The Left Wing in America Strikes Back

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The left wing in America strikes back.  That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.  Hitler's minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels (search) once said "if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth."  Right now there's huge money flowing into far left propaganda machines and it is being used to demonize President Bush any way possible.

Of course, we saw the same thing when President Clinton was in office.  The far-right pounded him all day long.  But that doesn't excuse the scorched earth tactics of the left now, which are becoming increasingly vicious and unfair.

Here's an example.  The Boston Globe editorial page is about as liberal as it gets.  And that's fine.  It has the right.  And the Globe's   coverage of the Iraqi war was generally straight.  But in the last two days, four op-eds have appeared in the Globe pounding the Bush administration.  One of them even called Bush "the ultimate suicide bomber."

Not one op-ed in The Boston Globe defended the president's policy. Come on.  There are plenty of intelligent people who support the president.  The American left has three sources of attack -- the liberal newspapers, like the Globe, the Internet-driven propaganda organizations that take out ads in the newspapers, and the ACLU.

The hypocrisy of the America Civil Liberties Union (search) is on display again today.  And it continues to be amazing.  In just a few moments, we'll report on Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson (search) using churches to attack conservatives and support [California Gov.] Gray  Davis.

The ACLU's completely silent on that.  Can you imagine its reaction if Mr. Bush attacked liberals from a pulpit?  The fact that the ACLU continues to be tax exempt is one of the biggest scandals in the country today.

Now we all know that politics is a very dirty game with smear merchants on all sides.  But right now, the left is booked a full roster of character assassins. I mean these guys make Donald Segretti (search) and the Nixon plumber unit look like the Muppets.

It used to be the politicians themselves that slung mud.  Now it is the ideological hitmen and women who are out to destroy anyone with whom they disagree.

Newspapers like The Boston Globe have got to stop the madness.  They must provide diversity of opinion and a modicum of fairness in their presentation. We are fighting terrorists who want to destroy us.  But behind the lines here, we're trying to destroy each other.  Character assassination and irresponsible editorial behavior is simply unacceptable.  Everyone who believes in what America really stands for must condemn it.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"...

As you know, many media people have been taking cheap shots at FOX News and your humble correspondent.

But not everybody.  Last night on Bryant Gumbel's new PBS program Flashpoints, he did a pretty fair story about the rise of FOX News and the alleged appeal of me.  So we'd like to say thank you for being fair.

If we're going to complain about people who are unfair to us, we have to praise media that give us a fair shake.  To not do so would be ridiculous.

And we're going to keep you posted.

I mean there are a lot of people who are trying to bring us down.  You're going to know who they are.  And the people who are fair, you're going to know who they are.  All right.  That's fair.  No Spin Zone.