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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: The brother-in-law of Tara Grinstead, the missing 30-year-old former beauty queen, says he was asked to take a polygraph yesterday. Why was Dr. Gattis asked to take a polygraph? And why is the missing beauty queen's sister furious tonight?

Dr. Larry Gattis joins us live from Ocilla, Georgia, along with Tara's sister Anita Gattis, welcome to both of you. Larry, first of all, you took the polygraph yesterday. What did they ask you?

LARRY GATTIS, TARA GRINSTEAD'S BROTHER-IN-LAW: They asked me a lot of questions. I don't believe they ever asked me if I had hurt Tara or done anything to her. Mainly they were interested in my history, my medical history, Tara's personal medical history. They were interested in rumors that they had heard and about some sort of inappropriate affair I had had with Tara supposedly.

This was not the first time I had been confronted about this but this was my fifth interview with the FBI. Anita has not been interviewed yet to my knowledge and, at first I thought the interviews were routine that maybe they were just part of the ongoing usual thing they did.

I was interviewed really for the first time around Thanksgiving and that was shortly after I had begun my own investigation into the case. Nothing much was happening with the GBI, so I traveled to Tipton and spoke with some of the teachers, Tara's teachers and classmates.

And not long after that I was called for the first interview. At that interview in my office I was requested to give a DNA sample. I was asked to provide extensive detail about what I was doing that weekend. Of course, I was on call at the hospital all weekend with good back up so I didn't really worry much about that.

They asked me about rumors about a supposed affair I had had with Tara. Supposedly Anita had observed this on two different occasions. And, at this point, I became concerned that maybe the investigation, the questioning of me was more in the way of harassment actually than part of their investigation.

VAN SUSTEREN: Larry, I mean, they don't use the term "passed" or "not passed," but did they say whether they thought that you were deceptive or not in yesterday's polygraph?

L. GATTIS: That I was?

VAN SUSTEREN: Did they indicate to you in any way that they thought you were lying in the polygraph?

L. GATTIS: Oh, yes, yes. I was in there for two hours. It was the most humiliating experience I've ever had. There were two men, Dominic Turner (ph) and Al Hagan (ph). Al Hagan was the polygrapher. They were both big men. We were in a room the size of probably a closet and I was grilled, humiliated, accused of lying. This went on for two hours and...

VAN SUSTEREN: So, they didn't believe you were telling the truth yesterday is that right, Larry?

L. GATTIS: That's what they said.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, Anita, I know that this is terribly disturbing to you. Your thoughts tonight on what's going on with your husband, the investigation, the GBI, let's hear what you have to say.

ANITA GATTIS, SISTER OF TARA GRINSTEAD: Well, it's very disturbing to me that these allegations were made against Larry and my sister. Larry always refers to Tara as his sister, so basically what they've done is accused him of incest.

Not only is this an additional worry to us on top of worrying every night when we go to bed is Tara OK? What's she having to be put through? A victim's family should not be victimized, absolutely not, and it's just on pure rumors that the GBI had been fed.

We think we know the source of those allegations and I mean it's just harassment. It shouldn't have never happened, absolutely should have never happened, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Anita, what do you make of the fact that they don't think that your husband was telling the truth in the polygraph? Do you think that they had a bad polygrapher? Do you think they were lying to Larry? What do you think?

A. GATTIS: Well, they told him he passed the polygraph except for one question and we've been told that, you know, that's not how they give you, you know, pass or fail. It's not you passed everything but one question.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did they tell you what the question was?

A. GATTIS: Yes, it was that he had had an affair with Tara.

VAN SUSTEREN: And, Dr. Gattis, Larry, I mean you deny that, I mean you say that they're lying about that, Larry, is that right?

L. GATTIS: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. Immediately when I left, I was hurt. I was upset. I called Anita. I called Faye (ph), Anita and Tara's mother. I told her. She's been livid about it. Actually, she wanted to come down tonight and come on too to talk about this. She was really upset.

But, they didn't seem concerned about really if I had done anything with Tara involved in the disappearance. It was more like something, you know, they had on me. They said, "Don't worry, we won't tell your wife." I said, "That's fine. I'm going to go tell her right now because it's all, you know, absolutely preposterous."

VAN SUSTEREN: All right and still and the bottom line is Tara's been missing since October 22nd and still no sign of her lots of searches. Larry, Anita, thank you both very much and, you know, the search goes on for Tara. Thank you.

A. GATTIS: Thank you.

L. GATTIS: Thank you.

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