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Dana Perino: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino, along with Katie Pavlich, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. Five o'clock in New York City. This is "The Five."


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.: What has been described as a few irregularities becomes a massive criminal conspiracy over time to defraud the FISA court, to illegally surveil an American citizen.


Dana Perino: Another blockbuster day on Capitol Hill, this time over fallout from the FISA report. DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz facing off with the Senate Judiciary Committee over his findings. The IG says there was no bias at the start of the FBI probe into the Trump campaign, but there were numerous mistakes during the investigation. Horowitz was also asked about Attorney General Barr saying the Trump campaign was spied on.


Lindsey Graham: If you don’t have a legal foundation to surveil somebody, and you keep doing it, is that bad?

Michael Horowitz: Absolutely.

Lindsey Graham: Is that spying?

Michael Horowitz: It’s not -- it’s illegal surveillance. It’s not court-authorized surveillance –

Lindsey Graham: Whatever illegal –

Michael Horowitz: -- under FISA.

Lindsey Graham: -- surveillance means, they did it.


Dana Perino: And another big moment came with Horowitz was asked about former FBI director James Comey, saying the report clears him of any wrongdoing.


Lindsey Graham: Former FBI director James Comey said this week that your report vindicates him. Is that a fair assessment of your report?

Michael Horowitz: I -- you know, I think the activities we found here don't vindicate anybody who touched this.


Dana Perino: So, no one vindicated. I also want to play this for you before we get started. Jesse, let’s start with you. But listen to this, Horowitz talking about the Steele dossier and the issue of a sub-primary source and why that is important.


Michael Horowitz: The Crossfire Hurricane team obtained information from Steele’s primary sub-source in January 2017 that raised significant questions about the reliability of the Steele report, and this was particularly noteworthy because the FISA applications relied entirely on information from the Steele -- I’m sorry, from the primary sub-source’s reporting to support the allegation that Page was coordinating with the Russian government on 2016 U.S. presidential election activities.


Dana Perino: And, Jesse, this was important because it was like the sub-source was the source for the source. It was like if you were double -- getting two sources, but it actually ended up being the same person.

Jesse Watters: And that’s the precise moment this became an unconstitutional violation of Carter Page’s rights. Once they know that the probable cause is bogus and the dossier is junk, and they continue the surveillance and lie to continue the surveillance, that’s when it becomes illegal, and that’s why Carter Page should sue. The whole thing was a lie. The investigation started on a lie. There’s no Trump-Russia collusion, and there never was. It was continued by a lie in the Steele dossier; then the FBI agents lied to the judge about it, and then Comey lied to Congress and said everything was fine when it wasn’t. If you have the guy named Clinefeld [sic] who’s this FBI lawyer who doctored the document to make Carter Page look dirty --

Dana Perino: Because it changed it from “was a source” to “was not a source.”

Jesse Watters: Exactly. So, that’s like planting a gun on a suspect and then telling the judge the guy was armed. This wasn’t just a field agent. This was an FBI lawyer. What else is the FBI doing? This is so scary. This was a handpicked team. McCabe ran it; Strzok ran it. They all hated Trump. We see the text messages. They had the insurance policy. This was the insurance policy. You start a counterintelligence investigation to protect the country from a foreign threat, but they didn’t protect the country. They investigated the Trump campaign, and that’s what this was about: a justification to investigate Trump. Now, great analogy. Don’t need permission; we’ll make it anyway. I’m going to steal it from Lindsey Graham. Remember when Dianne Feinstein -- they caught her with a Chinese spy –


Jesse Watters: -- was the driver for 20 years? Right. That would be like not telling Feinstein and then spying on Feinstein to see if she was colluding with the Chinese. That’s what this is.

Dana Perino: Yeah, it’s an interesting point. Juan, we’re going to get to you in a moment, but I do want this play this also, because there was some great sound today. In case you didn’t catch up, we are going to catch you up right here. There was a -- this was Sean [spelled phonetically] about the Grassley comments in regard to the Trump campaign and the Clinton campaign as candidates now getting a briefing from the FBI.

If we could play that really quickly.


Male Speaker: Would you agree that with respect to the defensive briefings, the Trump campaign’s briefings were treated differently than those provided to the Clinton campaign?

Michael Horowitz: They were treated differently in that the agent wrote it up to the file and put the information in the file. The briefings were identical, but the net result was one was for investigative purposes, and one was purely for the intelligence briefing.


Dana Perino: And so, this came up over and over again at the hearing. And Juan has got a point of view, but I wanted to get your take on this of the two candidates being treated differently at this point.

Katie Pavlich: Well, the big question has always been -- and the media is running with this, and so are Democrats on this committee today, saying there was no political bias in the investigation. Well, clearly that is not true if the same -- the process was covered for both the Clinton and the Trump campaigns, and one was used a different way to go after people in the campaign, and the other was simply used as a protective briefing. I think the bigger question here is what’s going to be done about this. The exchange with Joni Ernest and Michael Horowitz with -- there -- the FBI agents who were still working on this project are still at the FBI. There have been no consequences for them. And the question also is, you know, if there was really non-bias, and there was no partisanship here -- this was a handpicked team -- why were there no whistleblowers saying, “Look, we're doctoring information?” Why did nobody go to the inspector general that and say, “There's a lot of information that we are using that is garbage, that is made up, that is fraudulent, that has been altered” --

Dana Perino: Good question.

Jesse Watters: Good point.

Katie Pavlich: -- “in order to get the FISA court on board with this?” And, you know, that's something that hasn't been answered.

