They're killing this issue by lying.

WILLIAMS: Did black lives matter kill what we saw earlier? Did occupy Wall Street kill --

GUTFELD: Yes, and yes. Jesse --


WATTERS: -- there was one sign that said in this protest capitalism is killing the planet.


GUTFELD: There you go. It's only been responsible for reducing mass poverty across the world.

WATTERS: You know this reminds me of about a thousand years ago, you've had all these tribes, you know if there was a drought, they would sacrifice an animal and then they would pray because they thought that they had made the rain gods angry. This is now what we're doing in 2019. This is the new religion. And the left scares children into freaking out about climate change. Then they shoot video of them freaking out about climate change.

And then they say, look at the children freaking out. We have to do something about climate change.

They've become props. And the reason it doesn't work with adults is because adults are old enough to remember when the left told us we needed to freak out about global cooling. And, remember when Al Gore said all the glaciers in Antarctica are going to melt by 2014. They're still there.

Speaking of glaciers, Juan, I have a publication, The Independent. I wouldn't say that's a right wing publication, would you?

WILLIAMS: English, I'm amazed you're now reading international publications.

WATTERS: Yes, Juan. I've now spread my wings.

WILLIAMS: This is an intellectual quote.

WATTERS: Active volcano discovered beneath the Antarctic ice sheet could be contributing to the melting glacier. You know what? Hot lava usually melts ice. I think that might have something to do with it. And the big glacier that was melting faster than anything, last three years, Juan, it's grown. So, if you look at the science, the reason you see a slant in the science is because every year federal bureaucrats dole out about $2 billion in these research grants. You know who gets the grants? People that believe in global warming.

And they write these studies that say there's man-made global warming and we're all going to die from it. You know who don't write that? The scientists who don't believe that. They don't get the grants and they don't write those studies and that's how --


GUTFELD: I want to bring Emily into this. The problem is even the climate scientists who believe in climate change do not believe there's mass extinction going on. So what -- the rhetoric they're using now is an outright lie meant to scare the crap out of people. It's dishonest.

EMILY COMPAGNO, GUEST CO-HOST: What I find so frustrating about that fantasy alarmist approach to this is that it totally destroys any possibility whatsoever of a reasonable approach for reasonable people like me. There are fundamentally a few steps that could be taken to address environmental stewardship that would work and are actually pretty modest.

And that's limiting government activity in a few areas, increasing government efforts in a few small areas, and, frankly, unleashing the private sector to solve these problems.

So when people turn to the government, the big government, and throw money at it or think throwing money at that -- this is actually going to solve problems. I encourage them to ask Gavin Newsom how the decades old problem of the new river pollution is treating him there in California.

GUTFELD: All right. I just think children are being damaged, and I care about --

PERINO: I know --


GUTFELD: I care about the children. It's a number one priority, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I thought you care about penguins.

GUTFELD: I care about penguins because they're a lot like children.

WILLIAMS: But they snap at you.

GUTFELD: They do. They do.


PERINO: I'm worried that the penguins are going to get blown up in the volcano.


WILLIAMS: Then Greg will be in the streets.

GUTFELD: Yeah, I'll be in the streets for the penguins. I love the penguins. Next up, it's Trump versus the world. What you can expect from the president at the United Nations.


PERINO: President Trump at the United Nations today where his America first agenda is creating stark differences with world leaders. He's already butted heads on climate change, North Korea, and Iran. It all comes before the president's big speech tomorrow before the General Assembly. That's happening around 10:15 tomorrow. I will be on with Martha, and K.T. McFarland, actually, to talk about that. I know you cannot wait for that. Do you enjoy seeing the president up there with all the world leaders?

WATTERS: I love it, much better than watching Barack Obama up there at the same time. It comes down to this. We have our boys, right? We have the British, we have the Australians, we have the Israelis, we have the Canadians to a certain extent --

PERINO: Don't forget Micronesia.

WATTERS: -- we have the French --

GUTFELD: Micronesia.

WATTERS: Of course, we have Micronesia --

GUTFELD: My soul country.

