Time to hit the brakes on closing Guantanamo?


Charles Payne: Well, you know, some of us have lost sight of the whole, the whole issues. You know, if you refuse to call this terrorism, if you refuse to call the people that are doing this radical Islamists, if you refuse to say listen, we're going to make a bigger commitment. It's just ludicrous. It's really crazy how the political correctness of this issue has put us all at, is putting us all at greater risk. You just spouted off the numbers, Neil, and they speak for themselves. We are in the middle of an amazing war that saw a human being burned to death in front of everyone, set a fire in front of the entire world to see. These are the savages we're dealing with, and we're putting more of them in play, it's nuts.

Ben Stein: Well, I don't understand where the whole compulsion to close Guantanamo comes from. It's a prison; it's expensive to run prison. It's a good place to have them far away from us. Why do we care if we keep them there unless the evidence is overwhelming they were picked up mistake, why not keep them there? But nothing compared to the cost of terrorism. This is a compulsion again to kiss the butt of Fidel Castro. And I don't see where it does us any good.

Dagen McDowell: the implication is we're somehow asking for terror against us by keeping it open. And I completely disagree with that, Guantanamo bay detention center was opened in 2002, after we were attacked on 9/11. So I completely disagree with that and sending the detainees back to their home countries. We are sending terrorists back into the wild, and asking for attacks against us.

Charlie Gasparino: I think it's fascinating that they can't believe that the recidivism rate among terrorists is very high. You know, low and behold, they return to be terrorists. Listen, it's a joke. Part of incarceration in the U.S. When the American says you commit a crime, there's a reform process, you're not going to reform a terrorist. That's it, it's over. That's why Guantanamo is needed. To keep them off our ground. The last thing we need is a prison break of 20, 20 terrorists.

Julie Roginsky: He goes, comes back, ready to attack me for no reason. I think the reason we have super max prisons in the country.


Dagen MCDowell : I say, let's take it a step further and just cut checks to people when they sneak into this country illegal and just hand them out.

Charles Payne: Listen -- here's the thing, we rolled out the red carpet, housing, food, voting rights, you know, pay for your kid's college. What's the deterrent? We don't want to build a wall, what's the deterrent? I'm ready to leave the country and come back in illegally.

Julie Roginsky: Listen, if you have to file a tax return, I assume you need a social security of some sort, I know I do. They're filing tax returns, they are getting the money back, I assume the IRS is not checking to see whether they're legal or not. They're getting a tax return, bureaucrat at IRS is double checking to see they're due a refund, they are, they get the check back.

Ben Stein: How does the IRS know, good point, they don't know. Is it legal to give a person a refund on money that he's earned illegally? Chow that possibly be? And anything they earned because they were here illegally. I don't understand how the IRS will figure this out, but then again, I don't understand how the IRS said last year I owed something like $200 million in taxes, that's more even, that's more even than Neil earns.

Charlie Gasparino: Well, I would just say this, how does the IRS know which conservative groups to target?


Ben Stein: Apparently the idea is that President Obama has decided that no retiree needs more than $200,000 a year to live on and that's nonsense, by the way. Ask my son about that. The real issue is this, when does is it the government's job to say how much people need to live on? That's a nightmare. It's not up to the government. It's up to us.

Dagen McDowell: I want to channel Charles Payne it's the message that this sends as well that success is evil. That money is disgusting and that it flies in the face of everything that America is about, about succeeding and earning your own way and becoming successful.

Julie Roginsky: Believe it or not, I actually agree with Dagen. I think this is a horrible message and I'm completely opposed to this proposal.

Charles Payne: All of this comes back to the idea of social justice. They wanted to tax college funds. Within they found out Mitt Romney had millions and millions of dollars in his 401(k) they lost their minds, they went crazy and this is the idea of Ben's right how does the government tell you how much you should live on and discourage people from saving? We did this before. This was a report out in 1966 that 155 Americans were getting away without paying taxes, we did the alternative tax and because of that rule to go after rich people a 4.5 Americans will have to pay same tax.

Charles Gasparino: You do get the impression that every loopy leftist idea that ever popped into President Obama's head when he was a community organizer or college professor it's like he's just blowing it out now, just let it rip and his last two years he's going to throw the kitchen sink.


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