Dana Perino: Juan, you sat through the hearing today. I'll give you carte blanche; you can talk about anything you want.

Juan Williams: Carte blanche?

Dana Perino: Yes.

Juan Williams: You know, you’re fancy for the holiday season.

Dana Perino: Is that French?

Katie Pavlich: I think it is French.

Juan Williams: What was that? What did she say?

Katie Pavlich: She asked if it was French -- carte blanche.

Juan Williams: Oh, I don’t know. I’m going to have to check with Greg after the show. I think Greg speaks many languages.

Greg Gutfeld: I do. Mainly the language of love.

Dana Perino: He’s speaking –


Juan Williams: Hey, what about that? Mrs. Gutfeld is in trouble.

Dana Perino: Okay, let’s get your take, because we still have to get Greg in here.

Juan Williams: Well, my sense is that Republicans turned this into a hearing on FISA and said, “Hey, what about this FISA stuff?”

Dana Perino: The Democrats did that.

Juan Williams: “What about” -- in fact, Dick Durbin made the point, Dana. He said, “Jim Comey came out there, and he was saying nasty things about Hillary, and we think he tilted the election. Are we going back over this? No, but you guys are.” And here's the point. What we heard from Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General, today is no spying on the campaign –


Juan Williams: -- no wiretapping, no entrapment --

Jesse Watters: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Juan Williams: FISA didn’t trigger the investigation.

Jesse Watters: Wait, wait --

Juan Williams: And let me point this out.

Jesse Watters: No wiretapping?

Juan Williams: That’s what he said, no wiretapping.

Jesse Watters: Juan, the whole thing is a wiretap.

Juan Williams: Oh, my God.

Jesse Watters: That’s why you get the FISA warrant.

Juan Williams: [unintelligible] sometimes you should listen. Horowitz said no wiretapping.

Dana Perino: It was all [unintelligible] --

Juan Williams: Page was not tapped. Oh, my God.

Katie Pavlich: If you go to the thesaurus and look up --

Juan Williams: You don’t even want to hear the facts.

Katie Pavlich: -- wiretapping, you will find illegal surveillance as an alternative to the word.

Juan Williams: All right.

Dana Perino: Yeah, there was a lot of that [unintelligible].

Katie Pavlich: It’s the same thing.

Juan Williams: But my point to you is no deep state –


-- which is what the --

Katie Pavlich: That’s not true.

Juan Williams: -- deep state. But -- so now they’re just going to flood you with nonsense about FISA. The report said no political bias, period.

Dana Perino: Okay, I’m going to play this for Greg, because it’s about the media.

Greg Gutfeld: Okay.

Dana Perino: And this is talking about Congressman Devin Nunes, who got really raked over the coals by the media for what he had said, and now some are saying that he is owed an apology. But let’s take a look at that.


Male Speaker: Devin Nunes? Not impressed. His credibility is in doubt.

Male Speaker: We all know that Devin Nunes is a liar.

Male Speaker: And the Carter Page FISA seems almost irrelevant at this point.

Natasha Bertrand: The Republicans in the House, like Devin Nunes, who have been kind of manufacturing scandal --

Male Speaker: -- manufactured scandal of the so-called Nunes memo --

Male Speaker: The Nunes memo, the Republican-spin memo –

Female Speaker: Devin Nunes has been lying this entire time, and the entire memo that they put out was in bad faith.


Dana Perino: That’s a lot.

Greg Gutfeld: How large must that Hallmark apology card be to fit everybody --

Dana Perino: Have everybody sign it.

Greg Gutfeld: -- in the media who mocked Devin Nunes. I think even people here -- we were kind of like, “Oh, what does he know? What does he know?” Turns out, he was right. He was completely right, and everybody looks kind of silly. People in the media bought that dossier because they wanted to buy it. The story, when you think about it, was absurd on its face, but we shelved our adult, you know, sense of BS detection because we wanted to believe it, because we thought there were actually hookers in a room reenacting the Obamas or something, and then -- I won't engage in what -- I won’t explain what they engaged in.


But the media does -- the media loves to play what-ifs with Trump, right? So, what is the pee tape led to the conclusion that Trump was compromised and then removed from office, which would then trigger civil disturbances among people who voted for him? You might see actions that you hadn't seen since the late ‘60s. Buildings might burn; people might die. Another country might see this time as a distraction to take advantage of us, all because of a fake story which was pushed by power-mad Democrats and embraced by the media. This has to go back to Adam Schiff. At some point, he's going to have to pay for this because he knew this wasn't true, and yet he used it. He used it to initiate a process that would cleave a country, and I don't know if anybody has done anything as bad as that. He knew this wasn’t true and tried to split a country apart. You know, people implode over Trump's words because he's so mean, but these deeds are pretty dangerous.

Dana Perino: Yeah, I remember somebody -- I'll tell you in the commercial break who it was -- that did just that. All right, coming up, missed warning signs in the Navy base terror attack and a big update on the New Jersey shooting.


