The Real Story Behind This Week's Media Matters Smear Controversy

The Media Matters fraud and the press reaction to it had nothing to do with race. It had to do with money and far-left ideology. If it were about race, every news agency in the country would now be condemning CNN for allowing a smear merchant to call Juan Williams a "happy Negro" twice on the air.

Happy Negro is another term for "Uncle Tom," a vicious racial slur. NBC News also allowed attacks on Williams by the usual character assassins working for them. Both CNN and NBC will never recover from their shameful conduct.

Does it surprise you that not one media operation condemned CNN for their racial attacks on Juan? Surely, they know what happened. But we can find no mention of it in the American press. Dishonest, hypocritical, disgraceful.

Now the real story is that FOX News Channel has projected to make many millions more next year than MSNBC, which is complete ratings disaster. Last night on primetime, it came in dead last behind even "Headline News." CNN's also in complete collapse. Paula Zahn has been let go. Anderson Cooper cut back an hour. Their morning program gets hammered by "FOX and Friends." And FOX beats them 3 to 1 in primetime. At 8:00 p.m. I beat them 6 to 1. Now FOX News has literally destroyed CNN. And now they are indeed desperate.

But there's a huge ideological component here as well. The hateful Media Matters couldn't care less about black Americans. If they did, they'd be all over the happy Negro remark, right?

No. For those smear merchants, it's all about advancing their insane far-left view of the world to trying to destroy anybody who disagrees with it. The so-called mainstream media knows that, but gives legitimacy to Media Matters anyway. This is called corruption.

This evening, we will demonstrate to you the far left view of the world on display right now in San Francisco and in Boulder, Colorado, two places where secular-progressives have seized power.

Please watch these segments carefully, so you can decide if this is the America you want. If it isn't, then mobilize against outlets like CNN and NBC News, which consistently promote secular-progressive causes.

Finally, there is no enterprise on earth that does more damage to the far left than "The Factor". That's why this week's battle had to be waged. The race aspect was completely bogus. The real issue is a struggle for power in America between traditional and secular forces.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

Some people have asked me why I don't ask Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to defend me against this ridiculous slander — and I'd never ask those guys to do that. I don't want anyone defending me except you. One of the best things I heard this week came from John Smith, who lives in St. Louis:


CALLER: My name is John Smith. I'm a 26-year-old Democrat from St. Louis. And Mr. O'Reilly, I just wanted to actually call on behalf of the people out here that are saying the things about you. I, for one, heard that statement on the show that day and I actually feel bad for you.

I mean, I don't even know exactly how to explain it. But the fact is, after hearing that whole segment and everything and after hearing the things being said, I know for a fact they're untrue. I just want you to know that everybody is not on that bandwagon. And I, for one, as a young African-American male, I am not in on that bandwagon.


It almost made me cry. For obvious reasons, personal reasons, I think Mr. Smith is a patriot. You can hear anything you want on It's all there for you.

Now on the pinhead front, the ridiculous O.J. Simpson book, "If I Did It," has hit number two on The New York Times best seller list. This despicable project speaks for itself and anybody spending money on it, I'm sorry to say, is a pinhead.