Trouble in the Clinton Camp

After losing four states to Barack Obama over the weekend, Hillary Clinton has replaced her campaign manager trying to reignite her campaign. But it won't be easy. Senator Obama is expected to win tomorrow in Virginia, Maryland and D.C., and will likely take the delegate lead.

As "Talking Points" has pointed out, if Obama beats Clinton in the direct vote, he will get the nomination. The Democratic Party could not use super delegates at the convention next summer to override the votes of the folks. If that happened, the party would fracture.

So Senator Clinton is really up against it. She has to win both Texas and Ohio on March 4 or it is over.

Barack Obama has one big thing going for him, and that's Barack Obama. Millions of Americans like him, and he has energized many people who usually don't follow politics.

Senator Clinton has two things going against her: her controversial image and the left-wing media that has decided Obama is the better candidate. It's hard enough to run a presidential campaign, but when an entire news organization like NBC is openly helping your competitor, that is really tough. So were you surprised when NBC News correspondent David Shuster said this?


DAVID SHUSTER, NBC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: There's just something a little bit unseemly to me that Chelsea's out there calling up celebrities saying support my mom. And apparently, she's also calling these super delegates. Doesn't it seem like Chelsea's sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?


Now Shuster has been suspended by NBC, but shouldn't be working in the news business period. He's a far-left ideologue. However, he fits in perfectly with the crew at NBC News.

Senator Clinton is rightly outraged over the treatment NBC News has given her, but she should understand that operation has been allowing that kind of smear tactic for years. The only difference now is the left is attacking the left.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Time now for "Pinheads & Patriots," the Grammy edition.

Pop singer Tina Turner stole the show last night. Ms. Turner is 68 years old. Sixty-eight. And I'll have whatever she's having at her next meal. She's a patriot simply for hanging in there all these years, despite a tough time.

On the pinhead front, we last left rapper 50 Cent. We called him a pinhead for suggesting Barack Obama would be assassinated because of his color. Well, apparently word got back to 50.


50 CENT, RAPPER: Hey, Bill O'Reilly, you know, he said — he called me a pinhead. I don't even know if I should be angry, because I had never been called a pinhead before. That's not the worst thing I've ever been called, you know what I mean?

We're in hip-hop. This is what we do. I can think of something better than pinhead, Bill O'Reilly. I mean, and the kind of person that I would fear for Obama would be at risk is the kind of person like Bill O'Reilly. Bill O'Reilly probably has a Confederate flag on the top of his Lexus 450 right now.


Pinhead? Yes.