Greg Gutfeld: Somewhere in a parallel universe, there's a huge news story going on. It's about a terror attack on a Florida naval base in which a Saudi national kills three sailors. The terrorists embrace radical Islamic ideology. Years before he came here to train, he expressed extremist thoughts on social media. According to reports, the night before, he and pals allegedly watched mass shooting videos and two of the other Saudis investigated in connection to this attack, filmed it. Now, this event should raise key questions about among our facts, seeking media. Why are we training so many Saudis? Have we ever reconciled the fact that the large majority of 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals? And where was armed security in this attack? Yep. This would matter in a parallel universe, but not this one because we're too busy filling space with a sham impeachment. It's a double whammy of destruction. Not only does impeachment add false outrage to exhaust your brain, it also replaces information that you need to know so you know less about reality while carrying more media generated garbage in your brain. We now know how fake the impeachment circus was, all predicated on a comically fake dossier, but in the Trump era, all stories must be about how evil he is. Perhaps if we could blame this shooting on Trump, the media would pay attention to it. You see that word pay? Attention is currency. When you pay it to one thing, you don't pay it to another. And you only have so much. And the media every day continues to rob you blind. So why, Katie? This is this happened in a gun free zone.

Katie Pavlich: Right.

Greg Gutfeld: Every time that's always like the second fact you learn.

Katie Pavlich: Yeah. That's the gun free zone is actually clearly not a gun free zone.

Greg Gutfeld: Yeah.

Katie Pavlich: Bad guys bring guns into gun free zones and they eliminate and terrorize and kill people who are unarmed. And in the aftermath of this, soldiers, again, after this happening multiple times, the Fort Hood shooting as another example of soldiers saying we are trained people and have all the people in America who should be able to carry firearms, we are them and they continually are refused that ability and not right. The other thing about this I find extremely interesting and also enraging is that, look, if we have a travel ban on people coming to America from countries that support terrorism and we can't vet them properly, we should certainly not allow them to be purchasing firearms in America. The Second Amendment, as the Florida governor said, is reserved for American citizens, is an American right. And if you want to be able to purchase a firearm legally, you should have to become an American to be part of our society and embrace that you know what we believe in. But this idea that they now have this loophole is pretty ridiculous and something that Congress should change.

Juan Williams: Is that loophole, as I understand it, he got a hunting license?

Katie Pavlich: Correct.

Juan Williams: And then he gets the gun.

Katie Pavlich: Right.

Juan Williams: But it's not a hunting gun.

Katie Pavlich: Well, it doesn't I mean, that's kind of irrelevant. This idea that we have foreign nationals from specifically countries where there is a long history of terrorism coming into America to purchase firearms for whatever purpose there itself don't...

Juan Williams: No, I agree with you...

Katie Pavlich: Or whether it's hunting.

Juan Williams: I 'm just surprised that you can be a foreigner national and just go get a gun.

Katie Pavlich: Yeah. I can just say one more thing, though, about the gun free zone issue. You know, they always disarm people in gun free zones, whether it's on military bases or in schools or wherever else. And 99% of the time they do not provide security. So, they tell you that you can't protect yourself, but then they don't provide the proper and adequate security for them to protect you. And I'm wondering when there will be some question about the legal liability of that. You're taking away someone's ability to protect themselves, putting them in a vulnerable situation. Something happens then everyone walks away and tries to come up with all the solutions in the aftermath. Right? So I think that's a very serious question that people should be thinking about.

Greg Gutfeld: Umm one what do you think Trump is too soft on soft on the Saudis on this?

Juan Williams: I do. Yeah. You know, because he had a conversation with the prince, and he said the prince told him not to worry.

Jesse Watters: Right.

Juan Williams: I was like, what?

Jesse Watters: Yeah.

Juan Williams: Are you kidding me?

Jesse Watters: Yeah.

Juan Williams: So, I don't understand. I don't know. I was surprised that, you know, Katie and I agree I don't think that you can have somebody come into the country as a foreign national and suddenly be allowed to purchase a firearm without some, I would imagine, some very good reason that the military would provide, but not in general. And then secondly, I'm you know, given the murder of The Washington Post columnist in which the president did not respond aggressively and now this I don't understand. I just don't understand why the president doesn't say, which is what Greg said in his monologue. I can draw a line from 9/11 to this event and say, boy, is a lot going on here with the Saudis and anti-American sentiment. And why would I be training Saudis with American military equipment?

Jesse Watters: Well the reason you do that is because we just cleared an eight-billion-dollar military aid package to Saudi Arabia. We give him the C130s, the F15s, Boeing, Lockheed. We need trained pilots to fly these very expensive toys.

Greg Gutfeld: Right.

Jesse Watters: You can't just send idiots there to fly these things. We need guys trained up, we're the best people to train them and we need to fight Iranian aggression there. And that's the reason we do it. But they've destroyed our trust. You're going to come here, be a guest in our home and then just shoot people. No like you said, these hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi. Sunnis are predominantly ISIS people. There's a real problem there. And I don't know why the president didn't say something a lot stronger on this. He should. There's obviously a problem we're dealing with. We have to shut this down. They shouldn't be buying guns. But I think Saudi Arabia this week, I think it was the biggest IPO of all time. Their oil company now, two trillion dollar valuation bigger than Apple. So maybe there is something like we're not rocking the boat this week. Everyone's getting rich, but it's not an excuse.

Dana Perino: No. People are going to be without their family, their loved ones this holiday.

Greg Gutfeld: -- you tell -- I always come to the -- like with Iran, leadership bad, people good, right?

Dana Perino: Yeah.

Greg Gutfeld: That's what everybody says. But with Saudi Arabia, we get along with the leadership, but the people are more extreme.

Dana Perino: Right. And we can't -- it's impossible to eliminate all risk.

Greg Gutfeld: Yeah.

Dana Perino: Okay. But what's wrong with this sentence: The Saudi aviation student in Florida?

Greg Gutfeld: Yeah.

Dana Perino: I'm like, where have I heard this before?

Greg Gutfeld: Before, exactly.


