This is a partial transcript from On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, February 27, 2004 that has been edited for clarity.

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Our next guest is making headlines nationwide for his preaching skills. But what's more interesting is his age.

I had a chance to speak with 12-year-old preacher Jacob Walters and his stepfather, Pastor John Starrett. I asked Jacob what made him become a preacher.

JACOB WALTERS, 12-YEAR-OLD PREACHER: Well, as I was laying in my bed one night and I was praying to the Lord -- as I was praying, a voice came to me, and this voice said go preach my gospel and tell people about me, and this voice also said don't ever pick up a cigarette and don't ever drink. And ever since then, I've just been preaching.

VAN SUSTEREN: And that started at age 3?

WALTERS: Three years old.

VAN SUSTEREN: How do you actually prepare yourself for preaching?

WALTERS: I like to read and seek God and just ask him, you know, what he wants -- what is it he'd want me to do, what -- you know, anything that Jesus wants me to do, I'm happy to do.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you ever get nervous?

WALTERS: Not really. I mean I just want to do this for the Lord and just -- and I don't do this -- I don't preach out there and tell the word of God for me. I do it for the Lord. I'm just a water bucket carrier.

VAN SUSTEREN: Have you heard about the new Mel Gibson movie, "The Passion of the Christ"?

WALTERS: Yes, I have. I have heard of "The Passion" and Mel Gibson when he directed...

VAN SUSTEREN: Yes, but do you have interest in seeing the movie, Jacob?

WALTERS: Yes. Some people think, you know, how bad it is, but I just got to say this. You know, they could come out with horror movies, they can come with "Chainsaw Massacre" and "Jason," and those are just as violent, do you know? They have so many violence.

And I guarantee you, if you went out there and saw when Jesus died on that cross, it would be so much worse, and the pain and agony -- and all the pain he went through was so much worse than probably what is shown on Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion."

VAN SUSTEREN: Jacob, thank you very much.

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