WATTERS: So I don't understand why exactly we have Micronesia, but we have our people. So it's more about quality not quantity when it comes to that.

So it's always been an anti-Semitic institution. And they're always sitting there with their hand out, right? And we give them billions of dollars. And once we cut the check, we have no idea where the money is going. And they've always vote against us.

But you want to know why? They're voting their own interests. Ho, ho, ho, people voting their own interests. That's very important. Because I don't want the President of the United States popular at the U.N. If he's popular at the U.N., he's not putting America first. And that's what this is about. The U.N., and all these individual countries, they try to constrain America, our energy, our military, any time we're trying to root out corruption or call them out for their, you know, immoral conduct, that's fine. But the point is they have a history of raping, of pillaging, of squandering money, and blocking Democratic progress throughout the world.

So I don't like being lectured by them, and I'm sure the president doesn't like being lectured by them, either. And do you think the Chinese care what the U.N. thinks. The Russians care? No one cares. We use them when we need them. And then when we don't need them we do what we want.

PERINO: The U.N. -- Juan, I don't know if you agree with this, but I was thinking about it before the show. The U.N. -- you hear a lot more about them, and really, you kind of haven't in the last couple of years. It's almost as if they're off on their own doing something nobody knows about.

WILLIAMS: No, obviously, the United States has had major differences especially in terms of the Security Council and kind of votes that have taken place. Stark difference between U.S. policy. I don't know that they're anti-Semitic as my friend said. I think that they --

WATTERS: I think there's a record of anti-Semitism.

WILLIAMS: I think Arabs are Semite. But I think that --

WATTERS: Anti-Israeli.

WILLIAMS: OK. So we have a different issue. But I'm saying to you that I think it's quite clear, especially with Trump in the White House, U.N. doesn't set U.S. foreign policy. The better argument I would make, sort of contrary with what we just heard from Jesse is that this president has alienated so many of our historical allies, especially our western allies.

And then, of course, you come down to his foreign policy and you thing, hmm, didn't we just send troops to Saudi Arabia. We pull out of the Iran deal. It seems to destabilize the region, had repercussions he didn't anticipate. You look at what's going on in North Korea. They're testing more missiles. You know, you stop and you think about the Afghan pullout.

Well, what happened to that? I think we're still in Afghanistan. Syria is on fire. That's our foreign policy. It's not the United Nations.

PERINO: OK, but -- OK --

GUTFELD: That was -- it's called a laundry list way of arguing. Each one alone doesn't mean anything, but you put them all together it means zero.

WILLIAMS: It means our foreign policy under President Trump.

GUTFELD: North Korea, you can tackle each one of those and take them apart. North Korea, the missiles they're testing are small missiles --

WILLIAMS: Oh, yeah, yeah, we have peace with North Korea --

GUTFELD: You know what this is? The analogy I would use is that the U.N. is like the college undergrads and they expect the dean, the President of the United States, to appease and listen to their complaints and say we'll do the best we can. He's not going to do that, right?

He doesn't -- he think -- he's not going to sit there and go, oh, we understand. Here, take more money even though you discriminate against women, and gays, and Jews. They demand money and fealty from America and Trump isn't giving to them. And also, I dispute whether or not he's alienating anybody. Whenever I see him around world leaders they either want to meet him or they want to be him.



PERINO: -- talk badly behind his back, but they actually are pretty supportive. Next on this list of support, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, I mean that sounds --

GUTFELD: Micronesia.

PERINO: Well, and also, don't forget the Czech Republic. We love the -- GUTFELD: Czechs.

WATTERS: We love the Czechs.

COMPAGNO: Yeah, I think that the media and the left, frankly, they make a big deal about the president being at odd with the U.N. leadership, but the vast majority of the world doesn't see them as this glowing international body. And they're not the physical change maker, frankly, that they were either supposed to be or that they think that they are. The Paris climate accord was, obviously, symbolic, as most of their actions were. They failed to hold China accountable. We lost out economically, and there was incremental effect on the climate.

They refuse to condemn Hamas. And to respond to your request for statistics on their anti-Semitism, last year the U.N. passed 21 resolutions condemning Israel, and only six for the rest of the world. They adopted nine resolutions against Israel, and totally ignored Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, China, Turkey, Pakistan, et cetera, on and on.