Jesse Watters: Yeah.

Dana Perino: So, we should be able to actually do this. And besides, the president has just announced we're sending a bunch of troops to Saudi Arabia. Train them there.

Katie Pavlich: Yeah [unintelligible].

Dana Perino: Don't bring them here.

Greg Gutfeld: [affirmative] Yeah.

Dana Perino: And do all the training there. You don't need to be here. You don't deserve to be here.

Jesse Watters: Yeah.

Greg Gutfeld: Yeah.

Katie Pavlich: Yeah.

Greg Gutfeld: All right. Up next, Trump's blistering attacks on the Democrats during his rally.


Juan Williams: President Trump going after Democrats at his rally after they announced two articles of impeachment. The House will be holding a markup tonight on those charges. First, abuse of power. Second, obstruction of Congress. And it could be approved for a full House vote by next week. Here's the president.


President Donald Trump: Here are the facts on Shifty Schiff: Dishonest guy, makes up my statements. He said, "The president of Ukraine repeatedly declared that there was no pressure, but he didn't want to say that. We said say it. Say it you crooked bastard, say it." Because, remember, bribery, and this, and that [unintelligible] -- where are they? They said these two things, there not even a crime. This is the lightest, weakest impeachment. This is impeachment light.


Juan Williams: And another democrat says the president could be impeached again if the current effort fails.

Dana Perino: [LAUGHTER]


Karen Bass: Even though we're impeaching him, you know, now, there's still a number of court cases. There's a ton of information that could come forward. For example, we could get his bank records and found, and find out that he's owned 100 percent by the Russians.


Juan Williams: So, Dana, House Impeachment Committee will begin tonight, taking a look at the articles of impeachment. They could resume again tomorrow morning.

Dana Perino: [affirmative]

Juan Williams: What is it? What will happened there?

Dana Perino: It's going to be pretty boring. A markup of a hearing is actually very boring, yeah. And the thing is, it's like we keep saying, is that, like, we know the outcome. We've skipped ahead, we know how this is going to end. We don't exactly all the twists and turns, and how long the Senate trial will be, but we know what it, what it will look like. But it feels like that we're the Road Runner and we're watching Wile E. Coyote just walk right off the cliff. And you're like, "Oh, this is -- oh, wow, gosh, sorry, wow, splat." And that's --

Katie Pavlich: Splat.

Dana Perino: -- what you're seeing in terms of the polls. And the Republicans haven't changed minds either, right? So, it's completely static in the last few months; in fact, the last three years, except for in some of the battleground states where the president starts to do a little bit better. Maybe the Democrats think they can get this done and make up for lost time, but I don't know what they're doing.

Juan Williams: Jesse, you're a master of rhetoric, and I --

Jesse Watters: [LAUGHTER]

Juan Williams: -- listen.


What? Why did I say that?

Katie Pavlich: I just think it's funny when you give him a little bit of a boost --

Juan Williams: Oh yeah, I try --

Katie Pavlich: -- because I feel like you're trying to take him --


Juan Williams: -- I try --

Jesse Watters: Tell me again, Juan. What do you got?

Juan Williams: You know --

Katie Pavlich: It's a set-up.

Juan Williams: -- you know, you know, have mom text. And I try to just give him encouragement, like a mother.


Greg Gutfeld: You are, you are a mother.

Jesse Watters: Okay, Juan.

Juan Williams: Thanks, I knew that was coming.

Jesse Watters: Don't spank me.

Juan Williams: So, anyways. So, impeachment light, right? Sleepy Joe, Crooked Bastard for Schiff, Pocahontas for Warren. He's just going. I mean, he's punching --

Dana Perino: Minnie Mike.

Juan Williams: -- what?

Dana Perino: Minnie Mike.

Katie Pavlich: Minnie Mike.

Jesse Watters: He's been playing all the hits, Juan, and they're working. And you guys don't have anybody on your side playing a tune at all. It's like a record scratch. Dana was right, it's boring. Impeachment light is a great way to describe it. Have you guys noticed this doesn't even seem like a real impeachment? I mean, it's like a preseason game. Might be able to watch it, but it doesn't really count.

Dana Perino: Right.

Jesse Watters: It's never going anywhere. It's not going on the record. It dies in the Senate.

Greg Gutfeld: You know what it's like?

Jesse Watters: None of the good players are in.

Greg Gutfeld: You know what it's like? It's like when you go to Universal Studios and they do the movie, like they do "Ghostbusters," but it's all the really bad summer stock actors?


Katie Pavlich: Right.

Jesse Watters: Yeah. I mean, like these aren't really, like, serious articles. It's being led by Schiff. I mean, a year ago, Schiff said the dossier had nothing to do with the FISA warrant. And now, a year later, it had everything to do with it and we're just supposed to go along with this guy and believe everything he says about the whistleblower and Ukraine all over again? It's enough, Juan. I mean, I don't even have anything else to say about it.

Greg Gutfeld: I don't believe that.


Jesse Watters: And I'm a master of rhetoric.


Katie Pavlich: You are a master of rhetoric. That was very good.

Jesse Watters: You liked it?

Katie Pavlich: Great job.

Juan Williams: Very good. But Greg, so from my perspective, I think, well, he engaged in this rhetoric and it makes all the Republicans just line up and say, "Nothing here. Oh, I'm intellectually tired. I'm bored of this story." And they just say, "You know what? Let's move on. And oh, there's a conspiracy about FISA." It's just, to me, like, wow. How do people close their eyes?

