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HANNITY: All right. There's my good friend, country music superstar Brad Paisley. His song "Online" from his brand new chart-topping album, "Fifth Gear".

And it's great to see you back here.

You do all these fun videos. That was Marcia Brady. That was...


HANNITY: Maureen McCormick, right.


ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Her real name.

HANNITY: But that was really you on GQ, right?

PAISLEY: Absolutely.

HANNITY: You bring — you bring a lot of humor to your videos. You have a lot of stars show up in them. What's his name from "Star Trek" is in there?

PAISLEY: William Shatner .

HANNITY: William Shatner is in there.

PAISLEY: You know, we tried our best every now and then with these videos to do something really entertaining to — to sort of raise the bar a little bit and do something that folks wouldn't really expect.

Kind of a sit-com almost, in this case.


PAISLEY: And I think it's a good way to maybe take the song somewhere that they didn't really envision in their minds. And also, I don't know. It lends itself to more fun in our concerts.

HANNITY: Well, obviously, you're doing really well. You're selling out arenas all around the country. Camel Swift (ph), who's new on the country scene, is doing very well. And Kellie Pickler.

PAISLEY: Absolutely.

HANNITY: People may remember her from "American Idol". Jack Ingraham, he went on tour. All four of you now. So you've got a pretty big tour going on.

PAISLEY: Yes. And the great thing about this, all of these guys really get along great. We're having a great time out there. I mean, it's really a lot of fun for us.

HANNITY: You got Kelli and Taylor in this video here, too.


HANNITY: And by the way, you're describing Alan's life, because he spends his entire day in the office and we kid him about this all the time. He's on the Internet.

COLMES: It's called working. It's called working.

HANNITY: No, no, no.

COLMES: People work online now. You know, with a computer.

HANNITY: We wonder — we wonder what you're really doing.

COLMES: Hey, Brad, can you do me a favor?


COLMES: Can you teach him how to sing?

PAISLEY: I don't think — I'm not a miracle worker. I know how bad he really is...


COLMES: Really, it's every time when you've got a Freedom Concert coming up.

HANNITY: We've got one Thursday.

PAISLEY: Let viewers now, this is not a concert where you sing.

HANNITY: Please, if you listen closely that's me singing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" with Charlie [Daniels].




PAISLEY: That's like rap.


COLMES: He calls it singing. I call that blackmail.

PAISLEY: You need to keep this straight.

COLMES: You could — you could really teach him a few things.

HANNITY: You know, we could do this to someone (ph), if we catch people, you know in Guantanamo and put it on, you know, a loop.

COLMES: That would be — that's against the Geneva Convention, as I understand it. You know, actually, I think it was part of the torture memo Gonzales wrote.

You pranked Kellie Pickler.

PAISLEY: We got them pretty good, yes.

COLMES: In New Jersey the other day, right?

PAISLEY: We — she's — her and Taylor both had been brutal to me. They've gotten me two or three times already. And I — I haven't done anything to them until this week.

COLMES: What did you do?

PAISLEY: Well, there's a debate in the country music field about whether Kellie Pickler has enhanced herself since "American Idol".

COLMES: Enhanced in what way?

PAISLEY: Physically.

COLMES: Oh, I thought you meant intellectually. OK.


PAISLEY: But it was...

HANNITY: Is she watching right now?

PAISLEY: I hope so...

COLMES: So physical enhancement?

PAISLEY: Yes. And so what we did is we doctored a bunch of photos and did a before and after piece where we interviewed a plastic surgeon about it and showed a whole little montage about it.

COLMES: And she pranked you back toward the end of the concert?

PAISLEY: Yes, she came out in a trench coat, wearing — well, I didn't know what, underneath. And said — our act was called "You Be the Judge". So she came out and said, "Brad, you be the judge," and flashed me in the trench coat.

COLMES: And so, were the pictures — were the pictures true?

PAISLEY: I firmly believe — no pun intended.

HANNITY: Your wife may be watching. We're going to get in trouble.

I often wonder if liberals have reductions, intellectual. All right, forget it.

COLMES: There's a joke there somewhere.

HANNITY: We'll have more with Brad Paisley coming up right after the break here. Straight ahead.


COLMES: Welcome back to "Hannity & Colmes". We continue now with country music star Brad Paisley.

It's really interesting, your process of writing a song and you're so conscious of how it's going to go over on stage. And that is your primary focus?

PAISLEY: You bet.

COLMES: As opposed to the recording studio, for example?

PAISLEY: Yes. I think you can only — you can get in the studio and become a little too isolated from the real world, and I like to try these things out on audiences before they're on a record.

COLMES: You're, in many ways, a comedian. And we were just talking off the air about how funny you are in your music.

PAISLEY: Oh, yes.

COLMES: And comedians work that way, too. It's like that's the way it works for the audience and pull in the act that way.

PAISLEY: Well, country music is supposed to be, at its best form, relatable and about real life, I think. And the quickest way to really know you've accomplished that is to try this stuff out in front of real people.

HANNITY: And Brad, we're running out of more time. Tell us about these pictures. We got pictures of you at Fort Campbell. You performed there?

PAISLEY: Yes, last night. I heard actually in the beginning of the summer that they were shipping out a good 10,000 before Christmas.

HANNITY: That's Taylor and Kellie Pickler with you.


HANNITY: And some of the troops.

PAISLEY: And — yes, exactly. And they're sending them back to Iraq and Afghanistan. And I just volunteered to go over there and do our full- blown concert all the bistles and wells...

HANNITY: With bells and whistles.

PAISLEY: And try our best to put on a great show for them.

HANNITY: I bet they really appreciated that.

COLMES: What's your next prank for Kellie?

PAISLEY: I can't tell you, are you kidding me, on FOX? No way.

COLMES: Thank you very much for being with us, Brad. Good to see you again. Thanks very much.

PAISLEY: Thank you.

HANNITY: By the way, the new album is out. Good to see you. Thanks for stopping by. Thank you.

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