I think we should emphasize as well the fact that the president this week is meeting bilaterally with so many leaders, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Japan, et cetera, which, to me, is so much more effective and efficient on the international diplomacy front.

PERINO: He's speaking with the South Koreans, and tomorrow his speech -- one of the themes is going to be religious tolerance and religious freedom, so we will see you for that. Next, is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finally getting her way? Nancy Pelosi is now saying Trump's impeachment could be on the table over the Ukraine controversy now.


WATTERS: Team Trump going on offense in the Ukraine whistleblower controversy. The president hammering Joe Biden and is accusing him of lying, while the former V.P. is firing back.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: What Biden did is a disgrace. What his son did is a disgrace. The son took money from Ukraine. The son took money from China. A lot of money from China. China would love to see. He would -- they can think of nothing they'd rather see than Biden get in. What Biden did was wrong.

JOE BIDEN, FORMER U.S. VICE PRESIDENT: You should be looking at Trump.

Trump is doing this because he knows I'll beat him like a drum. And he's using the abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me.


WATTERS: OK. Democrats predictably seizing on the story, even though they don't have all the facts. For example, sources telling Fox News the whistleblower doesn't even have, quote, firsthand knowledge of what Trump said to the president of Ukraine. That, of course, is not stopping calls for Trump's impeachment.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It is time for us to call out this illegal behavior and start impeachment proceedings right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So the courts says it is an impeachable offense.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is no way to defend the lack of progress on impeachment, especially after what we have just learned.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We need to, absolutely, right away, begin impeachment proceedings. He's got to go.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But if the president is essentially withholding military aid at the same time that he is trying to browbeat a foreign leader into doing something illicit that is providing dirt on his opponent during a presidential campaign, then that may be the only remedy.


WATTERS: And while the majority of the media is focusing on Trump's role in this, this New Yorker article getting new attention that points the finger at the Democratic frontrunner asking, quote, will Hunter Biden jeopardize his father's campaign? And in that article, Juan, they report that, you know, although that Joe Biden said oh, I never talked about any sort of international business dealings with my son. Hunter says, oh, yeah, we talked about it.


WATTERS: It doesn't look too good, does it?

WILLIAMS: I think it doesn't look too good for Trump.


WILLIAMS: Well, I mean -- everybody has investigated. This is not new about Hunter Biden and his dad. I mean, Trump calling the son a drug -- I didn't like that at all. But just forget that for a second.

WATTERS: You brought it up.

WILLIAMS: But the whole thing -- the whole thing is just, you know, Trump has a style, which is he goes on the offensive when he's under attack. And I think that's what we see. I think Joe Biden is right. Joe Biden sees that he is the target of Trump's ire because Trump sees in every poll indicates Biden could beat him like a drum. But to me, the thing is, and I hope everybody at this table can agree on this, the White House should release the transcripts, because that's what the law requires. It's not a matter of argument.

WATTERS: No, it doesn't.

WILLIAMS: Yes, it is. It says that if the I.G., the inspector general for the director of National Intelligence deems this an urgent concern, it should go to the Congress.

WATTERS: But, you know what, it wasn't deemed an urgent concern.


WATTERS: No, it wasn't.

WILLIAMS: The Justice Department --

WATTERS: No, it wasn't, Juan. And I have U.S. code 5033-K to say it didn't rise to the level of urgent.

WILLIAMS: That's what the Justice Department --

WATTERS: You know, why don't we declassify everything? Maybe the president can't have any conversation with a foreign leader. He'll just release the transcript to the public and, you know, while we're at it, let's declassify the FISA reports, because, hey, nothing was untoward there, right, Juan?

WILLIAMS: You know what, Jesse? Barack Obama tried to use U.S. money to extort a foreign power into providing information --

WATTERS: Joe Biden just did.


WATTERS: Roll the tape. Roll it.

WILLIAMS: That wasn't --

WATTERS: Roll the tape.

WILLIAMS: That wasn't extortion.