Greg Gutfeld: But I don't know what you're talking about, because he's right. It was -- it's all fallen apart. Impeachment is helping him in battleground states. This always happens, there's always an overcorrection when there's overreach. And I think that's why they've got to keep trying to impeach him, just try to come up with another crime, and then fill in the blanks -- like try to come up with another crime and then fill in the blanks like it’s a coloring book, because it always -- it helps him, because people are like -- going like, “This is a bunch of BS. What a waste of time.”

Jesse Watters: They actually have the new poll, Juan, Quinnipiac poll.

Juan Williams: Sure. No, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it.

Jesse Watters: Yeah? You want to show the audience?

Male Speaker: Whoa.

Juan Williams: Yeah.

Jesse Watters: For the first time in a long time, national poll -- I'll just take it from here -- a national poll --


Juan Williams: Well, you’re --

Jesse Watters: -- shows no impeachment, no removal.

Greg Gutfeld: And we thought you were done talking about this.

Juan Williams: No, no, no, no, no.


He’s not only a master of rhetoric; he’s a master of hosting.

Jesse Watters: Okay. So, the polls have shifted --

Juan Williams: They’re not shifting.

Jesse Watters: -- in favor of the president.

Juan Williams: No, they’re largely static, but I mean, before -- you’re right -- I mean --

Greg Gutfeld: He’s going to win in a landslide if you keep at this, Juan.


Katie Pavlich: They’re making money. They’re changing, I would say, the minds of independents who don’t like this. They’re changing the minds of Democrats in congressional districts who -- that Trump won. Democrats are now worried about voting for impeachment. And also, I saw today that there may be Democrat senators who are thinking about voting against impeachment.

Dana Perino: Oh, they will be.

Katie Pavlich: Exactly. So, this is a lose-lose for the Democrats from the beginning, and just --

Dana Perino: Yeah, because McConnell’s job is to preserve the majority in the Senate, and Schumer’s job is to try to win back the majority in the Senate. And if you look at the states where they’re trying to win, like Arizona --

Katie Pavlich: Arizona.

Dana Perino: -- how is impeachment going to go over there?

Juan Williams: Well, I'll tell you what, I heard from Charles Schumer today. I read that Mr. Schumer said this a strong case for conviction, and I note that Democrats -- the Democratic base, as we’ve heard just now -- and you saw the poll that the master host put up -- that, in fact, the Democrat support for this has not waned. It’s still there.

Greg Gutfeld: You do --

Jesse Watters: Independents still went up eight points.

Greg Gutfeld: You do set a kind of, like, feeling of the Charlie Brown trying to kick the ball, because you could see it on Twitter. Their hopes are not as high as they used to be. They’re just like, “Maybe this will come,” but they know they’ve been screwed.

Katie Pavlich: Well, and so much of this has been, you know, what Adam Schiff says, what President Trump says. The media this week with the FISA stuff and the IG report say that President Trump is lying about all this stuff, but Adam Schiff actually has far less credibility when it comes to this issue than President Trump does.

Juan Williams: Boy, if the IG report had been, you know, like, good news for Trump, imagine.

Jesse Watters: It was.

Katie Pavlich: It was.

Juan Williams: Time Magazine -- they named their person of the year. No, it’s not me; it’s not Jesse.

Juan Williams: Dana got it right. So, we’re going to tell you who it is next on The Five.


Jesse Watters: Time Magazine going all-in on climate insanity, embracing the left’s agenda by naming Greta Thunberg as their person of the year. The teen activist has been leading students in global strikes against climate change and even spoke to the U.N., and a certain somebody at this table called it.


Dana Perino: I’m telling you, Greta Thunberg is going to be person of the year on Time Magazine. I’m calling it right now.

Jesse Watters: Oh, prediction. I like that.

Greg Gutfeld: All right.


Jesse Watters: Time also named the Ukraine whistleblower and impeachment witnesses as the guardians of the year, whatever that means. All right, Dana, you called it. How did you know?

Dana Perino: Okay, primarily because the media is very, very predictable, and Greta Thunberg -- I have nothing against this young girl, and everything she wants to achieve in life I wish for her. The media has been giving her so much attention. Remember, she basically does not go to school so that she can do climate protests all the time. So --

Greg Gutfeld: Truant.

Dana Perino: And I am fine with -- if climate is your biggest issue, that’s great. But what’s your biggest solution? And why isn’t -- is there nobody on earth who is working on climate change or that is innovating something that has accomplished something, that is achieving something? She is achieving kids, like, it’s cool to get famous by not going to school and protesting.

Jesse Watters: Oh, right.

Greg Gutfeld: That’s why she’s a genius. She’s out of -- they’re letting her out of school because she’s educating us on science. Look, here’s the reason why this choice was made. It makes white liberal editors and media hacks feel like they’re doing something by reporting it, even though it’s wasteful energy, because she’s saving no lives. It serves -- it also serves as bait to entice critics to go after a child. So, if you criticize, and you say, “She’s doing nothing but getting attention for herself. In the long term, this is going to hurt the cause; it’s actually alienating people,” people will be like, “Oh, my God, don’t attack this child, this precious child.” So, they’re trying to get you. A child -- that precious child can falsely call people a murderer, with a mob egging her on, but if you go, “No, she’s being exploited,” they come after you. There are people on this planet that are doing real work and saving real lives. We’re watching it right now. Golden Rice is one of them; look at Bill Pulte, raising a lot of money. Bill Gates is doing amazing stuff. We’re watching AIDS. The AIDS -- there’s a revolution in AIDS drugs. We’re going to see that cured in our lifetime. And here, what we’re doing is we’re chasing the apocalyptic fervor of a young child that actually alleviates the guilt of white liberals, and we -- it’s not going to end well, because sooner or later she’s going to be an adult, and where are all her fans going to be?

