Transcript: KISS of Approval?

This is a partial transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto," March 1, 2006, that was edited for clarity.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: How about this, e-mails about a segment before we have even done it?

Joe from North Carolina: "Neil, what's longer, your tie or Gene Simmons' tongue?"

Apparently knew about my next guest.

And Ron from Kentucky: "Anna Nicole Smith at the Supreme Court, Gene Simmons on your show, surely signs of the apocalypse."


CAVUTO: He is just jealous.

What does one of the loudest rock 'n' roll bands in the world have in common with this, Indy racing? It's one of the fastest, also loudest, sports on the planet. And what if I told you this guy, Gene Simmons — you might have heard him briefly there — the founder and front man for the rock band KISS, is now the guy behind auto racing's biggest promotion, "I Am Indy"?

Gene Simmons, good to have you.

SIMMONS: Thank you very much. Nice of you to welcome me on the show.

I actually watch you all the time.

CAVUTO: Oh, that's all the cooler.

SIMMONS: Despite what some of your listeners say, you are actually a powerful and attractive man.


CAVUTO: All right, no tough questions, because we actually did have a rock star in the green room. It was you.

SIMMONS: Senator Young? Yes, I did...


SIMMONS: I mean Ambassador Young...


CAVUTO: I have caught a couple of your comments — I do want to get in to this Indy thing.

But I have caught your comments on politics, which I found intriguing, because you supported the president for reelection, even...

SIMMONS: I voted for President Clinton and I voted for President Bush with my eyes and ears wide open.

And I think most people are like myself, which is, you keep your options open, and you vote for the issues and the person, not the party, which is why the door is wide open and why different...


CAVUTO: But you didn't vote for him the first time, right?

SIMMONS: No, I voted both.

CAVUTO: Oh, I thought you didn't vote for him on the first run.

SIMMONS: President Bush?


SIMMONS: No. Both.

CAVUTO: So, in the last time, why did you?

SIMMONS: Let me put it to you this way, because the masses tend to shut off when you start talking particularly about politics and specifics.

When you go through a really bad neighborhood, you want a rottweiler with you. When you go through a nice neighborhood, you want a nice French poodle. Not a good idea to have a friendly, nice haircut, French poodle when you go through a bad neighborhood.

By the way, rottweilers sometimes bite your kids and stuff like that. But, in time of war, I want a rottweiler. And we have a president who is not interested in politics, not interested if he is popular or not, actually. And he stands by it.

I mean, whether your like him or not, you can't say, ah, the guy is just chasing the public vote. He's really not. He's a guy, love him, hate him — it doesn't matter — this guy stands for what he says. And that is what it is.

And, by the way, if the masses agree, next time, vote for somebody else. It's such an easy idea.


CAVUTO: What do you read into these poll numbers that have him plummeting?

SIMMONS: I was a big fan of President Clinton, still am. I think he's a terrific president. And his poll numbers, as I understand it, were just as low, in the low 30s. People don't know that.

CAVUTO: And he rebounded.

SIMMONS: Of course. Every president has a downturn.

And the real idea is, we better figure out how to get together and figure out what the big problem is, which are, there a lot of cockroaches in the kitchen. And if you think you are killing a few on the floor, it means nothing. You have got to tear down the walls and go right in there, because they are multiplying, whether you like it or not. And we better figure out how to speak as with one voice, because everybody is watching America, including the bad guys.

But you're right, I Am Indy — Howard Stern. I know you were there many times.

SIMMONS: Howard is a great guy.

CAVUTO: But now CBS is suing him. What do you make of that?

SIMMONS: Everybody is allowed to sue anybody else.

But whether or not it has any legs is going to be up to the due-diligence guys, and other big words like gymnasium.

But the bottom line, sometimes, people have private peeves. I'm not a lawyer. I believe the people suing don't have a leg to stand on, but it's great promo. Howard is going to win. Howard is going to win, because, in either case, I think they are suing for 500 and 600.

And people asked me for my comments before, but you are hearing it first, Cavuto. I don't think the people suing have a leg to stand on, although I'm a big...

CAVUTO: Well, if they were really intent that he was hurting them, they should have done it at the time, right?

SIMMONS: Oh, yes. Full disclosure before the fact.

If somebody veers off course, tell them there. Don't wait a few years.


SIMMONS: It's very suspicious. It sounds like sour grapes.

But I'm a big Moonves fan. I think he is terrific. And Howard is a self-made guy.

CAVUTO: You like everybody. Who do you hate?

SIMMONS: Who do I hate?


SIMMONS: The guys we are fighting overseas. Don't like those guys, because their minds are warped. And they don't care about logic. These are bad guys.

But, getting back to Indy, this is America, baby. It celebrates freedom and...

CAVUTO: You know what's great about you, Gene? You just interview yourself. You're doing a fine job.


SIMMONS: Well, I know you have got a commercial...


SIMMONS: I know you have got a commercial coming up.

Look at that stuff, man.

CAVUTO: There we go. They got the Indy thing.

SIMMONS: There we go. Look at those fast cars.

CAVUTO: That's right.

SIMMONS: And it's a politically free platform. Everybody is involved. It's a full landscape.

CAVUTO: Do you invest?

SIMMONS: I invest in all kinds of stuff.

CAVUTO: What your favorite investment?

SIMMONS: Indy. If I wasn't anybody...


CAVUTO: Come on. Stop that. What stocks? Do you like stocks? Do you like the market?



CAVUTO: You're shameless.


CAVUTO: You really have no pride.

SIMMONS: Well, you have got a commercial coming on. I'm supposed to sit here and wait, you know, for a table cleaner or something?


CAVUTO: I understand. All right. All right.

SIMMONS: Which we love, too. By the way, they're very good.

CAVUTO: And you probably have a table cleaner, besides.

SIMMONS: We love table cleaners.

CAVUTO: All right.

Gene Simmons, thank you very much.

SIMMONS: Thank you.

CAVUTO: Great seeing you.

SIMMONS: You know, by the way, I always meant to say this on television.

CAVUTO: Here we go.

SIMMONS: I'm waiting for the close-up.

CAVUTO: Here we go.

SIMMONS: I am Indy, baby.


You are also a great marketer.

All right, Gene Simmons, thank you very much. Great seeing you.

SIMMONS: You are a good man.

CAVUTO: All right. Thank you, sir.

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