BIDEN: We're not going to give you the billion dollars. They said you've got no authority. You're not the president. The president said -- I said call him. I said I'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars. I said you're not getting a billion. I'm going to be leaving here and I think it was, what, six hours. I look at him and said we leave in six hours, if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. Well, son of a (BLEEP). He got fired.


WATTERS: Yes, so he said fire the prosecutor investigating my son or else you're not getting a billion.

GUTFELD: He also said that he never spoke to his son about this, which you know isn't true. By the way, the president has a right to talk about any problem. Who defines this is wrong? He's just pursuing a question. You know, the media should be happy that he's trying to investigate a possible infraction. They should be applauding. But you know this is reaching pure parody when CNN trots out Karl Bernstein to say for the 400th time this is worse than Watergate. You know it's falling apart.

Imagine living with Karl Bernstein, the food arrives late at the restaurant, this is worse than Watergate. His iPhone charger isn't working, this is worse than Watergate. No dairy creamer, this is worse than Watergate. Does he get royalties every time he says that? This is one of the signs that this is all falling apart. The media's hair catches on fire too early, and we all get so jaded. We don't trust them anymore.

I don't believe anything anymore.

WATTERS: Dana, what was that conversation between -- I think it was Medvedev with Barack Obama that was caught on the hot mic, when he said, you know, just give me a little more flexibility until after the election against Romney, and he says, yes, I'll transmit that to Vladimir. I wonder what that issue was. They have no interest in that.

PERINO: The other thing that happened is that this basically thrusts to the issue -- I'm sorry, thrust to the forefront two basic issues that the Democrats have been trying to stave off. The first one is Pelosi has been trying to hold off her caucus to -- and say we don't need -- she's like I'm not for impeachment. She sends a letter then yesterday because I do think they jumped the gun, right? You can say, like, is this a good idea to be pressuring, like, I don't know. OK, fine.

The president says he wants to release the transcripts. He says he wants to release the FISA documents, too. So he has the power to do that. And I'm not for releasing these types of transcripts. I think the president should be able to have that. But if it's going to go to this extent, release it. And then everybody can have the debate about it.

The other one that the Democrats have been trying to stave off is the question about Hunter Biden's business dealings. That New Yorker article ran last spring. Nobody really paid that much attention to it, because Biden hadn't announced yet.

WATTERS: Yes, that's a good point.

PERINO: And now he is in.

GUTFELD: Now, he's back.

COMPAGNO: It's classic deflection strategy. This is what always happens. Anytime, anyone on the Left does something bad, we get a leak as to how and why the President did something worse, because the Democrats don't want to talk about Hunter Biden being on the board of an Ukrainian company or getting bankrolled by China or having his dad talk about you know demanding that the prosecutor be fired.

All of those are hideous subjects for the Left. And you're right, they've been around for quite some time. That's why it's so frustrating for the GOP. I will say the only silver lining to this however is that now, kind of regrown clamor by some of them, including AOC to start those impeachment proceedings, because it's calling attention to the civil war.

GUTFELD: Yes, but you know what, this could be all a Democrat strategy to get Biden out.

WATTERS: Well, we are hearing that Hillary actually was behind the initial Hunter Biden leak, when she was trying to scare Joe off in 2016. But you didn't know that Juan.

Coming up, 2020 Dems bust out some cringeworthy dance moves. Liz Warren surges in Iowa and a rock star like reception for President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi in Texas. All in our must see 2020 roundup.


WILLIAMS: It's time for our 2020 roundup. First up, 2020 Democrats, they're out in full force in Iowa to win over caucus goers, as you might imagine. Now, some are even dusting off their best dance moves. Watch this.


WILLIAMS: And Beto O'Rourke taking to Instagram to show off his drumming skills.


WILLIAMS: All right, Jesse, are you a drummer?

WATTERS: No, I'm a flutist.

WILLIAMS: Is that right?


WILLIAMS: Really. From high school?

WATTERS: Yes, I played from fourth to 11th grade.

WILLIAMS: Excellent. Well anyway, what do you think of this dancing, drumming?