Katie Pavlich: How dare you?

Jesse Watters: What?

Greg Gutfeld: I know.


Jesse Watters: Don't take the bait.

Greg Gutfeld: Don't take the bait.

Juan Williams: No, no. In fact, he was restrained.

Greg Gutfeld: Yes, I was restrained.

Jesse Watters: That was restrained.

Juan Williams: I think it was --

Greg Gutfeld: I think she’s a heroic young woman. She’s a genius; she’s getting out of school. I wish I thought of this.


Juan Williams: No, you’re the genius, because what you did was to say, “You know, I’m not going to attack her, because who’s falling for the bait and attacking a kid? But you should know” –


Greg Gutfeld: Yeah. No, and I criticize all the people behind her. But I’m saying she’s brilliant for getting out of school. I wish I had done this when I was her age.

Juan Williams: Well, you know, here’s who I picked for my person --

Dana Perino: Climate hysteria will not solve climate change.

Juan Williams: Right. But here’s who I picked for my person of the year: Nancy Pelosi. And I don’t think that would have pleased you. Or how about as an alternative --

Greg Gutfeld: Nancy Pelosi?

Juan Williams: -- the whistleblower? You guys -- oh, you guys would have blown [unintelligible].

Jesse Watters: Oh, he’s in there. He’s in there as a guardian or something like that.

Juan Williams: Yeah. No, how about the people -- the State Department people who stood up for American principles and said --

Jesse Watters: How --

Juan Williams: -- what the president did is wrong?

Jesse Watters: Devin Nunes

Greg Gutfeld: What about Chris Steele?

Jesse Watters: Devin Nunes.

Greg Gutfeld: What about Chris Steele?

Jesse Watters: What's so funny?

Dana Perino: How about the Hong Kong protestors who are up for the nomination who were standing with the Chinese military on the border knowing they could be mowed down and killed as a result of simply asking for freedom and having China uphold their end of the deal and their own treaty and holding them accountable for that and then voting in more democracy when they had the chance putting their lives at risk. They certainly they're too pro-American.

Katie Pavlich: How about the Uighurs.

Dana Perino: And the Uighurs too.

Katie Pavlich: The Uighurs who are being basically being tortured and imprisoned by the Chinese.

Dana Perino: Can I just say one more thing about Greta Thunberg, just because --

Greg Gutfeld: Be careful You don't want to care if you careful.

Juan Williams: Don't take the bait.

Greg Gutfeld: This is when it breaks both parts.

Katie Pavlich: The hard truth is that the liberal media only cares about her because she serves their climate change agenda. If this was a young person who had questions about climate change or is doing other things in a reversal of what the left wants everyone to believe, she wouldn't be as famous as she is.

Jesse Watters: And just so you know, the entertainer of the year is Lizzo, not me. Lizzo.

Greg Gutfeld: You were robbed. You were robbed.

Jesse Watters: I was robbed. The liberal media calling for a boycott of Clint Eastwood's latest movie. We'll tell you why next.


Katie Pavlich: The liberal media calling for a boycott over the depiction of a female reporter in Clint Eastwood's new movie, apparently forgetting that the point of the film is to share the real life story of Richard Jewell, the security guard wrongfully and viciously maligned by the media and the FBI when he was accused of being involved in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing.

[begin clip]

Male Speaker: We've always look at the guy found the bomb, just like you always look at the guy who found the body.

Female Speaker: Jewell fits the profile of the lone bomber, a frustrated white man who is a police wannabe who seeks to become a hero.

Male Speaker: We're running it.

[end clip].

Katie Pavlich: The Atlanta Journal Constitution the newspaper at the center of the controversy is threatening a lawsuit, but Warner Brothers isn't backing down, calling the claims, quote, "baseless." So, Greg.

Greg Gutfeld: Yes.

Katie Pavlich: Is the media really worried about how Hollywood portrays a female reporter, or do they just not like this because Clint Eastwood made the movie?

Greg Gutfeld: It's probably that. I mean, Clint Eastwood is a badass in the sense that the media must demand at all times that they are heroes in every movie, ok? That all started with Woodward and Bernstein. Everybody's a Woodward and Bernstein, flawless crusaders in the pursuit of truth. They're not flawed. In this movie they are flawed. So much so that they cut, including myself -- I was I was 100 percent sure that Jewel was guilty. And I remember having conversations I wasn't in mainstream, but I was in health journalism. But I remember just going, you know, of course, he's guilty. Look at him he's like the security guard that's looking to be something more than he is. I completely wrote him off. So, I admit I'm one of the villains. I'm one of the people that totally smeared the guy. So, I think Clint Eastwood does a service by reminding people that this guy got screwed. And I think that's really, really important.

Katie Pavlich: Yeah, especially in this environment.

Greg Gutfeld: Because he died yeah.

Katie Pavlich: I mean, especially in the current media environment. Jesse?

Jesse Watters: Especially in this current media environment. And just as an example, this happens all the time. Ali Watkins was a reporter for many, many years, at many distinguished publications. She slept with one of her sources, allegedly, for four years and broke a lot of scoops, according to this Politico report here. So, it happens a lot, and it happens a lot in movies and TV shows. Just a list right here. Fletch. Thank You For Smoking. Top Five. How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. I mean, it's all over Hollywood now they pick a problem with a Clint Eastwood movie. Come on. And you know what? How has someone not made a movie in Hollywood about all this deep state garbage going on in the Trump campaign? You have villains like Comey and McCabe. You have a celebrity like Trump. You have the Russians. It's such a juicy angle. But they don't touch it.

