The Power of Quiet Dignity

It seems odd that on a day we say goodbye to Coretta Scott King — a woman of peace — that the world is riveted by Muslim images of violence.

The latter over a cartoon that seemed to mean no harm. The former over what was a national policy of racism that did a lot of harm.

Yet Coretta, like her husband, urged quiet dignity that spoke loudly. The latter seems to focus on knee-jerk violence that allows for barely any speaking at all.

Reminders on this odd day, that violence is still a part of our world. But it needn't be the message of our world.

Martin Luther King used to say that the vast majority of those who live on this Earth want peace on this Earth. We spend our lives, he said, challenging the small and fractious few who disagree with that — sometimes loudly, often violently.

I guess if there's anything I can glean from the quiet dignity of this woman, is how much of a lesson she could still teach this world.

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