WATTERS: Well, you shouldn't have enough room to dance at the Iowa state fair, if you're a rock star candidate. If you're like Obama or even a Hillary or a Trump, you come in there and there is just swarms of media and enthusiastic supporters there. It's what you should have more of a mosh pit. Not like an open dance floor. And as far as Beto, I mean it's the only time you really see the guy happy when he's playing drums, when he's cooking, when he's hiking.

WILLIAMS: So, Emily I think people vote for personality, would you think this is a good move, if you were advising a candidate?

COMPAGNO: Well, I think it all goes back to the authenticity that we've talked about before. I feel bad dance shaming anybody that--

PERINO: But you can.

COMPAGNO: It was so cringe worthy. And it was difficult to watch, and I feel like they should have a dance off, which would be really funny and Beto just reminded me of the kid in Love Actually when he was like--

WATTERS: It was sad. It was so sad.

WILLIAMS: Dana, what do you think about Senator Warren? She's doing really well in the polling.

PERINO: Yes. So, early on, she said I'm going to make a claim in Iowa, that's going to be her early state. And even though Joe Biden has been polling ahead of her for a long time, she's surged ahead in the Des Moines register poll. So, right now, she could be the one to beat. But it'll be interesting to see if her now, her other opponents start to take some--

WILLIAMS: All right. So, what we're talking about is Elizabeth Warren is surging ahead in Iowa in the most recent poll, although the Hill has a poll in which, a nationwide poll, she's still trailing Biden and I think even Sanders by a point or two. What do you think?

GUTFELD: Well, I would say first back to Beto. He's beating a dead horse, not beating drums and he should beat a path out of this. And as for Liz Warren, what she's doing is she's benefiting - she's like you know what she is, she's like a bucket under a leak. She doesn't have to do anything; the leaks just follow to her bucket because Sanders is leaking people and Biden is leaking people. She just to sit there and just get it all in her big bucket and just hang out, because - when Sanders goes off, all of his people are going to go to her and--

WILLIAMS: Well, that's what we see so far in the polls.


WILLIAMS: But what--

GUTFELD: I predicted that Dana, remember.

WILLIAMS: But do you think--

GUTFELD: Four years ago.

WILLIAMS: But what I don't see is that Biden is suffering nationally at all.

WATTERS: Well, nationally doesn't matter that much, Juan. I mean this is a primary and you have to win these states. He's down in Iowa. I've seen three polls where he's losing either Warren or Sanders in New Hampshire. And I just saw a poll where he's behind Bernie in Nevada, so he could potentially lose three in a row before he even gets to his strongest state so far in South Carolina.

WILLIAMS: Well, the thing is you know with Joe Biden, we'll see. I mean he's got to win something. The electability argument is his strongest argument. He needs to win something.



WILLIAMS: And finally, President Trump and India's Prime Minister drawing a very large crowd at a rally in Houston, Texas. Trump playing an unusual role. He was the warmup act when speaking to thousands of Indian Americans.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Prime Minister Modi is doing a truly exceptional job for India. I can tell you have never had a better friend as President than President Donald Trump. That I can tell you.


WILLIAMS: Emily, what do you think. I think this particular maneuver benefited Modi more than it does Trump. There is about 150,000 Indian American voters in the Houston area and about 1 million nationally. But remember Modi had a denied visa for 10 years for his role in the riots and also his recent Kashmir decision. So, I think on his end, the winner is his side.

WILLIAMS: But doesn't Trump benefit?

WATTERS: Well, Modi endorsed the President and that is clear foreign interference.


WATTERS: And that is collusion. And Trump accepted the--

GUTFELD: You are right.

WATTERS: The offer of assistance.

WILLIAMS: Impeachment.

GUTFELD: No, but that is actually - that's a good point. Everything is--

WATTERS: Everything.

GUTFELD: Everything that it can be categorized is that - this should have been news, right Dana. There's a massive rally, I didn't see it till today and it just - and Trump has a skill set where he - his personal touch with leaders I think is better than most and I think this is a good thing. I also want to dress like that. That just seems more comfortable than what I'm wearing, doesn't it?

WATTERS: It does.

WILLIAMS: Oh! I agree. Can I get you one?