Greg Gutfeld:

Trump will be the villain in every movie.

Jesse Watters: That's true.

Katie Pavlich: Unless let's Clint Eastwood makes the movie. Right, Juan? Juan is a journalist --

Juan Williams: You think, you think you're obsessed?

Jesse Watters: Of what? With the truth, Juan -- I'm obsessed with the truth.

Juan Williams: You want to make a movie about deep state and Trump with the media as the villain? Is that right?

Jesse Watters: Yeah. It's a made for TV.

Juan Williams: But anyway, anyway, anyway back to the subject.

Katie Pavlich: In this situation, the media is the villain because they wrongfully convicted this guy in the media. He had his whole life turned upside down. I haven't seen the movie, but that movie doesn't portray him well or the reporter well.

Juan Williams: Correct.

Katie Pavlich: And In 2005, Eric Rudolph was the one who pleaded guilty and convicted. Do they have some responsibility or not?

Juan Williams: Sure, you can do. I mean, the media is wrong. Media should be called out. I don't have any problem with that, but I do have a problem with what you said, I don't think that most women reporters --

Jesse Watters: I don't say most women reporters, male reporters could do it, too. I'm just saying it happens. I'm saying it's happened many times in the past.

Katie Pavlich: Off the rails. Dana over there back on the tracks.

Dana Perino: I think what I think is very interesting is that Warner Brothers is vehemently sticking by the movie. There's just absolutely no daylight between the movie company and the director and producers. All movies will take some artistic and factual license. We should all keep that in mind.

Greg Gutfeld: They do it to everybody.

Dana Perino: Well, I know, and that's what my point is.

Greg Gutfeld: Yes. Remember the Fox News movies? Did anybody watch the loudest room or the loudest voice?

Dana Perino: But nobody calls for it. Well, I think that calling for a boycott is -- media companies should not be calling for a boycott. I don't think because especially if you are print journalism, you do not need fewer people reading.

Katie Pavlich: Right and it's censorship.

Jesse Watters: What's your favorite Clint Eastwood movie?

Katie Pavlich: Oh, I don't know.

Juan Williams: Dirty Harry. How hard is that?

Greg Gutfeld: That's that. That's mine, but also "High Plains Drifter," --

Juan Williams: Well, that's not bad.

Greg Gutfeld: -- which is a fantastic movie.

Juan Williams: Or the early spaghetti things, yeah.

Greg Gutfeld: "The Outlaw Josey Wales."

Juan Williams: Right, right. But you know what's interesting about --

Katie Pavlich: I haven't seen any of those.


Juan Williams: -- oh yeah? Wait a minute.

Greg Gutfeld: So, you've got to see --

Katie Pavlich: I will watch them.

Greg Gutfeld: -- you should go home right now. Start with "High Plains Drifter."

Katie Pavlich: Okay.

Greg Gutfeld: And then "Dirty Harry." Then go back to "The Outlaw Josey Wales."

Katie Pavlich: I'm writing.

Juan Williams: Yeah.

Katie Pavlich: I'm writing all of these things down.

Dana Perino: What about that one where he was the driver? The race car --

Jesse Watters: "Gran Torino?"

Greg Gutfeld: "Gran Torino."

Juan Williams: That's not -- that's okay. That's okay.


Katie Pavlich: I've seen part of that one.

Juan Williams: But I think interesting about this story, Katie, is that Olivia Wilde, who plays the reporter --

Katie Pavlich: Yeah.

Greg Gutfeld: Yeah.

Juan Williams: -- and here I'm quoting, "It's a basic misunderstanding of feminism as pious," --

Katie Pavlich: Oh, come on.

Juan Williams: -- "and sexless."

Katie Pavlich: Okay. Let's just --

Greg Gutfeld: [LAUGHTER]

Katie Pavlich: -- let's not go into that.

Juan Williams: Okay. All right.

Katie Pavlich: One More Thing is up next.

Greg Gutfeld: [LAUGHTER]

Dana Perino: [LAUGHTER]

Juan Williams: Thank you.


Dana Perino: All right. It's time now for One More Thing. Juan.

Juan Williams: Well hey, it's the holiday season. Time for holiday Christmas parties and, here's my favorite, the holiday company bonus.

Katie Pavlich: Oh, okay.


Greg Gutfeld: Wait.

Juan Williams: Here's what Santa -- Greg. Slow down, Greg.


Here's what Santa brought for employees of St. John Properties at their annual holiday party. Take a listen to the company's president, Lawrence Maykrantz.


Lawrence Maykrantz: You are all participating in a bonus, based on the number of years, of $10 million.


Jesse Watters: Woah.

Juan Williams: That's right.

Katie Pavlich: Wow.

Juan Williams: The company, the Maryland company, gave out bonuses averaging $50,000.

Greg Gutfeld: Damn.

Juan Williams: And they only have 198 employees. The smallest bonus, $100, it went to an employee who was just hired, hasn't even started. The biggest bonus, $270,000.

Jesse Watters: Woah.

Juan Williams: Employees say they're paying off tuition, credit card, mortgages, student loans. The company was celebrating after reaching a goal of developing 20 million square feet in real estate. I can't wait for next week. We're going to have The Five holiday party. And I've got to tell you, the word around the building: Jesse has a big surprise for everyone.