WATTERS: I would love to. I would wear that everywhere.

WILLIAMS: Well, I will hold you--

WATTERS: On the show.


PERINO: I think strategically super smart by the Trump campaign and the White House to have the President go to that event. Remember, even though I don't believe that the Democrats are going to win Texas this time, it is getting closer between Republicans and Democrats. And if President Trump can increase his margins with the Indian American community and part of that is going to Texas, taking time, being the warmup act for Modi, I thought it was really smart.

WILLIAMS: Right. So, I think he's doing that with the Hispanic community, Jewish community, now the Indian.

PERINO: Smart.

WILLIAMS: All right. Next on THE FIVE, more fallout in the Antonio Brown football scandal. Over half a million vacationers, they're stranded around the world. And why some people are just really, really good at parking. The Fastest 7 coming your way on THE FIVE.


COMPAGNO: Welcome back. Time for the Fastest 7. First up, another twist in the Antonio Brown saga. The Patriots releasing the star wide receiver after he sent threatening texts to a second woman accusing him of sexual harassment, unhinged Pats fans are now taking their anger out on the reporter who helped break the story, sending him racist and threatening messages online.

To be honest, I'm just glad it's not Raider Nation in the spotlight at this moment. Juan, what do you think?

WILLIAMS: Well, you know we argue politics all the time here, but I'm going to tell you sports arguments can become almost as emotion as religious arguments in some communities, you know to be a Pats fan, Pats nation all the rest. And I think there is a lot of misplaced anger at the people who just reporting the story. They're not defending Antonio Brown. And I think people choose to close their eyes to some facts. But I think it's pretty clear that there is a problem here.

COMPAGNO: Jesse, I swear most of those threats literally had to do with the fantasy element. It was because the fantasy losses rather than--

PERINO: Oh! Wow.

WATTERS: Yes, Eagles fans would never do anything like that. They're much too classy for that. I mean they're 3 and 0 this year. I think they've scored you know 13 touchdowns, Antonio Brown only had one of them in the one game he played. They need to chill; they're doing just fine.


PERINO: Well, the Bronco fans would never ever do that. And that's for sure. I don't know anything about this really. I mean the accusation sound pretty serious to me and its sort of interesting the way it's all played out like he wanted to get released from the previous team. Then he gets to the Patriots and then they find out the next morning there is this information and there is another one, there's probably more to come.


GUTFELD: I mean to Juan's point; sports affiliation is an ideology. And this is kind of the best evidence, if a bad egg is on the other team, it's outrageous that they would keep him. But if the bad egg is on your team, innocent until proven guilty. It really is. It's like and it's so arbitrary like somebody who despise could get traded to your team and then you love that person.


GUTFELD: Isn't that crazy.

WATTERS: Like Michael Vick on the Eagles.

GUTFELD: Yes. You love him now?

WATTERS: Yes, I loved him when he was the Eagles.

COMPAGNO: Well, and it's hard to because--

WATTERS: He paid his dues.

COMPAGNO: And fans threaten the players that get traded and go into different teams, right. They want them to be just as allegiant to the original teams, but it's all business.

PERINO: But the fantasy team - football team that's pretty fun.

COMPAGNO: Yes. All right. Up next, nearly 600,000 people stranded on vacation. And it's unclear how they'll get home. All because British travel company Thomas Cook shut down without warning. The agency canceling all flights. And now travelers have to book their own way back.

So, Operation. Matterhorn immediately forgot. So, it's $93 million is the UK government spending right now to repatriate all of these guys back to their country. This is the largest repatriation in peacetime that they've ever encountered. And I feel like to me this stuff never happens when I have unlimited time. It only happens when you have a meeting, you have to get back for

GUTFELD: Wait. That's a story, Emily.


GUTFELD: The story is who uses travel agents. I mean we live in a time, right.

PERINO: Brits.

GUTFELD: Brits, they do?

WATTERS: And my parents.

GUTFELD: And your parents. And my sister.


GUTFELD: But I mean you don't need travel agent. That's why in the TV show, The Americans, they cast them as travel agents, because it was in the 80s, because people were like, remember the travel agent, it was in your mall. It was a nice lady. You come and you spend a whole week with her, looking at brochures--

PERINO: But you know what it's like, you live there in Britain, like they live for their holidays.

GUTFELD: But you can do it online.

PERINO: But they love to have a little package put together and this is a pretty big deal. It's bad.

WILLIAMS: So, I think the real story is not bad, but the idea that we as Americans would be outraged if the government came in to get people back home. We'd say that's not the government's responsibility to help out people who had some disappointment.



WILLIAMS: So, it's interesting to me. I wonder, I mean let's say the administration says, yes, you know, American Express travels leaving people all over the world, will help you get back. I think that's just not us.

WATTERS: The Sun has surely set on the British Empire.

GUTFELD: The decline is complete. All they have left is Downtown Abbey.

PERINO: And actually, that's our now.


COMPAGNO: All right. And finally, a new study shedding light on people's parking personalities. It breaks it down into three strategies apparently. There is the meek parker, which means that they waste no time looking for a spot. They just take the first available space. Then if you're an optimistic parker, you'll cruise around and backtrack in order to find an ideal spot just spending a little bit of time on it. And then lastly, the prudent parker, you'll pass the first available space and don't spend as long driving around as optimists.

I am an amazing parallel parker.

WATTERS: There we go.

COMPAGNO: I don't care. I knew you guys would make fun of me, I totally am.

GUTFELD: People who say they're a good parker usually aren't.

COMPAGNO: I'm amazing. And then my second thing is--

WILLIAMS: Amazing.

COMPAGNO: I like washing. I hate being in a car with someone when they like drive around forever looking for a spot--

GUTFELD: It creates many fights.

PERINO: Pick a spot.

COMPAGNO: Yes, totally.

PERINO: I agree.

GUTFELD: It creates a lot of fights. It's like park - the best strategy is you come in; you park further away because then you walk in its easiest way out as well.

WATTERS: The women don't like to walk. They complain if you take a far parking spot.

COMPAGNO: What are you just saying?

GUTFELD: You're not taking this sexist territory.

PERINO: Women?

WATTERS: It's true. The heels and everything.

GUTFELD: Jesse--

WATTERS: Right next to the--

GUTFELD: Tell me the best place to park is where they have that little blue symbol. You said that that's easy because nobody's ever there.

WILLIAMS: That's what I do.

WATTERS: Illegal parking, Greg, I would never. I would never.

WILLIAMS: Yes, I've been towed because I just - I think there are too many handicapped parking.

WATTERS: Clip that.

WILLIAMS: Yes. But at least my wife--

GUTFELD: There is a complaint about it.

WILLIAMS: My wife goes bananas about this. But I park on the sidewalk. I mean look, the thing is--

WATTERS: Juan, let it go.

COMPAGNO: Amazing, the truth comes out.

WILLIAMS: It's the truth. But I mean the fact is, I am what you know so you can either be meek, prudent or an optimist. I tend to be prudent, because I look, but I just get impatient, stick it here.

WATTERS: What about the ecofriendly charging spot.

PERINO: Yes, that's ridiculous.

WATTERS: Do you respect those?

WILLIAMS: You know I tape them over.

COMPAGNO: Juan, coming out, I love it.

GUTFELD: Dana, did you park? You don't drive.

PERINO: I didn't really go. No, I haven't been driving nine, 10 years. But when I did drive, I was a really good parker.

GUTFELD: Of course.

PERINO: My mom had a strategy of when we were little and when you went to the mall, you had put your fingers together like this and prayed for a good spot and then you would find one. I don't know, it really worked.

WATTERS: Pray for parking spots.

PERINO: So, maybe try that.

GUTFELD: That discriminates against atheists. What do they park?

COMPAGNO: I was driving a judge one-time to - when I worked in the court to like a lunch and we're having whatever and I backed into my spot which I always do. And he goes, only women in cops back into their spot. Did you use to back in your spots, because I always do.

PERINO: Backing in your spot is better, because it's an easier and more safe way to get out.

WATTERS: Nothing wrong with that.