Jesse Watters: Yeah.

Dana Perino: Juan, Trump should cut --


Jesse Watters: Surprise. Yeah, I'm broke.

Dana Perino: -- Trump should cut your One More Thing as an ad.

Jesse Watters: Yeah.

Juan Williams: Is that right?

Dana Perino: I mean, look at the economy. It's so good that these people are giving away $10 million.

Juan Williams: I know.

Jesse Watters: Capitalism works, everybody.

Katie Pavlich: They're all going to be crying again when they see how much the IRS takes out.

Dana Perino: Oh, yes.

Katie Pavlich: Forty percent.

Dana Perino: We'll do that story.

Katie Pavlich: Forty percent.

Dana Perino: All right, I want to show you this. You know, Christmas is right around the corner. This is one of my favorite little Vizslas that I follow on Instagram. This is Millie. Oh.


Jesse Watters: Oh.

Juan Williams: Oh.

Greg Gutfeld: Oh.

Dana Perino: Right? So, I was trying to think, like, what's this like? This is Millie. She lives in Brooklyn.

Juan Williams: Oh.

Dana Perino: She's like she can't quite get it. I was thinking, like, what is this like? Is this like --

Jesse Watters: Oh.

Dana Perino: -- it's like Bill Belichick trying to explain Spygate II.

Jesse Watters: Oh, Dana.

Juan Williams: Oh.

Katie Pavlich: Nice sports reference.

Dana Perino: Thank you.



Jesse Watters: Someone gave you that.

Katie Pavlich: You're getting better at that.


Greg Gutfeld: Somebody gave you that.

Dana Perino: I worked on it all day. All right. Greg.

Greg Gutfeld: All right, let's do this. Greg's "The Laziest Cat News." You know, we had our Animals Are Great Christmas party. None of you were invited. It was just me and the --


-- me and the critters down at the club. But Captain McWhiskers got a little hammered and --



Greg Gutfeld: -- and even after we were doing some Jager shots up on the roof.

Dana Perino: [LAUGHTER]

Greg Gutfeld: He called an Uber, so he didn't -- he wasn't driving. But I'm sure he had a hell of a hangover the next day. Boy, this is, this is me all the way through my 20's.


Katie Pavlich: That is so cute.

Greg Gutfeld: Just on the way down.

Dana Perino: It was like --


Greg Gutfeld: Don't worry, the cat's fine.

Dana Perino: -- there are easier ways to get down the stairs.

Greg Gutfeld: Yeah. Not as fun, though.

Dana Perino: But you need to tell the cat. Jesse.

Jesse Watters: We're debuting a new segment.

Dana Perino: Oh.

Greg Gutfeld: Oh, great.

Jesse Watters: Jesse's One More Thing.



Jesse Watters: And it is about our friend, Juan Williams.


This guy Matt sent me a picture of Juan from 1990. There he is.


He was speaking at the University of Scranton --

Juan Williams: Yeah.

Jesse Watters: -- as a young journalist.

Katie Pavlich: Nice.

Jesse Watters: And it was Black History Month. And we got a picture of Juan. Look how handsome he used to be.


Look how handsome he is.

Juan Williams: Oh my gosh.

Jesse Watters: So handsome. So --

Katie Pavlich: I was going to say he looks the same.

Jesse Watters: Thank you. Thank you.

Jesse Watters: -- I want -- this is what we're looking for. We need pictures of Juan from back in the day.

Juan Williams: Hey, stop.

Jesse Watters: This is going to be part of the thing.


That's not just what Juan wrote things about. We want the afro picture, that's the, that's the big one.

Juan Williams: Okay.

Jesse Watters: And he said he had a big one. We want that picture. But other things about Juan, too --

Juan Williams: Oh my god.

Jesse Watters: -- that we need to bring to your attention.

Greg Gutfeld: Any mugshots?

Katie Pavlich: Only real --


Juan Williams: No. No, but that cat thing is pretty close.


Katie Pavlich: Photoshop --

Jesse Watters: Also, Wednesdays with Watters, Martha MacCallum, 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time. That's eastern, everybody. Eastern.

Dana Perino: All right. Katie.

Juan Williams: Eastern.

Katie Pavlich: All right. We're just a couple of weeks away from Christmas and these Santas have skills, and they're showing them off on the mountains. Over the weekend, 200 Santas got in full gear, beards and all, as you can see. And they took place in an annual event that took, that was in Newmary [sic] -- Newry, Maine -- excuse me. The Sunday River community fundraises money to help local youth achieve success and growth through education and recreation. It's a skiing Santas event. It comes out every single year. This is the 20th year, and all the kids stand on the sidelines and watch these guys go skiing.

Dana Perino: You've got to do that sober, right Greg?

Katie Pavlich: It looks really --

Jesse Watters: Yeah.

Greg Gutfeld: Yes.

Katie Pavlich: -- it looks really warm, too. I mean, Santa outfit for a ski outfit --

Dana Perino: That wouldn't be bad.

Katie Pavlich: -- sounds pretty good.

Dana Perino: You have a Santa outfit? You're going to put it on?

Greg Gutfeld: It's underneath all this.


I strip this all off. I'm the --


-- I'm the Santa at the nude colony.


Dana Perino: Oh, wow. Let's wait and see if anybody comes to visit you this year [unintelligible].


Never miss an episode of "The Five." "Special Report" is up next. Bret, I'm blushing and turning it over to you.

Bret Baier: Who is at the nude colony?



Greg Gutfeld: Fake news.

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