PERINO: So, in England, you had to - when I lived in England, you had to because you weren't - it's illegal to pull into your driveway and then how to back out onto the road.

COMPAGNO: It's all about the--

GUTFELD: This will be on Special Report tomorrow.

COMPAGNO: All right. One More thing is up next.


GUTFELD: All right. It's time for One More Thing. Jesse.

WATTERS: All right. Eagles had a horrible game yesterday. They lost at home to the Lions. It was disgusting. I don't even want to watch these highlights. It's just depressing. Can we stop playing these highlights? We don't really need to see it, but it was a terrible game. Best part about the game though was this fan was caught on video just losing it. Look at this guy.


WATTERS: Totally, losing it. He went viral. I think he was on the Fox broadcast right there, lost his mind. You know you think there's some average guy, you know who he is?


WATTERS: The Dean of Admissions at UPEN.

PERINO: Really?

WATTERS: Ivy League institution losing his mind. And you know what--

WILLIAMS: That's good.

WATTERS: Even an Ivy League gets his mind blown sometimes.

GUTFELD: That's when you are with a world class celebrity, you've got to be careful about your public persona.

WATTERS: That's right. You should tell him Greg.

GUTFELD: Yes. Dana?

PERINO: Or you would know. All right. So, yesterday was the last day of summer.

GUTFELD: Really?

PERINO: But don't be depressed, some of THE FIVE family got together, we had a little seasonal sendoff down in Bay Head, New Jersey. We had cotton candy from Asbury Park. That was a group shot that Jesse didn't make, he left early, but you know they came--

WATTERS: I left it like 8:30.

PERINO: We had cotton candy from Asbury Park, cotton candy company and then we had one Martini which was a pretty cute little thing, right.

WATTERS: Those were good.

PERINO: Also, the best part was we asked everybody that works on THE FIVE to give five songs for the playlist and we created this playlist, it's on Spotify. We'll post it on THE FIVE Facebook page, so you can download it too and see if you can guess who picked what songs.

GUTFELD: By the way, they edited out mine.

WATTERS: Because you gave 70 songs.

GUTFELD: No, I gave 15. I would know, it was offensive to me what you guys did to me. Animals Are Great. She has no idea what good music is.

PERINO: She's just gathering--

GUTFELD: Your assistant should not be touching my music. All right.

PERINO: It was his assistant.

GUTFELD: This world is perverse and strange. Our culture is going to hell, especially when you see a dog trying to pick up a horse. That's what - I don't even know where this is, but it's probably in America. But look at this, the dog is - and the horse actually kind of loves it. I predicted this over 20 years ago that dogs and horses were going to end up probably hooking up and maybe live together, opening a bed and breakfast in Vermont. Look at this. Isn't that beautiful? It's very beautiful. And that is why, Animal Are Great. It's Juan.

WILLIAMS: All right. So, over the weekend, a big celebration of Motown music in Detroit. 60 years of hits. We're talking Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, The Jackson 5 and of course you know one of my favorites, Dancing in the Streets by Martha and the Vandellas.


WILLIAMS: And another huge hit, My Girl by The Temptations.


WILLIAMS: Now, the big news was that the 89-year-old founder Berry Gordy was given a standing ovation honored at a dinner featuring Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, Reverend Jesse Jackson. I mean that's the music of a lifetime right there. Congratulations. Happy retirement, Mr. Gordy.

GUTFELD: Quickly Emily.

COMPAGNO: All right you guys, so a Utah police officer is getting lots of love after this touching scene went viral. We have another tie helping episode, these never get old. He was being driven to wear his date and his buddies were waiting by his mom, she looked up, she sees flashing lights. The officer took one look at their frustrated faces and helped out.

GUTFELD: Is that Justin Trudeau?


GUTFELD: No, he's whiteface.

WATTERS: That's right. That's right. Did he survive that scandal? Looks like he did.

GUTFELD: Looks like he did. Three time. But if you did it four times, if you've done it four times, it would have been over.

WATTERS: First draw that broke the--

GUTFELD: Set your DVRs. Never miss and episode of "The Five." "Special Report" is up next. Hello, Bret.

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